Returning And Reporting Back On Week One Of Our New Agency

A quick recap of what we learned rolling out our first funnel inside our new mini agency.

When My Company Hit $100 Million in Revenue, I Realized It Was Time to Become an Employee Again

How Front End Funnels Affect Churn On Your Back End Funnels

During the simplification of our value ladder, we discovered some really cool stuff.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Don't forget your responsibility to your customers, it should keep you up at night...

Is A Funnel Even Right For My Business?

Here are five things to do to make sure that a funnel will even work for what it is you're trying to sell.

How To Fortify Against Your Weaknesses AND An Exciting Announcement!

As you grow, your weaknesses will start to show, here is how to strengthen those holes as they are exposed.

The Four Foundational Supplements I Take Everyday for Optimum Health and Energy

Secret #63 – Batman’s Approach To Project Management

Step 1 starts with the bat-signal calling everybody to the bat-cave...

Secret #62 – How ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ Manipulated Supply To Increase Demand (And How You Can Too!)

Late night coaching session with my son Dallin...

My Journey to Discovering Bitcoin…

RANT: Take What You Earned, Nothing More

A few cool stories that will hopefully re-align what you define as what you actually earn.

Secret #61 – How To Dominate At Everything You Do

Some awesome advice from Bart Miller as we were doing our late night walk.

Secret #60 – What We Learned From Our First $100,000,000 In Sales…

Be a fly on the wall during the ClickFunnels partner meeting and hear the #1 thing each of us learned on our journey so far.

Secret #59 – Being An Introvert Inside Of An Extrovert’s Calling

Interesting thoughts after my whirlwind week.

Secret #58 – End Of The Year Planning Meetings And Simplifying Your Value Ladder

The two most important things your can do between now and the end of the year to double your business for next year.

Secret #57 – The #1 Way To Get Thousands Of People To Join Your Membership Site In Less Than 15 Minutes

This is the marketing secret I'm dusting off from the archives of one of the greatest campaigns we ever ran.

Secret #56 – It’s Not The Thing… It’s The Marketing Of The Thing That Counts

A conversation I had today explains the reason why most businesses end up suffocating and dying.

Secret #55 – Why I Don’t Do Payment Plans

If you structure your value ladder right, you'll never have to do a payment plan.

Secret #54 – The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get

A quick play-by-play of the last 24 hours of my crazy life.

Secret #53 – Beware Of All Platforms… Except This One

A podcast from Russell and Todd in a private plane.

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