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How To Use “Kinda Like” Bridges With Your Hook

If you want an unfair advantage over all your competitors, use this...

Lean In…

During your troubles you've got two options, run away or lean in.

My Big Take-Aways From 50,000 Feet In The Air

After SalesForce, the Pruvit jet, and Grant Cardone's plane; I'm seeing things a little differently now...

The 13 Billion Dollar Secret I Learned At SalesForce Today…

Behind the scenes at SalesForce's DreamForce event in San Francisco.

Stay Coach-able

The difference between being successful for a little bit and being successful for a long time.

The CEO Swap…

The fastest way to knock off 12-18 months of your company's growth in less than 7 days.

The Hipster, The Hacker, And The Hustler

The three essential personality types to launch any new startup.

Fitting The Content Into Your Context

A really cool principle that I'm revisiting as I'm going into a consulting swap day.

Keep Showing Up…

A cool lesson I learned from the author of "Girl, Wash Your Face"

The Secrets Behind The Funnel…

One of our highest performing funnels to date, find out what we did and why.

The Transition From All-Star To Coach

A private voxer message I sent to my partners, talking about the next phase for me personally inside of the company.

Hooks And Testing Your Material

A cool lesson I learned after a day of fly fishing, and a really cool story by the campfire.

The Loneliest Job In The World…

But everything changed for me when I discovered ONE thing during my business journey. Listen to how I handled and overcame feeling like I was in “The Loneliest Job In The World”.

Why Blackmailing Your Dream Partners Is A Bad Strategy…

How Alex Becker got me to think he's literally the coolest person on earth by just being a cool person.

Become A Hero Maker…

If you master this, your army will be amazing.

Cut Yourself Some Slack… So You Can Actually Launch Your Funnel

One of the biggest things you need to understand if you’re actually going to have success.

The #1 Reason Why People Aren’t Buying Your Stuff Is…

This may seem kind of backwards, but if you're struggling, you may have one of these problems.

Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

A super short podcast episode that will literally change your life forever.

An Entrepreneur Got A Shoe Deal

Why this should be exciting for you as an entrepreneur inside of this game.

The Secret To Getting Anybody To Do Anything You Want

The real secret to winning this game is SO simple, most of you are missing it.

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