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The Simplest Funnel Business Model

What I would do if I was to start over today.

Write Yourself A Swimming Pool

How to get your list to pay for the thing you really want in life.

How To Be Coached…

If you really want to be successful, you need to learn how to be coached.

Extreme Ownership, Russell’s Rant…

Russell goes on a rant about "extreme ownership", mastering webinars, and a whole bunch more.

5 Years Ago Russell Sucked At Writing Books

Two big “ah-ha’s” in this episode that will help you to continue to move forward.

An Instagram Hack…

One way to make sure you are posting stuff that people will actually engage with.

Going From A Millionaire To A Billionaire

Why in the world did Russell shut down 5 million dollars of free money?

Why I’m “Pausing” The Inner Circle (Part 2 of 2)

The second half of my conversation about why I decided to pause my Inner Circle.

Why I’m “Pausing” The Inner Circle (Part 1 of 2)

I made an announcement last Friday about why I'm pausing the Inner Circle. This episode will explain why...

Entrepreneurial Scars – Have You Heard This One Yet?

Why these things can and should move you forward as opposed to pulling you backwards.

Aggregate, The Secret Formula

The creation and aggregation process...


Last night I had a chance to write the forward of the book, and this one is dedicated to...


The insider lessons that ONLY my hardcore funnel hackers saw.

The Insane Aftermath Of The Birthday Launch

The software crashed, Facebook crashed, everything crashed... yet somehow, the show still went on.

The Buzz Behind The Birthday Announcement

Have you been watching the buzz that we've been creating? Listen in on my thoughts about what we're doing and why.

10 Years Ago In Fiji…

My surprising transformation from my last trip to Fiji to this trip...

Strategic Chess Moves

Are you watching the strategy behind what we're doing and why we're doing it? If not, start watching closer.

Without This, You’re Guaranteed To Lose

Without this one thing, he would never even let his wrestlers step on the mat.

Spend The Time To Make Your Art Sexy

Behind the scenes look at the creation of the art that sells the art.

Stop Selling Through Significance

Selling through significance will stop your growth, selling through the success stories of your students will change everything.

The beginning of my journey to

to get entrepreneurs UNSTUCK

so they can get back to changing the world...