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Navigating Growth and Culture with the “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort

In another “blast-from-the-past” episode, I visit Jordan Belfort (yes the Wolf of Wall Street) on his “Wolf’s Den” podcast! Hear the story of how ClickFunnels was built and scaled, and how we focused on growing through partnerships, reinvesting in ads, and surging user engagement even during Covid-19. And since this occurred during the pandemic, we also discuss the crucial role of entrepreneurship in solving problems and driving change.

How To Change Your Business With Funny, Inexpensive Ads, With Kristine Mirelle

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Kristine Mirelle, whose journey from selling CDs door-to-door to mastering the art of creating uproariously funny ads will blow your mind. Kristine's knack for turning everyday items and her smartphone into viral ad gold is nothing short of genius. 

Correctly Leverage Facebook Groups With Christina Rowe

How do you use Facebook Groups to help grow your business? Inside my Inner Circle mastermind, the members voted twice that Christina Rowe had the secrets. So I finally sat down with her to get all of the details about how she leverages Facebook Groups and the possibilities are suddenly endless!