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Welcome to part 2 of the Linchpin framework, where I'm revealing the one forgotten tweak that made ClickFunnels a 100M+/year business, that we're doing in ALL of our businesses right now.

Hey everyone, I'm in Mexico with my family preparing for the COOLEST event we do for our coaching students, our Mastermind in Paradise! I'm going to be sharing with them a strategy I revealed at Funnel Hacking LIVE this year and it's going to be amazing! But I wanted to share the goodness! So, for the first time, I'm going to reveal my framework that's made ClickFunnels a 100M business! It's called the "Linchpin"! We're going to split this into 2 episodes so make sure you're tuned in next week for part two.

The key to launching and growing any business is to have an attractive character in place. People don't connect with brands, they connect with people! After acquiring Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing business, I knew that implementing a new Attractive Character was exactly what needed to happen for its continued success. In this episode, I'll share insights on how to create an Attractive Character that resonates with your target audience. I'll break down the essential elements of an Attractive Character, and how to integrate them into your marketing strategies.

Understanding how the public domain works can help you create offers, make them truly unique, and increase the perceived value of anything you’re selling.

Let me give you permission to be a little bit crazy.

What are the secrets to having a successful marriage and family life, while still being a full time funnel hacker / entrepreneur!?!

How can you take your current skill set and use it to open doors for your dream job, partnerships, and more!

Russell is answering another submitted question! This one is about the Dream 100 and details more precise steps he uses to keep track of his list, and also how to engage effectively with them.

On today's episode you'll learn about the acquisition, why we bought it, what the "Rembrandt in the Attic" is for this funnel... and more!

In this episode I break down everything that happened during the 2.0 launch..!!!

Why I became a LadyBoss and how you can too!

If you want to know what somebody values the most, take a look at their bookshelf.

Listen to my thoughts on the recent passing of my best friend and ClickFunnels’ CEO, Dave Woodward. I wanted to do this podcast to remember him and let you guys know all the things that he did to affect your lives and change the world!

Steve Miles asked about my acquisition of Dan Kennedy's company, how do I evaluate these companies? ... and more!

Den Lopez asked how to split test your funnel so it can grow... this episode is my response!

Find out the best path for success if you're just getting started (or if you're stuck).