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103 - Calling My Shot

Calling My Shot

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How we did $23,000 dollars in sales in front of a live audience.

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Then it's top of the hour, supposed to be starting. I told everyone, “Okay, everyone, quiet, time to calm down.” I think we had 200 people or so on at the time, “Alright guys, here we go.” I clicked start and clicked record, and started going through the presentation. At first, it was super nerve-wracking because literally, there were 80 people in our event that sat in watching me.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to Marketing in Your Car.

Alright everyone, I'm sure you've been on pins and needles since yesterday's podcast, wondering what happened. Did Russell do the live webinar? Did it convert? Were there technical problems? What happened? Anyway, I'm going to tell you guys the story.

We started the event yesterday. It was really cool. It's funny, when I used to do my events back in the day, I would try to jam in every single thing I knew for two or three days, and people would get so overwhelmed, they wouldn't do anything. This event has been very focused on just one thing and digging really deep into it, and not just having training, training, training but trying to pull in other cool things outside of that to help facilitate, teach, and coach.

It's been a fun process. We started out the day with me on stage talking about stuff. I didn't go in a lot of depth about the perfect webinar script because everyone had seen that but I went in depth about how to create the offer, how to do the content section, and things like that. We dug really deep there.

They had some exercises which people got to create their offer, things like that, and then create their content pieces, the one thing in the three secrets. That was cool. Then after that, I had Liz Benny who is one of our webinar case studies who is crushing her webinar right now, she came on stage and we brought a couch up, and I just did a Q&A with her and asked her questions about her webinar.

People loved that. It was so cool. We spent almost an hour of her talking about it and her experience, the ups and the downs, and all the stuff that happened. I think it gave people a lot of hope and faith as they've been struggling and trying to get theirs done which was cool.

Then after that, I did a presentation on how to pitch because a lot of people can follow the script well but then they can't get up and actually present it well, so I'm teaching how to do tonality and voice inflections, and trial closes, and all these important things. Then we went to lunch. While everyone was at lunch, I got my laptop set up and we hard lined it into the event center.

I was so scared that the internet was going to crash or a million different problems. I had a webinar. We had about 1200 people registered for it. It was starting at two o'clock mountain time. We were going through it and I told everyone at two o'clock, come into the room. You got to be quiet because I'm starting live.

If you guys want, you can just watch me and learn from the way, seeing me actually do it. They're all coming in. We're getting ready. I was going to start 10 minutes early and get on there and start welcoming people, but 10 minutes early, I did one quick run through of my slides and it turns out none of my video files of my slides were working.

I'm scrambling, trying to get it to work, trying to get it to work and none of them were working. We had one minute before the webinar was supposed to start and they’re still not working. I'm like, “Oh man.” I throw out all the slides. I

all the slides of the video stuff, found the video files, and it was crazy.

Then it's top of the hour, supposed to be starting. I told everyone, “Okay, everyone, quiet, time to calm down.” I think we had 200 people or so on at the time, “Alright guys, here we go.” I clicked start and clicked record, and started going through the presentation. At first, it was super nerve-wracking because literally, there were 80 people in our event that sat in watching me.

I'm sitting there on a laptop, standing up in the room in front of the laptop giving this presentation. It was super awkward. I was telling people afterward, “I felt like I was on a date with a girl, and I just took her home and was going to kiss her for the first time at the doorstep, and her parents are standing out there watching me, just staring at me as I'm doing it.” That's what it felt like.

How do you do this? How do you perform under this kind of pressure? After about 10 or 15 minutes, I just got in the zone and totally forgot about everything else, did the webinar presentation, did the pitch, and it ended up going for an hour and 15 minutes, the whole thing.

When it got done, I did my call to actions. Then I muted myself. When I muted myself, I popped out of state. I turned around and the entire room was standing and gave me a huge standing ovation. They kept clapping for two or three minutes. I literally fell exhausted down onto the couch. I was like, “Oh.”

They sat there clapping and clapping. Then I was like, “Alright guys, let's take a 20 or 30, or an hour long, I don't know, let's just take a break for awhile. I'm beat.” We split up. It was so cool. I got so much good feedback afterwards, people that came back and they were just like, “Wow, I've been on webinars. I've tried listening to you teach about it but seeing it actually live and seeing how you do it, seeing all that kind of stuff took it to a whole new level and changed the whole paradigm.”

It was cool. I felt good about it. I think they all loved it. When all was said and done, we did $23,000 in sales from that webinar. That was my other big fear, “What if nobody buys and I look like I don't know what I'm talking about in front of everyone?” I was grateful I did $23,000 in sales, and then from that process, we had 140, from the little campaign, we had 140 people join Click Funnels, the trial.

Those all re-bill at another $14,000 a month recurring which is awesome. When all was said and done, it was a smashing success. It worked. After that, I did another presentation where I went back through my slides and walked everyone through some of the core things that I did that I wanted to make sure they didn't miss because there's some really cool ninja stuff that we're doing. That was fun.

Then we brought up Natasha Hazlett who is another one of our people who is just crushing it with webinars and live events, and had her tell her whole story about what she's doing and how she's doing it. People loved that as well. After that, I was beat. I said, “Everyone, I had another session planned but let's just go home and get a nap,” so we broke and everyone went out and networked, and had a good time.

The day was exciting. It was awesome. We had a fun time. That was yesterday. I'm driving in for today now. Today's event, we are talking about webinar registration process which is cool. I'm going to be showing some really cool things that we're doing I think people are going to love. That's going to be first.

Then I have a guy named Jason O'Neill who did his very first webinar last week and he crushed it. He made seven or eight sales and he was just going crazy, how excited he was. He's going to share his whole thing which is going to be fun, then we have a guy named Mike Neilson who Mike has been driving all the traffic for Liz's webinar.

He's the Facebook webinar registration ninja. He's going to show his whole process which is going to be cool. After lunch, I have three or four things I think we could go. I'm not sure where we're going to go though. We will see.

One thing we're going to do for sure is break things into accountability groups and get everyone accountability partners, stuff like that. That's what's been happening. For those of you who aren't in Boise, I just wanted to keep you in the loop on what's going down. For those who in the future are going to come to Boise, you got to come. This is like no other. We don't do what everyone else is doing. We go and take it to another level to try to inspire, excite, and to show you what's possible.

It was a lot of fun. For those of you who are here who went through the process, I appreciate you guys, and those who weren't, if you become an Ignite or Inner Circle member, we'll have all the recordings in the member's area for you guys. That's about it for today. My brain is so fried, you guys, I don't have too much more value to give other than if you're doing live events, do cool stuff because people love it.

That's about it, you guys. I appreciate you all. I will report back in the next few days on what else happens through the rest of the group. We have the second day of our Ignite event today, and then tomorrow and Thursday are our Inner Circle mastermind meetings. That's about it. I’ll talk to you soon.


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