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105 - #FunnelHacker


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Three awesome lessons from a hardcore funnel hacker!

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We also are going to be doing our first big live event in the last few years. It's been probably five or six years. We're going to be doing it in Vegas. We're going to have about 500 people there, and the event is going to be called Funnel Hacking. I'm excited because hopefully you guys have a chance to have seen the Funnel Hacks webinar.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and I want to welcome you to our 105th episode of Marketing in Your Car.

We've had the new theme song for five episodes now, and I hope you guys like it. I got some feedback from my man Stu McLaren. He said that he misses the old theme song as an outro, so I was thinking wouldn't it be cool if we took the old theme song and made it more retro and cool, and did a cover version of it, and had that as an exit, just for nostalgia for those who remember the old show, who remember the old thing.

I want to say hey to everyone. It's been a little while since I've done a podcast. I had a chance to go on the Marketer's Cruise last week which was amazing, got to meet a bunch of people. We had a chance to go and feature Click Funnels there and get a lot of people involved. It was just really cool.

For those of you guys who were there, I had a great time meeting you guys. I'm not really sure. There are a couple of cool things we had talked about today. I'm actually driving to my haircut so I have a little extra time today than I typically do. I was trying to think what would be the coolest way that I could serve you guys today.

Just thinking about a lot of different things, I think, let me walk you through some cool stuff that's happening. That might help open up some cool direction. We've got a couple of cool things coming up. One thing is I just finished my new book. We got it printed. I got first pre-release copies here in my office.

I ordered 250 of them so I have 250 of them sitting in my office. It's like the coolest thing in the world to have that and to be able to have a chance to start sharing it with everyone. I want to encourage you guys to watch as we do the roll-out strategy. There's going to be about 10 years worth of ninja hacking skills all going into this roll-out.

The entire sales funnel will be built inside of Click Funnel. It's going to be worth buying, first off, because the book is going to be amazing, but second off, just to see the process. I've told you guys this before and I’ll tell you over and over again. You'll learn as much by watching the process as you will from purchasing the product.

Make sure you do that. In fact, when you're buying any product, you guys, make sure you're not missing that lesson from me or from any marketer in any market. Watch the process you're going through. I tell you, that's the most valuable piece of what we're going to be doing. That's one thing that's super exciting.

We also are going to be doing our first big live event in the last few years. It's been probably five or six years. We're going to be doing it in Vegas. We're going to have about 500 people there, and the event is going to be called Funnel Hacking. I'm excited because hopefully you guys have a chance to have seen the Funnel Hacks webinar.

If not, go find one when I'm doing the next one and register for it, and be on it because it's kind of cool. Our last event here in Boise, we had our workshop here. It's cool because funnel hacking is becoming a verb in people's vocabulary, “Oh, I'm going to go funnel hack him,” or, “Oh, you should funnel hack him.”

That's good. I want people thinking that way. Instead of, “Oh, what should I create? What kind of funnel should I do?” thinking like that, I want people thinking more like the funnel hacking method where it's like, “Let me find someone that's successful, see what they're doing, and let's model the look, the feel, the layout, and the price points of their funnel.”

That's kind of what funnel hacking is. We talk about it a ton in the webinar. That's been fun. We decided to do the entire event called Funnel Hacking. This event is really cool because I wanted to show the core different types of funnels inside of Click Funnels.

For example, Perry Belcher who is one of the coolest guys is going to be coming and speaking on how to do a tripwire funnel. He's the one who invented that term and that concept. He's going to show and talk about what he's doing and show a bunch of examples.

After that, we're going to have a bunch of different people inside of Click Funnel who have tripwire funnels get up and show their funnels and be like, “This is mine, this is what I did, this is how I modeled. This is what I did different, this is what I did the same,” and then go through and show five or six, or ten people who do tripwire funnels.

Then we'll get up and talk about webinar funnels. We'll have five, 10, 15, 20 people, whatever, all talk about tripwire funnels. We'll go from funnel to funnel over two and a half days. It's going to be the coolest thing. I'm so excited to share this stuff with you guys.

One of my goals, I'm not sure if it's going to happen in time for the event but I'm hoping, I know a lot of you guys have seen our split testing book. If you don't have it yet, it's free. Go to You can get it for free but it has 108 proven split test winners in that book.

I think it would be cool to make a book that's like 108 funnels that you can hack. I'm trying. My goal is to get it all put together before the event, and then anyone who is at the event will get a free copy of it which would be cool. That is just another cool thing we're doing.

On top of that, obviously Click Funnels is growing super fast. It's been such a fun time in business. I hope you guys are enjoying your businesses as well with that. I think the biggest thing I want to talk about today with you guys, outside of you guys doing funnel hacking and things like that, is just the power of the right front end offer.

I've talked about this in past podcasts. I know some of you guys are just listening now for the first time. Some of you haven't listened to all 105 episodes. It's a recurring theme that keeps coming up with my coaching clients. I think it's worth repeating.

If you look at my business two years ago, it's funny, I don't like sharing numbers. I'm not doing this to brag but just to put some perspective. A year ago, last January, as a company we did about $300,000 in sales. This January, we did over a million dollars in sales, more than three times as much.

We didn't do much. I didn't launch anything in January this month. It was just from all the different things we had done. When I look back at what's the one big change we made over the last 12 months that's had the biggest profound impact on our company and on what we've been doing, it's that I really stepped back and I asked myself a couple of questions.

First off, I was looking at who we were attracting at the time, who our customers were, and for me, they were business opportunity seekers. There's nothing wrong with a business opportunity seeker. I was a business opportunity seeker. I'm guessing most of you have been as well.

The problem with the business opportunity seekers is typically, they don't have a business yet. They don't have anything so you spend so much time in the beginning phases that you don't get to get to the growth phases. I was talking to Mike Filsaime about this. He was talking about when he and Andy launched their new company.

He said they walked in the room and had a big whiteboard. They drew a line down the middle of the whiteboard. On the left-hand side, they drew a zero. On the right-hand side, they drew a one. He said, “We want to create products and services that will attract people who have made at least a dollar online.”

If they've made at least a dollar online, it means they've figured out how to set up a website, how to get traffic, how to do all these kind of things. He said, “There's people out there. There's a big market for people who are helping you make your first dollar online but we don't want to be in that market. We want to focus on the other side of the market which is you've made at least a dollar, and now how do we scale that and turn it into a big company.”

He even talked about when they launched the Webinar Jam product, initially, the messaging was all about how much money you could make with webinars. He said, “If we do that, if we try to pitch the argument for webinars, the problem is we get people who are business opportunity seekers. We're convincing them that they can make money online with webinars. That's not what we want. We want people who are already doing webinars to get them to just transition to our products.”

They changed the messaging from how to make money with webinars to, “Hey, if you're already doing webinars, this is a better way to do them.” From that, they attracted the right customers. With us, it was about a year ago we launched Dot Com Secrets Labs which was our 108 proven split test winners. What's cool if you think about it, we designed that on purpose because if you look at that, it was created in a way so it would literally repel the customers we didn't want to get.

Someone who is a business opportunity seeker, who has never had a website, who doesn't have anything, when they see that book, it doesn't make sense to them. They're not going to buy that. They don't know what a split test is. They don't know why they even care but for my dream client, for the person that I really want into my company, it attracts the right person, someone who already has a business.

A split testing book attracts the right person. Look back over the last year. What did we do? I didn't work harder this January and last January. In fact, I worked a lot less this January yet we made over a million dollars this January as opposed to $300,000 last. What was the big difference?

Again, it was first off, really identifying and spending time figuring out who is my dream customer, what do they look like, what do they want, what are their desires. Then after I knew who that person was, I didn't mean just know them, “Oh, I want males from 13 to 26,” that wasn't how I knew them.

It was I got to know them at a personal level. Who are they? What do they really want? Then after I knew that and I had a really good understanding of who my dream clients were, then we came back and figured out what's the bait we can create that's going to attract that person.

For us, Dot Com Secrets Labs was the bait that attracted the right person. People always say, “Have you made much money on that, Russell?” I'm like, “Yeah, we have. We've made a lot of money.” I look at our coaching program. Before DCS Labs, it was very small, almost nonexistent. After we launched it, we've added over 100, probably 130, 140 people at our Ignite level, which is $10,000, and I think we're at 36 people now in our $25,000, and we have two people in our $100,000 program.

It's attracted millions of dollars in revenue, but more so, it attracted the right people, people I love working with, people that I give my coaching clients access to Voxer with me, and we Vox back and forth throughout the day. There are people that are just doing things that are so cool. It's so fun to hear what they're doing. It's made my happiness level different.

I've been able to work with clients I love, and because of that, we've made more money, and they've made more money. I just look at for you guys, if one thing that you can think about, I mentioned this on another podcast but it's not thought about or talked about enough but it's really spending that time to figure out who your dream client is, and creating bait that's going to attract them.

One of my students has a webinar right now. He's been doing really well with it but he's attracting business opportunity people. He's like, “Do I need to change the whole thing?” I'm like, “No, you just got to change how you pitch the front. Change the bait on the front that will attract a different person.”

The product will still help either person but if you change the bait, you change the messaging on the front, you'll get different people in. That's just something to think about. All you guys out there marketing and selling things, you're trying to make things better and easier, and I can't tell you enough that the biggest change for me in our company over the last year has been that.

I hope that helps a little bit. I'm here to get my haircut now. I'm ready to rock and roll. My big three takeaways I think from today, number one is you need to learn more by watching the process. Again, when you guys buy my book, watch the process and see what I'm doing, not just what I'm saying. Follow the process.

Number two is funnel hacking. First off, everyone needs to start saying funnel hacking. In fact, if you guys are going to Traffic Conversion Summit, we're giving away t-shirts that say #funnelhacker on the front, and the back has a big Click Funnels logo and says, “Powered by Click Funnels.” It's super cool, all grungy looking and awesome.

We're trying to get everyone to become a funnel hacker. Funnel hacking is cool. Become a funnel hacker. Go watch the webinar if you missed it. Come to the live event when we do announce it here in the next couple of weeks, and become a funnel hacker.

Then what was the last thing? The last thing was spend more time identifying your dream client and building bait that gets them. I hope that helps you guys. I'm ready to rock and roll, go get my haircut, and then tomorrow, making some videos for some new bait to get some new people in, and it's going to be fun.

I appreciate you guys listening in. We will talk to you guys all again very, very soon.


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