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109 - The High Ticket Funnel Smackdown

The High Ticket Funnel Smackdown

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My thoughts after seeing a really cool new high ticket sales funnel built in Click Funnels.

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Right now, for every single person that applies, we’re averaging $967 in backend sales, so the process works and it gives me the ability to work with people and change their lives at a level that has never been possible before for.


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Hey everyone! This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to Episode Number 109 of the Marketing In Your Car series, and I cannot believe that I’ve been this consistent to do 109 episodes, but I’m excited to have you guys all here.

All right, everyone. So I woke up this morning, I was supposed to do a podcast interview at 7:00 my time. I called into the podcast, and it turned out my assistant screwed up on the time and it’s actually 9:00.

So I had an hour today to kind of goof around, and I was looking up some stuff and saw this message in the Help Desk from somebody using ClickFunnels, and the guy said:

“Hey, just so you know, we love ClickFunnels,” whatever, and anyway then I saw the guy’s name, and I knew him on Facebook, but I’d never really talked to him before, so I messaged him and I was like:

“Hey man, just, you know, saw your thing in our support desk. Glad you love ClickFunnels,” and he’s like, “Yeah, man.” He’s like, “Our new funnel is doing over $300,000 a month because I had ClickFunnels.” And I’m like, “What? That is amazing!” I said, “Where is it at? I want to see it!”

So he sent me a link to the funnel, and so this morning that’s all I did, is I was going through his funnel. And it was amazing, and it made me so proud that ClickFunnels is the backbone that’s given him the ability to do that.

But what was even more powerful is, as I was watching his process -- and he’s selling a $10,000 boot camp, a weeklong boot camp type thing, and he’s got videos throughout this funnel to sell the process.

And it was interesting because it was kind of similar to my coaching funnel in some ways and very, very different in other ways.

For those of you guys who listen in, if you guys haven’t seen my coaching funnel, I recommend doing it for two reasons. One, you’re going to get a ton of ideas if you are selling your own high end coaching program.

Number two, that’s how you get in my coaching program, and if you’re listening to Marketing In Your Car, I promise you there’s no better coaching program online than ours.

In fact, I was just two seconds ago responding back to our members. All of our members have me on walky-talky and they can ask or message any time they want, and that’s how much I care about you guys and want your success.

So either way, you need to go check out the Coaching Funnel. If you go to, you’ll see one of the coaching pages there. If you go to, there’s a whole bunch of links to all different versions of the coaching page.

You can kind of see what it is there, and then go through the process. Again, go through to see it, but go through because you guys should get involved in our coaching program if you want to go to the next level.

But look at the process and, you know, so step number one, there’s typically a video of one of our success stories. I think right now, if you go to, you’ll see Liz Benny telling her story there.

It’s an emotional, captivating story of her experience of the coaching program, and then there’s kind of a long form sales letter that kind of goes through what’s involved and what happens, and those kinds of things.

And then after you apply, or after you finish the first step, then it takes you to the “Application” page, and on the “Application” page I’ve got like a 20 or 30-minute video that I call “The Journey,” and it’s me.

I kind of intro the story real quick and then I show testimonials, this whole, like, story of people who’ve gone through our coaching, and we’ve got people crying, and talking about how it changed their life and all sorts of stuff, and it’s a very emotional video there for step number two.

And then after they apply, then it takes them to the third step in the sequence, which is the “Homework” page, which then pre-sells them and gets them really excited about our call and why they want to work for me, and things like that. So it’s a really cool process.

Right now, for every single person that applies, we’re averaging $967 in backend sales, so the process works and it gives me the ability to work with people and change their lives at a level that has never been possible before for.

So that’s kind of what my Coaching Funnel looks like. It’s this three-page sequence. There are emails and other things tied to it as well, depending on what you do and where you go and that kind of stuff, but that’s kind of the basic overall architecture of it.

So today when I was watching this guy’s coaching funnel, it was beautiful. What he did is, step number one, he had this really cool video of him out in front of Wall Street, kind of telling his story about how everything crashed in 2008, and anyway it kind of tells a story.

It was a visually captivating video. The page looked amazing, it was really, really cool. So then I followed step one, I put my email address in, and step two took me to like a documentary style of the weeklong coaching program, and it was super cool.

I haven’t watched the whole thing yet. It’s like an hour and 20 minutes long, but you watch this video, and it’s the actual process that he takes his people through, and he’s showing it.

He’s got people crying and all these things happening, and he’s showing the process. Which was powerful, because obviously I’m not in his coaching program -- or I saw what he does with his people, and how he does it, and how he affects them.

You know, and I’ve known who this guy was on Facebook for a long time. I’ve never really… he always kind of drove me crazy, to be honest. But when I saw him and how he uses his personality to effect change in people, I got a soft spot in my heart for him and I was like, “Wow, this guy’s really doing some cool things!”

And it just made him very, very real. It kind of put purpose behind his exterior, and stuff like that, and it made me really, like, bond with him. In fact, by the time I was finished -- you know, I haven’t watched the whole hour and 20-minute long video, I watched a bunch of it, like I wanted to go through the program.

I was like, “Man, this is really, really cool!” Because then he’s showing the actual process of how he affects change in people, and you see the people’s lives. You see the look in their eyes, you see all those kinds of things, which is really, really cool.

And then -- check it out, guys. I got to the gym and my trainer is not even here yet. Oh, I’m early.

Okay, and then… so then you watch that hour and 20-minute long video and then there’s a thing that says “Apply for his program.” So you click on the “Apply” button, and then it takes you over to a page where he’s talking directly to the screen, and it’s got the application box on the right-hand side.

And he’s telling them how the process can happen, and how this is an interview, and how you can’t lie, and you got to be very truthful when you go through this, and just very direct and very…

Anyway, it was really, really cool. This video, probably about 10 minutes long, telling them what to expect and how to do it and the way to go through this process, and so kind of that page right there.

And after you go through and apply, then on the next page it takes you to one more video of him, where he’s sitting there getting a tattoo. It was kind of cool, and he’s talking to you as he’s getting his tattoo, and just telling you like,

“This is what’s going to happen now, this is what to expect, and this is where we’re going, and this, you know, you just finished step one of your interview, and you’re going to have a chance to speak directly to me, but only if blah, blah, blah.”

You know, all these different things. And anyway, it was just, it was a really cool process and it made me think a lot. I look at how salesmanship online has been evolving, just in the 12 years that I’ve been doing it.

You know, when we first got on, it was very rudimentary copy that got people to buy. You know, over the next five or six years we all got better at writing copy, and copy got slicker and better and better at convincing people of things.

And I look at my own marketing, I look at other people’s marketing, and I almost feel like the era of like sales copy is dying, and it’s transitioned into the era of like almost like reality TV, like stories and emotional connections and things like that.

Like again, if you look at my coaching funnel, like the copy on the page is not very substantial at all. It’s more there to logically support what they’re feeling when they watch the emotional videos.

You know, this guy’s, he didn’t even have any copy. It was just the emotional videos that got people to want to change, and it inspired them and gave them belief and hope that he could effect change in their lives.

And that’s kind of similar to, if you look at my coaching funnel, what we have in there. All the videos and stuff are structured to cause belief and hope and cause that change in someone. So anyway, it’s pretty exciting.

So for me, again, a couple of things: First off, it was fun to see it in ClickFunnels. Second off, it was fun to see another successful coaching funnel. There’s not a lot of them out there, and it was really fun to see his and see that the style model mimicked a lot of kind of what we were doing, which was exciting.

And I don’t think he modeled it from me, he just did it his own way, but just the psychology behind how we both had kind of structured things was similar, and in some ways I think his was even better, which was really, really cool.

It made me want to go back and make an, you know, an hour and a half-long documentary about our coaching process, what we take people through, but it was really cool.

So anyway, I just wanted to kind of share that with you guys, and if you want to see a good coaching funnel again, go to

And for those of you guys listening, I’ve never really pitched you guys on anything before in the 109 episodes we’ve done this, but if nothing else, you guys need to get involved in our coaching program.

There’s none other like it on the Internet. If you want success and you want to get from where you are to where you need to be, we’re the best at that, and I have no reservations saying that.

I don’t feel guilty, you know, talking about my own program, not only because I’ve seen the results and I’ve been in tons of other coaching programs, and I always desired something from them and I never got it.

And so when we started putting this together, I said, “What would I actually want? How would it affect me the most?” And we built something based around that, and because of that, I mean, you’ve seen the success stories pouring in from what we’re doing, so it’s pretty exciting.

So that’s what I got for today, you guys. I’m going to check out, but for all you guys who are interested in some high ticket stuff, go look at my coaching funnel, study it and model it, use it for what you guys are doing, bring emotion, bring stories in.

Take the results and the case studies from people’s lives you’ve changed, capture those on video and make a really compelling story, and that’s what’s going to get people to want to be inspired enough to sign up for your high end program.

So that’s it, you guys. I appreciate you all, and we’ll talk soon. 


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