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116 - Watch The Process...

Watch The Process…

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We’re doing a concept called Funnel Stacking. I invented a new concept called an Offer Wall and a whole bunch of cool stuff coming. Like if you guys want to funnel hack some cool stuff, you need to be watching what’s happening, so I’ll walk you through the process.


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Well, well, well… it’s three in the morning and you’re hanging out with me doing Marketing in Your Car.

Hey, everyone! Yes, yes, yes… it is three in the morning, and it’s raining outside, and I’m driving home, and I’m freezing cold! You may be wondering, Russell, why you up at three in the morning?

And the reason is because tomorrow is a very exciting day. It’s a day that I’ve been looking forward to for a year, and it’s all coming down to right now, and so when everything’s about to happen, you don’t sleep, right?

Sleep is for people who are broke! I heard that in some video one time. Anyway, so three a.m. I’m just leaving the office right now. The book launch is about to start in about 13 hours from now. No 12 hours, 11… 11 hours from now, 11 hours from now we are going to be live, and you’d think…

I’ve been doing this for a long time, like 12… 12-plus years, and you’d think that I would just be calm and like, oh, it’s going to be really, really good. But I’m freakin’ out, like what if… what if nobody wants to promote it?

What if Facebook shuts my ad account down? What if my email list doesn’t go though, and I get hit on UR or IBL list again? What if… like there’s so many what if’s that could happen!

What if… I’m giving away in this contest, and nobody even promotes? What if… I don’t even know what else. There’s so many, there’s so many what if’s, and it’s funny because people are always like, “Oh, you know, shouldn’t be nervous.”

This is whatever, but I am. Like it still gets me nervous every single time. We don’t do product launches very often anymore, and this is part of the reason why. I hated the stress behind them.

It’s nice having a business that makes, you know, a million bucks a month without having to do product launches, but we’re doing one because I felt like this deserved one. It’s my first book, and I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever written a book, it’s like giving birth to a baby.

Like how much work goes into it, and now that it’s done, I just want people to know about it and hear about it, and so as you know, probably, I’m giving away my Ferrari to whoever can help me “sell” the most books.

I say sell in parenthesis because it’s free, plus shipping offer, and I did a webinar or a podcast a couple, I think last week, about some of the strategies behind what we’re doing.

We’re doing a concept called Funnel Stacking. I invented a new concept called an Offer Wall and a whole bunch of cool stuff coming. Like if you guys want to funnel hack some cool stuff, you need to be watching what’s happening, so I’ll walk you through the process.

I kind of talked about it the other day, but now that it’s done and all the pages are in place, now I know it with extreme clarity -- so it’s kind of fun.

So it begins with my free plus shipping book, and… oh, I’m so proud! Like the video turned out amazing on the sales page. We got really powerful testimonial videos. Well, I could just… it turned out really cool, so I hope people love it.

They get the book, and I decided to put in a three-day workshop that I did with my $10,000 a month clients, or $10,000 a year clients. I almost didn’t put it in, but it’s like you know what?

I just freakin’ want to blow people’s minds. I want to over-deliver times a thousand, and so they get the free book. They also get, it’s like 10 or 12 hours worth of me teaching all the stuff inside the book at a live event, and it’s really good.

Like I honestly could sell that for $1,000 or more by itself, and I’m just giving it away. So, hopefully, that’ll inspire people to come and hang out in my life events more, right? [Laughter] If nothing else!

So that’s the offer. They’re paying $7.95 shipping and handling. It’s insane! So that’s what it starts off with, and there’s an order form bump for $37 bucks: You can get the audio book version as well as a lost chapter, called “The Dream 100,” that I created.

You can get that for an extra $37 bucks, which I think everyone will take that, right? For me, I would take the audio book version, without even thinking twice, like this audio book version.

And by the way, I don’t know if I… I might have podcast about this. The whole week is kind of a blur. But I went and found some guy someplace who had a recording studio and recorded the entire book last week.

Nine hours recording it, and the guy’s been editing ever since, and it’s 3:00 in the morning, he’s just eaten and he’s still not done editing it. So I told him, I’m like, “Dude, this book goes live tomorrow. I have to have the audio book version back.”

So I don’t even really know this guy and he’s pulling an all-nighter tonight. Ah! It’s just awesome! Awesome, awesome guy to get the audio book version done in time! Which is cool, so that’s the thing.

Then my first upsell is my Instant Traffic Systems… Ah! I created a super cool page in Click Funnels, I’m really proud of for my upsell page.

Like it’s the coolest upsell page I’ve ever seen, so I’m really proud of that. Re-did the video, and selling my $197 Instant Traffic Hacks, which is really cool, and the second upsell is my Perfect Webinar System, which is a newer product we just put together.

Perfect Webinar Secrets, it’s a $297 product, and that’s going to be the second upsell, and then that’s kind of it. At that point, they land on the order confirmation page, and on the order confirmation page we had a bunch of things.

First off, I’ve had people come to an invisible funnel style training, which is called the DotComSecretsBlueprint Workshop, where they come in to put their credit down, and they actually go through a live experience with someone on my team, and at the end of it, if they like it they pay $197, and if not they don’t have to pay anything.

On that Thank You page, the confirmation page, which I’m calling an Offer Wall, then we also, I give them three other free plus shipping offers. One is for my DotComSecretsLabs monthly, which is my new $50 a month newletter.

They get a $500 marketing gift for free, if they sign up for that, so that’s kind of a cool funnel -- which, by the way, you should also funnel hack that funnel if you want to do any kind of continuity program.

Then we give them a free copy of the Perfect Webinar script, free plus shipping, and that sales process is super cool, too. Oh crap! I forgot, they were for a mom. I forgot to create that. I was going to do that tonight. [Laughter]

Well, good thing that… Okay, I think tomorrow is coming soon, and then the old DotComSecrets Lab book also is on the Thank You page, and they also get a gift, two-week, free trial access to ClickFunnels.

So it’s really cool, and then so that’s the core funnel, but then breaking off of that there’s four other funnels. There’s the DotComSecretsBlueprint Workshop funnel, which an invisible funnel.

Then there is the DotComSecretsLab’s monthly funnel, which is the continuity, which I talk about in the book. Then there’s the other… the two other free plus shipping funnels.

And so anyway, I’m practicing what I preach in giving people -- I’m trying to lie, to lay out -- is that the right word? Lie out? I’m trying to lay gold out so that, you know, getting the book, people will get insane amounts of value -- getting the training, getting all the stuff.

But I’m trying to -- like I’m leaving hints, I’m leaving clues, and I know that you guys, you’re the Marketing in Your Car crew. You guys listen in. You’re paying attention, you’re intelligent, so you’re going to see that, and I want you to notice the stuff.

Like don’t just go and buy it because you’re in the heat of the moment. Like study it. Look at -- like funnel hack me, you guys!

Like this is gone… I’ve spent like insane amounts of time, putting this all together, and you know, it could bomb, it still could bomb. I hope it doesn’t bomb, but it could.

If it does, that’s fine, but there’s a lot of strategy and thought and stuff that went into this and I’m proud of it. And I think that for those of you guys who were paying attention, you’re going to get a free education just watching the process, so make sure you do.

Anyway, I’m home, I’m tired, and I’m awake at the same. It’s one of those weird feelings. So anyway, I’m going to go try to crash for three or four hours and get back up, and then get this launch out the door!

So I appreciate you guys listening in. I hope that you take some time and watch the process. And that if you do, it’ll be a little secret gift I’m giving you guys because you’re Marketing in Your Car fans and listeners, and I appreciate you guys.

So thanks again, and we’ll talk soon.


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