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117 - Marketing In Your Car Two Year Birthday

Marketing In Your Car Two Year Birthday

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Celebrating two years of Marketing In Your Car!

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My overall goal, I think, is sell 20,000 books. I’d be really excited with 20,000 books, so that’s kind of -- that’s the magic number that I’m shooting for, and we’re going to be pushing hard.


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Hey everyone! This is Russell, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car.

All right, so today we were getting ready, and I was actually juicing with Aiden, and we started juicing and all of a sudden VROOM! The whole power in the whole house goes out, and I was like, “Oh, crap! Did we hit a fuse?”

Turns out, the power went out all around my whole neighborhood. Everyone’s power’s out, the school’s power is out, and anyway the kids are having so much fun and going crazy because of the huge power outage.

And it’s funny, like, you know, obviously we know we use power for a lot of things. But it’s funny how much stuff you use power for when you have no power. Like, literally it was just so funny, like trying to do everything, like every little thing you do, like:

“Oh, I can’t do that. Oh, I can’t do that. Oh, I can do that.” Internet doesn’t work, security alarm doesn’t work, the garage door opener doesn’t work, like every single thing.

But luckily I was able to get out the door. Oh man, and I am just hitting the main street, and there are cars lined up all the way out, which means that I’m guessing the power lines… Oh, yep, power [laughter].

The power lines are out, too. This is great. I love this kind of thing. Anyway, so that’s what’s happening in my morning so far, which is kind of cool. Hope you guys are having an awesome day.

I wanted to talk about the product launch. People keep asking me and, “What’s happened? Last I heard, Russell, in the podcast, this was what was going to be happening, and then we haven’t heard back from you.”

So yeah, sorry I haven’t messaged you back. It’s been kind of a crazy life, but things are going awesome. We launched the book last Tuesday, so we can go today, at the time I’m recording this, and in that time we’ve given over -- we’ve sold 8,000 books.

A little more than that, but a little over 8,000 books now, which is awesome, and our upsell-downsell sequence is working magically. We’re averaging… I think we’re averaging collectively about $32 for every book we give away, which is great from the upsell-downsell sequence.

We’re really happy with that, and now we’re starting into phase number two. Which is where we’re getting people from the book sequence into the invisible funnel sequence, which is the second step in our funnel stacking process.

The third step then will be the webinar, the Funnel Hacks webinar, and the fourth step will then be the coaching. So it’s kind of cool to see how the numbers all shake out after all four steps of the sequence, but so far, so good.

Okay, so I’m at the intersection now. There are cops everywhere. [Laughter] There are cops -- oh, that guy, some dude got in a huge wreck. So there’s a guy in a huge wreck, then you got cops out in the middle, like flag people letting one car go at a time type thing.

So anyway, this is exciting! This is like what the end of the world’s going to be like, I bet. The power will be out. It’ll be chaos, cars slamming into each other. It’s going to be awesome.

Makes me wish I was in the prepper market right now. If I was in the prepper market, I’d have my… I’d be going crazy with my free offers. [Laughter] Anyway, it’s kind of fun.

So today, what should we talk about today? There are so many fun things happening right now that I could share with you guys. One cool thing that I think would be kind of fun to let you guys in on is, I’m going to be launching a new podcast, which is cool.

This has been my staple podcast. In fact, my brother told me last week or earlier this week that we just passed the two-year episode from the first Marketing In Your Car upload -- the first download, first person downloaded it.

So it’s been two years that Marketing In Your Car has been live, so it’s technically our birthday today.

So for our Marketing In Your Car birthday, if you want to give us a present, go post on Facebook if you think Marketing In Your Car is cool. That’ll be a great Facebook present, but I’m about to launch a new podcast, and I’m really excited for it.

It’s been called the Funnel Hacker. It’ll be at It’s not live yet, but it will be, hopefully, within a week from now. And what we’re going to do in this podcast is, each week we’re going to go and funnel hack somebody’s funnel.

It’s going to be cool, and so I’m going to bring a guest on, and I’m going to show them the, you know, show the four or five, however many different pages in their funnel, and we’ll show each of those pages.

And the person, the guest will talk about each page, what they did, why they did it, the psychology behind it, all that kind of stuff, which will be cool, and then it’ll be kind of awesome. So that’s going to be kind of the process.

Oh, I’m also going to talk about the email sequencing, and also where they’re generating their traffic and their leads from. So it’ll be fun, every single time absolutely going to be a new funnel.

So one week will be a high ticket funnel, one time it’ll be a tripwire funnel, one time it’ll be a membership continuity funnel, and just different things all the time, and I think it’ll be fun for everyone to kind of see behind the scenes.

And then I had this really cool idea, where when after somebody watches a funnel… so you go and you watch, let’s say, someone’s cool high ticket funnel, and after it’s done I always think, like, how do you monetize these podcasts, right?

I have a friend, John Lee Dumas, who… he is Entrepreneur On Fire and he tells me he charges like, it’s crazy, like $3500 an episode for earned advertising fees.

[Coughs] Excuse me. Sorry that my cough’s coming in. So what was cool about it is that, with that is he does a podcast every day of the week.

It’s probably something like three or four a day if I was making that much off each one. So that’s how easy it is with advertisers, but, you know, I’m not big on like going out and getting advertisers and all that jazz.

I would be if I had his following. I definitely would be, actually, but since I don’t, I just do kind of my own thing, and so what I’m looking to do is like, how do you monetize this?

And so I thought, how cool would it be if we show -- we funnel hack someone’s funnel, we show off the whole thing, and then at the end of it I say, “Hey, who here would love this funnel?

“You know, I just rebuilt it in ClickFunnels, and there I have a ‘Share Funnel’ link. You click on that and it’ll pull this, his entire funnel inside your account, and then you can go edit it, and mock it up, and make it look wicked awesome.

“But all you got to do is you got to be a member of our membership site, the Funnel Hacker Pro community,” or whatever it is, and then so get people to upgrade to our continuity membership site, where each time I show off a funnel, they get the Share Funnel link.

And that way, they can go and take the funnel they just learned about, and clone it and do it in their business, so kind of fun. I’m excited for it. It’s going to be super-awesome. So that is the game plan with, which should be coming out here in the next week. It’s going to be awesome.

So anyway, that’s kind of the main stuff I want to talk to you guys about is give you an update on the book launch. We’re selling books like crazy. Phase one is almost complete. We’re, again, a week in, 8,000 copies.

The goal: I’ve got to hit 11,000 copies. That’s where we’re -- that’s kind of our big number that we’re shooting for. So I think we should be able to get that pretty easily, since it’s a four-week launch, and we’re in week one, and we’re almost already there so it’s exciting.

My overall goal, I think, is sell 20,000 books. I’d be really excited with 20,000 books, so that’s kind of -- that’s the magic number that I’m shooting for, and we’re going to be pushing hard.

We’ve got a whole bunch of people competing for the Ferrari to try to win it, and it’s been really cool, so anyway that’s kind of our game plan.

But anyway, I’ll keep you guys in the loop as things keep progressing. I’ll talk to you guys about phase two in the funnel stacking process, phase three and phase four as they are implemented, but it’s all good.

It’s really fun and I’m excited for today to go and get some of this stuff implemented, and see what’s going to happen when we unlock phase number two of the product launch!

So I appreciate you guys listening. Hope you enjoy this, and again, for the Marketing In Your Car birthday party, if you want, please go share us on Facebook. That would mean the world to me, and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks!


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