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118 - Late-Night ClickFunnels Hack-A-Thon

Late-Night ClickFunnels Hack-A-Thon

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So the initial soap opera sequence goes out over 7, or 10, or 20, or how many days you want to do that. And you can do some basic segmenting. So they buy a product, you can take them off, you can move them, things like that. But what’s cool is that at the end of the segment, or the middle, or wherever you want, you can either copy or delete them, or move them to another list.


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Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson, and I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car.

So excited for today. It’s funny, there’s a couple of times I wanted to send you guys messages this week, but to be honest I did a Google Hangout with Todd Brown, the other day. And he followed my Marketing In Your Car at like 3 in the morning when I was driving home from the office. And every night this week I’ve been driving home about 3 in the morning.

I keep wanting to do them, I’m like, no, I’ve got to do it at normal times, so Todd doesn’t think I’m, like, a workaholic. But, alas, turns out I’m a workaholic, and it’s 10:00 at night, I’m heading back in to the office for another one. I think this is the fourth night in a row, but it’s kind of all blurring together. But no, it’s fun. Amazing stuff is happening. We have our whole Ted, Deb, team, and all my partners for ClickFunnels flew in to town.

And we’re, they’re here for, I think, ten days or so. And we’re doing some amazing, amazing, amazing things. And so, because of that we had to put sleep on the back burner for two weeks, then we’re going to crash and just be done. But it’s just, it’s been amazing. Like we listed out on the whiteboard, like, things we wanted to implement. Some new features, new things, bugs we needed to kill.

And just a bunch of stuff like that. And I’ve been watching these guys, and again, I don’t have any skills, so I can’t do much of it. I’ve been watching these guys and they’ve been going through and just, like, crazy things that are amazing. And in fact, it’s 10:00 at night, I’m so tired right now but I’m going back in the office because there’s so much energy and synergy, and things happening, and I want to be a part of it.

I want to, just so exciting. And so, and I don’t do, not that I do nothing. I play my part, but yeah, as far as the technical stuff, they build it on. It’s amazing what they’re doing. So, a couple of just sneak peeks for you guys, you know what’s happening. It’s amazing. So the first thing we finished off with the affiliate platform. Some of you guys know that one of the things that everyone is asking for and that I personally wanted for a long time, was to be able to run affiliate programs through ClickFunnels.

We didn’t really have an option, we had to use a third party system like LeadDyno or things like that. Which are just, they’re annoying to, you know, it’s expensive, it’s another plug-in, and it just doesn’t really work that great. And so finally we decided best, let’s go and conquer that. So, we build it out initially before the actual book launch, and we’ve been beta testing it to the book launchers, it’s been working flawlessly, which has been great news.

I was a little bit nervous, to be honest, but it’s been working flawlessly, and then what’s cool about it is – sorry, I’m filling my gas so all the people around me are looking at me like I’m crazy. You guys know I’m not crazy, right? Anyway, so, yes, because the use of affiliates for the book launch has been working awesome. So first thing when they got here is they worked on finalizing — I picked the wrong gas. Okay.

So we’re talking finalizing the affiliate system and getting all the UI working and everything, it looks awesome. So we’re going to get some beta testers over the next week or two, to start testing it out and see if they can get it to work flawlessly as well. And as we do that, then we’re going to open that up, hopefully soon, to ClickFunnel’s members, which is going to be amazing.

So you can run it on affiliate programs, and it’s pretty slick. So, that’s one of the big ones. That was the first day, we got that all finalized and done. Then we started focusing on what I think was, like, the last missing piece that makes ClickFunnels ClickFunnels. And it was the, you know, engine. The, you know, sequencing. Because you know, if you’ve been using it, there’s a really cool ability where someone joins the list you can have it send out.

You know, these email sequences and just basic segmenting, so, like, auto-webinars like that, they show up at the webinar, they send out this email sequence. They don’t, send out this one. And, you know, if they opt in here then they buy, and you can move them to a different list. You can do some basic stuff but that’s kind of all it was. And then we had this thought about a week ago, before they came out, so, like, what if we did a couple of things?

What if we could create a way where you could edit your emails inside of the ClickFunnel’s editor? And that was the first thing, of a thousand possible. In fact, last night, about 2 in the morning, we may have figured out how to make that possible, and we were all going crazy because it was possible. And as a matter of fact, I just got an email about ten minutes from them.

The email was created in the editor and it’s the most amazing looking email I’ve ever seen, in my 12 years of doing this. Just amazing. So now you have the ability to edit your emails in the email editor, which is amazing. And now, and the next thing to build out is you can do broadcasts, instead of lists. And things like that, which is, like, the last missing piece.

And I can’t tell you guys how cool it is. If you’ve read the Dot Com Secrets book, you know what I’ve been teaching about forever. I always talk about the best way that I think you can do sequencing is someone joins your list, you send out a soap opera sequence. And what’s cool is now you can do that in ClickFunnels. When someone opts in the funnel, you can build out a whole sequence there, in the funnel.

So the initial soap opera sequence goes out over 7, or 10, or 20, or how many days you want to do that. And you can do some basic segmenting. So they buy a product, you can take them off, you can move them, things like that. But what’s cool is that at the end of the segment, or the middle, or wherever you want, you can either copy or delete them, or move them to another list.

And so the next thing I always teach people is that after someone goes through your soap opera sequence, you transition them to your broadcast, like your David Seinfeld emails. And so, but most people it’s like, I can never do that because they’re no auto-responder software that really does that. Where now in ClickFunnels you can. It’s amazing. So as soon as I’m finished with a sequence, you move them so now they’re on your broadcast list, and they get broadcast.

And you can set it where as soon as they, if you want, as soon as they join a new funnels list, you can pause it. It will pause the broadcast emails as you’re sending things out. And then when they get to the end of it, then boom, they’re just back on the broadcast for them. So they’re getting just your soap operas for that funnel and then pause it for the broadcast, or vice versa. There’s a million different things you can do but that’s what I’m going to use it.

That’s so exciting, and just the beginning, like this, that part of the market automation will get better and better. It’s kind of the first phase of it. And it’s just amazing. You can set up sequences where they, so they hit this page, now cue up this, you know, email series to go out. They hit this page, or if they go here, you now have different sequences and different things, and it’s amazing.

Like I said, this is the first big piece in our marketing automation suite. In the near future it will be even smarter where someone joins your list, it will go out there, it will lead score, it will figure out, you know, how many subscribers they have, how much money they make, what neighborhood they live in, whatever it is. All the demographics, cycle graphics, social graphics, all those kinds of things, they’ll pool back in there.

And from that, you can customize your funnels. So you can say, hey, somebody joins my list and they have over 100,000 fans on Twitter and make at least X amount of dollars a year, she’ll mess up so, but if not, she’ll mess up so. So that way, people make over $100,000 a year, so you’re a high ticket upsell where people that don’t only see your, you know, your cheaper upsell or whatever it might be.

I mean, it’s just, it’s amazing. And the best thing is I have different email sequence based on it, and it’s just awesome. So, anyway, but the first step email broadcast part should be done tonight. That was the message I got back from [Inaudible 07:03] tonight, is that all the email stuff is done, so that’s close. I’m going to be beta testing, you guys will see me doing it, and it’s going to blow your mind, so that’s coming. Some other cool things that are coming.

We’ve got the funnel marketplace. I think there will be people, probably people from the sound of my voice, who will make millions of dollars creating templates in ClickFunnels, and selling them through our marketplace. Literally, you can go create templates for realtors, or for info product people, or [Inaudible 07:29]. Whatever you build, that entire template, put it in the marketplace and boom, people can start buying it and you get paid every time someone buys your templates.

Which is going to be amazing. There’s so many cool things happening, you guys, I wish I could share and show all of them to you, but you will start seeing them. Start seeing them really, really soon. We’re excited. We’re aggressively growing, we finally got in some amazing, an amazing new developer help clear up some of the legacy of little issues that have been [Inaudible 07:56], bugging some of our members. And those should mostly be done, hopefully within the end of the month.

And then from that point forward we’re going to be aggressively rolling out the new feature sets, so we can compete with the core systems out there. We can compete with InfusionSoft, we can compete with Ontraport. We can compete with, you know, whoever else is out there in our way. And after these last two integrations done, the fill in email, my business will be 100% in ClickFunnels. I won’t need any other external party, service, to do anything.

And that’s amazing. So, I’m excited, you guys. You know, this podcast is not about teaching you guys anything tonight, or sharing anything outside, just my excitement. It’s some cool new things. Stuff that I wish I could share with the world, but the world is not ready yet. So, because you guys are here, because you’re my faithful Marketing In Your Car listeners, you guys get a chance to hear about the new stuff that’s happening and I hope that gets you excited as well.

So, the other thing, [Inaudible 08:47]. So much cool stuff I want to share with you guys. The new funnel hacking podcast, your funnel hacker podcast, I recorded the first video earlier this week and it’s awesome. So we’re going to be launching that, probably by the end of the week. It might be early next week, though. I have, we have a new on-boarding process in ClickFunnels that has to be done, where we’re giving away these funnel hacker t-shirts.

So I had to get that part of it done, first, before I can launch that. Because they’re kind of tied together. So, working on that, trying to get that done this weekend. So that will be live, and it’s going to be amazing, like, the first steps there, you guys, I drop bombs. I give away hundreds of thousands of dollars of free stuff. And every single week is going to be the same thing. I think it’s going to — I’m proud of it. It’s going to be amazing. So, there’s that.

And then, what else? What else is cool? Funnel hacking event, I hope you guys are coming to that. We have a bunch of our ClickFunnels members who are going to be showing off their funnels. I just finalized a schedule for that, it’s going to be amazing. So if you don’t have your tickets yet for that, please come to It’s in Vegas, at the end of May. It’s basically me, on stage, for three days, teaching the back ends of all our funnels, how we do everything.

The strategies, psychology, I’ll be opening my pages then, we have ClickFunnels members who are making millions of dollars using those types of funnels. We’re going to get them to kind of show off their funnels and let you guys see behind the scenes of their businesses, and it’s going to be so cool. So I’m excited. If you guys like money, and you like cool stuff, you need to be there.

So, anyway, I’m at the office. I’m going to go have some fun for a couple of hours. I’m probably going to crash a little bit earlier tonight, because we’ve got a long weekend coming up and I want to be prepared for it. So I appreciate you guys. Have an awesome night, and we will talk to you guys soon. 


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