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120 - Barricades To Protect Your Super Power

Barricades To Protect Your Super Power

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What people and systems are you putting in place, so that you can focus 100% of your time on your super power?

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It’s funny because when you start as an entrepreneur in most business ventures, it’s you, right. It’s you juggling everything. You’re wearing every single hat. When I got started, I was the product creator, the copywriter, the Web site designer, the support agent. I was doing all of the pieces.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell and I want to welcome you guys to Marketing in Your Car.

All right everyone, I’m excited to be here with you guys. I think this is my first podcast since we’ve been in the new office. I did one talking about going to the new office. Now we’re there. We moved in. It’s fun, exciting, new, and all the fun stuff that comes with that.

This is the first time I think I’ve messaged you since I’ve been over here. So I’m actually driving home right now. I’m actually, just sometimes I don’t plan things. We’re also moving our house soon. Soon, my house will be close to the office.

Then it will be a short commute again but for right now, the house is far away. You guys may get a couple episodes that will be a little bit longer than normal. I hope you guys don’t mind. It should be fine. Anyway, I hope that things are going awesome for all you guys. I’m having a ton of fun.

It’s been insane how business has been. You know, every month, we keep growing and this month, we just smashed through our records again from last month which last month, we were like, “There’s no way we’re going to beat these,” and we did it again. It’s exciting.

Hopefully we’ll keep it rocking and rolling. A couple other exciting things, some of you guys know we launched the Funnel Hacker video podcast today which I’m finally excited. I’ve been talking to you guys about it for awhile. I hope you guys go and subscribe.

It will be in iTunes hopefully by tomorrow but right now, it’s just online. ITunes will be all right for it but it’s video based because we’re showing you guys awesome cool stuff. I would say make sure you subscribe to the video based one.

Basically, all you got to do is go to and see episode number one. It was really fun. Basically I sketch out the concept of a funnel. Then we bring the person on whose funnel we’re sketching out. They’re going to show us, talk to us about the psychology, why they did what they did, and then for all those guys who are DCS Labs members, you’ll get the funnel for free in your account which is kind of cool.

That’s kind of what’s happening. I did the first episode one was on the DotCom Secrets book launch. I showed that off. Hopefully it will give you guys some cool insights and ideas from that funnel. That’s what’s going down over there.

We got the big live Funnel Hacking event at the end of the month, so which is kind of cool. We got one other cool funnel thing happening that we just started putting together yesterday or the day before.

I was thinking about in my own company, when I want to get crap done, what do we do? I call up Todd, Dillon, and whoever it is from all around the country. We all fly to Boise, sit in the office for three days, and we don’t sleep. You guys know about this because if you listen to the podcast, you hear me most nights coming home at four in the morning talking about these things, our hackathons.

It was called hackathons. I thought, “What if we changed our coaching program around a little bit?” You’ll actually see some big shifts coming from our coaching program here. It’s based off this idea of what if we gave people an experience where instead of us coaching for over a year -- which is good but you know, it’s extended. It’s long -- what if we gave people an emerging period where they come to Boise and we do hackathon with them and their business?

In three days, or four days, whatever it ends up being, we do it all. I’m really excited. We’re going to do the first test run probably in June. We’re going to bring eight people in. Basically what’s going to happen is we’re going to have for sure two and maybe three sales funnels we’re going to build out.

We’re going to build out a webinar funnel where I’m just actually going to write their whole webinar pitch just because people always screw it up it seems like. I’ll write the webinar pitch. Then I’ll actually pitch it so they can watch me pitch it and record that so they have that.

Then they will have a chance to pitch it. I’ll critique them and stuff like that. I’ll build out the sales funnel. It’s not like my team will. It will be me. I’m just going to do it all because I’m probably one of the faster guys on my team now doing it. I’m pretty picky about it because I know what works.

I’ll just build out those funnels. We’ll also build out their high ticket funnel. I’ll have my video guy take them out, film all the emotional story based videos we need for the high ticket funnel. Then we will go and train their salespeople.

They’ll bring two salespeople with them. My sales guys will train their sales guys. Then work on Traffic Geyser, get that set up and running and working. When all is said and done, they will leave with at least two funnels and up running, trained salespeople, a webinar pitch, everything, and it’s going to be called the hackathon, the funnel hackathon. I’m excited.

I’m sure you’ll see more about that over the next few months but it’s in embryo right now which is kind of fun. It’s being developed and designed. I’m really excited for it. Hopefully some of you guys will want to come to that.

We will get done in three days what it would take a typical person six months or more to get done. It will be fun. It’s not like again you’re hiring a copywriter or something. You’re hiring me. I’m doing all the work which will be really fun.

I’ll really enjoy it. Right now eight because we want to have small groups, eight people, eight webinar pitches in a three day period of time. It will be awesome. I’m excited. If you guys want to come to that in the future -- actually, if you want to book it now, if you go to DotCom Secrets Ignite, go apply and my sales guys will call you.

Just be like, “Hey, I want in on the hackathon,” and they’ll be like, “How do you know about the hackathon? We haven’t even started selling that yet,” and you’ll be like, “I know, I’m in the Marketing in Your Car podcast. I listen and take action.” We’ll get you in.

That’s about it. What I want to talk you guys about today now that you got some cool updates, some cool stuff that’s happening, I want to talk to you about one of the interesting conversations that we had today in the office.

It’s funny because when you start as an entrepreneur in most business ventures, it’s you, right. It’s you juggling everything. You’re wearing every single hat. When I got started, I was the product creator, the copywriter, the Web site designer, the support agent. I was doing all of the pieces.

I didn’t even know. I had to figure everything out because there was no one there to help me. I wasn’t making any money so I couldn’t hire people. That’s how a lot of businesses start. Then as you start growing, obviously after awhile, you start handing things off to different people and hiring people or bringing in partners depending on the route you go.

Then from that point, you spend the time just focusing more on what you’re good at. Anyway, we’ve had some interesting conversations with my partners at ClickFunnels today. We had a conversation just about that thing where each of us have our own superpower.

I think everyone does. I think everyone on earth has their own superpower. I think God gives everyone a superpower, something that they’re uniquely qualified to do. I tell my kids this all the time. “What’s your superpower?” and they all know what their superpowers are.

I think that each of us, especially in your company, everyone has their own superpower. A lot of times, when we start growing, we get people to do different pieces of it but still usually in a smaller company, everyone is wearing a lot of hats which is necessary for awhile but as you start growing a little bit, and without trying to hire a ton of people because that’s not what we’re trying to do but really getting the stars on your team to be able to focus on their superpower and get really good at it.

You look at of all the tasks I do every single day, and there’s like a thousand things I do everyday, there’s one that makes the most money. It’s when I’m on a webinar pitching. When I’m on a webinar, I’ll make more money in 90 minutes than I do the rest of the month combined. How can I - what can we do so that I’m always on a webinar?

We’re looking at both Todd and Dillon who are some of the most amazing developers I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re developing stuff and they’re awesome at it but then half the time, they’re sitting back where they have bug fixes and requests, all these things they have to do that aren’t their superpowers.

They have to do those though to keep things moving forward. The problem is that because of that, things can’t move forward. It’s one of those chicken and the egg scenarios, you know how it works. What we’re trying to focus on doing is looking at what each one of our superpowers are and trying to barricade ourselves around so the only thing we’re allowed to do, the only thing we’re able to do is what our superpower is so we can move that thing forward because again, in 90 minutes, I can make more money than I could in six months doing all these other things.

The same thing with Todd, Dillon, or with you, whatever your job is like you focus on your one superpower, you can make your company more money than doing all the rest of the stuff. How do you protect yourself and barricade yourself at a spot where you can just focus on that? What people do you need to add to your team that can take off those other pieces from you that are strangling you?

You know, when we moved to the new office, so much stuff was happening, so many things were juggling. I was so overwhelmed with everything so I took Kelsey, who has been my assistant for four years now. She’s been my assistant and support. She’s done both roles.

Because of that, when support goes up, I lose her. We broke her away where she does overflow support now but her main job is making sure that I can get my job done because the big thing is she can answer support, it takes all day but if she can facilitate me selling, we’ll all make more money. It will facilitate me selling.

We’re trying to put this barricade around me, all these little things that are holding me back like getting my office clean and creating things right here, meetings, all the other things that I don’t like doing and that are a struggle for me, she’s trying to barricade those from me so that I can just - it was funny, Brent on our team was like, “All we want Russell to do is sit behind his computer on the microphone and just sell stuff. If he can do that all day long, everything else will take care of itself.”

Just my thought today as I’ve been thinking about this from conversations we’ve been having for me is just how can I barricade myself as much as possible so that I’m only focusing on my superpowers? The other stars on my team, how can I barricade them so they’re only focusing on their superpowers?

If we get everyone doing their superpowers and obviously with any kind of company, there’s always, you have to wear a lot of hats but if we can shift it where instead of spending 80% of our time wearing a bunch of hats and 20% of our time doing our superpower, if we shift it to 80% superpower, 20% the other stuff, or if you can get to the point where you’re doing 90% or 100% superpower, how much more of a dramatic impact and a change can you make within your company to your team, to your customers, to the world?

That’s kind of my thought. That’s my focus. That’s what I’m looking at is what can I do to become better at that and really be able to get myself and my team focusing on that. Anyway, I hope that helps for you. I know all of you guys are doing different things and at different points and different spots in your business but it’s just a smart thing to start thinking about.

I remember the first time I understood this concept was when I read the book The E-Myth by Michael Gerber. It’s so funny, I was at an event with all these people. This was 10 or 11 years ago. All these people were talking about it.

I thought The E-Myth was an entrepreneur book or an Internet marketing myth, like email, e-myth. I was going on a family trip down to Lake Powell, Utah which is like a 10 hour drive from here. On the way out of town, we swung by Barnes & Noble and Collette’s like, “Get a book,” so I got The E-Myth because I’m like, “People talk about this. It looks awesome.” I started driving. We get all the way down to Lake Powell. We get in this boat out in the middle of the lake.

We sit there. I pull out my book to read. Within five minutes, I realized this has nothing to do with Internet marketing. I was like, “Oh, dang it. I thought this was an Internet marketing book I was trying to read. Now I’m stuck on a lake and this is all I have.” I read it.

I’m grateful I did because it talked about the systemization of businesses and how to pull yourself out of them, and a bunch of really cool stuff. If you haven’t read that, go read it. If you have read it, now is the time to start applying it more so in your life.

I’ve done it to a good point but I haven’t been religious about making barriers around my time, not just making barriers to make barriers though because you don’t want the rest of your company to fall apart but making a barrier by replacing that piece and putting the right person in place so that the ball doesn’t get dropped.

I’d rather have other people in my team wearing multiple hats than myself. That’s really the goal. Anyway, I hope that helps. I hope you guys are doing awesome. I’m almost home so I’m going to end today. I appreciate you guys listening in.

Again, go check out It’s Oh, and the other cool thing is that we are now giving away free Funnel Hacker t-shirts. If you go onto ClickFunnels, if you haven’t logged in for awhile, log in and the first thing that pops up is this cool 12 minute on-boarding video.

You go through the on-boarding video and when you are done, we will ship you out a t-shirt. It doesn’t cost you a penny as long as you’re a ClickFunnel member. That’s a gift for being awesome and being a ClickFunnel member. With that said, I am out of here. I will talk to you guys soon.

Have fun and drive safe. Thanks guys. 


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