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Ep. 93 - 1200 Slides in 8 Days? The road to Funnel Hacking Live 2018


Bring on Funnel Hacking Live 2018! In this episode, we are taking you behind the scenes as Russell Brunson prepares for Funnel Hacking LIve. It's no small task! From presentation prep to marketing the event the Clickfunnels team is on it, sparing just enough time for some Uber-Eats Roulette.

Watch as Russell reveals one of the big factors that contribute to his success. We guarantee you, it's not what you think! Especially because most people see this thing as a something to be cured.

We’d like to think we have a pretty cool work environment for two main reasons, First, we believe in what we do. If you have ever wondered “does click funnels work?” Just ask entrepreneur Natalie Hodson who is a recent 2 comma club award member. We did, and in this episode, she’ll tell you just how she went from nothing to making over a million dollars in her sales funnel.

Secondly, we actually enjoy being around each other. You can see this pretty clearly not only in the awesome, one of a kind birthday present that James P. Friel bought for Russell that brought him tears of joy.


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