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121 - Notes From Within The Inner Circle

Notes From Within The Inner Circle

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What I learned over the last two days at our private inner circle meeting.

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The last day of the webinar, before I closed down the replay, I just said basically, “Cliff notes,” or something like that, and emailed it and said, “Hey everyone, the webinar is coming down tonight at midnight. Because of the short time I want to speed this process up for you. Step one, download the cliff notes here. Step two, watch the webinar here. Step three, here’s the direct order link to go get started and get your discount, blah, blah.” In that follow-up sequence, we did an additional $150,000. That turned into a $250,000 webinar and more than half of it came from the follow-up sequence.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey guys and gals, so the last two days here in Boise have been amazing. We’ve had our inner circle mastermind group here. I got to tell you, I have been in a lot of really good groups. I was in Bill Glazer’s for six years. I was in Ryan Deiss’ once. I’ve been in a lot of them. I’ve been in Joe Polish’s.

I’ve been in as many as I could join. I got to tell you that the group - and I’m not just saying this because I’m biased. I got more value out of the group than I have out of any other group ten times over. Just the caliber people that are in it are amazing.

I’m grateful to be the one that gets to facilitate it. It’s one of the most amazing, cool things in the world. It’s interesting, I used to have a mastermind group probably seven, eight years ago that ran for two or three years. We just shut it down eventually because it wasn’t super profitable and the groups were okay.

They just weren't where I wanted them to be at. It was kind of whatever. When we relaunched this about 18 months ago, I was really nervous, “Do I want to do this again? Do I not?” The first meeting when we did it, we had signed I think eight people that had joined the inner circle so it was only a one-day meeting right before we did a three-day workshop.

Then the next meeting, we had the group had grown to be a two-day meeting. Then the next one, we had a two-day meeting but it was so packed. We had 30 something people that were in it which is a good problem. People are excited and they want to join.

Then this time, we turned it into a three-day meeting just because we had so many people in it. We’re actually going to be splitting the groups now. I told them last time I was going to split the groups too but everyone freaked out, “No, we’d rather have bigger groups.” Anyway, so I don’t know what we’ll do but we’ll see.

I’m sure if we keep growing at the pace we have, we’ll have to open another one. It’s just been the most amazing experience for me and for them, got a ton of good stuff. We’re actually going to be going today and do half a day with everybody because what was interesting, there’s always themes that happen at these events.

The last inner circle, the theme was definitely focused around webinars. That was the topic everyone was focusing on. That’s what we were digging deep into is webinar funnels, cycles, and what you do and how you do it. It was really fascinating.

It was really cool to see that and get tons of value out of that as a group. Then as a group, everyone went out and over the last four months since our last meeting, people have been doing webinars. We have people making $50,000 a week right now doing webinars. We have people, one guy just passed $100,000 doing webinars.

It’s really fun watching all of the success coming from that. That’s been cool. Then the theme this time -- we weren’t planning on it at all. It just evolved into that -- has been high ticket phone sales. Everyone is starting to try to add elements of that into their company and trying to figure out how to get that as part of what they’re doing.

And so today we decided to do bonus session. It was kind of cool. I’m going to be coming in here in about 30 minutes, about 45 minutes actually and I’m going to be showing off two different high ticket sales funnels that I believe are probably the two most effective high ticket phone sales funnels online. One of them is mine, I’m not going to lie.

The other one is another one that I think is amazing. In fact, I’m going to be the person whose funnel this is will be actually speaking at the Funnel Hacking event and will be showing off this funnel. If you don’t have tickets to Funnel Hacking yet, go and get them, I’m going to be showing those off today first.

Then we’ve got our two sales guys that do all of our sales coming in. These guys are amazing. Some of you guys know my back story. We used to have a sales floor of 60 full time sales guys. The two best guys were Robbie and Randy. They were the two best guys we had on our team.

Now that we no longer have our sales floor, we didn’t have any phone sales for three or four years. Then we decided to bring back in - they came back in. It’s crazy. These two guys alone are doing as much volume as 60 guys were doing before back in the day which is nuts.

Part of it is the process and part of it is them but the process is really cool. We went from back in the old days when we had our 60 sales guys, we were averaging about $120 for every lead we got. Right now, we’re averaging over $1100 for every lead we get. We’ve almost 10xed what we were making for every lead we would get which is cool.

That has to do with the process. Then Robbie and Randy are the two best sales guys I think on earth. They’re amazing. They really are. Robbie is going to be going over the script today, showing everyone the script, going through it, training them on it so they can go back and train their staff on it which is going to be really cool.

In the second half, Randy is going to come and talk about his close because he’s got this thing he does that is - I remember about a month ago he sat down with me and he asked me some questions, “Why do people buy from you?” I was trying to tell him, “Oh, they buy because of this and this.” He said, “Wrong, that’s not why people buy. I’ve talked to more of your customers than you ever have. I’ve talked to thousands of your customers. Let me tell you exactly why people buy.”

He explained it. It was nuts. It was one of the coolest things ever. He’s going to be sharing that with everybody today too. It’s pretty exciting anyway. We’re having a good time. Most of the people that are there are going to come over to the office today and just see our operation, see what’s going down, how we run what we do which will be kind of fun as well.

It’s exciting but I just have had a great time with those guys and some interesting things. One of the things I learned from the mastermind group, one of the guys in our group, his name is Joe McCaul. Joe first off is just a stud. He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. He’s been helping me with my real estate nightmares in St. Louis, getting rid of my homes, getting the other ones fixed up.

He’s a crazy nice guy. He messaged me I think two or three weeks before the mastermind. He’s like, “Hey Russell, I want to make $250,000 new money before the mastermind. Here’s my strategy.” We went back and forth on it a little bit. Then he executed on it.

He got to the meeting all depressed because he only made $98,000 in the two weeks or whatever. It was so awesome. He’s awesome. One thing he was talking about, his primary lead generation source is podcasts which is kind of cool, seeing as you guys are listening in the podcast.

He said that they found podcast listeners are way more affluent, they have more money. People that buy from iPhones are worth way more. I’m guessing that 90% of you guys right now are probably listening in on the iPhone or some version of an Apple product, so the highest quality leads.

That’s his entire lead gen strategy, based off podcasts which is so cool to see how he was doing it and why he was doing it. He was telling us that I think it was Expedia or one of the airlines, they found that same stat, that Apple buyers were worth more money so if you came from an Apple device, they showed you the more expensive hotels.

If you came from Android, they showed you the cheaper hotels to increase conversions which is awesome. That was really cool. Jay Bower spoke. He’s going to be speaking at the Funnel Hacking event. He’s a big guy that teaches a really cool webinar process that he does. He’s a webinar host, a full-time webinar host.

Every Thursday night, he hosts a webinar for somebody. He makes $100,000 a week doing it. He just showed his whole process for how he does it, the sequence when someone registers, what they do when they show up, and the aftermath and all of the operational side of a webinar. He had 40 or 50 different points of what he did, each step along the way to increase the tendency of more people to show up.

Just a couple quick bombs I’ll drop to share with you guys as our faithful listeners, one of them that we’ve been doing for the last little while that he talked about as well is he uses GoToWebinar. Three hours before the webinar starts, he changes the title in GoToWebinar.

Say your title is “Funnel Hacks,” “Funnel Hacks Presentation.” He changes the title to “**Starting Now,” or, “Starting in three hours**,” then “Funnel Hacks.” Then it says, “Do you want to update all participants about this change?” He says, “Yes.”

Then boom, it emails everyone who is registered with the new webinar title which is, “Webinar starting in three hours.” Then he changes that in two hours, then at one hour, and GoToWebinar will automatically send that out.

He does one more 20 minutes ahead. He gets GoToWebianr to send out four emails for him off of their IP which gets amazing deliverability. That’s what he’s doing to get people on which is awesome. We’ve been doing that as well and it just works great.

One thing I got from him, we did a webinar the other day and we did over $100,000 live on the webinar which was really cool. That’s always my goal. We hit it about once or twice a month which is exciting. Anyway, we did $100,000 on this webinar.

Then I was looking at Jay’s follow-up sequence that he taught at the last mastermind meeting. One of the steps that he does is so cool. Some of you guys may have seen this last week. He’s got a girl who goes and will not transcribe the webinar but rewrite it in cliff notes format.

She has a picture of the slide and recaps each slide. He took mine and a couple other people in the mastermind group, and took our presentations and had this girl go through and do it. She gave me back this 70 page word doc with basically the cliff notes of my webinar.

The last day of the webinar, before I closed down the replay, I just said basically, “Cliff notes,” or something like that, and emailed it and said, “Hey everyone, the webinar is coming down tonight at midnight. Because of the short time I want to speed this process up for you. Step one, download the cliff notes here. Step two, watch the webinar here. Step three, here’s the direct order link to go get started and get your discount, blah, blah.”

In that follow-up sequence, we did an additional $150,000. That turned into a $250,000 webinar and more than half of it came from the follow-up sequence from stuff we learned from Jay which is nuts. Jay will be at Funnel Hacking as well, a bunch of cool stuff.

I’m at the office, you guys, grabbing some stuff to head over to the event. I got to go but I want you guys to know we appreciate you. If you want to be at our next inner circle mastermind meeting, go to You guys need to be there.

They’re amazing. It’s by far the best marketing group online, and I know because I’ve joined literally every other mastermind group seeking for the right people, and all of them -- no offense to all the people I went to -- they weren’t good. We built an amazing group. If you feel like you could be or should be part of that, go to

Let Robbie and Randy know that you want in the inner circle and we’ll get you set up for our next meeting which is in September. Other than that, make sure you also get to the funnel hacking event,

And also guys, one thing that Joe talked about on podcasts is you got to ask your listeners for reviews. I never do that. It makes me nervous. I don’t even know how to review a podcast. If you like Marketing in Your Car, if you could do me one last favor today, go to I’m guessing iTunes and leave some feedback.

I’m going to go try to figure out how to read the feedback. I would really appreciate it because that would be super cool, and maybe get a few more people listening in while I’m driving to work. I appreciate you guys. Thanks so much and we’ll talk to you soon. 


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