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125 - The Power Of Moving Forward

The Power Of Moving Forward

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Powerful stories of people in our inner-circle and ignite program who opened up doors from skill sets they didn’t know they had.

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While he was doing this, he was frustrated because he wasn't making money, right? But what he was doing was he was honing his skills, he was fine-tuning, he was getting better and better at what he was doing. About two weeks ago, he met one of our other coaching clients who is having some success, having webinars, is doing really well with it, and basically said to him, "Hey, I love your product. I think your webinar's good. I'd like to pitch it. Do you mind if I pitch it?", and this guy's was like, "Yeah, man, I would love to not pitch my own webinar."


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Hey, guys and gals. This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to "Marketing in Your Car."

This message today is one that I think is important, and I hope that a lot of people listen to this and take something from it, because it's been really interesting.

I've been watching a bunch of our coaching clients over the last year or so, [laughs] and there's been this really weird observation, really interesting, that's been happening. A lot of people come in, and when they come in they've got a direction they want to go in, right, and so we coach them in that direction, they start moving forward, and they start moving forward.

Some people just, the first direction we point them in, they run and then they have success — someone like a Liz Benney, who had picked a path, she executed on it, boom, is making crazy money. She's done over five hundred grand so far this year after she picked her path and started running.

But other people, and I would say probably the majority of people, don't have sex, success — ooh, I almost said the wrong word there, [laughs] don’t have success right out of the gates, and I know it's frustrating for them, but it's interesting, because a lot of people that happens to, and I see it, they just fall away. They just give up, and it's done.

But there's others that are super stubborn, and I think that I would probably fall into this category as well. [laughs] They're really stubborn, and they're like, "You know what?" They keep moving forward, and they keep moving forward, and they keep moving forward, and because of the act of them moving forward, doors become open to them, if that makes sense.

I remember when I was — I think I shared this on a podcast — who knows how long ago, but when I was first getting started, I had some friends who saw what I was doing, and they came and wanted to work for me. After a year of working with me, they weren't making any money. I was, obviously, and one of them had this insight, and he told me the next day, "You know what we realized? It's not so much, Russell, that you're smarter than us, or anything, the only difference between you and us is you're always moving forward. You're doing this, you're doing this, you're doing this, you're doing this.”

He’s like, “More than half the time, what you're doing is not working," [laughs] "but ten, twenty percent of the time it does work. Just the act and the motion of you moving forward working on stuff is opening doors and making other stuff happen."

Anyway, I had a really good experience that just happened ten minutes ago. I just got a VOX from one of our coaching clients, and it just re-illustrates this point. He's a cool guy. He came to our coaching program and he picked a market that honestly, I don’t think it was a good market for what he wanted to do.

He wanted to sell to engineers. It's just not a market that's super passionate or ripe. They're not rabid buyers, but he was passionate about it, so he spent all this time and energy, and he built the perfect webinar and he launched it. He drove traffic, and he launched it. He kept going. He was squeaking by and making pennies here and there — making some money — but he was so passionate. He kept going back and kept tweaking it and making it better, and tweaking it and making it better.

While he was doing this, he was frustrated because he wasn't making money, right? But what he was doing was he was honing his skills, he was fine-tuning, he was getting better and better at what he was doing. About two weeks ago, he met one of our other coaching clients who is having some success, having webinars, is doing really well with it, and basically said to him, "Hey, I love your product. I think your webinar's good. I'd like to pitch it. Do you mind if I pitch it?", and this guy's was like, "Yeah, man, I would love to not pitch my own webinar."

So this guy took the other guy's webinar and looked at it, was looking at it and saying, "Well, based on all the work I did before, this is how I'd change it," and he tweaked it, and he fine-tuned the presentation, and he went last week, and he did it live for this guy, [laughs] and he crushed it — did like three times as many sales as the main person did, doing his own webinar.

Both of them got excited. One's like, "Man, I made a bunch of money doing someone else's webinar. The other guy's like, "I made a bunch of money, and I didn't have to do the webinar. I actually made more money having this guy do it than if I was doing it."

They just did another webinar. It just ended like fifteen minutes ago, and they closed over $20,000 in that webinar. These guys are going crazy now, and because of this, I talked to this guy, and I said, "You know what? You should start a webinar-pitching business where you go through, tweak people's webinars then pitch it for them, and take a percentage of the profits."

I think he's going to do that now. I just look at it — he came into the coaching program trying to go in this direction, and we coached him through that process. So far he hasn't made a lot of money from that process, but the skills set he learned along the way have now become this valuable asset. He's going to make ten times more, maybe a hundred times more from this, but he would not have ever gotten that if he wasn't moving forward, moving forward.

Another guy, who is one of the coolest people. He’s probably listening to this, so I won't embarrass him with his name or anything, but he knows who he is — we've worked with him on his funnel. He's been struggling. He has not been making money with his funnel, but through the process, he's gotten really good at something else — his Facebook Ads. His Facebook Ads, I remember, John and my team looked at his ads, and he's like, "I have never in the history of my life seen an ad that was this good, that has this high of engagement and quality score," and all these types of things.

His ads are amazing, he just can't get his funnel to convert. He's driving these things, and so last week, I saw him do what was brilliant. I was just so impressed with him for doing this. He posted on Facebook in our group, and he was like, "Hey, my funnel's not making any money yet, but I'm really good at Facebook Ads. In fact, look at these things."

He's like, "If you want, I trying to get better at this skill and see if I can master another niche. If any of you guys want, contact me, and I'll do your ads for free." From that, he got a whole bunch of amazing people to raise their hand, obviously, and he's doing this. Right now, what he's doing is he's honing this skill. He's getting better and better at it, and through that process, I don't know yet where the future's going to go for him, but my guess is he's going to make a lot more money with this direction than he was with what he was doing.

It was the byproduct of what he was trying to accomplish. It's interesting what happens when you're moving forward constantly. You don't know where success is going to come. If you've ever read the book "Rework," it's one of my favorite books of all time. He talks about how one of the powerful things you can do with your company is make money off the byproduct of what you're doing.

So you're doing a bunch of stuff. What’s the byproduct? To give you an example, our "Dot Com Secrets Labs Book," we ran a bunch of split tests, two or three years, and also we had all these split test results. I compiled them into a book, and we launched that. That turned into an extra three or four million dollars last year.

It was the byproduct. It was just my split-testing results from other stuff we were doing, taking the byproduct of what we were doing. You never know where these opportunities are going to come and what skill sets you're going to create to become really, really good at.

So what I wanted to say for all you guys is just, is the process is less of getting something perfect, and more of moving forward. As you move forward, and you continue to move forward, you don't stop. You keep moving forward, and moving forward. Doors will open. Opportunities will come to you. Things will keep falling into your lap that you never would have thought were there before. It's just really, really impressive, from both these guys, I've talked about it before. There's more that I could share.

Another example is one of the guys that came to our training and wanted to be a copywriting teacher. He kept doing this, kept doing this, kept doing this, and spent six, seven, eight months trying to do that, and finally got so fed up and frustrated — and man, I'm so proud of him for this, though, but a month ago, he got so frustrated that he was selling his front-end products. No one was buying his up-sells, no one was buying off his webinars, so he just picked up a phone, and starting dialing every single person that had bought his product in the past. They might not have bought a product, they had showed up to a webinar, or bought one of his free-plus-shipping things — just started calling them, almost frustrated, and the first month, made thirty grand just calling his customers and saying, "Hey, but this coaching thing from me."

Then yesterday he told me he did this webinar. He had two people buy this free-plus-shipping thing, picked up the phone, called those people personally, and sold ten grand, just buildt from one little thing.

It's again, not the opportunity he thought he was going to do. That was not his goal when he got started, but it was in the process of him moving forward, that his skill sets go better. He learned things, he honed things, and he got better and better and better, until, boom, a door opens up. That's the door you run through.

It's really interesting. I was even watching — there were two podcasts where I was talking about what happens when your funnel flops, and I shared a story. I'm going to share it again, because I think it's relevant to this, where Bryan Tracy was talking about how he was watching this TV show, and it had all of these millionaires on there, and they asked the millionaires, "How many times on average did you fail in business before you became a millionaire?"

They went through and surveyed everyone and they found out the average person was like eleven times they failed before they became a millionaire. Bryan Tracy comes back and says, "You think it's because they all luckily, the eleventh time, stumbled upon the magic formula." He said, "No, what happened was, the first time they screwed up, the second time they screwed up, and after ten or eleven tries, they couldn't help but be successful because they'd tried everything else."

That is the key with this, you guys. Anyway, I'm so proud of these people in our group that are doing that, because I'm seeing, and again, it's usually a different direction than we even point them in initially, but because of the process of moving them forward and doing these things, they start building up skill sets that they give them the ability to become powerful and marketable and be able to open up whole new worlds and whole new doors for them, so I thought it was interesting.

On the opposite side of that, we've got coaching clients, who I love as well, who are going through this and they keep focusing on one funnel, on one thing, and one thing, and they want it to work, and they keep trying, and it feels like they're pushing a square peg through a round hole. It's like, "You've got to learn how to pivot and shift and try things and move things around. If this doesn't work, try this and try that," because we don't know what people are going to respond to. We can guess. We try to get as close as we can and we pray and hope that we're going to get it on the first try, or the second, or the third, but traditionally it doesn't work that way.

You've got to be flexible. You've got to be willing to pivot, and keep moving around and moving forward until those opportunities open for you. I had an interview today with a lady, and she was asking me about that. "What happens if someone's funnel doesn't make money?"

I said, "Do you know what? Did you know that Click Funnels failed the first few times we launched it?" She's like, "What?", and I'm like, "Yep. We launched it — bombed. I could have just given up. I was depressed and sad. I could have licked my wounds and cried about it, but, no, I said, 'Okay, it didn't work this trip around,' and we tried it a different way. Boom — failed again. We tried it again, and the third time, it was a home run, and blew up, and now has become what it is. And it's growing insanely fast, but again, it's because we were moving forward, and opportunities open up when you're moving forward."

So if nothing else you get from today, you guys, it's time to keep moving forward. When you do that, you may not get what you thought you were going to get, but you will get what you deserve, I promise you that. You will become what you need to be, and the doors and the opportunities will open up to give you the abilities to shine.

Anyway, I hope that helps you guys. I just thought of another guy in our group — same kind of thing. Came in, wanted to be an MLM guy, and now he’s driving traffic for ten different people, because he was moving forward, moving forward always, so move forward, you guys. Have fun.

For those of you guys who are going to be at Funnel Hacking Live next week, I’m so excited. We had five hundred tickets. We opened up a couple more. We sold about six hundred. It’s just crazy, so we should have over six hundred people there, and it’s going to be nuts. I’m excited to meet a lot of you guys in person, and I’m going to try to put on a show that will change your business, change your lives, and really rock your world.

That is the game plan, and hopefully we will deliver. I’m confident that we will, and excited for those of you guys who are coming. Thanks again, you guys. I’m out for the weekend. Have an awesome day, and we’ll talk soon.


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