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128 - Recap Of Funnel Hacking Live

Recap Of Funnel Hacking Live

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See behind the scenes of what happened at our first annual Funnel Hacking Live event.

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So we said, "Hey, let's do a top 10." And we eventually opened it to the top 15 partners, who get to come to this Ferrari racing. So now it's like you either win the Ferrari or you get to come and race Ferrari's with the top 15 people. And that's what got a lot more people to promote than typically would, I think. I think that was a big part of it.


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Hey, everyone. This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car.

All right, everyone. I keep getting questions and Facebook messages and boxes and everything. For those of you guys who were not at the Funnel Hacking live event, if you weren't there, honestly I think you missed out. We had an amazing time.

So I just want to give you guys a recap, for all those who have been asking and wondering. It was fun. For those of you who are Marketing In Your Car members who were actually at the event, I allowed you to pull me aside and say, "You know, Russell, I heard your podcast about how nervous you were before the event, but this has been amazing."

I appreciate you guys who were there and supported us. We had a good time. So I'll kind of walk you guys through what happened. I'm going to share everything because that's kind of how I am.

If you haven't learned that now, I'm very transparent and I always want to know. I don't want to share numbers to brag, because that's annoying. I hate people who do that. But I want to share them just so you can kind of know what happened so that if you're trying to do an event, you can look at what we did as a gauge of what might be good or bad or whatever.

I hope that helps. I remember when I first started going to Bill Glazier's mastermind groups and he would share his numbers. Then it was like, "Oh, so that's how much money people make."

When he shares with me how much money per head they were making on people in the room at the events, I was like, "Oh, now I have something tangible I can assign things to, to see if I was doing it right or wrong or somewhere in the middle."

That's why I'm going to share and that's the only reason why. It doesn't really matter how much money I made. All that matters is that you guys are getting some cool, actionable info.

Let me break it down.

First thing we did is the day before the event we flew in and we actually had our top JV partners, some of our Inner Circle members and some other friends and stuff come and we went to this exotic racing place. We went and raced cars, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis and it was super cool.

And we got some amazing footage of everyone having fun, having a good time. And then Jeff Walker, who won the Ferrari, he was there too so we filmed an amazing, I mean crazy amazing promo video, with him there, that we ended up showing on day two of the event, which I'll talk about in a minute.

I'm sure we'll post that video online so you guys have a chance to see it. But it was amazing.

That was the first day. It was really cool just to get to know everybody at a more intimate level and build a relationship and give everybody a really cool experience.

Even people that make crazy amounts of money, I thought they would be like, "I'm racing cars, blah blah blah."

But they all loved it and were so excited and blown away and grateful for the experience. So step one, if you've got affiliates to do cool stuff like that, do cool experiential type things where you bring them all together.

The reason why we did the Ferrari stuff is I knew when we were giving away the Ferrari for the book launch, I knew only one person could win. I know that a lot of times if you can't win a contest, if you know you're not going to win, you won't even try.

And we need a lot of people to try. So we said, "Hey, let's do a top 10." And we eventually opened it to the top 15 partners, who get to come to this Ferrari racing.

So now it's like you either win the Ferrari or you get to come and race Ferrari's with the top 15 people. And that's what got a lot more people to promote than typically would, I think. I think that was a big part of it.

That was really, really cool. Next day, we didn't start in the morning, which turned out to be really nice. I think I'm going to keep doing events that way. In fact, I had Stu McLaren and a couple other people message me, "This is so nice to be able to wake up the day of the event, come in, register, go out to lunch, hang out and then you don't start till 1:00."

That's what we did and it was awesome. We didn't start till 1:00. We started at 1:00 and kind of did a recap of Funnel Hacking. Then we did a session on list hacking. Then we did Richard Cousins, who is one of our Inner Circle members, come and share his list hacking funnels, which are pretty intense.

He showed those off. Then we took a break. When we came back from the break, then we did a session on your dream 100. I've talked about that with you guys before in the past. We talked about your dream 100.

And then we opened up a new feature in Click Funnels, which is called Backpack, which is our internal affiliate system. And we initially were going to charge a lot for that feature, but we decided to give it away to all funnel hackers who were there for free and add it to their account, and people were going crazy.

I had Todd, Dylan and me, my two Click Funnel partners, up on stage, and we kind of shared that all. It was really cool because I felt like we were like Steve Jobs at Apple announcing a new feature, which was cool.

We released the feature, people went nuts. They had a break. When we came back from the break we brought Stu McLaren, who is one of the coolest, just one of my favorite people on earth.

And he and his wife started a charity called World Teacher Aid. So we just made a video. It was really cool.

I had a chance a couple years ago to go to Kenya with him and see this feeding program and school building program they were doing. So I made a video.

And we launched a new thing inside of Click Funnels where basically every time you create a Funnel, $1 goes toward World Teacher Aid. And I showed the video and it was cool.

I was crying and my wife was crying. Everybody was crying. Stu was crying. It was just really powerful and emotional. It was neat.

Then what we did is for everyone who was at the event, if they wanted the recordings of the event, all they do is donate some amount of money to World Teacher Aid charity.

And from that we raised I think about $25,000 from the audience, which is actually going to build two classrooms. Then us as Click Funnels team did another classroom.

So we paid for three classrooms in Kenya, which was kind of cool. And it just really got everyone engaged in the community there. Everyone felt like we were moving towards a common cause, which was just really neat.

If you're doing any kind of events or community building or things like that, I highly recommend finding a really good cause like that to get everyone moving towards and believing in it and donating towards. It was really cool.

That was day number one. Then that night we did roundtables with 10 people each. Pick a roundtable. We catered these hors d'ouervres and food and snacks and everyone came in.

And you could sit around roundtables and network and ask questions to a bunch of speakers. That was a really cool experience too. Really good networking last night and people had a great time and it was awesome.

That was day one. Day number two now, we started early in the morning. I'm going to forget everything, but first was I got up and shared our book funnel and my thoughts on free-plus-shipping and trip wire offers.

Then Perry Belcher, one of my favorite people on earth to learn from, he got up and showed his trip wire funnels, how they built Survival Life into a $25 million a year company using nothing but free-plus-shipping trip wire offers.

And after he got done, then Trey Lewellen and one of our Inner Circle members, got up and showed their free-plus-shipping funnel they're doing with gun targets and they're just crushing it right now. So he shared his little funnel which was awesome.

After Trey was done, then we brought up Todd Brown, who was our number two affiliate. And we all thought he was going to win the Ferrari and at the last minute he didn't. But just one of my favorite people on earth, and brilliant marketer.

We wanted to do something cool for him, so we brought him up on stage and we launched our dream car contest where basically any Click Funnel affiliate who gets 100 people into Click Funnels, we will cover the lease payment on their dream car.

And so we brought him on stage, talked about what he did, gave him a check for the first year of his dream car and then announced the dream car contest.

And then he gave a presentation showing basically what he would do if he was going to try to win the car, and walked through the step-by-step process in about 30 minutes about what he did to promote the book and what he would do to promote this.

That was awesome. Such actual, "This is exactly what you need to do to be an affiliate and win Russell's car." It was perfect. He talked about that, which was cool.

Let's see, what happened after that? Then we went to lunch and then after lunch, then we showed the video that we made of Jeff Walker at the Ferrari racing.

We showed that video and then brought him on stage and awarded him the Ferrari, which was really cool. And then after that, then he got up and spoke and showed his funnels, his launch funnels, and showed the whole process there, which was cool.

He gave everyone his launch funnels, which was awesome. And after that, then I got up and shared a presentation that showed people how to become a six-figure-a-year funnel consultant.

That presentation was the last of the night. At the end of it I was going to sell our Funnel Certification program, which we were going to sell for $5,000. But we gave the attendees a $1,500 discount. They got signed up.

We did the presentation. I used the Perfect Webinar Script that you guys can all get for free at Plugged in my presentation to that, did the pitch, and it was insane. I've never had a table rush like that before.

And we sold half a million dollars from that one presentation, which I still can't even fathom. That's better than anything I've ever done, ever. That was just crazy.

We were planning on opening up and doing a big webinar to promote the Certification program, but we more than sold out. So we're closing it next year. We're not going to open again until next year at the next live event, which is reason for you, if you want to be certified, you've got to be at the live events. It's the only place to get access to the certification program.

So that was awesome. And now we're going to do a week-long event in Boise where we certify a whole bunch of people. We just got the rooms booked. It's going to be so crazy cool.

We've got a classroom style where it's like a school classroom, which we'll do the training for the first half of the day. Then we have three other rooms we broke down into horseshoe shape.

The second half of the day we're going to go into these rooms and actually work for like four or five hours on the funnel we're talking about, on the concepts. So we'll have people going around the rooms helping and strategizing and all those types of things, and then back-and-forth.

It's going to be amazing. We're going to live-stream it for those who couldn't come. It's going to be so awesome. That was cool.

And then that night, back up to the event, then that night after the presentation, then we took all of our Ignite Inner Circle members to a really nice dinner and fed them. Everybody got to hang out and network and that was really cool.

And that was Friday. Then Saturday morning we got started in the morning. How did that happen? Man, it's all a blur now.

So Saturday morning we started at 8:00. I got up initially and I shared all of our high-ticket funnels. Then I had Robbie Summers from my team get up and show how he sells someone on the phone.

He got up there and did role-playing and brought people on stage and closed them. It was really cool to see that.

And afterwards we had Garret White, the master warrior, get up and show his high-ticket funnel that he's using inside of Click Funnels. He's doing between about $300,000 and $400,000 a month.

He came up, and Garret, he cracks me up because part of us are very similar. We come from very similar backgrounds. He played football at Boise State, I wrestled at Boise State. Very similar religious upbringings.

I think we both respect each other, but we definitely have different styles about us. I'm very quiet and one way, and he's the opposite where he's up there commanding the audience and dropping the F-bomb every other word and things like that.

But man it was powerful. And it was interesting. 98 percent of the audience was just mesmerized and loved him, and two percent got really offended, which we kind of knew might have happened, by just kind of the way he is.

It was important, though, because I wanted him there because that's what people need to be doing. The way he basically divided his audience and showed his funnel.

The goal of his funnel was to divide an audience. It was amazing. It was powerful. So anyway, that was amazing.

Let's see, did that take us to lunch? I can't remember. Yeah, that took us to lunch. No, that was pre-lunch. Then after that, then I did a session on the perfect webinar, showing the scripting, the funnel, all those kind of things.

Then Jay Boyer got up and showed 17 of his webinar hacks where he shows his whole process that he uses to close people on webinars, which was amazing. Then we went to lunch.

Then after lunch we came back and we revealed the next big feature launch inside of Click Funnels, which is Acitonetics. We showed that and people went nuts. It was awesome.

So Actionetics and we also previewed the new funnel marketplace that is almost live. And so that was after lunch.

Then I did a session on what happens if your funnel flops, and funnel stacking. So I shared that at the end. And then we wrapped up the event and I stood in line for two hours taking pictures with people. I was so tired, but it was awesome.

I just had such a good time hanging out with all of you guys and being there and seeing the impact of Click Funnels and what we've been doing is having on people's lives. It's just been so much fun.

I appreciate all you guys who were there. During that event, we kept talking about our Ignite Inner Circle program, and in the back if people were interested they had a chance to sign up.

So all said and done, just kind of a recap of some numbers. We raised about $25,000 for charity. From certification sales we sold over $500,000. From Ignite Inner Circle sales we sold over $300,000.

And then between ticket sales and everything else, when you round it all up and tie it all together in a bow, the event did just about $1 million, which was cool.

And we only really sold one thing, which was cool too. I didn't want it to be a pitch fest, but I wanted to make sure we monetized it. And we only had one offer and it worked.

So next year we'll do the same thing. We'll have one offer. We'll relaunch the certification program next year the event and we'll also obviously be talking about Ignite Inner Circle and those who are interested will go talk and get signed up and register for that as well.

That was it. Feedback was amazing. So yeah.

And we pre-sold tickets for next year's event, which is going to be at the end of March in San Diego. So we'll get info about that up really, really soon. That was what happened. It was a lot of fun and I'm almost home, you guys.

I hope that helps, and I hope that helps you recap the event and see behind the scenes with the numbers and the metrics and how it all worked, how we choreographed it.

We had a couple calls to Bill Glazier ahead of time and I appreciate him helping me choreograph the event and kind of make it in a way that gets people maximum value, able to monetize it, but not in a way that people are turned off by it.

Everyone gets a ton of value and it just turns out to be awesome. That's what happened. That was kind of how it all ended. Again, those of you there, I appreciate you being there.

Those that weren't there, get on board for next year because these tickets will sell out fast. We already sold out, I think a third of the tickets sold out live.

So if you want to go, be sure to book it ASAP because it will not be around long.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate you guys listening in and we'll talk soon.


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