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136 - How To Sell Your Customer Exactly What They Want

How To Sell Your Customer Exactly What They Want

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My big “ah-ha” from my vacation so far…

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And what he found was that by adding these little surveys before a sales funnel, like instantly it would double his sales. And that sounds like a dumb thing, but it was true. Like he had a VSL and then he drove traffic to it and then he added this little quiz thing and doubled how much money he was making, just by adding this little like quiz.


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Hey everyone! This is Russell Brunson and welcome to a vacation Marketing In Your Car.

Hey everyone, so I am actually on down my vacation right now. In fact, if my wife knew I was leaving you guys a message, I’ll probably be in big trouble, but it is what it is.

And you probably won’t get this for like a week or so, because my brother, who does upload these with me as well -- he’s partying it up -- and I’m guessing that, yeah, I’m guessing this will happen when we all get back in town.

But I wanted to share some stuff with you guys I’ve been thinking about for my own company and some just really fun things. So it’s been interesting.

Obviously you guys all know my whole philosophy with funnel hacking and like looking at what’s working and modeling and all those kinds of things, right?

And so it’s been interesting watching as like some people we work with like their businesses are super easy, and we’re just like boom-boom-boom, money starts coming, and starts flowing in, right?

Other ones are more difficult, and so there’s a couple of people we’re working with. They’ve been a little more… taken a little longer to like get traction and get things working and so it’s caused me to really start digging deeper, which is good.

It always, it’s like the episode we did if you have someone’s back about the rubber band, right? Like if you’re not stretching, you’re useless, and if you, yeah.

So that’s kind of where it’s been happening, is I had to stretch myself and try to figure out, like how do we expand this and how do we -- some of these people who aren’t having success for whatever reason -- what do we do?

And so it’s been kind of interesting. I’ve been looking a lot, and unfortunately on this, for some reason I’ve been looking but not doing, which is never a good thing. But I’ve been looking a lot at surveys.

In fact, I think the first time I really realized the power of what surveys were doing was about a year and a half ago in our mastermind group. There was a guy named Glenn Ledwell and he was showing me, he was showing the group a bunch of his sales funnels.

And what he found was that by adding these little surveys before a sales funnel, like instantly it would double his sales. And that sounds like a dumb thing, but it was true. Like he had a VSL and then he drove traffic to it and then he added this little quiz thing and doubled how much money he was making, just by adding this little like quiz.

And then he’d show me thing after thing after thing, and then anyway I was just like “Wow!” So I started learning about it then and got excited, but then I never implemented it.

In fact, I even recorded a whole bunch of videos and all these things to do it and I feel like I kind of overdid what I was trying to do is because that I never actually launched it, but yeah. So it kind of had a sample where I kind of tested it, right? Or started building it but I never finished it because it got too complicated, too complex.

Then fast forward about six or eight months later, I got an email from Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon, Ryan Levesque and Jack Born talking about a mastermind group that they were doing called The Ocean’s Four Mastermind. And I was like, “That’s cool. I’ll go to that.”

So I went to it and it was on Valentine’s Day last year and my wife wanted to destroy me for not being here for Valentine’s Day, but you know in marketing college, you got to be there.

So I went to hang out with these guys in Vegas and it was interesting because I knew, I was very familiar with three of the guys but I didn’t know Ryan Levesque at the time, and he kind of, like in all honesty if you’re in the mastermind, he kind of ran the whole thing.

Like the other guys are there to kind of put in their two cents, but Ryan was definitely the host, the facilitator, and he was dropping bombs of gold the whole time, and he kept talking about some of his clients that he was using these surveys for.

And a couple of them that I remember off the top of my head, I know there’s more, but one was and one was

And he started talking about his surveys and what they had done with the surveys and how much revenue and how much increased leads and just the whole thing, and I was like, “Dang!”

And so I kind of looked into those things back then. I was like, “Okay, I’m going to do surveys,” and then of course I once again didn’t for whatever reasons, right? As entrepreneurs, we’re having success in a couple of areas so we just keep doing that.

And despite the fact that I’m usually pretty good running with things, I just didn’t for whatever reason. And yeah, and so then just recently over the last two or three, one of my clients has been kind of struggling and sort of funnel hacking some people.

And what we found is that the people in his market that were winning were using, I think they were actually clients of Ryan Levesque’s, and we’re using all-survey funnels to try to look in closer at that, and I started going through them and started really seeing the power of it.

And I knew that Ryan had written a book called “Ask” which is about like doing these surveys, and so I bought the book and I’ve actually been reading it for the last day on the trip, so kind of just catching up.

The book, if you guys do get the book, it takes about a hundred pages to get into the whole methodology. He spends the first hundred telling his whole story and it’s a good story, but it takes awhile to get into like what you got the book for, you know?

So I kind of get that part right now, and so anyway, but it’s been interesting to see that. But one of the big like “Aha’s” I had, well, lets step back for one more thing.

Right before I left on this trip I saw some Facebook posts from someone that was like the ten best landing pages of the year, and one of the landing pages I saw and I was like, “Ah, it looks so cool!”

And so I wanted to go to FunnelHacker, so I went to the page and I went and had a search, because they didn’t give the URL of this, it had an image of. So I had a search a bunch of keywords that were on the image, so I found the page and then I went through there.

And again they had a survey funnel. It was really cool and there was like one that was awesome looking. It had the little images next to each thing you were selecting and it was just amazing.

So anyways, that’s kind of like all these, like a perfect storm of like three things happening the week before I left for my vacation. I’m like “Okay, this week I’m going to be focusing on surveys.” When I get back, we’re going to finally just do it, because I’ve been procrastinating it forever. Now it’s time.

And so as I’ve been reading through Ryan’s book and then thinking about this and all this stuff, I started to just getting like crazy excited about the possibilities of it.

One of the things that Ryan talked about in the book -- I think it was even on the cover of the book maybe -- but he was talking about delivering the exact sales message to the person coming to your website, the exact message they need to hear, right?

The exact thing that’s going to sell them, and basically the concepts, when it comes into the survey and you have five or six questions in the survey, they give you the ability to figure out who they are, right?

Question one could be: “Are you a man or a woman?”

Number two: “Are you underweight, overweight, 200 lbs overweight, whatever,” right? If you add that and then, “What diets have you tried in the past?”

If you got that, I’m like, you know, you go through a bunch of surveys and at the end of it, you know like, okay, based on whatever, this is the person. That they are a man who is 47, he’s struggling with this, you know?

And now that you know that, the sales video can speak directly to what their issue is as opposed to being more, you know typically sales videos you have to be broader because you’re trying to like encompass everybody, where here you can really shrink it down.

It’s similar to what you can do on a sales call, you know, and so in a sales call you’re talking to somebody, you can figure out really quick like what’s important to them and then you just speak to that, and this kind of gives you the same ability to do that.

So anyway, it’s exciting and so, what I did right before I left is I funnel hacked funnel, and I went into their Quiz Funnel. So I went through an opt-in five or six times with different answers, different things to see, and sure enough there’s different videos.
I think that, based on what I think -- I could be wrong -- but I think there’s nine different sales videos based on what I had chose. Then again that could be 50 for all I know.

But the ones that I was able to get to from my path, I think I figured out about nine of them, and it would be worth it for you guys to go and go funnel hack them just because it’s kind of cool to see the process, right? And it’s just a really simple survey.

That part was actually way less complex than I thought it was going to be. That part was way more simple, but then based on what they had answered, boom! There’s a video at the end that’s delivered to it to speak directly to them.

Plus there’s a whole email follow-up sequence delivered to them, answering, you know, giving them -- the emails are feeding stuff that they had mentioned during the surveys, so you get very granular and you can figure out exactly who and how you’re speaking to somebody.

So anyway, for me it was really, really cool and got me, it’s gotten me really excited. In fact, there’s four or five projects I’m working on, some that are in my core businesses and some that are not, that I’m really excited to kind of test this concept with and just see based on, you know, a couple of my early thoughts.

You know, if like mentioned that some of the results of my friend showed. By putting a survey in front of anything, they were more than doubling conversions on the next step.

I mean, if that’s the case and we add these things from our webinars and our sales videos and our free-plus-shipping offers and all these different things, like if it was to double conversions, which are already pretty dang strong, I can imagine what will come from that.

So it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to explore and to test out. I’m sure that if this does work for me, I will be bragging and talking and sharing a whole bunch of stuff about it with you guys here in the very near future.

Right now I want to try it because I think I see the vision now and I see why it’s no longer like, “I need to try that,” but it’s a “I must try that.” Tony Robbins talks about when you got to change your should’s to must’s. You know, and so I think for me it’s gone from a “should” to definitely a “must,” and so I’m excited to kind of see.

I’m thinking about also kind of building up my own survey software just because like the one that I saw the other day that had the images was amazing and there’s no, I couldn’t find any software that did it that way, so I may make a version similar to that.

I was thinking about if I do do that, I’ll probably just give it to all the DCS labs’ monthly members for free. So I don’t know if I’m going to do it or not, but if I am, then you should go to and get it. Become a member, subscribe, because you get not only all the other cool stuff you get, you also get that software.

If we decide to make it, we may not. Who knows, we will see. If we do, it’ll be something where you can create and embed the stuff and then from there it would go directly into, it would go directly into or embed into your ClickFunnels pages because it’s, I’d only do it if I could do it inside of ClickFunnels.

So anyway, that’s kind of the exciting, fun thing that I’m thinking about that I thought I’d share with you guys and wanted to get you guys to start thinking about as well because I think that it is going to be the future where things are going, is instead of delivering up a one-size-fits-all sales message.

Take that someone through process. Find out exactly who they are, what’s important to them, what they’re struggling with, and then deliver a message based on that.

I think if we can do that, we’re going to get a lot closer to serving our customers to the level that they want, that they need us at, as opposed to us trying to jam down our message and hope that the hot points that we’re focusing on will help them.

So that is my game plan, I’m excited and as I get some cool results, I will return to report back to you guys to hear, and hopefully share some cool stuff.

So that’s it. I’m at the Kauai, about to buy some water and eggs and milk and hopefully all milk, because we don’t drink our own milk, and actually I got a funny story. I’ll tell you that before we go.

So back in the day we used to drink tons of milk, like our kids would drink three gallons twice a week, so I was buying tons of milk, and then at a Tony Robbins event, he talked about how bad milk was for you, and I was like, “Are you kidding me? I thought milk does a body good! I’ve been learning that my whole life.”

Turns out a bunch of good marketers like me wrote a slogan like that and we all believe it! So kind of realizing that milk’s not really the best thing in the world for us, we were trying to break our kids of it, and so one of our first things we did is we started calling it “disgusting milk.”

Like “This is disgusting milk. Do you want almond milk or do you want disgusting milk?” So we had both of them for awhile and then eventually we got them all wanting almond milk instead of disgusting milk, because it sounds disgusting, right?

So it was like probably a year, year and a half later, so my kids had only had almond milk for like over a year and we always were like tease and call it cow milk, disgusting milk. In fact, they still today call it cow milk.

But anyway, this is actually on the same vacation probably three years ago. We were here, and of course, no one else in my family drinks almond milk. They all think that we’re like the hippy freaks who do, right?

And so anyway, we’re here, the family are eating, and my mom is making breakfast for everybody and she’s got, you know, cow milk, and so my kids go over and they’re drinking the cow milk and I see them just drinking a lot of it, right?

Then Beau, one of my twins comes over, and he was probably five or six at the time, he looks at me and he says, “Daddy, I had some disgusting milk and it sure was good!” [Laughter] So anyway, pretty funny.

All right, well I’m into the Kauai to buy some cool stuff, and I appreciate you guys for listening, hope you had an amazing time and I’m sure, hopefully, throughout this trip I’ll send you some more info and my brother will get it all posted up before too long and hopefully you guys can get some value from all this stuff.

So that’s it guys! Thanks so much for everything and we will talk soon.


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