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137 - Hanging Out With Neil Patel - Part 1

Hanging Out With Neil Patel - Part 1

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My big “ah-ha” from my vacation so far…

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Anyway, we hired Neil to come and do a one-day consult with us, which is kind of exciting. He’s going to come and tomorrow we are going to lock down and just pick his brain for as much as we can and get some good ideas from a conversion standpoint on our site, from marketing, from trying to figure out how to implement his content strategy to a bunch of other things.


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Hey everyone! This is Russell Brunson. I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car!

Everyone, so I am heading home from the office today. We had a good time. The hack is on, officially begun. We’ve got all of our developers and partners and friends here in Boise, and we are going crazy this week getting some new big, fun things rolled out in ClickFunnels, which is going to be exciting. You guys will see some new UI tweaks this week coming out. You’re going to see, hopefully next week we’ll be launching Backpack to the world, and I can start using Actionetics tomorrow.

So a lot of fun stuff is happening there and things that you guys are going to love, so good stuff’s happening there, and I want to talk to you about something, though, that I am excited for.

So tomorrow Neil Patel from and from and from what other sites does he own? From and and a whole bunch of other ones.

Anyway, we hired Neil to come and do a one-day consult with us, which is kind of exciting. He’s going to come and tomorrow we are going to lock down and just pick his brain for as much as we can and get some good ideas from a conversion standpoint on our site, from marketing, from trying to figure out how to implement his content strategy to a bunch of other things.

And I wanted to tell you guys that for a couple of reasons. One is I’m exited, and number two is that what we are doing is we are shortcutting.

We’ve a program that I called Decade In A Day, and I got that name from Tony Robbins, who talked about why he loves books.

He says, you know, you’ll take an author. He spends a decade of his life learning a concept, and you have a chance to go, and in a day, read and get a compressed version of all that and instantly get a decade worth of information in a day.

And so, we created a program called Decade In A Day, which has been a really fun process, but I’m kind of doing that right now with Neil. You know, I’ve studied his stuff. I’ve looked at his thing, trying to figure out what he’s doing, trying to reverse engineer, and we were adding things into what we’re doing, but we just haven’t done it 100 percent.

I mean, probably not even 90, not even 10 percent, and I think the big part of it is just, you know, one is there’s still like these little unknowns or exactly how little pieces of what he does works.

But then, there’s also like there’s something about that financial investment, so we paid Neil $25,000 for the day. We flew him out and everything to beautiful Boise, Idaho, and now we’ve got 25-grand on the line, like now we are way more like they actually implement it.

In fact, after we basically agreed to pay him, then I was like, “Well, what do we need to make this happen? Will we need somebody to be in charge of the blog and the content and all these kinds of things?’

So we hired a new person on our team to focus on that, and we started doing a bunch of other things to get ready for this experience now that it’s happening tomorrow.

And now that it’s happening, he’s flying out here, and in a day we’re going to compress a decade worth of his information. Ideas and thoughts into our company into ClickFunnels and then from there we’ll see how fast we can implement it.

But now that we’ve made that financial investment, now we’ve got the people and the resources and things in place to be able to implement it. Now we’re actually going to run with it. Whereas, again, I’ve been reading Neil’s stuff for three or four years and honestly haven’t implemented much of it.

And part of it is because we haven’t put a big enough investment in, and part of it is just it’s always fun to have this processer. This thing where someone comes and you kind of get a brain dump and then you have the fuel you need to run forward.

So that’s what’s happening tomorrow and I think it’s cool, and I just wanted to kind of talk to you guys about it for a couple reasons: One is two weeks ago I had somebody that, with me, they read the DotCom Secrets book and then they said, “Hey Russell…”

It actually his name is Tim Schmidt. The guy’s awesome like probably one of the coolest people I think I’ve ever met in my life. And he called us up and said, “Russell, I want you to come and train my staff for two days and pay this $100,000 to come and do it.

And it was the same kind of concept where he basically wanted to compress a decade of my time into two days and jam it into his staff and give them all this -- everything we’ve been doing -- and giving it a very focused, finite period of time.

But now, he’s got 20 or so of his team members, all on the same page, all speaking the same language, all running the same direction. And you know, for me, I thought, if someone like Tim is going to do that for me, like I need to be willing to do that for me and my company and for what we’re doing.

And so Neil was kind of the first person we did that with, and we’re going to, I think, continue to do this where we find people like where are we struggling and where are we weak. Or where do we want to go? Who’s already been there, and then try to spend the next two or three years running there.

Like let’s hire that person and bring him in for a day, or for two days or whatever it is. Let’s get the information out of their brain, implement it into our company, and run with it and see how much faster that we can make these huge leaps and bounds in our company.

I think I’ve shared this story once on a podcast. It could have been two or three years ago. I have no idea now, so for those of you guys who are just getting into Marketing In Your Car, you should go back through and listen to all the old ones so you can find the story because it was really good.

But there was a guy when I first got started in this business. I remember I went to Armand’s Big Seminar, and I met this guy and he was telling me about all these different seminars and mastermind groups and all these things he was going to, and then when he was at the event he signed up and he signed up for like all these people’s back and packaged them.

Like “Dude, how do have so much money? Like I would love to do all these things, but I can't afford, you know, 10-grand here, 20-grand here, 5-grand here, and I’m like how in the world did you do this?”

And he said, “Oh, well, I got a little list of people, and everyone on my list they want to learn this stuff.” And he said, “In my experience there’s two ways to get to the top.”

He said, “You can work your way in, or you can buy your way in. You know, I’m a big believer in just buying my way in.” He’s like “I don’t want to go and work for the next five years to try to learn what Armand knows and this guy knows and this guy knows.

He says I just want to buy my way in and buy myself into the top. And he said, “But I didn’t have any money for that, so I went to my little list and I kind of explained to them my concept and my process and how I like to buy my way in.”

And I told them, “Here’s the mastermind groups and events I’m going to go to. Obviously, you guys all can't go, too, because it’s really, really expensive. But if everyone will throw in some money, I’ll then go attend all these and then bring back the information and share with you guys what I learned.”

Again, I can't remember the numbers. It’s been like almost 12 years ago that I met this guy, but he told me, I believe, at that time, he said he had 14 people paying $10,000 for him to go join all these mastermind groups.

So he got $140,000 in cash and he went to join all these groups, learn as much as he could, and he came back to this group that paid him $10,000 each and just shared with them what he learned from all these other groups.

And I was like, first off, that’s brilliant. Second off, like that’s I think something that too much of us don’t do is, you know, again you can work your way in and spend years trying to get to a certain spot, or find who’s already there and just pay them to get you to that spot really, really quickly.

So I’m excited! Like I said, I had a great time with Tim and his company doing that and giving them two days of my life to hopefully help change the trajectory of their business.

I’m excited tomorrow to have Neil come, and hopefully, change the trajectory of our business and help us get the things done that we’re not doing that we want to be doing -- and excited in the future to see who our next person we will hire, to kind of bring out and go through this experience and this process within.

It’s pretty cool and exciting, so for you guys think about that: It’s time to find who is where you want to be and pay them some money to get a compressed day with them and get there quick.

So hope that helps! That’s about it. It’s my wife’s birthday today. I’m heading home to take her out on a hot date and I’m excited. So that is what I am doing, and I am out of here.

I will talk to you guys all again another day.

Thanks everyone!


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