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So I moved the podcast over to and then started getting every single episode transcribed, which, a lot of you guys probably don’t even know about. The problem with that is it’s now only on and nobody’s ever actually been to that site I don’t think, maybe they have.


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What?! What happened to Marketing in Your Car? Alright I’ll tell you. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey, everyone! So, if you’re listening to this episode it means one of two things; one you like listening to Marketing in Your Car and number two, you’re wondering what happened to Marketing in Your Car? Did it end? Why are there no new updates on iTunes? Why am I not getting any more episodes, right? Well, I’ve got good news for you, and I’ve got great news for you. Good news for you is I am still doing Marketing in Your Car. It’s not gone anywhere, it’s not changed. The only thing that happened is we’re moving it from one blog RSS feed to a different one. And the last time we did that about 30% of our listeners no longer got updates on their phone or on their… however they get iTunes… or, however they get the podcast. And for 70%, it didn’t affect them, so for you, if you have an episode that’s after this one, you’re probably fine. But if you are looking and you keep seeing this episode and there’s no new episode beside this one you are all wondering, “Russell where in the world is Marketing in Your Car I want a new episode?”

What you probably have to do is download or unsubscribe and then re-subscribe or something like that. I don’t know. That’s what people had to do last time and they were able to get it back. So, yeah, so that’s about it, so nothing to freak out about. Do not worry but if this is the only episode you’re seeing in your feed it means it might have been some weird thing that iTunes did and you guys have to like unsubscribe and re-subscribe or tinker around a little bit and then I will be back in your ear during my morning drive. So I just wanted to give you guys that.

And some of you guys maybe thinking, “Russell why in the world are you moving your RSS feed to your thingy and blah, blah, blah” and actually and “Why have you done this twice now Russell?” Well the real reason is… I keep trying to become a good content marketer and it’s kind of hard, like you got to be consistent. In fact, the one thing I have been consistent with ever in content marketing is this podcast which has been really fun. So initially I had on which eventually we wanted to turn into a Clickfunnels, like I wanted to build the whole thing in Clickfunnels, so I had to move the blog.

So I moved the podcast over to and then started getting every single episode transcribed, which, a lot of you guys probably don’t even know about. The problem with that is it’s now only on and nobody’s ever actually been to that site I don’t think, maybe they have.

And so right now if you’ve listened to the past episodes recently we had hired Neil Patel for a day and he got me all pumped up again about blogging so we got a new blog setup that’s going up right now. It may or not be live when you see this but it’s at, and on there it will be a couple of things. First of Marketing in Your Car episodes and transcripts will all show up there. So all the goodness of me driving and hanging out with you guys will all be there which is kind of fun. Also,, for a little while I had that also as an iTunes thing but I think I’m just going to strip it out and just make it just a YouTube channel.

I am getting too many publishing, too many ways and things which is just confusing to me and everybody so I am just going to simplify things. So, that’s going to become in just a pure YouTube channel and that also be pulled into And then, you guys will be amazed, you’ll be excited to hear but I’m going to start blogging. And I never wanted to do it for a long time because I was like, “I don’t like – like how do you blog? You know, like I know how to blog… but how do you make it interesting? How do you make it so you’re not just like every other person?

I’ve seen a lot of big brands and big people recently who blog and all their stuff just looks like everybody else’s, and I don’t want to do something if it’s going to be a “me too” which I’m sure you probably notice about me. I like figuring ways to innovate and making these better and cooler and all that kind of fun stuff, so finally it came to me, 12 years in this business and I finally figured out how to blog for me. And it’s all about finding my style and my tone, and my voice and those kinds of things. And so what am I going to do for blogging which I am really excited about is kind of similar to the DotComSecrets book which if you bought the book you’re awesome if not then why are you even listening to this? Seriously? Go to and get it for free.

But in the book, as you remember, there’s tons of like – every one of the core concepts that we do I kind of hand sketch them out because I am a very visual learner. If you came to my office and we had a conversation I’d be in front of a whiteboard the whole time, so I thought if I’m blogging that’s how I should blog. That’s my voice, that’s how I speak, that’s how I share. So what I am doing is my goal is three times a week to blog and every blog post will have a sketch out image like that talking about a concept along with the article and hopefully some cool case studies and images and its going to be really fun so that’s kind of what’s happening.

So soon this will be the home of all my content. It will be at So some of you may think, “Russell why in the world are you on the Clickfunnels blog? We noticed you also launched a blog at Clickfunnels. Yes, there’s But one big core thing with Clickfunnels that I wanted to do that it’s different than DotComSecrets. As you know DotComSecrets is my voice and me and my face all those kind of things which is fun because you get popular and you get easier to do deals and there’s a bunch of benefits that come from like a guru –based business but there’s a bunch of negatives too. You can’t sell a business like that very easily and a bunch of other things. And so what I wanted to do with Clickfunnels is we’re trying to build a company that is not based on me. And so if you look at how I try to have things structured, it’s not a 100% perfect but we’re trying to structure it where Russell Brunson of DotComSecrets is like an affiliate. A super affiliate, the biggest fan of Clickfunnels in the world because we are.

But my voice and my everything will be heard there primarily whereas is a software company and I am sure I will guest blog on that blog but the core voicing for messaging can’t be me otherwise it’s not a sellable asset in the future. So if you look at right now, we got Steven, you guys heard from a couple of episodes back who is our head content developer. He’ll be doing a blog post a day and that’s kind of a full time job for him. And we’ll probably bring in other guest bloggers and things like that and I am sure that I will be a guest blogger in the future. But supporting that we have multiple voices not just mine because that’s how we’re trying to grow a business that will someday sell. Not that we want to sell it, in fact I don’t want to sell it. I had a lot of arguments about this with my partners.

We may someday when we’re bored but that’s like 50 years from now. So as of right now – in fact it’s funny at the Funnelhacking event someone asked that question they said you know, “Infusionsoft went public…” and this and that “Lead Pages is taking our money, what’s your guys’ plan?” And I was like – I told them I said, “For the last 12 years I have been working towards like my dream business and this is it.” And I was like “If we will sell the business and I woke up tomorrow I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. I wake up tomorrow I want to do Clickfunnels. So as far I’m concerned I am not selling now or ever.” And I got a standing ovation for that so, apparently that resonates with some of you all which is cool.

So anyway, that’s kind of where it’s at. So as far as some value for you guys think about some of the stuff I talked about, if you were building a guru brand find one central spot to communicate and try to make it more simple, that’s one big strategy I am focusing on right now. And if you are building a secondary company that is not guru-based you can still use your guru to be the fuel source for it initially like we’re doing with Clickfunnels but long-term there are big benefits of not branding yourself all over the place. Like my face is not all over – oh crap, actually the new version is. It’s out converting the other one, dang it. So my face is currently on the new Clickfunnels sales letter, but that’s just because it’s out converting it. But you know what I am saying, I’m not saying like, yeah anyway hope that helps.

All right cool. Well I appreciate you guys. Again if this is the last podcast in your feed just go refresh it or re-download it or re-subscribe to whatever it is to make sure you don’t miss on any future episodes because I have some crazy, cool, amazing fun, exciting awesome stuff for you guys coming up in the very, very, very near future. And that’s what I got. Thanks everybody and we’ll talk soon. 


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