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144 - What's Happening At Certification Week...

What’s Happening At Certification Week…

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Russell explains what and how the certification program is going to work this week.

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So it will be incentive for you to come next year when we do it and then – or if you do it in your certification program, just kind of an idea. So the one thing that I didn’t want to do is I didn’t want to make this like all the other crappy certification programs that are out there on the market. Most of them, it’s like you log on, you watch like an hour-long video, you take a quiz and then you get certified. It’s just like embarrassing and not real and fake. We want to make a legitimate like cool certification program.


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Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to a Saturday edition of Marketing in Your Car

Hey everyone. I’m messaging you today as I’m out running errands. So I won’t end at the office I’ll end somewhere else. Who knows where? It could be anywhere. But just had some cool ideas and thoughts and wanted to just hang out with you guys. I miss you!

So first off, I wanted to say that if you’re listening to this, it means the update worked which I think it worked anyway. We were able to move from the old RSS feed in iTunes to the new one and I just saw today that the new image was up so we have a new image which is pretty sweet.

I’m thinking about getting a new theme song too. My first theme song was written like in the 80’s. Those who listened to the first hundred episodes would know. The next one is like I just basically wanted a new one really quick, so I found a little jingle on Audio Jungle, hired a dude on some voiceover site and boom, we had the current intro which is good but it’s not amazing, right? So I’m thinking about getting an amazing one done since we’re still doing this like three or four years later. Might as well make an awesome intro. So that’s kind of my thought. So yeah, I think I’m going to do that. So I’m excited for that.

OK. So what have I got for you guys today? What do I have for you today? That is the question. I’m actually excited. This is – it’s Saturday today and on Monday, we will have a little over a hundred people from around the world here in Boise, Idaho and we are doing the first ever ClickFunnels certification program and it’s something when we first put it together, I was excited for but I didn’t know what to do. OK. I will be honest. I was excited to sell it. That gets me excited. That’s what fires me up. I love figuring out the pitch and the hook and the angle on how to present it and all that kind of stuff.

Some of you guys were at the Funnel Hacking event so you saw me pitch it. I used the Perfect Webinar script to a T. I did not deviate from it. In fact, I had people afterwards who bought, who were just like, “I was watching it and I knew exactly it was going to happen every single slide and I still had to buy.”

So it works in case you’re wondering. If don’t have the Perfect Webinar yet, go to and go get the free script. It’s like $4.95, we ship you out the script and the DVD and then you get digital access as well. But yeah, so that’s that and we did it and we sold over a hundred people into it, anywhere from $3500 to $5000.

So it was awesome. So that’s exciting from the sales stance. Then we have like – how to make this so this is like an amazing experience for people. We don’t want to just be like this dumb thing. So we’re trying to figure out a way to make this just amazing. I think we did. It’s going to be fun to see but I will kind of walk you through this because for those who are coming, you have an idea what’s happening and for those who aren’t, you will see what’s going to happen next year. I think we will try this once a year.

So it will be incentive for you to come next year when we do it and then – or if you do it in your certification program, just kind of an idea. So the one thing that I didn’t want to do is I didn’t want to make this like all the other crappy certification programs that are out there on the market. Most of them, it’s like you log on, you watch like an hour-long video, you take a quiz and then you get certified. It’s just like embarrassing and not real and fake. We want to make a legitimate like cool certification program.

So this one is five days which I don’t know why I said five days but I thought it sounded cool in writing the pitch and then I was like, “Five days? What are we going to talk about for five days?” But actually it worked out good. We’re actually like really going to be close on time now. The way it’s going to work is they’re going to come in on Monday and from – we have a couple of different rooms. This one room, it looks like a college classroom or it’s like a whole bunch of like stadium seating type thing. So I get to come in and teach in there which would be awesome for like three hours.

I will be teaching the whole intro there and they go to lunch. They come back from lunch and then we got three breakout rooms that’ll hold about 40 people each. So everyone will go to the breakout rooms and then they’re going to be on their laptops and their computers actually doing what it is that we just taught them.

Then before they can leave that day, they’ve got to pass off to make sure that they have all the skill sets for that section of the certification program and so that would be day one. They did day two. I teach in the morning then we break out after lunch and maybe they will work on a thing. They create the thing and then they get to come through and get passed off.

We do the same thing with teaching – first off teaching how to use ClickFunnels, then teaching high ticket sales or teaching how to create videos, how to write copy, how to do the offer, how to do ascension, how to – different funnel psychology and strategy and actionetics, a whole bunch of just cool things all wrapped into one. It’s going to be awesome.

That’s what’s going to happen. Then on Thursday after lunch we’re bringing in – actually during lunch, we’re going to be working lunch, because – just to make enough time. I have three business owners coming in and they’re going to each of these groups of 40 and the business owners are going to say, “This is my business,” and they’re going to kind of walk them through it and they’re going to let – it would be kind of like the show The Apprentice when they start working with a business. The business owner comes in and they get to interview the business owner and ask him a bunch of questions and they got to go and do the task, right? It’s the same kind of thing. There will be multiple groups. There might be five groups in each of these rooms who would be doing it. They’re going to be competing.

So they’ll go - all of them will interview the business owners. “OK. What do you do?” I got three really cool business owners all in very unique different businesses coming in and they will go and they will interview him and then figure out what kind of funnel they’re going to build and then they go back and they’ve got from noon until 4:30. So they’ve got about almost five hours to go and record the person, video, edit the videos, create the funnel, create the sequence, integrate the autoresponder. Like the whole kit and caboodle has to be built out in four hours and then it’s basically those three business owners and there will be like five groups for each business owner.

So that business owner will get a pick from the five groups. Who did the best job? And then we will bring everyone together back in the main room and then we will have our own vote and then the winner will get a big prize and then what we’re going to do – because in my world, we don’t just work for a little while and then we go to bed. In my world, when you got something that needs to get done, you get it done. So that’s what we’re going to do.

So as soon as that part is over, then we’re going to go and we’re going to do an actual hackathon where it would be like 5 o’clock at night and we’re going to hand out a business to – we will break down into groups of threes. It would be smaller groups and basically we will hand out a business profile and then say you’ve got from now until 3 o’clock this morning to go and create this.

We’re going to give each a pack of Ignite which is our – one of our supplements. It keeps you awake and they get a go and pull an all-nighter to create this funnel for this fictitious business and the winner is going to win something amazing and it will be cool. They can pull an all-nighter. It’s going to be awesome. The next day, everyone has a chance to present theirs and the winner will get some awesome prize.

So that’s what’s happening. It’s going to be amazing. So it’s – yeah, it’s not a seminar. It’s an actual workshop which I’m so excited for them. It’s going to be fun to see how the whole thing goes and I think it’s going to be amazing and I’m really excited for everyone who’s coming to go through this experience and I think that what they’re going to leave with is going to be amazing. It will transform people’s lives on both sides. It could transform their own, cause I think that funnel consultants can and should be making six figures a year. I don’t think it’s – that’s a stretch by any – like at all – I think this should be pretty simple to do.

So that’s the one side and the second side is that when you create good funnels for people and they’re able to get more clients into their companies, it serves them, that business owner, plus it serves their end clients. So it’s kind of a three-pronged approach and I’m just grateful to be able to help facilitate it and be part of it. So I’m excited. It’s going to be fun. I’m at my destination now.

So I’m going to check off and I will probably message you guys throughout the certification this week. I got a long drive into downtown Boise every day. So I will share the cool stuffs happening, the insights, other cool stuff. Oh, and maybe I will tell you a little bit about Actionetics. I got to play with it all week last week and it is amazing!

You guys think ClickFunnels is a game changer. Just wait until you see Actionetics. Anyway, I’m out. Talk to you guys soon. Have an awesome day.


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