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145 - My Thoughts On The Event + My Secret Strategy With Periscope

My Thoughts On The Event + My Secret Strategy With Periscope

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I want to give you a quick recap of what happened during the certification and I want to show you what happened the very first time I accidentally Periscoped.

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I thought that was kind of cool and I think my big takeaway from that was consistency, consistency. And then I heard a little while ago that there’s a guy, I think you guys know him, his name is Eric Worre. And he – I don’t know if this is true, this is my understanding what I heard happened but he was kind of a good guy, making money but not like the biggest name on earth and he went and he hired Gary Vaynerchuk and Gary basically said make a video every day. Be consistent.


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Hey everyone. This is Russell and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

All right. So I’m excited for today and for everything and for so much fun stuff. So I guess my call today with you guys, I got a couple of things to talk to you about and we need to discuss. So first is I feel bad. I was going to vox you guys…or not vox you guys, I was going to give you some messages during the certification event last week but it went so crazy and it was amazing and I just ran out of time and I had people – I was driving around in the mornings and anyway, needless to say, it was a smashing success. Of the 120 people there, everyone had an amazing time except for four people which I was going to do a whole podcast about – I was going to call it The Anatomy of a Loser but I thought I’m just going to focus on the good.

Four people didn’t… one of them went through all four days. The last day he showed up and said he got zero value from the entire week so far and wanted a complete refund which basically means he’s a stone cold unethical liar because I had other people crying saying it changed their whole life and it was amazing.

I was going to break down why I don’t like this person now. Actually you guys want to know why? Well, I want to keep this positive but anyway, it’s funny because the guy left and he said, “Hey, do you mind if I stay the last day.” No, you freaking are refunding. We’ve supported you, my entire team has been working with you. We have been here literally until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning every single morning helping you. Of course he didn’t show up for those which is kind of funny. He skipped all the night sessions and didn’t do the homework assignments or any of the other projects and he wants a refund. Then has the nerve to say, “I got zero value from this. I’m going to try to make some more money. That way I can invest in Russell’s higher ticket programs later on.”

My response was: “No, we do not allow losers into our higher end programs.” People who, freaking, will use your time for four of the five days of the event and then the last day come and ask for a refund after they didn’t do the assignment, which we pulled an all-nighter on Thursday and people loved that. That was the best part. That was annoying.

The other person is one of my friends. He sent three people from his team, three women and I will – anyway, they didn’t show up for the last three days and they went home and told Perry that it was a complete waste of their time. They didn’t show up for the last three days. So outside those four people who I will deem losers and I shouldn’t say it. That’s not nice. But that’s how I feel. It was really upsetting. That you can go through and have this amazing experience… we have literally – I had people coming to me crying at the end about the experience. We help people build out entire businesses and they had a chance to work with the clients.

It was, as a whole, one of the best events we’ve ever done. I just had 4 people of 120 that are coming with that attitude and by the way happened to be the four people who didn’t freaking show up and do the work and it’s just – anyway, that’s how life is, right?

So there you go and that’s why I didn’t honestly message you guys because I was frustrated by those people. I didn’t want that to cloud it. Now you guys got the cloud but now the cloud is gone. Everything else was amazing. It was awesome. We had – my favorite part of it was on Thursday. We brought in three business owners and I consulted those businesses in front of them and kind of mapped out funnels and then all those guys, we got done like 6 o’clock at night. They had to go out and pull an all-nighter and they got to pick which one of the three funnels they like the most.

We had a chiropractor, someone who owns a certification program and someone who’s doing survival info products. So they got to see my map of the funnel and then they can make up their own if they wanted and they had to create the entire thing, all the pages, all the funnel, all the sequences and literally people – some people didn’t go to bed. They pulled all-nighters. They worked the whole thing and then the next day on Friday, everyone who had killed themselves building funnels, they had everyone kind of vote and we picked the top three in each category and the top three got to present it for the entire group and for that business owner and then the business owner picked who they thought was the best and they won a $1000 cash prize. We had big old stacks of $1 bills.

It was so much fun and it was amazing. I can’t even tell you like some of these people what they built, how amazing it was. They built funnels and had ideas and concepts I never even dreamt of and it was just – gall, it was amazing! And then obviously salt that off with the dude who comes back and said that he didn’t learn anything. Oh, how did the hack-a-thon go for you last night? I went to bed. Well, you missed the most important part. So yeah, it makes sense that it didn’t have any value for you. Anyway, just makes me laugh.

It was interesting. I went to Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny which is Tony is the best on earth. It’s a five or six-day event and in the last day he does a session. He was like, “Who here has not had a breakthrough in the last five days?” and sure enough like 20 people raised their hands and it was kind of awesome. Tony went through and just made them all look like idiots in a nice way or basically like help them see they had breakthroughs but they just weren’t intelligent enough to notice it, right?

Anyhoo, so there’s my rant. It’s over. Let’s focus on the positive. So this is what I’m talking about today because this is something that I think is crazy exciting and I feel like I’ve missed the boat on some things and I don’t want to miss the boat on this. I don’t want you to miss the boat on this. So a couple of things.

First off, a lot of you guys know Gary Vaynerchuk and I watched him as he grew Wine Library TV from nothing to this huge thing and his whole thing was like “I do a video every day. I’m consistent. Every day I do a video.” Alright…

I thought that was kind of cool and I think my big takeaway from that was consistency, consistency. And then I heard a little while ago that there’s a guy, I think you guys know him, his name is Eric Worre. And he – I don’t know if this is true, this is my understanding what I heard happened but he was kind of a good guy, making money but not like the biggest name on earth and he went and he hired Gary Vaynerchuk and Gary basically said make a video every day. Be consistent.

So he did and now five years later, he has done a video every day for five years and he has got – he does these live events where he gets 10,000 people signing up. He did a webinar last month with Tony Robbins. He had over 100,000 people register and it’s insane. Eric Worre is a smart dude, genius, really nice guy but I don’t feel like he’s the most charismatic leader in the world. I wouldn’t have – you might be watching his videos and like OK. But I was like “how has this dude got so many people that follow him?” and it’s consistency, right.

So I’m going to do that with Marketing in Your Car. This is the most consistent I’ve ever been with a content publishing platform and I like it but it’s kind of like it’s delayed publishing. I record it. You might listen to this a week from now or two weeks from now or six weeks from now. One thing I do like about podcasts that has been really interesting is that I’ve done, like I don’t know, 150 episodes or something for the last like three years and people will come and they join Marketing in Your Car and then they go on these binges. Like one of my coaching clients, one of like the coolest people I’ve met this year. His name is Noah.

He was just messing with me. He’s like, “Hey, man.” Him and his wife, they’re amazing coaches and entrepreneurs and they drive around the country in like an RV and they just work from wherever they’re at, right? Which is super cool and he said – he said, “I went on the Marketing in Your Car binge and listened to like half of the episodes in three days,” which is cool. It’s funny. If you look at our stats, that’s what happens. People come in, listen to one to two episodes and they like it and they binge and they go through the entire like last three years of my life.

It’s kind of cool because – anyway, so I like that part of it. It’s kind of cool. But one thing that I don’t like is just it’s not instant, right? Not instant like if I want to send you a message, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get it right away. Like we did – a couple of weeks ago, I did the whole like – my number one entrepreneur supplement. I wanted to kind of test this. If I send this out, how many responses do I get? How long does it come? What’s interesting is I got a lot better response from that than I had assumed I would which is cool but there has been a long drag on it. There’s this drag that I’m still getting people coming in now and I will probably get those people coming in for the rest of my life. It’s kind of interesting. How there’s that drag…

So there’s that. I remember when Twitter first came out. It’s like I don’t get it. I remember hanging out with Frank Kern. We were doing a project together and so I flew out to his offices and we talked about Twitter and he’s like, “The coolest thing is I tweet and wherever I tweet, within like five minutes, there’s a thousand visitors go to wherever I just tweet about.” I was like, “That’s kind of cool. It would be nice to be able to get 1000 clicks anytime you wanted just by tweeting something, right?” And obviously Twitter kind of came and went and most of those guys don’t tweet or twit or whatever you call it. They don’t do that anymore, right?

But conceptually, I said that’s really cool. So I started getting Twitter and I got all excited. By that point, like nobody cared and I’m assuming people still tweet or twit, whatever you call it. But I don’t even know. So I kind of missed that platform.

Now Periscope, so this is my entrance into Periscope, right? So that has been happening for the last like month or so and I keep seeing different people popping on it and the first time I was – I downloaded the app and somebody was like, “Hey, you should Periscope.” And I’m like; I don’t know what that means. Downloaded the app, I found it was hooked to Twitter, so I integrated it with my Twitter account, or whatever.

Anyway, one day I’m driving around. My phone bleeps and I look down and it’s one of my friends, Stacy Highland, and she’s like – it said Stacy is starting – she’s – whatever, she’s Periscoping live. I was like I don’t know what that means.

So I clicked on it and it popped up and instantly I’m talking – I’m watching her talk and she’s like, “Oh, hey Russell just logged in,” and she said, “How is it going?” and I’m driving around in Boise for the next like five, ten minutes and she’s just like sharing this really great training and then it ended. I was like that was the coolest thing. I just – my phone beeped. I clicked the button. I’m watching her stream live and then she’s done and I was like there’s this instant thing where I could push – where she pushed content to me. I didn’t even know how it popped on my phone honestly.

So that was kind of cool. So then I was like OK, I want to figure this Periscope thing out but I hadn’t had time yet. Now, fast forward like a month later or a couple of weeks later, which is yesterday actually, I was working on Actionetics. I was building out my email sequence in there and I was editing the footer in my email to have like here’s my Twitter following and my Facebook and all those things and I was like I’m going to add my Periscope thing. I don’t even know what my Periscope thing is.

So I opened my phone app and I’m clicking around and also accidentally clicked the button for like to publish and I click on this thing and within like – within a minute, I had 50 people. I didn’t even know who these people are and how they found out about it. I don’t even know.

I hooked this up to Twitter, so maybe they saw me tweet it because I think Periscope tweeted it out. Anyway, 50 people are on and we were just hanging out and talking and sharing some cool stuff and that fast I had this instant like direct channel to people instantly and I could – I had their focus and their interest and it was awesome. Then when it was done, I think that Twitter stores it for like a day and then it kills the video.

So I sent it to my brother. I’m like hey, every time I do the Periscope, you got to grab it. We’re going to turn it into a video. That way I can post it on my blog and I can now start doing all the other stuff. But I’m like, this is now a platform where I could publish daily where – so what I’m going to do now is every day at the end of the day, when I get – I’m doing Marketing in Your Car usually when I’m driving to the office or driving home but typically I’m driving to the office and I’m sharing my thoughts for the day and just cool ideas and then I’m going to start using Periscope when the day is over. Hey guys, this is what I did today and I will just kind of show off the cool stuff I’m doing and just use it as kind of an over the shoulder - like this is what I’m doing today. This is what I got done. This is what I’m working on. It’s exciting. Just share with people and see what you’re actually doing.

I also want to use it as a way to amplify my content. So like I’m trying to get to a point where I’m doing like a blog post every – a couple of times a week or we’re doing – everything we’re doing and it would be cool like to use Periscope. Hey guys, I just wrote a blog post. This is what it’s about. If you like that, go over there and comment. I’m using this as a tool to live stream – in live real time to go get people to go comment on my post and my Facebook thing or whatever it is. I don’t know yet.

But that’s kind of the concept. So I’m excited for it. If you are a Periscoper, come check me out. Come – I think you just got to go to Periscope. You just go in there and you search for @russellbrunson. And then my brother is storing them all on our blog which is We haven’t really launched that yet but its happening and all the Marketing in Your Car are there along with the transcripts. A bunch of cool stuff is happening over the blog soon.

So anyway, I’m excited. I think Periscope is cool. I think that you guys should all start looking at it. That’s one of my big initiatives I’m going to be doing. I will try to do a Periscope a day and hopefully in five years from now, I will be like Eric Worre and have events with 10,000 people at it and I can get 100,000 people show up on webinars.

So that’s my goal and hopefully you guys use this as a platform too because I know it’s here. I know there’s going to be a ton of competition. Facebook is coming out with one, a bunch of them are coming out with one. The reality is it does not matter which one you use. Just pick a platform and stick with it because that’s the key is just being consistent. So I picked my platform. I don’t care which other one comes out. I’m focusing there and we’re going to start growing this thing out and come hang out with me on Periscope. Thanks everyone. I’m out of here and I will talk to you guys all soon.


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