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15 Reasons You Need to Attend Funnel Hacking Live

15 Reasons to attend Funnel Hacking Live

FunnelHacking Live is just a few weeks away. Do you have your ticket yet?

Guess what…events can seem inconvenient right? It requires time, money, hotel, childcare, time off from work or business. Sometimes you just feel like, “Oh well..I’ll just get the recordings or a course or something.”

But here’s a REALLY important thing to remember about events. There’s almost a 100% guarantee that if you go to an event with the intention of building your business, you will make your money back ten times over.

There is nothing else that has such a tangible ROI as attending an event.

So even if it’s inconvenient for your schedule, $1000 for an event ticket is the equivalent of $10,000 or more put towards coaching or courses.

In order to maximize every dollar and minute you’re spending to come to the event, here are 15 things you can do both before and at the event to make the most of it!

1. Document the journey to FunnelHacking Live on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

A couple cool things will happen if you document your journey on social media. Number one, people will learn things from you – right as you’re learning them too! This sort of momentum and excitement and on the spot inspiration is a great way to build your following.

Two, you’ll instantly be more credible. Why? Because you’re attending an event to learn and grow and make strategic relationships. There is social proof automatically attached to events.

Three, you’ll get all kinds of cool photos and content you can use throughout the year in your business.


2. Block out all other commitments from the the 20th-24th.

Don’t try to do two things at once or you’ll just do both badly. When you go a marketing conference or event, there are so many people and opportunities everywhere! If you don’t go in with the idea of making an ROI from the event, you’ll let work and home distractions eat up your time, missing valuable relationship and networking opportunities.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it might feel hard to shut off your business. Here are a few things you can do…

  • ​Set an ​Out of Office​ Reply
  • Use the two weeks beforehand to get as much done as possible
  • Outsource or hand off as much as you can to your team
  • Rearrange or reschedule any important dates until after the event
  • Create a waiting list if you do client work so people can start after the event

3. Create a 18 second elevator pitch so when people ask what you do you can quickly tell them.

First impressions matter. There’s a line between bragging and confidence. You want to find that line because people will be instantly drawn to confidence but pushed away by braggadociousness(it’s a made up word from Dave to describe obnoxious self-promotion). Practice your opening line because most people will ask you:

  • ​So…what do you do?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you using funnels in your business?

Practice it until you can say it confidently! Remember, people are usually asking questions because they are looking for a connection point with you for the future. Keep it short and to the point, so you can get past that introduction part and really make a strong connection.

4. Identify people in advance who you want to connect with and make it happen!

At FunnelHacking Live there are a LOT of insanely helpful and knowledgeable people.

  • ​2 Comma Club Award Winners
  • 8-Figure Club Members
  • Super Affiliate Dream Car Winners
  • Inner Circle Members
  • Funnel Builders
  • Agencies

…and more.

Who are the people that have impacted you during the year online…and how are you going to find a way to meet and connect with them? Create a list of people you hope to meet and think of a way to be memorable.

Try to think of a time in your life where you get to hang out with HUNDREDS of millionaires for four days? That’s what is going to happen at FunnelHacking Live!

On Thursday night, there will be a roundtable event where you can work the room and ask YOUR questions of all the 2 Comma Club members.

Wanna See Some of the Powerhouse Women Who Are Lighting Up the Stage at FunnelHacking Live this Year?

5. Google people you want to meet, visit their sales funnels, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

On the heels of number four, you have a better chance of standing out with the people you want to meet…if you’ve done some research first. This means you should become a subscriber, visit their funnels and social media, maybe even buy their courses.

In everything you do, you want to be authentic.

People can sniff out ulterior motives.

If you’re only doing it to get something from them later, it’s creepy and weird. But if you genuinely want to learn from them, then do your research first!

6. Bring all the cords you need to charge phones, laptops etc.

There will be wifi at the event but most devices won’t last all day without extra power or batteries. You can get rechargeable batteries for your phone, and stash an extension chord for your laptop in your bag. Bonus points if it’s a power strip. That’s a fast way to make some extra friends!


7. Arrive on the 20th, the night before the event.

First, it’s a great opportunity to network with people or groups before the conference really gets going. Two, you don’t have to rush through registration the next day, stand in long lines, or be late to the event. Give yourself time to get settled in, learn where things are, and meet those first few people who might just be dear friends by the time you leave!


8. Wear your funnel swag from the time you leave your house, throughout your travels.

Get your t-shirts out and ironed and ready (just kidding, who irons anymore?). Wear all your stuff…on your way! That way you can make connections in the airport, at the hotel, and in the plane. See if you can find other funnelhackers flying in.

9. Research Operation Underground Railroad before you come.

Timothy Ballard runs Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that rescues kids from sex trafficking. This is the non-profit we’ll be supporting during the event and the work they do is literally…life changing. We’ll be showing a documentary that takes you behind the scenes of these unbelievable rescues with raw footage from cameras attached to helmets and guns…and when it’s done, give everyone a chance to be a part of this incredible mission.

Screen-Sh ot-2018-01-31-at-3.24.35-PM-768x380 (1).png

Wanna See Some of the Powerhouse Men Who Are Lighting Up the Stage at Funnelhacking Live this Year?

11. Take pictures of the people you meet. Have them hold up their name tag next to their face so when you get back home you will know who they are.

I don’t know about you, but after an event, I have such a hard time remembering the face that matches the business card. Then, I just end up stuffing them in a drawer. Don’t do that! For everyone you meet and strike up a conversation with, take a picture or selfie (make sure the name tags are showing) and then you’ll have a visual way to remember. Better yet, post it on social media and tag them!


12. Be social even if you are an introvert.

People don’t know this about me, but I am the biggest introvert ever. I am just fine on stage, but then it’s so hard after the presentation when it’s time to talk to people one on one. That said, I don’t use my introvertedness as an excuse. I know that I have to be social, even when it’s uncomfortable. Push yourself to get out there, introduce yourself, and make friends. Don’t just go up to your room at the end of the day because so much of the networking happens after the trainings are over.

13. Connect with your customers: If you have customers who are a part of FHL make sure you connect with them. The same goes with prospects. Make this more about them than you.

Think about questions that you can ask your potential customers and prospects. Remember that the best and most memorable introductions aren’t “me me me” speeches. They are meetings where someone shows a vested interest in you. Don’t worry if you can’t talk about yourself in the first few minutes. You’ll be much more likely to have a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th conversation if you make it about them, instead of you.

Document the journey

14. Participate in the larger social conversation.

You will not be able to meet 3000 people in four days. But by participating in the larger social conversation, you’ll be able to make friends digitally with others who are using the hashtag. If you’re having trouble connecting with an influencer, you might be able to see where they’re at by following the hashtags for the event on social. Use it to see where the action is and then go get to it! Use the hashtags #fhl2018 and #funnelhacker.

15. All you need is one idea. One Idea, One Connection, One Funnel Away

FunnelHacking Live is going to be a HUGE event with a TON of information. You might feel like you’re drinking from a firehose. That’s okay. Absorb what you can and remember…that all you need is literally…ONE idea, ONE connection, or


ONE funnel…to completely change your life. It’s not about quantity of ideas. You need just ONE. Set your intention to be ready when that one idea hits!

There are so many people who sat at FHL 2017, saw the 2 Comma Club awards getting passed around, and for the first time – felt hope and belief. That it was possible. That it is possible. FunnelHacking Live gives you amazing connections, resources, and training, but it will also change your belief system. That is the most powerful gift you can give yourself as a business owner, so don’t miss it!

Russell Brunson


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