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150 - Your Angle...The Next Evolution In Funnel Hacking

Your Angle…The Next Evolution In Funnel Hacking

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What I remembered about business while wrestling with my 9 year old twins this weekend.

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But for average humans and the majority of people, we got to have an angle, right? And so, the same thing for you, if you go head to head with someone, you have the exact same thing and you funnel hack them exactly, what just happened? Now, you’re going up against someone else who if you funnel hack someone well, you’re going to get some perfect competition and you can’t – this could be hard for you to score to make money.


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Hey everyone! This is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car or Marketing In My Car or something like that.

Hey, everyone. So, I was wondering today. How many of you guys actually listen while you’re in your car? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the dude in the car and you guys are all marketing at your house or in your office. I don’t know.

But anyway, I appreciate you guys been on today. Hope things are going amazing for you and your companies. And I’ve got a bunch of fun stuff to talk to you about. Last night or not – it was actually Sunday, I was sitting around after church thinking about stuff and I started mapping out ideas for cool things I want to share with you guys. So I’ve got a list of cool stuff to share with you guys. So, that’s my game plan for the next few days.

Today, what I want to share or talk to you guys about a little bit, and hopefully this will help you guys when you’re thinking about positioning your products and your services and even your brand as a whole. And kind of the back story behind this, most of you guys at this point know that I’m a wrestler. I wrestled through high school. I was a state champ. I took second place in the country. I was an all-American, ended up wrestling at BYU until they cut the wrestling program that went to Boise State and I became one of the top – I think the highest I was ranked was 14th so top 14 wrestlers in the country. And I trained for Olympics for a little while. In fact, we built a whole Olympic Training Center.

Anyway, recently I built my own wrestling room at my backyard. So I’m obsessed with it to say the least. But anyways, it has been fun. As I built my own wrestling room, I’ve been working with my kids. Teaching them wrestling…. I got some jiu-jitsu guys coming over, teaching them some wrestling and it has been really fun. So it was kind of fun because it has kind of given me a chance to kind of re-remember a lot of the fundamentals of wrestling, of things that we take for granted because we just do them instinctively. But you start trying to break it down for someone else like, “Oh, this is why you do that and this is how you do that,” and things like that.

So in wrestling, one of the really interesting things when you’re wrestling someone, if you guys watched a wrestling match before, people come out and they come like head to head typically and it looks like the heads are smashed together and they’re trying to punch each other in the face, trying to get in on each other’s legs, right?

So from the outside looking at it, you probably don’t know what’s happening. You’re like, “Oh, that’s kind of weird.” But if you look at what the goal of a wrestler is, like when we’re getting in there and we’re tying up, and we have our head to head and we’re pushing and pulling and moving people around, our entire goal of that is we’re trying to get an angle. OK? We’re trying to get somebody to step so that we’ve now got an angle we can attack them from.

I know that it’s very difficult if not impossible for me just to shoot directly like through somebody. It’s really hard. The way that if I want to take somebody down, I’ve got to move and move and move until I can get them take a little step and then I can take an angle. And as soon as I got an angle, instead of going head to head, I’m going to head to like me going through their ear type thing. I have an angle. Now, it opens up the whole world to me. Now, I can actually get it on their legs. I can take them down. But it’s a hundred percent – it all requires me getting an angle like if I want to takedown on somebody, it’s just how it works.

And so, I was thinking about that as I was showing my kids, like I was showing Bowen, one of my twins, like we’ve been doing like these things where he pushed and we’re doing inside control and trying to like get in good position, I told him how like I just want him to push and pull. I was like, “Watch. When you pull right here, what happens is I step and then check it out. Now, we’re not head to head. Now, you’ve got a little angle on me. Now, it opens up a shot where you can actually get on my leg and you can take me down.”

And so for wrestling, that’s the whole point is I’m in there beating the trash out of the other dude’s head trying to move him all with a hope that I can get a little bit of an angle. And as soon as I get that angle, as soon as it opens up, boom! Takedown’s there and I can score.

All right. So there is the metaphor. So, how does that relate to business? OK? So in business, I see so many people where when they say, “Hey, I’m going to be in this business or this market.” They pick what they want it to be. And then I think part of it is a disservice that I’ve done because I talk a lot about funnel hacking. So they say, “OK, this guy has got this.” And they go and they make the exact same thing.

Now, what just happened now that you got this new business? You’ve just stepped up and you’re head to head with someone. You got the exact same product, exact same offer, exact same everything as these guys. OK? And that’s going to make it difficult. I’m not saying you can’t be successful. OK?

There are some people – like for example, this week is actually the world tournament in Las Vegas for wrestling and there’s an Olympic champ named Jordan Burroughs who has got the best double leg I’ve ever seen in my life. And he can just plow through everybody like he’s so dominant. Like this dude does box jumps higher than his head. He’s got the strongest legs and hips and he just can plow through anybody. He doesn’t even need an angle. Just boom! He’s just taken you out, right?

But for average humans and the majority of people, we got to have an angle, right? And so, the same thing for you, if you go head to head with someone, you have the exact same thing and you funnel hack them exactly, what just happened? Now, you’re going up against someone else who if you funnel hack someone well, you’re going to get some perfect competition and you can’t – this could be hard for you to score to make money.

And so, what I want you guys thinking about a little bit is the angle. What’s your angle? What makes what you do different than what everybody else is doing? Okay? When I’m funnel hacking someone, I’m looking for a process. I’m looking for price points. I’m looking for things like that. I’m looking for layout. But as soon as I figure that out, my next goal is how do I make mine different or better or more unique or what’s my angle? What makes me – why is there a purpose for me to exist in this market that I’m stepping into?

I got a friend. His name is Mike Lovitch and Mike is one of the smartest dudes I’ve ever met. He owns a company called RealDose and a bunch of other things. He owned a company called Hypnosis Network. I think he may still own that. I don’t know. But he was the one when we trying to create weight loss offer back in the day and I was doing what I kind of do. I was like, “OK, here’s one that’s successful. Let’s model it.”

And he kind of made this really good point to me. He said, “Every market is kind of like its own little ecosystem.” And if you look at an ecosystem, there’s like – let’s say it’s weight loss. There is Mike Geary, he owns The Truth About Abs. Then over here is so and so and they own high fat. And over here, so and so, they own low fat. And over here is – you see these ecosystems, this little world. And if you come in and you got exact same thing with somebody else, suddenly, you’re competing with them and if they’ve got a bunch of partners, now you’re competition to everybody, and nobody is going to let you in the cool kids’ crowd.

If you can come in and look around, look at the ecosystem and see where everybody is at and then figure out what’s not being served? What’s the message or the thing or the product or the service that nobody else has done or at least nobody else has done well? And that’s how you find your angle. There you get it and you find that spot. And now, you look at all these other people in your ecosystem. Instead of you becoming head on head and direct competitors with them, because you’ve got an angle, now you’ve opened up partnerships with all of them.

So, all of your potential competitors all become your potential partners. And that’s a big key with this. So I want you guys thinking about that today, just really figuring out like what’s your reason for existence in your ecosphere? The market you picked, where are you different? Why should someone care that you exist? And if you can’t answer that, you need to start thinking about it more because right now, you’re going head to head like I would in a wrestling match.

And until I find that angle, I got to push and pull and move and just grind this guy until I can get a little bit of an angle, find my spot in the ecosystem and then boom. As soon as I do that, that’s when growth explodes. That’s when you start having tons of success very, very quickly is by finding that angle, finding the difference in your world, in your ecosystem, in your market and then blowing that up and exploiting it. That’s where you have success quickly.

So I want you guys thinking about that because I think it’s really kind of the next evolution of funnel hacking. It’s not just – funnel hacking is all about finding all those pieces, the proven success road model. Then the second step is now you coming back and saying, “Now, OK. What’s my angle? What makes me different than everybody else? Why should I exist?” That’s what you really got to start thinking about.

So, I want to put that in your head today. I was thinking about when we launched ClickFunnels, out there in the market, there was a bunch of other people doing stuff similar. We had LeadPages, we had OptimizePress, we had Unbound and a bunch of different things.

And so – in fact, our initial thing when we first started, Todd, my business partner in ClickFunnels, he was like, “Oh, we can clone ClickFunnels in a weekend. Like that’s the easiest. Like I can literally, in a weekend we can have our LeadPages. We can literally clone LeadPages in a weekend and we could be going head to head with them.” OK, that’s cool.

But now, we are like direct competitors like there’s no differentiation. There’s no – all these other things we missed. How do we – like what’s our angle? What makes us different? What do we want to be? What do we want to be different? How do we – how can we serve this market better than anyone else has in a different way? And now, it’s kind of – from those questions and from that conversation is where ClickFunnels was born.

So that is my question for you. I want you to look around your ecosphere, the market that you’re in or the market that you want to be in and let me know why you exist, why people should care about you. What’s your angle? What’s different? Because as soon as you figure that out, as soon as you figure out than angle, as long as it is a good angle, sometimes I get an angle on somebody that puts me in bad position then they take me down. That’s not good either. You don’t want a bad angle. As soon as you get the right angle, that’s when you can score, that’s when you can start growing your company quickly.

And I’m sure it’s the same in most sports. I always think wrestling is the best, and it is. But I think most sports, I played football for a while. I played basketball. Like all those sports are the same thing, it’s all about angles. Like if you don’t have the angle, you’re going straight on, it’s hard to compete. But as soon as you figure out the angle, it changes everything.

So, that’s the message. That’s the moral for today. Start thinking through that because that’s going to help you guys to grow and differentiate yourself from everybody else.

All right. With that said, I am almost to the office. I’ve got an amazing day today. We got some cool stuff happening. I’m working on the ClickFunnels 2.0 re-launch which is turning out so exciting, so amazing. I’ve spent all night last night building out new affiliate center for ClickFunnels inside of ClickFunnels, which is exciting. If you guys haven’t used the backpack plugin inside of ClickFunnels, it’s pretty awesome. So we built out a whole affiliate center.

And this weekend, I also went and I built out all my autoresponder sequences inside of Actionetics for all the DotComSecrets side of the business. Then today and tomorrow, I’ll be building them out inside of the ClickFunnels side. So, pretty exciting. I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’m excited to be able to share Actionetics with you guys because it is amazing.

If you ever look in the emails that have come out over the last three days from me, those are all ClickFunnels emails. And look how amazing they look, except for an iMac or was it Apple Mail? Apple Mail, out formatting is off. But everywhere else, we look amazing. So we’ll get there. But I think you guys are excited to be able to play with it and see it. And you’ll see how we’ve taken the concept of autoresponders and then got our angle on like why is ours different, why is it better, how does our tool help you dominate people more than anybody else’s?

So you will see, my friends, you will see. Anyway, that’s it for today you guys. Have an awesome day. Go out there figure out your angle and let’s make some more money, serve some more people and have an awesome day. Thanks everybody!


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