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153 - Clickfunnels 2.0 - The Future

Clickfunnels 2.0: The Future

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A glimpse behind the vision of what Clickfunnels is becoming.

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I'm excited and I know you're probably excited and just wanted to share it with you guys. That was it, nothing else to really share other than that's where we're at. I hope for you and your company it's the same way. Getting feedback from people is one thing, but I hope you have a vision of what you're trying to accomplish and where you're trying to go. A vision that's bigger than most people can even contemplate because that's where greatness, I think, comes from is really knowing where you want to be.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car!

All right, so that intro's a little weird, I'm not going to lie, but I got have some kind of pattern interrupt. I say the same thing every morning, so there you go. I hope you guys are doing amazing today. It is Monday as of when I'm recording this. I know maybe, who knows when you're listening to this. Monday I'm recording it and on Wednesday we start our pre-launch for Click Funnels 2.0, which I am insanely excited by, and nervous, and everything all wrapped up into one. It's crazy, like I'm sure any of you guys that have been listening for a while know a lot of the stories but we launched Click Funnels about a year ago and in that year it's grown like nothing I've ever dreamt of. People are adopting it and it's so exciting. We didn't want to sit on our, what do they say? Sit on your laurels or sit back and just sit there, we wanted to continue to improve, and make this thing better, and make it what I would have dreamt of.

It's funny, I think it was ... What's his name? Henry Ford or something; I think I might have mentioned this in another podcast, too, but he said something like, "If I would have asked my customers what I wanted, they would have told me they wanted a faster horse." I felt like when we first came out with Click Funnels that's what people thought it was. It's like, "Oh, it's like LeadPages, you can move things around." We're like, "No, that's a piece of it, that's not the vision; the vision is so much bigger." The vision that I know Todd and Dylan and I had when we first launched the company was so much bigger. The question was not like, "How do we make a better LeadPages, or better Unbounce, or whatever you want to say?" At the time when we launched Click Funnels was it was in the midst. Todd was coding Click Funnels while we were launching Neuracel. The Neuracel project, obviously, as you guys know did really well but, man, it took a lot of people, and time, and effort, and every little change was like a nightmare.

For me, when I was building this, like my dream is where I can just not have to have all these people here doing this stuff. Where I can just log in, and drag, and drop, and move things. At first, it was funny because we had the vision from day one that it wasn't just going to be one software program. It was 3 things, it was Click Funnels, Backpack, and Actionetics. In fact we owned Actionetics, Todd started developing that way before Click Funnels was even a dream. It's been a long, long, long time in the making and most people don't know that. They think it's, "Oh, we just added these new things." It's like, "No, Todd spent 5 or 6 years building Actionetics the first time around and then having to re-code it to bring it into Click Funnels." It was very well thought through and thought out. The vision, in fact, we had explainer videos done for both of those before we ever launched Click Funnels.

It's not something where we're just trying to, "Oh what should we do?" It's been part of the vision from day one. In fact, for me, and I know for Todd and Dylan, I think, that it's been very frustrating to like, "Everyone's loving Click Funnels." It's like, "Yeah, but it's not done yet, it's not complete, it's not what we know it's going to be." We know what the vision is and that's what we're so excited share with you and with everybody and it wasn't quite there yet. What's exciting about this launch is that this will be, the complete product, will be released during this launch. You guys will have access to Click Funnels, Backpack, and Actionetics. We're calling it the Etison Suite. Etison's the name of our company by the way. Etison, E-T-I-S-O-N, it's like Thomas Edison and Tesla mixed together, so it's Etison. It's the full Etison Suite.

What makes me nervous is releasing 2 new huge ... An affiliate platform and basically an email auto-responder that does a million things more, at one time is scary. I know that at first we've had to do, on purpose, we can't launch all the features at once because it would just be a nightmare, so we're rolling out with minimum viable product. Not so much that other things aren't done but because we need to make sure that's perfect. People will get in there and we'll start seeing the little bugs, and tweaks, and changes we need to make. We'll scramble as quick as we can to make those things more and more solid. From there, over the next year or 2 years, 3 years we'll keep adding and building upon those things. The nice thing on our side that I'm excited for is that the product will be done. It won't be like, "Okay, what's the next thing we're going to build? It's like, "That is the product, that is the vision." Now, it's like how do we take that, make it more stable, make it faster, make better?

In fact Todd did updates this weekend where, and this is kind of geeky-nerdy, and probably doesn’t make sense to all of us, including me, but the pages load-time went from 500 milliseconds to 1/20 of that or something like that. Like .15 or something, so you guys probably didn't notice that but this weekend your page loads went up 5 times faster because of little things he's doing like that. That's the vision that, moving forward over the next 12 months is just making things faster, better, stronger, more reliable, and incrementally adding little things. As opposed to like right now we're tripling what the product is. So that’s exciting. The only other big thing that's coming out is the Market Place, which we have a different dev team building that out and it's almost done, as well. When that's done, on our side it's going to be now just making that better, and better, and better as opposed to building out new things.

I'm excited and I know you're probably excited and just wanted to share it with you guys. That was it, nothing else to really share other than that's where we're at. I hope for you and your company it's the same way. Getting feedback from people is one thing, but I hope you have a vision of what you're trying to accomplish and where you're trying to go. A vision that's bigger than most people can even contemplate because that's where greatness, I think, comes from is really knowing where you want to be. Typically, it's you want to get there for your own reasons, your own business. It's interesting I was talking to Jason O'Neil, one of our inner circle members who's crushing it right now and it's just fun. He built this software program and he said something that was really cool to me, he said, "All it is I built exactly what I wanted and now everybody's buying it." I think he said he's up to 30 grand a month in recurring from this software and it's just like it's awesome. I'm so proud of him, it's so fun to see.

That's what it is he built it for himself and by doing that it's become something everybody else is adopting. Same thing, Click Funnels, we built it for ourselves. We built it because we didn't want to have another Neuracel where it took us 2 months to launch and then a year of optimizations. It could have been done in a weekend and that's what we've done. Anyway, I hope you guys love it all, I hope that you're patient as you get it because there are going to be little hiccups, and issues, and little things. It won't be perfect at first, but it will be perfect soon and that's the game plan, the goal. I foresee that in the future, in a year from now, the majority of people in our market will be using it for everything. For email, for their affiliate programs, for their pages, their shopping cart.

I've seen the future of where they're going. I've seen the dashboards like some of the new Click Funnels dashboards that won't be immediately, but as we keep developing this into more and more of full blown CRM you'll be able to see ... Oh, it's just exciting, it's awesome. The visibility you'll be able to get from your customers which was never possible before now. I tried for 12 years to be able to see an accurate lifetime value of one of my customers and it was impossible. Where now, with Click Funnels it will be just one of the stats you see; which is the power of having everything in the same ecosystem. We're able to see everything, able to see what emails they open, what pages in the funnel they hit, how often they hit it, how long they were there when they hit. It's just, it's amazing. Appreciate you guys, appreciate you believing in the vision, appreciate you being part of it, and we'll keep making it better and better for you.

Like I said, just as it comes out, just know there's going to be little hiccups at first. We know it, you should hopefully now know it. Be forgiving, enjoy the process with us and in a year from now you look back thinking, "Wow, I cannot believe what's been accomplished in the last 12 months." That's what we're saying and other people are saying about Click Funnels in the first 12 months. We're just going to keep on trying to make it better. Appreciate all you guys. Have an amazing day and we will talk soon.


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