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156 - The Marketing Quickies Podcast

The Marketing Quickies Podcast?

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Whatcha think about a re-brand…

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We are now a legit software company, right? In fact, we had someone make us our first offer to buy us which was kind of cool. I'm not interested because I'm having way too much fun but it was flattering and it was crazy big which was kind of cool, so that's exciting but don't worry guys, we're not going anywhere. We've got a lot more envisioned, we are- we've got to finish before we even contemplate anything like that, so no worries on that side.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car.

Hey everyone, we are at day 6 of my 6 day event and I don't know how I am able to keep my eyes open. In fact, I am kind of struggling, I'm not going to lie. But it has been an amazing experience; it's been really interesting. For those who are just listening the first time, I've got a group called Ignite, that people pay about $12,000 to be a part of and then we've got a group called the Inner Circle, they'll pay $25,000 to be a part of, and the Inner Circle's grown a lot over the last year. In fact, we had to split it into two groups this time because I just couldn't hold it all in one group. That's kind of what- what's been going down, but it's been really fun.

Monday and Tuesday we had our first Inner Circle meeting. It's kind fun, like we split them up into groups and we don't really think too much through it, and it was interesting that first group everyone just fit right. It was weird, like literally half of the group were vegetarians which was interesting because we had brought in lunch and we didn't have a vegetarian lunch, so we kind of blew it there. But half of the people were vegetarians and then they're just like, all their businesses kind of fit together and the second half of the group there wasn't a single vegetarian in the room, everyone's super high energy, a lot of ... Anyway, it was just weird. It just worked perfect, like the way that the personalities fit in a Mastermind A, Mastermind B, which is interesting.

Then in the middle on Tuesday/Wednesday we did more of a big event called an Ignite event where I taught on stage for 2 days and we did a big hang-out, everybody got to hang out and get to hang out with each other. It was pretty cool, that's kind of what we did and we had a good time and this is the last day of the last Mastermind so I'm heading in right now and it's going to be awesome.

What's cool about this ... It's funny when I got into this business I wanted- I joined my first Mastermind group and it was Bill Glazer's and it was awesome, I was in that group for 6 or 7 years, and just it- it took me from being a 6-figure year business to 7 and then to 8 and it was amazing. I really ... It was one of the major things that was responsible for my growth and I just love Mastermind groups.

Later, Bill Glazer, he kind of retired. He sold his business off and I didn't decide to keep going with it, with the GKIC Mastermind group. I tried to find another one, I went to a lot of different groups, I'm not going to mention them by names but I went to a bunch of them and I couldn't find any of them that I felt like I was getting the value I needed and wanted out of it. I always felt like I was one of the smartest guys in the room, which I just- I don't like that. That's not the point of those things. Finally, I was like, "You know what? Screw it, let's make our own," so we went out and built our own.

I tell you what, the last few days have been amazing. There's people that are in those rooms that are brilliant that are bringing in all these different ideas. In fact, a whole bunch of things that I'm changing my business based on the group, and I'm just grateful to have that group for myself and for them and I feel almost guilty getting paid to facilitate a group like this with the caliber people that are in it. It's amazing, so there you go.

Now one of the things I've been thinking about, and I want to get your guys' opinion on this, I have no idea how you can respond back to me on this but if you can I need to figure out a better channel to respond to Marketing in Your Car stuff. When I started this podcast, whatever, 2, 3, or 4- I can't even remember how long I've been doing this for now. Since I started driving. You know I called it Marketing in Your Car because that was my first idea, I had that idea the first time I heard about podcasts. It was kind of cool, and the concept's cool, and I'm not going to change the concept, I'm still going to do this while I drive because just- my life's so much easier.

But from like a branding standpoint, it's not really the coolest thing. Like, "Hey, go listen to Russell's Marketing in Your Car podcast," and it's kind of weird, right? My jingle- I'm not going to lie, my first jingle was pretty bad; next one's not too much better. I was like, "I want like a freaking sweet brand." I want something where you're searching iTunes and you see it and you're like, "Oh, I got to join that thing," and I don't think Marketing in Your Car is really it.

I'm thinking about doing a re-brand, and I've been thinking like if I'm going to do it, how I'm going to do it. I've kind of gotten an execution plan if I'm going to do it. Which don't worry on your side, you won't have to do or change or move anything. You just keep doing what you're doing and you'll keep getting it all. I've been trying to think of a couple names and ... Anyway, when I started my Periscope channel the first 10 periscopes is me just randomly talking about stuff and some of them went really long. Which Periscope I'm kind of finding the shorter the better.

One day I did this thing- I'll tell you, I didn't ... The name's not my own, I didn't come up with it. When I first got started in this business there's this guy named Andrew Fox, and he had a product called- Andrew Fox and Lee Benson- and they had a product called Marketing Quickies. They were just like, almost like quick marketing ideas. I always thought that was kind of cool and... Anyway, I thought it was cool so one of my marketing- or one of the periscopes I just called it a marketing quickie and, "Hey, here's a marketing quickie," and I jumped on it, did a quick 5-minute thing and our response rate and our share rate and everything from that thing was through the roof. I'm like, "All right, that's kind the concept, we're going to call this the 'Marketing Quickie Show'" and each time it'll be me sharing a quick marketing idea or tip or thing, right?

Which honestly it's kind of like what Marketing in Your Car is like, it's me sharing a cool thing. I was thinking, "What if we co-brand these things together and we called it the Marketing Quickie Show," where it's like, "Hey, you get quickies in your car, quickies in the office, sometimes it's on iPod's and then it's on periscope and it's these cool, random marketing ideas or thoughts or just Russell's random thing of the day and it just comes in his head," right?

Anyway, I was kind of excited about that and then I started mentioning to some people- and I kind of thought this but maybe most people won't, but just the sexual side of quickies and quickies in your car and marketing quickies and ... And I don't know if me, Russell the clean-cut Mormon kid, if that's a good branding or bad branding- I don't even know. I don't know, but definitely thinking about doing some kind of re-brand on the podcast but then co-branding with the periscope and blending those 2 things together so that these things are together.

I don't know, what do you think? Is Marketing Quickies cool? Is it stupid? Is it a little too innuendo? Or, I don't even know how to ... Anyway, I don't know. That's my thought process right now, so this may be branded in the near future to something different but I don't know yet. We will see but I wanted to kind of just share that with you guys. Because you guys are my faithful, you are the ones who are listening to Marketing in Your Car.

I had ... One of the guys yesterday was like, "Yeah, like I heard people talk about it 3 or 4 times but I never like, was inspired enough to like, to go listen to it." Because it wasn't, it was just Marketing in Your Car, and then after I got into this and then I loved it and I went back I listened to all of the old episodes and it was amazing, but it wasn't something that sucked you in. I get that, it was a branding idea from 1998 that I had, or whenever podcasts first came out. Maybe it was 2002, I don't know. Yeah, so there you go.

In fact, the reason why I did call it Marketing in Your Car when I did launch it, cause I had the idea a long time ago, some dude wrote a jingle for me, it sounded like the 1970's for the first hundred episodes. I never used it for 5 or 6 years, and I did launch it and I'm like, "Aw, I’ve already got a jingle that's done! Let's just do that," so I started recording them. Then my brother, I had him go find the jingle and then I was like, "Oh yeah, it sounds like this is like a 1970's sitcom." I was like, "You know what? It's done, screw it, let’s just run with it." That's kind of how- why we stuck with that direction. Anyway, there you go.

But that's kind of what going on in my head right now. I hope you guys are having fun in your business right now. There's so much fun stuff happening, like Click Funnels, we just passed 10,000 active members which is crazy, and by 10,000 active members, I’m not giving you stats, like some companies drive me crazy. One company I won’t mention is like, "Oh, we have 80- we have 80,000 customers," and then when you did deeper, it turns out they've had 80,000 people take their trial, but they have 200 people that are actual members, right? We've had 60 or 70 thousand people take our trial but we have 10,000 active people who have made it passed the re-bill and are continuing to be re-billed.

We are now a legit software company, right? In fact, we had someone make us our first offer to buy us which was kind of cool. I'm not interested because I'm having way too much fun but it was flattering and it was crazy big which was kind of cool, so that's exciting but don't worry guys, we're not going anywhere. We've got a lot more envisioned, we are- we've got to finish before we even contemplate anything like that, so no worries on that side.

I remember at the Funnel Hacking event someone asked that, "Are you guys going to go public or sell out, or what's your plan?" I was like, "Screw that, I'm having so much fun!" This is my future, I don't want to do anything else. Nothing else is nearly as fun as this. Anyway, it was still flattering, you got to ask, right? It's like if a really cute girl comes up to you and- and you got to know ... Anyway, there you go. I don't even know why I brought that analogy, that's a stupid analogy. It's probably because I'm so tired, and you guys ... Sometimes you get the worst thoughts because I'm so tired, so I apologize for that.

I'm actually running a little bit late to the Mastermind group, I hope that these guys can forgive me but it was just hard to get out of the door this morning. My little daughter is so stinking cute and I just didn't want to leave, so there you go.

Anyway, with that said you guys I'm trying to ramble and I don't want these to be the rambling show, these are quickie shows, right? Maybe. Appreciate you guys listening, I hope that you have an amazing day. Go do something good, go change someone's life, and get your message out there to the world. All right everybody, have a nice day and we'll talk soon.


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