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160 - The Sushi Nazi

The Sushi Nazi

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Where did all the entrepreneurs go?

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Two minutes early and we walk in. The lady stops us at the door and says, "We're not open yet." We're like, "yeah, it opens in two minutes." And she say, "Yes." She looks at her watch and says, "You're right." So, okay, cool. I said, "We'll stand here for two minutes." She said, "No, you need to leave." So, she just pushed us out the door.


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Hey everyone. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to a beautiful, rainy, Australian Marketing In Your Car. All right guys. I'm not actually in a car now. I'm walking. This is my mode of transportation for the next three days. So, we're considering this the car.

I'm here with Brandon and we're in Australia filming some really cool stuff. We just wanted some sushi. We walked by this sushi place. It looks amazing. It's called Sushi-A-Go. S-U-S ... Sushi-A-Go? A-Go?

Anyway, just walked by. It's lunch time. We just flew here from New Zealand so we haven't eaten yet today. So, we're starving. We walked by and the sign says, "Opens at 11:30am." So, it's like 11:25. Let's walk up the block a little bit. Then, we turn back around. Because we come down ... It's 11:28 when we get back. So, we're two minutes, technically, early. We open the door. We walk in to the fine establishment. There's a bunch of actual Chinese people rolling sushi. Which you know it means it's going to be good. It's not like in Boise where you get the white dudes rolling sushi. Or, the Mexican guys rolling sushi. This is legit sushi people making sushi. And, I can see the ocean from here. You now it's not flown in from across the world. This is going to be the good stuff.

Two minutes early and we walk in. The lady stops us at the door and says, "We're not open yet." We're like, "yeah, it opens in two minutes." And she say, "Yes." She looks at her watch and says, "You're right." So, okay, cool. I said, "We'll stand here for two minutes." She said, "No, you need to leave." So, she just pushed us out the door.

Oh, okay. So, she pushed us out the door. She just walked back out and now she's allowing us in. Is that insane? So, my question for her and for you is where are the freaking entrepreneurs? The entrepreneur in the business would have been out here five minutes early. Probably an hour early hustling up business. Running around handing out flyers. Talking about how his sushi is actually legit sushi and not like crap sushi. He would have been out here selling it. Where the employee just pushed us out the door two minutes early because they were not ready yet to service us. Which is just insane to me.

For all you guys, this is a lesson. You need to be better entrepreneurs and train your staff to be entrepreneurs. I guarantee entrepreneurs wouldn't have pushed us out two minutes early because they didn't want to work yet. Anyway, they opened the door and now we’re going to go and have some legitimate sushi. Actually, I'm going to pause this podcast. I've never done this before. I'm going to pause it and we're going to come eat. Then, I'm going to follow up to let you know if it was worth it. I'm sure you guys are curious now. So, I'm going to pause it. We will meet back after lunch.

All right. We just got out of Sushi-A-Go's. I don't know. What did you think Brandon?

Brandon: It was pretty .... Actually, it was par.

It was par. So, they have the sushi belt that goes around. The dudes were cutting sushi. It was all right. This one part they had these ... I think it was salmon. Then dude brought us a big old blow torch and was like, woosh, blow torching all the salmon, which was really sweet. Then put on the stuff. Had this really good like smokey flavor. It was pretty good.

What's interesting ... This is another interesting cultural thing. Here in Australia, they don't tip. Because of that, the service sucks. The lady brought us out a water. The water cup was the size of one sushi roll. Usually when I eat sushi, I get really thirsty. I'm usually downing like six or seven large glasses of water. She gave me a little cup. Literally, it was probably ...

Brandon: Like a shot glass.

Like a little bit bigger than a shot glass of water. I had to keep asking her to fill it back up. I'm going to go find some water because I'm kind of dehydrated. Anyway, that's been our Australia trip so far. I’m sure will send you guys more. Just wanted to give you guys a glimpse of what we are doing. Is that Randy?

Brandon: No.

Oh, it looks like him.

Brandon: It totally does.

Weird. Anyway, we lost one of our ... One of the people in our party. We're trying to find him here in the streets of Australia with no internet access or anything. I appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day. I will message you guys again soon. Thanks everybody!


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