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163 - The Strategy Behind My New Book

The Strategy Behind My New Book

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Then the last is cold traffic, and cold traffic's got no idea who you are, have no relationship, and so it's a little harder to convert them. In fact we did a little two day workshop here, for my Ignite members called Funnel Catcher that went through the details of how to convert cold traffic. It was really fun, it was fun to kind of show people that concept because when you learn how to convert cold traffic it opens up your doors to the world, right?


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. All right everybody, I hope you guys are having a great day today. For me it was daylight savings last night, which meant I got to go to bed late, I got to wake up early, and I feel awesome. I think that daylight savings, for those of you guys who take advantage of it, is the greatest thing in the world. Now when I wake up at 5:00 in the morning, my body thinks it's 6. I get to start waking up an hour earlier by not shifting things, and I get an hour more out of each day. I hope you guys are doing that as well because it gives you the chance to just get free time. Then if you stick with that schedule it stays. I'm trying to do the same to my kids, like now trying to put them to bed an hour earlier, and keep them on that schedule and I'll get an hour on that side too. Anyway, I don't know if that makes sense, but that's what I'm trying at least. Because I woke up today and it was like 6 am but it was really 5 am, and it was awesome. So, I got way more stuff done today so, it's kind of fun. We also had a great Halloween, hope you did as well.

And, I was just thinking about something that I was going to share with you guys. And if you haven't read the DotComSecrets book yet, this may be a little over your head, but if you have read it, and you should, then this will make perfect sense to you. So, you know in the DotComSecrets book I talk about the secret formula, which is figure out who it is you want to serve, and then create bait that will attract them. Find where they are congregating and put that bait out in front of them, then you can get them as a customer, then you can ascend them up and give them the results you want to give them, right? And so, I talked about, in the book how when we wanted to change who our customers were, we changed our bait. And, how simple, basically, business was, as soon as you figured that out. Like who do you want to be selling stuff to in the future, and be working with. Figure out and identify who that person is, and then just create the bait that will get that person excited, and get them to want to enter your world, join your list, give you money, etcetera, etcetera.

And so, you know look at Click Funnels for example, over the last year since we launched it we've been trying out a lot of different bait to get different types of customers in the front door, which has been really really fun. Now, the next part in the DotComSecrets book we talk about is hot traffic versus warm traffic versus cold traffic, right? So hot traffic is like your own list. They love you, they're warm, they'll pretty much buy anything if you just say “hey, go buy this thing”, they'll go buy it. So, that's an example of your hot traffic.

Then your warm traffic is like people that don't have a relationship with you yet, but they have a relationship with somebody else, like a joint venture partner or friend or, you know, they read a blog or listen to a podcast, whatever. And, the warm traffic is that person giving you an endorsement, saying like “Hey, Russell's awesome, go buy his crap.” And then they're going to go buy it, because they have that relationship, right?

Then the last is cold traffic, and cold traffic's got no idea who you are, have no relationship, and so it's a little harder to convert them. In fact we did a little two day workshop here, for my Ignite members called Funnel Catcher that went through the details of how to convert cold traffic. It was really fun, it was fun to kind of show people that concept because when you learn how to convert cold traffic it opens up your doors to the world, right? And so, for me my warm market is either a Click Funnels member or else I delete them off my list, right. Like if you haven't bought Click Funnels at this point, and you’re still listening to me. You think… I mean, you just don't have respect for me or what I'm saying, is kind of my opinion, right… So my warm market is exhausted. Like they know about click funnels and they're using it, right? My warm market, and we're still going hard and heavy after… In fact this month we had our best month ever because it's a year in, we're still doing 5 or 6 or 7 webinars a month to our warm audience and getting people into Click Funnels.

And now we're trying to look at, how do we go more into cold? And it's funny, because for a long time I kept thinking that my market with cold was small business owners. In fact, when I went to Australia my whole thought process was what's the bait I'm going to create to get the chiropractor and the dentist and the financial planner, all these people to come into Click Funnels. And, I was thinking more and more about it, and I realized what's the big benefit of Click Funnels. It's a person who's building web sites, and who's done it before hired outsourcers and just got so frustrated, when they can figure out that they can do it themselves, that's the big “ah ha”. That's our market. And, I'm thinking, like, most dentists probably never edited a web site, never tried, never thought about it. They hired some dude, the guy made a website, they never thought about it again, right?

So, for me to show like, here's click funnels, watch this, I can move an image, I can add a count down clock. Like, it means nothing to them, right? So, I kept coming up stuck. We figured out some cool ways to market to those guys, and we're still going to, I'm not saying we're not. I'm just saying that they're not, that that's just a really really cold market. They don't even know there's an issue. They paid 5 grand for their brochure website and they're happy. They don't even know there's a problem yet. And so, I can and we will go after those people. But I was like, one rung up, like a little bit warmer than freezing cold. Like, who would those people be? I started thinking, that obviously our dream people are authors, speakers, consultants, things like that, right? Those are our people who are typically figuring out their own web sites, or they have a small team that are doing it, or whatever. And when they see Click Funnels it's like, mind blowing for them. They're just like, “Oh my gosh, I can fire the dude in India, and I can do it all myself.” That's really our market, and I was thinking we can keep going after them, and we are, but how do we create that kind of a customer now? How do we create a new author, or a new expert?

It was funny at our Funnel Catcher event, I did an exercise with people, I said this is how you know if your offer will convert to cold traffic. Sorry, they’re doing some construction here on the road. You can probably hear…there’s the jack hammer. Anyway, I said the way you can tell if your offer will convert to cold traffic is, imagine going down to the food court at the mall. There's like a hundred people all eating lunch, going crazy, and if you were to stand up on a chair and yell out, “Hey how would you like to learn how to build a sales funnel?” And listen, out of people in the food court, how many people would turn around and raise their hand and say, “Yes, me!”? Now, if I walked up to the food court right now here in Boise Idaho and I stood up on a chair and said, “Hey, who here wants to learn how to build a sales funnel?” Nobody's going to even pay attention, right? Even if I said, “Who here wants to see my sales funnel that makes $17,947 per day?” Most people still don't know what a sales funnel is, right?

You have to change the language patterns. But, if I said, “Hey, who here wants a free money making website?” The entire audience would raise their hand, right? So, that's the test to see if it's going to work to cold traffic. So, I started thinking about this, like obviously I can go and target experts that are already there, but who, what bait can I create that's going to get people who aren't already in that world? Like, how do I expand my universe, as opposed to just fishing out of the existing universe, right? And so for me, what we kind of figured out, I had this epiphany, it was literally at dinner last week. At genius network and I'm sitting there talking to Dean Graziosi about his business and infomercials, and about an hour earlier, Rob, we have a product called Expert Secrets and Rob, one of our designers sent me logos for it. And the logos are very similar to the DotComSecrets logo but a little bit different. And all of a sudden there was this “ah ha” moment where I was like…that's it, Expert Secrets.

I can go in the food court, and every single person in that food court feels like they're an expert at something. And if I can convince them that they can turn that into a business, and then to be able to do that they have to have Click Funnels, now it's a very short gap for me to fill. And the light bulbs went off in my head and that was it, that's my next bait. And so, minutes afterwards I was calling the person that helped me write my first book, I was calling my publisher, I was calling like everybody. And, within like a day and a half we figured out that I'm writing my next book. It's going to be called Expert Secrets, it's going to be kind of cool. It's going to be like the companion book to DotComSecrets, right. DotComSecrets is like, here's how to market and scale any business. Expert Secrets is like, how do we focus on just information style products and businesses.

And I was thinking about like you know most people, like Dave Asprey for example, wrote the Bullet Proof Diet, which is the strategy behind it. And the second book is the Bullet Proof Cookbook, which is like the “how to”. You know, here's the guide that goes with it. And this is kind of similar. I feel like DotComSecrets is the overarching strategy, and Expert Secrets is going to be like the practical, like example of that. It's going to be cool. So, we're going to be getting a whole bunch of really cool case studies in the book, of just people in different businesses showing off like what they're doing and how they're doing it. It's going to be awesome. But, it will be a book that will convert to the masses. It'll not just be focused on marketers, like the DotComSecrets book kind of was. It will be focused on the world. And my goal is to help all these people. I'm watching the cars drive by me right now. Like that dude right there has got something he's awesome at that he could share to change the world. So does that person right there, so does that dude, so does that lady. Everyone does, right?

We're going to do it initially as a book. I think we're going to try out an infomercial, a bunch of other things and just try to expand our universe and I'm excited. I'm inspired, and I just want to share that with you guys today, because you're probably one of the few groups of people in the world who care, about my rambling thoughts. That's why you're listening in, right? I hope that as I kind of work through my thought process out loud that it helps you guys think through yours. Like, you know, with you're business you're probably targeting hot traffic, and then warm traffic, and you want to transition down to cold, and what do you look at? And then what are you doing where your markets like getting educated so much it's difficult. Like how do you find the right bait to get the right customer, and how do you create bait that will grow your market as opposed to just fishing out of your market, and a whole bunch of stuff.

So, hopefully there are a lot of good valuable things in this one for you today. And, I'm excited and you'll see over the next two or three months I'm going to try to get this book done fast because it's bursting out of me now. Now that it's been, now that I've begun and I see the vision, it's moving fast in my head and I'm excited to get it out and share it with you guys and really use this as a tool to expand my world, expand Click Funnels reach and give all these people in all these cars driving by and everywhere in the world the ability to take their god given talents and abilities and information and advice and turn it into businesses. And then give them the platform, the tool, Click Funnels to be able to do that. I'm excited, I'm fired up, I hope you guys are as well, and that's what I got for you today.

Outside of that, I think that my marketing quickies, we have this really cool animation intro for the Periscope show that's coming out. Also, so Periscope and Mentions… So Mentions, right now for me, is catching up on Periscope. Like on how many viewers are showing up and watching. But then mentions gets way more shares afterwards, and a lot more longevity, which is kind of cool. Then Blab, I'm sure you guys have heard of Blab. Blab's like the new one that's like Periscope, but they just launched this new thing now where you can have multiple people on. So I can do like Blab interviews through a Periscope style thing and have like five, four or five people on. Anyway, just fun. Technology is exciting, you guys, it's opening up our world in so many cool and exciting things. But anyway, I'll keep playing with it. I'll keep reporting back what I find. But, so far it's been amazing and that's it. All right guys, appreciate y'all, I'm out of here, have a great day. I'll talk to you all soon.


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