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169 - Three Amazing Cool Things That Happened To Me Today

Three Amazing Cool Things That Happened To Me Today

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I would share his exact quote, but he dropped 3 F-bombs…

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You know when you have someone that does something big for you and you don't know how to repay that favor? Because it's kind of like, how do you repay that? Right? I'm just happy that I got to be part of that today. Hopefully it will help. If not, that's fine, but I felt like some of the gifts that God's given me in the last few years I was able to kind of repay him and that felt good. All these good things are happening today, which is awesome.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to a Late Night Marketing Your Car. Hey guys and gals, and everybody else hanging out with us today, hope you're having an amazing time. It's been a little while since I've been doing podcasts and Marketing In Your Car because things have been so crazy busy.

I'm stuck in traffic right now heading home, which my house is like 5 minutes from my office, but the traffic is still here so I thought we should hang out and just talk about some cool stuff. Because I really had a good day today for a couple of different reasons, and I just through it would be fun to talk about it with you guys. Hope you don't mind. One exciting thing is Ryan over at Hardcore Closer, he joined our inner circle program a little while ago. Which as you know, is not a small investment.

He paid $25,000 to get in, and he was nervous, and all these things. I kind of showed him the business model I thought he should be doing. He went and executed on it, and he's just a doer, he ran with it and did his first webinar today. I got a Vox, and I would show it to all you guys or let you listen to it because it was really exciting, but he dropped the f-word 4 times in about 3 seconds, so I'm not going to forward it because I don't want to hurt anyone's ears.

He basically said, "Russell, I did my first webinar." He said, "$20,000. I made my money back in the very first effin webinar. I effin love you." Something, something, something. It was awesome. That makes your day when some dude invests $25,000 and within in 2 weeks before the first meeting even happens, he get his money back. Now he's got 364 days now of coaching for free, and we're just going to keep growing it and blowing it up. I'm super proud and excited. That was fun to hear.

It was awesome. That was cool. What else? What else? Oh, so I've been writing this new front end book. Not a book. I'm calling it a book, but it's not. Maybe it's a report, or a manifesto, or somewhere in between. I'm trying to relaunch our continuity program and I wanted to make a really good offering. I want something really unique and exciting, and so I'm writing this book called The Three Funnels.

I think I might have mention this to you guys before, but basically in our business three funnels make about 85 to 90% of all of our income. Instead of teaching all the flashy flare, let's talk about the fundamentals, and that's what this book was about. Here's the fundamentals. I didn't go into to amazing details. It's really exciting all the cool stuff I pulled out, like here's our funnels, here's our stats on every single page. Here's what you should be looking at. Here's this. Here's that.

Anyway from our three core funnels, which are Tripwire, Webinar, and High Ticket Funnel. I'm really proud of that, and I finished it today. It's been this project that's been annoying me. You know how you have the projects that in your mind there's so much pain associated with it and you don't want to do them? That's how this has been. There was so much pain. I have all these other things I need to get done, but this one I had to get done because it has to be done, and then I have Brittanie, who does the all the design and publishing, she needs it, and then we got to get it printed, and then shipped all within like the next week and a half, two weeks.

It's like I had to get it done, so the last like three days I've been locked down, and I finished it today. I know you guys probably felt that where you finished a book or finished something, and it's just like relief, just gone. It's over and you can now move on to other stuff. That was exciting. Also, one of my friends, Rich Schefren, some of you guys may know him, he actually helped me out a lot a couple years ago. If you are a Marketing In Your Car fan, you know all of my ups and downs.

I'm pretty honest with you guys. We had built up this big company, 100 employees, and then the whole thing crashed around me. I think one of the earlier podcasts I told that story, and maybe I'll tell it again someday for the newbies. Anyway, it was a horrible experience and a lot of pain and suffering on my side, and fear, and everything. I didn't know what I was going to do when I grew up, and I still had people working for me I was trying to support, and all these things.

I'm trying to figure out, "What should I do?" At the time I was like, "Who's really having success right now in this new economy and with the things that changed and all the new things?" I was looking around and one of the people that was crushing it right then in that moment was Rich Schefren and he was doing it through automated webinars. I didn't have one yet. I didn't even know how to do one. I called him and I was like, "Hey man, can I fly out and just pick your brain for a day?" He said, "Yes." I'm so grateful for that.

I flew out there and he gave me a day of his time for free and it was awesome. I went back afterwards, we launched a webinar that literally saved my business, probably saved my life in some ways. Paid off all of our debts, paid off the tax, the government, and a whole bunch of other just scary things, and it was awesome. I always feel like I've owed him for that. The initial deal was if we promote his webinar he'd do that, and we did do that. I felt more than that because it was big for me.

One of the few people at that time who really helped me make a big shift that I needed, and so I'm just always grateful for him. Anyway, he's been kind of going through a shift in his business and business models trying to figure out ... He's got kind of this new stuff he wants to sell and trying to figure out the right process to sell them, and he's been struggling. I saw him in London actually, and he spoke, and he didn't sell very well. I feel like some of the things that I've learned over the last few years, especially through the Perfect Webinar ...

For those of you who have gone through the Perfect Webinar training, I felt like I knew, and I might be wrong, but I felt like I knew what was wrong with is presentation, and his pitch, and his offer, and stuff like that. We spent an hour on the phone today and really pulled as much as I could out of his brain and I figured ... Because Rich's stuff is always amazing. He's so smart it doesn't make sense to average humans sometimes, right?

That's the hard part. It's trying to figure out how do we make this simple so that everyone wants to buy it because the stuff's amazing. The fulfillment always amazing stuff, but it's like the selling, so he went through and walked and talked through everything. I asked a bunch of questions and I pulled out what I think was right, and we restructured the offer, the webinar, the pitch, and I'm really proud of it. I sent it all to him. I recorded a bunch of videos showing how I'd pitch it and I hope that it's something that's going to benefit him.

It felt good to be able to kind of return the favor. You know when you have someone that does something big for you and you don't know how to repay that favor? Because it's kind of like, how do you repay that? Right? I'm just happy that I got to be part of that today. Hopefully it will help. If not, that's fine, but I felt like some of the gifts that God's given me in the last few years I was able to kind of repay him and that felt good. All these good things are happening today, which is awesome.

Then we just booked, I think, our final speaker for the Funnel Hacking event. He's got to sign the contract and then I can announce that too, but we got some amazing, amazing, crazy keynote speakers coming. Just all sorts of fun, awesome stuff's happening. As you can probably tell I'm excited. I'm excited because cool stuff we're doing, cool stuff our students are doing, cool things we're doing with our partners, and just everything's good. I'm having a good day, and I'm heading home, and it's going to be awesome. Hope you guys are all having a good time. Sometimes on this show we share my ups and my downs, and everything.

I just wanted to share with you guys an up because I'm happy and I hope that you guys are as well. If you're not, I was looking at the things that made me happy today. One was obviously the book, which was the me project. Which kind of is, but it's also something I'm trying to create to serve. The other two were all things we’re doing for other people, and so ...

Anyway, if you're struggling, you're not happy or whatever, I think I heard Tony Robbins say this, but start serving someone else around you and you can't help but make things better. Anyway, that's it guys. I'm almost home. I'm go inside see my kids, have a good time. I appreciate you all listening and caring enough to tune into the podcast. Make sure you guys are coming to Funnel Hacking Live. It's going to be amazing.

We're about to announce all the lineup and I know tickets will sell fast, so do not delay. With that said, we love you guys. We appreciate you guys, and we are excited to keep serving you. Like I said before, you are an audience worth serving and just grateful to be in a spot and have an opportunity to be where I'm at to help you guys. Thanks again, and we'll talk soon.


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