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One little tweak, to increase the results of everything you do.

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The state that you're experiencing whatever you're doing in has so much to do with your outcome. If I got a hard day of work that day and I show up, “Oh man, I got a lot of work to do,” instantly, because of the state I put myself in, “Ugh,” I can't perform to my top level. It's just impossible. If I come back and I shift it where I wake up in the morning and I walk in the office and say, “Awesome, excited to be here today,” suddenly the state you're in is different and your performance level completely changes. It's shocking. You'll notice how little of a thing that is but how huge of an impact and how big of a result it is.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson from and this is the Marketing in Your Car podcast. I wanted to thank everybody who left feedback and comments over the weekend on the podcast. I think it was like 174 people commenting which is awesome. I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

We even hit, I think we're at number fortieth top podcast last week which was pretty cool. Thank you guys all for that. I got some funny comments in there I'm reading. One person said that because of me, it's the first time they ever subscribed to iTunes which was pretty cool, so Apple should be giving me a percentage of anything you buy in the future.

I also saw somebody say that the loved the podcast because they have the ability to slow down my voice on their phone. That's a good thing I think. I obviously have about a six minute commute to the office but I try to cram in about 15 minutes worth of content, just how fast I talk. That should give you guys the ability to slow me down if your commute is longer and get all the stuff out of it.

Today, my podcast is going to be a little different than normal. Usually, I'm sharing marketing tips or tricks, things like that but I want to talk about something that's a little different but some of you guys may even be like, “This has nothing to do with anything exciting for me,” but I promise you that it has everything to do with marketing in your business. What I want to talk about is the word awesome. We've got this little guy, he's about 22 years old that lives by us.

He's got, I'm going to pronounce it wrong, he has cerebral palsy so he's handicapped. His legs don't fully function. He can walk with braces on his legs but very, very slow. In fact, every time I pick him up, he wants to walk from his doorstep to my car and he wants me to time him. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk that distance. He tries to talk but his speech is really hard for him to talk and get things out. I have to listen very, very hard to be able to understand what he's saying, just this cutest little kid. We take him every week to church and hang out with him there.

About once a week, we bring him over to our house for dinner. His name is Jesse. I just want to talk to you a little bit about Jesse because Jesse is someone who is amazing. Every time I call him, I say, “Hey Jesse, how is it going, man?” and his response is always, “Awesome.” Everyday, every time I hang out with him, he says, in his broken language, he says, “Russell, I love my life.” It's really amazing to me because he's someone who has so many things against him, so many disabilities.

He can barely walk, can barely talk yet any time I ask him about how he's doing, he's always doing awesome. I think it's such a great lesson. I started working on my kids. I told my kids, “Look, most people live their lives everyday in a state of good. You ask them, 'Hey, how are you doing today?' 'Good.'” Have you noticed that? Every single person you do says, “Good.”

About three or four years ago, the first time I went to a Tony Robbins event, I made a conscious decision that any time somebody asked me how I was doing, I would never say good again. I would say awesome. I started doing that and I started saying awesome. It's so funny what happens. When you're at the airport at five in the morning and the person is checking your ID, “How are you doing?” “I'm doing awesome,” and it always catches them off guard, “Wow, what happened to you today?”

What was interesting is it just changes the whole entire dynamics of your day and about every situation you're in when somebody asks how you're doing. Instead of saying good, you say, “I'm doing awesome.” I started training my kids that. I said, “Look guys, when someone asks how you're doing, you can't say good. Everyone else in the world is good. We don't want to be good.

We want to be awesome.” I got all my kids doing that now. It's funny when they hear somebody saying, “How are you doing?” “Good,” they say, “Daddy says we are awesome,” and they always tell everybody we're awesome. You may think that's such a little insignificant thing but what's interesting is I don't think it is.

I think it has to do with everything about how you produce, how you perform in life because everything we're doing, every situation we're in, we're bound by the state that we're in. If I, for example, when I was wrestling, if I would go in a wrestling match and if I was in a bad mood or if I thought I might lose, or if I wasn't excited and I walked down the mat, a lot of times, I would lose because the state that I was in. What I found is it really correlates over into business, athletics, business, relationships, whatever it is.

The state that you're experiencing whatever you're doing in has so much to do with your outcome. If I got a hard day of work that day and I show up, “Oh man, I got a lot of work to do,” instantly, because of the state I put myself in, “Ugh,” I can't perform to my top level. It's just impossible. If I come back and I shift it where I wake up in the morning and I walk in the office and say, “Awesome, excited to be here today,” suddenly the state you're in is different and your performance level completely changes. It's shocking. You'll notice how little of a thing that is but how huge of an impact and how big of a result it is.

I remember when I was wrestling in high school, I had a coach. His name was Mark James. I remember I think it was my sophomore or maybe my junior year, we had a really hard practice. Afterwards, he took everyone in the back hall. He was talking to us. He talked to us almost an hour. I don't remember a lot of what he said but there were a couple of things that really stuck out to me. One of them he said was just talking about the power of our attitude.

He said that the attitude you have is going to drive everything one direction or the other direction. He said, “Look, everyday we're coming here for practice, we're working out anyway.” He said, “You're going to be doing the work no matter what so you can either do it with a negative attitude and make the whole thing miserable or you can have a great attitude and everything feels positive.” He's like, “You're going to be here for two hours a day anyway in the room working out hard.

Just choose your attitude. Choose the right one because if you do, your results will be 10 times better because of it.” I remember taking that to heart. For those of you who know much about wrestling, in wrestling, we used to cut a lot of weight. This was back when I was in high school, it was before, it was actually my senior year in high school, there were three kids that died cutting weights so they changed all the rules and made it a lot more difficult but prior to that, we used to cut a lot of weight. I was cutting about 30 pounds every single week of water weight.

That was a lot of work. It would take about three or four days to lose 30 pounds of water weight, and then we'd go weigh in, boom, we'd eat, and three hours later, we were back to the same weight we started but I was doing that every single week for an entire season. It was draining. It was hard. I remember thinking about Coach James, what he told me about, “You're going to be here no matter what. Just have a good attitude and everything will be different.” I remember I used to put my plastic gear on. I’d put my sweats on, and I started jumping rope. I’d try it with a big smile on my face.

Everyone is like, “Why are you smiling? You're cutting weight.” I remember I used to tell people, “Look, I've never lost with a smile on my face.” I said, “When I lose a match, I'm depressed, I'm angry, I'm frustrated. I might be crying, whatever it might be but I've never lost a match with a smile on my face so I'm going to have a smile on my face while I'm doing this because I don't want to lose.”

That was the attitude that I had in wrestling. It took me very, very far in high school and also at a college level. It's also really helped me a lot in business as well. That's something I've tried to do when we've had ups and downs. What's interesting about my business is we've had some big, big ups and some big, big downs.

I know everybody out there struggles in business. Some of you guys are struggling to make your first dollar. Some of you are struggling to figure out what product to sell. Some of you guys are trying to struggle to figure out how to get to the next level but I've had some big wins and big losses. We were at the point with our company, we were doing a million dollars in sales a month and all of our merchant accounts got frozen. If you can imagine making a million dollars in sales a month with over 100 employees, that's a lot of overhead.

I think our overhead at the time was about $700,000 to $800,000 a month. When suddenly your merchant accounts get shut down, you have no ability to collect cash, man, that's a scary situation. There are different ways to look at it. One is depressed, frustrated, and the world is picking on me type thing but what happens when you put on that attitude?

As soon as you do, everything shuts down and you can't produce, or you can step up and wake up in the morning and say, “Today is awesome, I'm going to go attack this thing and figure out how to beat this thing,” and you walk in. Suddenly, the state you're in is a little different. Because of that, you can produce, the ideas come faster, the energy of the people that are around you changes, and it just changes the whole dynamic.

For all you guys out there, I guess my point of today's podcast is I want you guys to be like Jesse. I want you guys waking up every morning and when somebody asks you how you're doing, don't be good. Good is the enemy of greatness. Don't be good. You be awesome. Next time somebody today asks you, “How are you doing today?” just see what happens.

Tell them you're doing awesome, and look at the strange looks you'll get on their face. A couple of things will happen. First off, you'll put yourself and keep yourself in a peak state of performance that you need to be in in order to be able to produce in whatever you're doing. Second off, you'll start raising the level of people around you, whether it be your employees, the people you're interacting with but as soon as you tell somebody you're doing awesome, it puts a smile on their face and changes that person's attitude as well.

You'll start affecting other people and kind of like a bee that flies around from flower to flower, all they're doing is trying to get their nectar, trying to get their pollen but because they're doing that and they're spreading the stuff around, that's what makes all the other flowers blossom and bloom, and makes it all possible.

Do that for yourself. Do it for the people around you but give yourself that gift of awesomeness. Just be excited. Be happy. I don't care how depressed you are or what situation you're in, whatever it might be. If you can just change your state, instead of being good, be awesome, just like Jesse, I don't care what situation you're in and how tough life could possibly be, you can weather those storms and come out victorious and on top.

Also remember, you can't lose with a smile on your face. That's what I got for today, you guys. I'm at the office. I hope you guys have an awesome day today. Again, make sure you let other people know about this podcast if you're enjoying it at all, and if you got any feedback or comments, we'd love to see them on iTunes. Thanks everybody, and I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.


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