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170 - Shhhh... I Just Dropped Some Gold For Anyone Who Wants To Pick It Up

Shhhh… I Just Dropped Some Gold For Anyone Who Wants To Pick It Up

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If this doesn’t get you excited, then nothing will.

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So if you were to walk through the food court like, "Who here wants to impeach Obama?" It's going to piss off half the audience and get the other half really, really excited. It divides and conquers, that's exactly what you need to do. But you're going to get a response from everyone in the food court and they're all going to want to tell you their opinion. A perfect cold traffic offer.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car. Hey guys and gals, we probably call this a 'quickie in the car' if you're blending the Marketing Quickies show and the Marketing in Your Car show.

By the way for those who are wondering we decided to keep it 2 separate things, so we've got Marketing in Your Car happening like this and Marketing Quickies. If you're not listening to Marketing Quickies show, please go to and subscribe. It's our daily periscope show.

People love it and it's fun and we'd love to have you involved in it as well. Other than that, everything else is staying the same. We are ... I'm actually heading home real quick to go to wife .... go to wife ... go to lunch with my wife because that's what we can do, whatever we want to do, right? That's why we do what we do, so I'm going to go do that.

On the drive home I just wanted to hopefully drop some bombs for you guys so this is what I call 'cool crap' and I'm really, really, really, really excited about this. This is the reason why. We've been playing with some concepts over the last little bit. In fact, we did an event for our Ignite and Inner Circle members called 'Funnel Catcher', some of you guys were there. It was going into this concept deep, right?

It was going into ... let's say you're selling a product, right? You're hot market ... your own list buys it easy because it’s like they love you. Then you go back to your warm market and people who may not necessarily know you but you know what they're interested in and so we target them on Facebook. We know, okay I'm going to target Tony Robbins fans because they may like me because they're interested in similar things or whatever that is.

That's where warm traffic is. The big secret sauce is how you get to cold traffic because Facebook runs out of ... Facebook is like having a Ferrari on a dead-end road. You go really, really fast and then you run out of space because the interest groups dry up fast. How do you get to the point where you can sell to the cold hard masses? If you can do that, it opens up your business infinitely wide. That's been my big focus over the last couple of months. How do we do that?

What are the different ways and techniques and tools and things we can do to go to the cold hard masses and ... some cool stuff's happening. We started implementing some stuff and that's why we did the 'Funnel Catcher' event to show, here guys, here's what we're doing, this is the direction we're going, this is where you guys should be running with if you want to go and convert the cold traffic. The biggest thing with cold traffic is you've got to meet people where they're at.

Using email and funnels things like that to warm them up to where you need them to be, right? A good example if you have an offer that's going to work in cold traffic is going to the ... woah, excuse me that was a big sneeze. You guys got this live, I apologize. With cold traffic, imagine going to the food court at your mall and standing there and yelling at the top of your lungs, "Who here wants to learn how to build a funnel?", no one is going to raise their hands. That means my offer is a warm traffic offer.

Now ideally, I still want to sell Quick Funnels, that's funnel-building software but no one understands that so if I go to cold traffic and I'm like, "Who wants funnel building software?", no one is going to give us money, right? But if I go to the food court and I stand up and say, "Who here wants a free money-making website?", everyone at the food court wants that. Everyone is going to raise their hand. That's why you have to think about cold traffic. If you went to the food court at the mall and yelled out what you're selling, how many people raise their hand? If it's less than 10%, your offer will not work for cold traffic.

If it's above 10%, you've got something that ... you've at least got something to start working with. You've got to figure out, how can you change the messaging and the wording of what you're selling to get cold traffic to raise their hand? Let's say it's a free money-making website, they come in with that. Now that I've got their name and email address and we can start warming through the process. Here's what a website is and here's a free website but it's actually what we call a funnel and this is why a funnel is important.

Now we can educate them and warm them up and get them interested in what we want. That's the goal of funnel catcher, was we figure out where they're at and we speak to them at that language they understand and then after we get them, then we can indoctrinate them through emails, videos, funnels, whatever, to get them to believe and desire and want what we actually want to sell. There's the overarching, long, really cool concept for you right there.

Let me step back. A couple of the things we were doing like quiz pages and survey pages and a bunch of stuff like that. I've been out there trying to figure out ways ... we've got a bunch of them going, they're doing well. I stumbled on this guy. He's one of the main guys who built all of the email lists for big companies like NewsMax and a bunch of those type of sites. He doesn't work there anymore, now he does this kind of on his own. He builds out these survey funnels for people.

I had him show me a bunch of these funnels, they're so cool. I've seen tons of these. One of them ... I'm sure you guys have probably seen before it's like the big banner ads all over like, 'Should we impeach Obama?' How many of you guys have seen that, right? I've seen that all over the place. You click on that and there's a little survey that if you think you should impeach Obama or not. So if you were to walk through the food court like, "Who here wants to impeach Obama?"

It's going to piss off half the audience and get the other half really, really excited. It divides and conquers, that's exactly what you need to do. But you're going to get a response from everyone in the food court and they're all going to want to tell you their opinion. A perfect cold traffic offer. Anyway, from that one little campaign, 'do you want to impeach Obama?', they built an email list of over 2 million people and made insane amounts of money because now they have a political newsletter, they can sell ads to survival people and biz-op people, everybody else. Or they can sell their own products and services or a variation of both.

That was one example. Then they showed me probably 20 or 30 other quizzes like that that they've done and they're amazing. I just wanted to give that to you guys as a hint. That's the path we are going down is trying to create cold traffic offers that we know that we can take. I don't know if I would do a political one because those kind of people aren't going to necessarily turn into business opportunity people. We did something similar on Facebook. We did a 'Donald Trump for President' fan page which got 150,000 followers for a couple thousand dollars.

Now we're leveraging that because Donald Trump is a business-person in entrepreneurship and leveraging that to get people into our other programs, which is working really good right now. Those are the kinds of concepts. Meet people at cold traffic where they're at, talk about something that they're going to be passionate about, get them now into your sequences and the goal at that point is to convert them, warm them up and convert them into what it is that you're selling. Hope that gives you guys some hints. You will start seeing more and more of these things coming out from me in the near future.

If this works with this dude and we build 1 or 2 of these for ourselves and it works, maybe we'll refer them out to everyone else but I don't want to ... I want to test it before I do. Conceptually, it works and I hope you guys start thinking along those lines, that's what we're thinking as well and it's a lot of fun. One more bomb of gold I'll drop on you guys. This is a trick that we've been doing. One of our guys who was at 'Funnel Catcher' just crushed it with it. He got 13 thousand opt-ins for 30 cents apiece off Facebook doing this exact same model.

I won't tell you the market he did it in but I'll tell you the market we're doing it in so you can get an idea of the concept. Same kind of thing, right? You go on Facebook, we meet people where they're at. The campaign that we ran is…Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof executive guy, he’s got a huge following, we went and bought $1,000 worth of bulletproof stuff and then did a contest saying, "We're going to give away $1,000 of bulletproof stuff for free, just put your email in to qualify."

Guess what happened? We started getting everybody from Bulletproof's audience to give us their email address and got really, really cheap leads. We did drawing, sent someone $1,000 worth of these products and started marketing to those people, different products and services that we needed to.

Hope that gets you guys excited, if not you're on the wrong podcast. This is the crap that I care about, it's so much fun. I'm out of here guys, I'm going to go hang out with my wife. Appreciate you guys all listening in, I hope you have an amazing day and we'll talk soon.


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