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172 - The Truth Behind Why I'm Shutting Down The Inner Circle

The Truth Behind Why I’m Shutting Down The Inner Circle

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It looks like my email yesterday struck a chord with a few of you…

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I want to work really close with a hundred entrepreneurs, which is the Inner Circle. Then I want to be working on my own little things. That's what I'm doing now and it's pretty exciting. Anyway, I'm definitely, definitely excited for it. I'm excited to meet the last twenty-six people who enter into the Inner Circle. Our first meeting's coming up in January and it'll just be fun to get to know a new group of people. Yeah, so I'm excited. We have a couple other really cool announcements coming up. I can tell you guys because it's official now.


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Hey, everybody. This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to "Marketing in Your Car." All right, everybody. Hope you're having an amazing day today. I'm heading in to the office and we have sun shining. It's beautiful.

I think it's still cold, but the sun's up, so it makes you feel like you're ... Makes you feel better, so that's exciting. Anyway, I'm really excited for today. We actually started a company-wide juice fast yesterday, so one of our ... We have a new person named G from over in London. When I was in London I met her, and then she joined the Inner Circle, and she's working on a juice cleanse product and a bunch of stuff like that.

I was like, "Basically, we needed some results," and she's like, "Well, I've got a lot of people I’ve done it for, but I don't have any videos." I'm like, "All right. I'm going to drop everything on this side. I'm going to get my entire company to do it, and we're going to become your testimonials." It's kind of cool. Everyone, this week, is on a week-long juice fast and documenting the process and creating cool video content for her, for her new upcoming launch, which will be fun.

Just one of the fun things we do for our Inner Circle members that's cool. Anyway, day one was actually really fun. It was interesting. I do weird stuff all the time, as you guys know if you've listened to this podcast for any amount of time. I'm drinking and eating and trying all sorts of weird stuff. I actually really enjoy juicing. When I juice, typically it's hardcore.

I don't put any fruits or berries or those wussy things that make them taste good. I just go straight for the hardcore. I'm using cucumber, fennel, celery, and some lime for some taste and that's what I drink. Most people think it's disgusting but I love it. It's glowing green, so you drink it ... I feel like I'm drinking ooze from Ninja Turtles. I feel my whole body just, boom, exploding with alkalinity and power and energy. Yeah, it doesn't taste that good. It doesn't taste bad, and in fact I like it a lot.

I've become very accustomed to that, so I like it. If I give that to the average person the first time, they'd just be like ... It's like it's a kick in the face or something. Is someone honking at me? I don't even know. Anyway, that's what we're ... I feel like someone's honking at me but I can't figure out who. I like pretty strange stuff. My taste buds are acquired to weirdness because of it. Most of them aren't, so we have this place called Tree City here in Boise and so I paid for a week of juicing, so they're going in and we grab ... Basically they give you six bottles of juice you drink all day.

There's one that's called the Vitarrific, which is pure greens and ginger and really strong, which I think is awesome, but most everyone in the office is gagging on it and trying to keep it down. It's pretty funny. Then there's a coconut one, there's one called CAB, which is carrot, apple, beet, which is really good. There's coconut, there's almond milk. Anyway, it's really, really good. Yesterday was fun.

I was drinking them thinking it was like drinking candy and most of these guys are dry heaving. They're in the bathroom every five minutes. It was awesome. Anyway, I love putting my team through crazy stuff like that when I can. That's what we're doing over here. Yesterday I sent out something that got a lot more attention than I thought. A lot of you guys know for the last two or three years we've been running two coaching programs, our Ignite program and also our Inner Circle program.

As they've grown way bigger than I ever had initially thought or hoped ... Initially we thought we were going to get maybe fifty people in Ignite and twenty-five in Inner Circle, but it's grown to the point where we've got almost two hundred in Ignite and Inner Circle now we're about seventy, which is crazy. The other thing I'm looking at is how much time it's taking from me, and it's just been really hard as it keeps on growing.

My thought was, "Do we keep growing it? Do I shift focus from other things to just keep expanding this, or do we change it and shrink it?" With ClickFunnels growing as amazingly as it has, it doesn't make sense for me to keep adding more things on that side. We actually, yesterday, announced that we're shutting down our Ignite program. Everyone who's in, we're going to continue to fulfill over the next twelve months of their contract. We're just not allowing anybody new into the Ignite program.

That's happened on that side, which means those hundred and eighty people, there's nowhere else for them to go now. On the Inner Circle side, again, we're at seventy-something people. I thought, "You know what? I think realistically I could run three groups." I really enjoy running those groups. It's the coolest entrepreneurs. People get such big results. Everyone who's in those groups are doers who are having success. We basically got two and almost two and a half groups filled up. I sent an e-mail yesterday saying when the third group's filled, it's done.

I'm locking the doors, and the only way we'll ever let people into the Inner Circle again is if someone drops out. As you guys probably know, it's not a cheap program. It's twenty-five grand a year. What's cool is that most of our people, after the year's up, have been re-signing up, which just makes me feel awesome, obviously. I've been trying my best to serve everyone at the best level I can and it just means a lot to me when people do come back.

That's what's been happening. Yesterday I sent an e-mail saying I think it's seventy-four are filled, so that means there's twenty-six spots left. Within an hour we had over a hundred applications, which was awesome. Randy and Derek on my side are going like crazy today, trying to get back to everyone and get in touch with them. I'm pretty sure those spots are going to sell out really, really quick. If you're listening to this, listening today and you're interested, this is the last shot.

Every year I join a Mastermind group. You need to be in one. Ideally you should be in mine if you can. I hate to be ... Obviously I'm biased, but I've been in probably eight or nine different groups and ours is by far the best, for a couple reasons. First off, the facilitator's pretty sweet. I know him, he's a good guy. Second off, just the quality people we have has been amazing. It's such a huge honor for me that that is the group we've put together. It gives you guys, if you're in there, the ability to be surrounded with just amazing, amazing people.

Other masterminds that I've been in, usually I come in and I'm the smartest dude in the room, which I hate that, because it's just ... I feel like I'm the one facilitating the whole time, where this time, in our groups, I honestly feel ... There's times I sit back and I'm like, "I can't believe I'm getting paid to be part of this, just to be in this room. I'm learning so much from everybody else." It's just a huge honor for me. If you're going to be in one ... Again, everyone should be in at least one a year, otherwise you're crazy. If you want to be in ours, now's the time to get in there. All you have to do is go to

Yep, I changed it over to, so that when people ask ... I was always telling them this long URL before. Now, if you're interested, go to and you can apply there. I would apply in ... There's a phone number on the thank you page. If you're serious, call that number, because they got insane amounts of apps. If you're listening to this six months or a year down the road, I would still go through the process, even if we're sold out.

I might guess that each month, one or two spots will open up for people who have ... Their year's up and for whatever reason they don't renew. The only way to get in is to be on that waiting list. That'd be the other thing, if you're later on down the road. That's what's happening. It's interesting. I look at my business, my life. I really... The only thing that I want to be doing is obviously ClickFunnels, I want to focus eighty percent of my time there.

I want to work really close with a hundred entrepreneurs, which is the Inner Circle. Then I want to be working on my own little things. That's what I'm doing now and it's pretty exciting. Anyway, I'm definitely, definitely excited for it. I'm excited to meet the last twenty-six people who enter into the Inner Circle. Our first meeting's coming up in January and it'll just be fun to get to know a new group of people. Yeah, so I'm excited. We have a couple other really cool announcements coming up. I can tell you guys because it's official now.

I can't remember if I told you guys yet or not, but we've got the signed contract, we've paid the down payment. For Funnel Hacking LIVE Event, Marcus Lemonis from "The Profit" is coming to speak, which is so exciting. That's pretty cool. We'll have more info on that hopefully next week or so. That's just something I'm fired up about, as you can tell. Yeah, it's pretty exciting. With that said, I don't have too much more for you guys. I just wanted to let you know that that's what's happening with my coaching stuff.

People were freaking out, like, "Are you really retiring?" I'm like, "Well, kind of. Not retiring, but retiring from Ignite program, and Inner Circle we're just locking it down. A hundred people will be in at a time, and that's it." One of the other Masterminds I joined was supposed to be a small group, and it ended up getting a hundred people. Instead of breaking it up and doing the actual work, they just bundled everyone into one big group.

I was at a Mastermind meeting with a hundred people, and I'm like, "You can't, in two days, effectively work a hundred people in a group." Our sweet spot's about thirty-five people, so that's basically how we have it broken up. There's three different groups. We meet thirty-five at a time, and we can actually get some work done and do some cool things in that kind of a format.

That's how we run ours. What else, what else? I think that's it, you guys. I'm almost at the office. If you haven't applied yet, go apply. If you're already in the Inner Circle, then you're in. Congratulations. You've locked it in. Don't let your spot slip away to somebody else.

Anyway, that's about it for today, you guys. Have an amazing day. I'm excited to go try to take over the world in my little way. Hopefully you're doing the same thing as well, and we will talk again soon. Bye.


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