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176 - This Is THE Model For The Next 12 Months

This Is THE Model For The Next 12 Months

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Every time you get discouraged, I want you to think about the apple a day, and think about, I've got to come back. This is the focus, and every single week I'm going to get better, I'm going to get better, I'm going to get better. Maybe the first week I'm going to get ten people to register. Next week I get thirty. Next week I get fifty, and if I make that my focus, whatever we focus on, what happens? It grows. We're going to start focusing on that, and what's going to happen in the next 12 months is your business and your life will be transformed.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell. Tonight it is cold outside, but we're still about to do a Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone, I hope things are going amazing for you. Heading home from the office today, and just keep getting more and more excited about how simple and stupid my plan is for next year.

The angle's always world domination, and the strategy's changed so many times, but look at the people in our coaching group that have made the most amount of money, the things that have made me the most amount of money. It's all had to do with one core focus. It comes down to this. If you’re taking notes, write it down right now. If you're in a car, pull over so you can focus a 100% because this is the key. Okay, and I talked about his on my periscope, the one that I told you guys about yesterday that we did 150k sales on it.

The key is having a live event every Thursday, and the one singular goal of your entire company is to get at least a thousand people a week onto that webinar. That's it. It's kind of like the whole 'apple a day keeps the doctor away'. A thousands registrants a week for your webinar keeps money flowing. We were doing the math on that. Let's just say, and I don’t have the numbers in front of me cause I'm driving, as you guys know, but say you have a thousand people a week to register.

This is all sources, so Facebook, solo ads, email ads, Twitter, social media. Everything you're doing is all pushing towards this one event that's happening ever single week. You're just focusing on that. Okay, and so you're doing that. You have a thousand people to register. From that, you get thirty percent show up rate, right? That drops to three hundred who show up, and then your call to action ... Let's say you follow the perfect webinar script, if you don't follow it, you get like 1% closure. You follow the perfect webinar script, you're at 10% close rate.

That means of the 330 people give you a thousand dollars from that webinar, so you just made 30,000 dollars. The math on that, let's say you should be averaging between 3 and 5 dollars per webinar registrant. Let's just say we spent 5 dollars per registrant, and we've got thousands. You pay 5 grand, and you make 30, okay. Now, what is that? If I was talking to my kids right now I'd say, "Son, you call that arbitrage, okay." I put in 5,000 dollars on Monday through Thursday.

Thursday night, I get 30,000 dollars back, boom. I didn't just get that because a couple other things are going to happen. Second off, from Thursday night to Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we're going to be focusing on our replay sequence, okay. Now, there are a lot of different things you can do in a replay sequence. You can just send out the replay. You can send out urgency and scarcity we talked about a couple days ago. You can do a whole bunch of cool things, but if you do it right, you should be able to double your sales from the replay sequence, okay.

Because think about it, you had 1,000 register, only 300 showed up. Only 10 percent of those people bought. You only had thirty people out of a thousand. That means you have a whole crap ton of other people haven't bought yet, and so you're job is to follow up with those people and get them to buy. Give them some urgency, some scarcity, do some cool things, maybe do a periscope, rant close Saturday night trying to get them to buy, whatever it is. You're pushing these people to take action and to give you money and to close. If you do it right, you should double your sales.

That means that 30,000 now turned into 60,000. You have 5,000 dollars in, 60,000 dollars back out. You have more than 10X your money that week, which is pretty good, right? You're like sweet this is a good business. I put 5 grand in on Monday, I get 60,000 back out by Sunday at midnight. You do that every single week. Let's say that was all you did. I don't have a calculator here, and I'm not smart enough to do the math while I'm driving, but if you do that, 60 grand times 52 weeks, what's that end up being?

Whatever, 3 million bucks or something, right? Your cost, 5 grand times 52 weeks, you're at 250 grand. You put in a quarter of a million bucks, you made 3 million, or whatever that is. That's a great business. That's more than most people will do ever. That's really, really exciting right there. That's the first step in this.

The second thing to think about is every single week, you're adding a thousand people to your list. Okay, so by the end of the year, you have 52,000 people on your email list. These aren't normal people. People who have gone through your webinar registration funnel, seen your indoctrination series, they've been on your webinar, they've been indoctrinated, they've learned from you, they've seen you pitch. Those people will love and respect you a lot more because of that process that you went through with them.

Now you've got a better quality person. If you screw this up, if you don't treat your list very well, you should be averaging at least a dollar per name, per month on your email list which means by the end of a year, you should be averaging an additional 52,000 in sales just from other exterior, I know there's a different word for that, but other things you sell that list. If you do it correctly, and you follow the whole DotComSecrets modeling, you do a value ladder, and you have upsales, and you have high ticket things, and you have other webinars and things like that, you should make a lot more than that.

You should make five, or six million bucks off of that list to be a hundred percent honest. All that came from one solitary focus. One thing, the apple a day, it came from every Thursday we do a webinar, Monday through Thursday we fill that webinar, Friday through Sunday we close deals. And that is the fuel. That's the business. I just today, right before I left the office, I went on Thursdays, for me I do mine at noon, from noon until 2 o'clock, I put on recurring, and said every Thursday from now until the end of time I'm doing a webinar.

Some people say, "Well do I do a new webinar every single week?" No, it's the exact same webinar. “Well Russell, shouldn't I do it automated?” No, you shouldn't, maybe someday, but right now you're going to do it live. I've done my Funnel Hacks webinar at least thirty, maybe forty times live, and I'm going to do it live every Thursday next year that I am in the office. I will automate it the days I'm not there, but I'm going to do it live. A couple reasons why. Why would you do it live? It's the same pitch Russell, it's probably word for word, and it is at this point.

This is the reason why: On Thursdays when I’m doing a live webinar, guess what happens? Everyone is focused on this live webinar. Support staff’s ready, we've got people answering chat, tech guys are watching everything making sure that everything's working. We've got everyone’s focus and attention on this one event that's happening. Guess what happens when you focus on something? It's really weird. Whatever you focus on will grow.

If you focus on how many leads a day you get, that will grow. If you focus how many webinar registrations you get each week, that'll grow. If you focus how much money you want, it'll grow. If you focus how much weight you want to lose, it'll grow, or you'll lose. Whatever it is on that side. There's this weird thing that whatever we focus on grows, so hey, let's focus on that, and it'll grow, and get better. We focus, everyone focuses. Thursday, this is sales day.

This is the day we all focus on selling, okay. Monday through Thursday is marketing, Thursday is sales, and the rest of it is follow up. If you do that, you guys, that's the prescription for an amazing business next year. I was talking to Liz Benny, and I told her, I said, “Liz, I've seen you when you were running the webinar model consistently, you have the right numbers. Everything was working”. I told her, I was like, “I think that you can do 5 or 6 or 7 million dollars”, I have a hundred percent faith she can do it. I know she can, and she knows she can, and she's going to.

Guess what she's doing? She's coming back to the same model, going back to basics, all of us. I'm doing it, my entire Inner Circle's doing it, I'm going to be sending this podcast to everyone and forcing them to listen to it because this is the basics. Again, if my son was trying it, I'd say “Son, that is the basics”. That's what we're focusing on, and if we all do that collectively, we'll change the world in our own little ways. That's what I'm doing, I hope you guys follow suit.

I'm excited, and I hope you're excited, and it's going to be a lot of fun. I want to warn you, there's going to be some ups and downs. Sometimes Facebook's going to kick you off. Sometimes other ad networks won't work anymore. Sometimes you get crap leads. Sometimes your JV partners will screw you over. Sometimes no one will show up to your webinar. Sometimes the close rate won't work. Sometimes GoToWebinar will drop you, or webinar jam, or things are going to happen, and it's going to be frustrating and annoying and lame and hard, and you're going to be discouraged.

Every time you get discouraged, I want you to think about the apple a day, and think about, I've got to come back. This is the focus, and every single week I'm going to get better, I'm going to get better, I'm going to get better. Maybe the first week I'm going to get ten people to register. Next week I get thirty. Next week I get fifty, and if I make that my focus, whatever we focus on, what happens? It grows. We're going to start focusing on that, and what's going to happen in the next 12 months is your business and your life will be transformed.

It can't not be, and the lives of the people you're serving will be transformed. You say, Russell, this is cool, but I can't afford to buy Facebook ads right now. I don't care if you can't buy Facebook ads, go spam Facebook, okay. There's a lot of ways to get traffic for free. Go out there and do it. Write blog posts, promote them, go talk to people, do joint ventures. There's other ways to do it, and if your excuse is that I can't do it because my Facebook account got shut down.

I can't do it because I don't know any JV partners. I can't do it because, fill in whatever excuse you want, that's all those things are excuses. There's a lot of people with a lot of good excuses out there, but the ones who don't have excuses, and just think, how can I figure this out? They focus on it. It's weird. What happens when you focus again? You get things done. It starts to grow. Start focusing on, what else can I do? I'm broke, I can't buy Facebook ads, what else can I do? I just saw my man Ryan from Hardcore Closer just been watching.

He joined Inner Circle a while ago. I've been watching him. Just been crazy impressed with him, all the stuff he's doing, and just grateful he joined because I have a chance to see this glimpse of what he's doing and it's just been amazing. I'm watching him do these blog posts, and he's getting hundreds of thousands of millions people reading these blog posts, and it's just ... He focuses on that and it grows.

I saw him post the other day how his goal of the first of the year is to get 100 thousand visitors a month, and I think now he's getting 100 thousand visitors a week, or something crazy like that. It's what you focus on grows, and he's doing that through free traffic, and he started making money, and then he started spending his money on Facebook to boost those posts, and that's the model. That's how it all works. Anyway, I hope that all makes perfect sense to you. I hope that gets you excited. I hope that it inspires you because that's the model, my friends.

That's what we're focusing on here. That's how we're going to take our company from 8 figures to 9 figures and beyond. That's how you should be taking it from 6 to 7, from 7 to 8, from 5 to 6, from 0 to 5. It's the model. It's what works. It's what's working today, and there's nothing else you should be focusing on, I don't think. There you go. You've got it on a silver platter now, on a napkin, you have it in front of you.

You just gotta pick it up and run with it, and if you do then I only want you to send me 10 percent of what you make. I'm just joking. All I want you to do is serve other people. Help other people, get your message out there, and hopefully you'll tell people about Click Funnels along the way because we love it, and it keeps getting better every single day.

Thanks everybody. I'm almost home. I'm going to bounce, and have an amazing night, or day whenever you're listening to this, and I'll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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