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179 - The High-Fat Rehab Plan, Plus My New Year Strategy

The High-Fat Rehab Plan, Plus My New Year Strategy

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Here are a few of the things I’m doing over the next few weeks to prepare me for the new year.

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I'm kind of all over the place; where I'm doing this and I'm doing that and I'm everywhere. As opposed to, Friday is content day, therefore, what I have to do today is I've got to write three blog posts, ten emails on both companies, all the emails, record these two modules for this training, and blah, blah, blah. Whatever those things are, but it's just content day and that whole day is only allowed to build content. I'm not allowed to build on Funnels. I'm not allowed to do anything else.


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Hey everyone, good morning. This is Russell and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. All right, all right, all right. As you can probably tell, I sound a little better today than I did yesterday. I wanted to send you guys that message from my death bed, so you could...

Two reasons: One, I wanted to document it for myself, how crappy I felt. And number two, I wanted to make a point that most people are living like zombies and they don't even know it. If you just change a couple little things, you feel so much better. Especially, when you're trying to dominate and take over the world. You've got to feel good if you're going to take over the world. If not, you're kind of in trouble.

The whole way around it's not good. I wanted to give you guys some practical advice today, because some of you guys aren't going to want to change your diet and do a bunch of crazy things. Some of you guys don't want to lose weight, you just want to feel amazing all day. Here is the basic rule of thumb, if you just want to feel amazing so you can dominate everybody. Step one, first thing in the morning, do not eat any carbs or any protein.

Your day needs to begin on fats. That's it. Just fats. What that means is, if you are a coffee drinker I'd recommend googling, Bullet Proof Coffee, and learn how to make that. If you're not a coffee drinker like me, you can make a variation of that. Basically, it's high fats. What you're looking for are: butter, MCT oil, and if you are going to eat a whole food its going to be avocado. That's your morning domination. I did a Periscope the other day called the avocado bomb, which if you missed it, go search avocado bomb on the blog or if you go to, you can see it there as well. Basically, it's an avocado, you chop it in half, you pull out the seed, you throw some salt on it, where the pit came out you fill those full of MCT oil, and you eat that.

That's like an amazing breakfast. All you eat for breakfast are fats. That's rule number one. Rule number two, is the first time you introduce proteins into your diet is around lunchtime. Lunchtime you can have tons of vegetables, lots of oil again, fats are good, and then if you want to introduce some meat; that is where you introduce it is at lunch. Still, there are no carbs. The second you have carbs, you're done. Your day's just screwed at that point.

You should just go to bed, because it's pretty much over. We start introducing proteins at lunch if you want to. Dinner time is where you have it more complete; where you have your fats, your proteins, and then you can introduce a carb at dinner. At that point, you are just going to go to bed anyways, so it doesn't matter if you feel like crap. The carbs we're introducing, though, are not going to be donuts and stuff like that. Usually, what I'm going to have is sweet potatoes or yams.

If you go to Whole Foods or probably most stores, they have bagged, pre-chopped up sweet potatoes that are awesome. They taste like candy. Just taking those, basically, you're eating your chicken, your broccoli, asparagus, whatever, and then some of those. That's your dinner. If you guys just did that alone, most of you would probably start losing weight; but you would definitely start dominating more, because you wouldn't feel tired. First time you feel tired is after dinner; but because it's yams and not donuts, it wouldn't be a bad tired.

It would be like, "I feel good. This gave me the glycogen boost." I don't know. The health guys are probably making fun of me, because I don't really know what I'm talking about. I just know how I feel when I do it this way. That's it. High fat. Leading with high fat in the morning. Introducing proteins at lunch. If you want carbs, then have them at dinner. If you just follow that alone, you'll feel amazing. I feel great today.

The next day, all I did this morning was I drank some butter, and I feel great. I, almost, hate having lunch, because that's when I start introducing some of the other stuff. I just like having just this. There's my hint for those who are wondering how to quickly get out of a slump, and it's amazing. Yesterday, I was feeling like crap, so about lunchtime I had my high fat thing, and it just flipped it all around. I felt better almost instantly afterwards.

It's amazing how much your body is craving, your brain needs the high fats. Avocados, MCT oil, and butter; that is the staple of your diet, if you want to feel amazing. With that said, I'm headed to the office today. It's a couple days before New Year's, and my job is to get a bunch of stuff done so that when we hit January 1st, I can run really, really, really fast. A couple things, if you've been listening to the podcast, especially, over the last week or so; I did one sharing with you guys the business model for the year.

That's our business model. We've got two core businesses. One is DotComSecrets, which is the training side of our business. Then, ClickFunnels, which is the ClickFunnels side of the business. In both of those businesses, we have a webinar that will be happening once a week. The other cool thing I was listening to Justin and Tara over at, their podcast is the only podcast I really listen to right now.

I really enjoy it, so you guys should go check theirs out if you're not listening to it yet. They were talking about compartmentalizing, and how they structure their day. For them, Thursday is content day, and things like that. I really like that a lot. In fact, I'm going to go, and today one of my goals is to figure out my week. Where I know every Thursday is sales day. All I’m doing Thursday, I'm waking up, I have nothing else on the docket, except for selling. I'm going to be doing a webinar for DotComSecrets, and the webinar for ClickFunnels and that's it.

When those are done, I go home and I don't do anything else. Thursday is sales day. That's all I'm allowed to do, and I'm going to figure out what the other days like, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are maybe Funnel days. I hope, those are my favorite days. Friday might be content day, where I'm building out the content for the next thing. That's where I'm leaning towards. I'm going to be planning out my weekly schedule, and really start to focus on that this year, as well.

I think, before, I'm kind of all over the place; where I'm doing this and I'm doing that and I'm everywhere. As opposed to, Friday is content day, therefore, what I have to do today is I've got to write three blog posts, ten emails on both companies, all the emails, record these two modules for this training, and blah, blah, blah. Whatever those things are, but it's just content day and that whole day is only allowed to build content. I'm not allowed to build on Funnels.

I'm not allowed to do anything else. Then, maybe Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are Funnel days. Really, Monday would be advertising day. Tuesday, Wednesday are Funnel days. Thursday's sales day. Friday content days. I don't know. Something like that. See how powerful that is, if you know that going into it. Most of us, our brains go to what we enjoy the most. To me, my favorite thing is building stuff. The problem of building stuff is, in and of itself, it doesn't make you any money. Things that make you money are marketing and sales. The funnel is the thing in the middle that converts that, but I've got to be selling and I've got to be marketing.

Monday might be my marketing day, where I'm sitting down with John for an hour, who does all of our ad stuff; Brent, who does our inbound stuff; Dave, who's doing our partnership stuff; and having one hour each with those guys. Just planning, brainstorming, figuring out, moving the needle forward, so that day's all focused on how to get new blood in. Tuesday, Wednesday focused on building cool stuff. Thursday sales. Friday content. I'm kind of liking that.

Anyways, I'll figure it out for sure. I recommend for you guys is figure out some kind of schedule as well. If you don't block out time for the necessities with stuff you have to do to make money; I promise you that all the stuff you want to do will creep in and drown the things that you really need to do. I know this from experience. When we were doing webinars consistently, we made way more money, and then I'm like, "Oh. Let's do automated webinars."

Then, I started ... When the focus is off of sales, everything drops, so trying to make it where we really have hard focuses like that. That's my game plan, and I recommend you guys doing something similar, so when we hit January 1st, which is not far off, we can all run really, really, really quick. That is kind of what's happening over here. I hope that gives you some ideas. What else is awesome? I don't want to leave you guys while I've got you here. So many fun things that we're think about, doing, and talking about. A couple other things that we're going to be doing this year that hopefully give you guys some ideas, as well.

Everyone, I think, has become so reliant on Facebook ads. It's become the crutch for almost everyone. It scares me for my own business, for your guy's, and everybody's. This year, I recommend trying to find out new sources for you. A couple of things we're doing; some of you know Success Magazine, we're going to be buying some ads in Success Magazine. Plus, their online stuff, we're going to be testing out a whole bunch of things there. Our dream clients are reading and subscribed there. That's one big thing we're going to be focusing on.

Also, I'm excited for this. I'm not sure if you guys have ever been to, but really cool advertising platform that we haven't tested yet. I'm going to spend some time in January trying to learn that network. They've got really good customization, where we can target business owners, entrepreneurs, and things like that. You'll see if you go to; you see what it is and how it is. I haven't used it yet, so I'm not sure. I'm going to be focusing a lot more on that and those types of things, just to diversify.

We're also going to be focusing, and I'll be sharing this with the inner circle in a couple weeks when they're all up here; but focusing hard on building up conservative, Republican lists. I think over the next twelve months is going to be a chance, for those who take advantage of it, to build up million plus person email list and Facebook followings in the political arena. Just so you guys know on our side, we buy a lot of ads on political lists.

If I can be the one who controls that political lists, that's even better. Right? That's one of the big focuses that we've got for this year, as well. Just some hints for some cool things that we're doing on our side. That's about it. All right guys. I've laid down some hints. Given you guys some ideas.

Hopefully, gives you some fuel for today to think through some things. Hopefully, change your diet a little bit, so you have a little more energy. A little more focus, so you can take over the world. With that said, I am pretty much at the office, you guys. I'm going to bounce. Have an amazing day. We will talk to you guys all again very, very soon. Bye.


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