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180 - Return And Report

Return And Report

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A bunch of cool things we implemented this week that you may be interested in…

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You can chop with a dull saw but it's going to take way longer than if you spend time sharpening. Monday is now my sharpening/meeting day to make sure everyone's pointed in the right direction, and trying to do a little more training consulting to people on my team. 


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Hey everyone this is Russell Brunson. Welcome to Marketing in Your Car. All right everybody, so my last episode of Marketing in Your Car did not make the publication route. I feel bad because it was so funny, but I figured it would probably be best for me not to do it.

Sometimes you know they say, "If you have nothing ..." or, what is it? "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." What I did, you guys know Lead Pages just came out with a new announcement for some of the new things, and I did a whole podcast as if they had hired me to be their consultant. I wanted to point out just all of the mistakes they made, and I felt so bad, I was like... I basically was a consultant and consulted to them, it was really funny, I couldn't keep it.

Before I posted I sent it to a couple people and they said, "While it was hilarious and really actually pretty good it would have actually helped Lead Pages a lot if they listened to it, we probably shouldn't do that. So I didn't, so I apologize, but just know it was really funny and you guys should try to consult for your competitor sometimes because it's really, really, really an enjoyable thing to do.

Don't publish it live because somehow it's going to bite me in the butt I knew, so anyway. If any of you guys have a chance to steal my phone someday it's archived in here, I've got it. It's just not going to make it to the ... what do you call it? It's not going to make it on the ... hit the cutting room floor or whatever, so yeah. Any who, today what I want to talk about is, remember last week or two weeks ago I was talking about compartmentalizing your days and stuff like that.

I did, so yesterday was Monday and I figured I want to make sure that everybody on my team organization is running the right direction, right? The worst thing is by Wednesday people are like, "So what do you want me to do this week?" You're like, "It's Wednesday, why didn't you ask me on Monday, or even Tuesday, or even Wednesday morning? Two and a half days you've been sitting around doing stuff but not like the right stuff." So I figured Monday is my day to aim, right?

I'm sure you guys have heard this story about Abraham Lincoln where ... I think it was Abraham Lincoln, or some dude, maybe someone else. Where it's like if you were going to be in an ax racing contest with somebody else what would you do? It's like, well I would spend the first six hours sharpening my saw and the last hour winning? Whatever that is.

I totally screwed that story up, but you guys get the point right? You can chop with a dull saw but it's going to take way longer than if you spend time sharpening. Monday is now my sharpening/meeting day to make sure everyone's pointed in the right direction, and trying to do a little more training consulting to people on my team. With all my core people that I work directly with I set up daily, or excuse me, weekly meetings. Not long ones, like fifteen minute meetings, and then we've got accountability throughout the day so each person at the end of the day they need to vox me with kind of what we call a return and report.

They can return and report what they did throughout the day. They say, "Hey Russell, today I did this. Tomorrow I'm working on this," then they have to tell me any issues they see standing in the way of completing what they're doing tomorrow. "Hey, I really need some help from a graphic designer, Russell I need this," whatever they need from me, and boom, I can give it to them and help them keep running. That's kind of nice, we plugged that into place and it's going well so far. Yesterday I had more meetings than I ever wanted to have in my life but I also learned more about my business than I think I ever knew.

Realized some things we were doing right and some things we were doing wrong, and some things that I need to do to step up and really feel in the gaps. That was really cool, I really am glad that I did that. We also spent time, John on our team runs our ad agency, it's an internal ad agency and we're the only client. He runs that. I had an hour long meeting with him yesterday and we just had a chance to brainstorm, and talk through things, figure out what funnels I can make to help him better. What he was doing, and get ideas.

It was awesome, usually I know he's amazing and he's doing stuff but it was fun for me to see it and be able to think, "On my side what I can do to help amplify this and make it better?" Yesterday Brent was out of the office but I’m having a meeting with him today because he's back. We're building out this huge new front end call center thing based off of the book Predictable Revenue, and today we're going to meet on that and start planning ... it's just, it's cool.

 I really enjoyed Monday meeting day. Now today, Tuesday and Wednesday, are Russell's funnel building days. I get to build funnels all day today and tomorrow, I'm so excited. That's awesome, then Thursday is the day I get to sell, then Friday is fulfillment day. Which is fulfillment of coaching, creation of projects, et cetera, et cetera. So far one day into this and I'm really liking it, so I'll report back to you guys as we keep going forward.

So far I'm really, really liking it. That's very encouraging. Second off I had an idea this morning for a new free plus shipping offer that I am so excited for. You guys are going to hear it first before anyone else even heard of it, but we're going to have it executed here within the next two weeks or so then it will be live and you guys will see it. I was just thinking I want a cool free plus shipping offer to get people into Click Funnels, what would be a fun exciting thing.

I was thinking about one of our Inner Circle members asked me about something you guys have seen when we did the big ... we blew up the Neurosales sales letter and had it huge on our office wall and they were like, "How did you do that? We want to be able to put our funnels up on the wall." I was like, "What if we made a magnet pack that had a whole bunch of refrigerator magnets in it that you could go on your refrigerator and it has ten sales page, ten upsale pages, ten webinar… all of the core funnel pages you need, right? We just have a magnetic pack then you go in your refrigerator and move things around and build your dream funnel on your refrigerator. How cool would that be?

We're making that, so that's going to be our next free plus shipping offer to get people into Click Funnels. I just thought that was one of the coolest things ever, and if you think that's cool it means you've been geeking out with me long enough that we're all on the same page. We are making that, funnel magnets is coming soon. I’ve got to go buy or something like that, but anyway, that is another fun thing that I get to work on.

One thing I wanted to kind of say related to that, I had a lot of interviews during the Christmas/New Years break, a lot of podcast interviews and stuff like that, we kind of loaded them up during that time so I could ... we're working a little less and just doing more of those.

One question I got consistently a couple times it's just like, "Russell, what's next?" I kind of smile I say, "You know what? For the last ten years of me doing this business I was looking like, what's next, what's next, what's next." I realized that's what was the problem, I kept trying to figure out what's the next thing to do. We spent all this time, effort and energy building something, we roll it out, and I was looking at what's next.

When we launched Click Funnels a year and a half ago, and I've talked about this with you guys before, I sat back and said, "Okay, I need to try and focus." We sold the supplement company, we shut down like ten other side projects that we were doing and we started to focus. I was really nervous, I was like, "My entrepreneurial ADD ... I'm a creator, I want to create things, I want to figure out new funnels, new offers, things like that," that gets me excited. I had a friend, I'm not going to give him credit for it.

Okay, I'll give him credit for it, his name is BJ. BJ Wright, some of you guys may know him. BJ said something like, "What if you just instead of use your creativity to create a new product, what if you use your creativity to figure out more ways to market Click Funnels?" I was like, "Huh, that's actually a really good idea." If you've noticed over the last twelve months every funnel we have put out, every offer we put out, everything, including my book, they are all bait to get people into Click Funnels.

Anyways, kind of interesting, just want to throw that out in case you guys haven't noticed. You probably noticed it but if not there it is. It's like this funnel magnet, that is a cool, creative, awesome idea we can do that will get people into Click Funnels, there yeah go. Anyway, I'm at the office, I gotta bounce. Have an amazing day today, block out your schedule you guys because so far it's been amazing and I think that we all should be doing that. Other than that I will talk to you guys again soon, bye.


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