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184 - Are You A Doctor

Are You A Doctor?

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An interesting story that happened to me earlier this week…

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All these people, most of them I don't understand what they're doing." You know what I mean? It's weird to me that the masses won't do stuff. They follow this path. They wake up, they eat their cereal, they go to work, they come home, they eat some ice cream, and they go to bed. That's this path and there's so much more. There's so much happening. There's so much amazingness and things you can do, and serve people, and most of them miss it because they think it's going to be too hard.


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Hey everyone, this is Russel Brunson and welcome to Marketing in Your Car. All right, all right, so I am on my way right now to the Boise Co-op. It's kind of like Whole Foods, except for it's not Whole Foods.

The Whole Foods is a forty minute drive from my house to get to, and they just opened a co-op that's a fifteen minute drive. I'm really excited. I'm headed there to go see what they got and what's going to be happening. I've been doing a lot of cool stuff with my diet lately and really enjoying it, getting energy and feeling good. It's been awesome.

I've recovered week one of our crazy week. We had the four day, two day Mastermind and another two day Mastermind, then I flew to L.A. to speak at Nick Unsworth’s event. We did some good stuff there and now I'm back hanging out with the kids and the family. Everyone's flying in tomorrow and starting on Monday we've got a hack-a-thon with all the ClickFunnels developers and partners. We're going to be locked down for sixteen plus hours a day, building, and creating, and moving the needle for all of you guys.

It'll be a lot of fun and exciting. I'm sure I will be podcasting on the way to and from some of those and we'll talking about world domination, and it'll be a lot of fun. Today I wanted to tell you more of a funny story. My kids are insane. I don't know where they get it from. Definitely not from me. You know how some kids are really calm, and nice, and peaceful? My kids aren't. They're nuts, which is fun.

They probably get it from me, but we have a lot of fun, we play hard all the time. Anyway, in the last week, one of my kids was climbing up the shelves and tore one of the shelves out of the, a bookshelf thing out of the wall. Then same kid was jumping off of the sink and his shorts, grabbed the cupboard underneath, the little handle and ripped another drawer out. Anyway, it was just nuts, right?

Then it's sitting there for awhile waiting for me to fix them, and I'm not very good at fixing things so they've just been sitting there. Finally, called the handyman, got some guys to come and fix it. It's two guys that came in and it was in the morning and I was with the kids, I was going a little bit slow because I had just finished four days of Mastermind. I was going to be flying out in five hours and wanted to hang out. Anyway, my wife brings him in and says, "Hey this is my husband Russell."

He looks at me funny and then he starts working on the shelf. As soon as everyone leaves, he's like, "Hey I have a question for you. How old are you man?" I was like, "I'm thirty five." He's like, "Wow. What are you, a doctor or something?" I was like, "Something like that." I was like, "No. I have a bunch of online businesses and things like that." Anyway, it was so funny. I thought it was funny because he thought I was a doctor.

That's everyone's goal now, is to go and create so much amazing cool stuff, that people can't even fathom how you're able to do it at your age, or because you're too old or too young, or whatever. Do things nobody else is doing. Dan Kennedy, I heard him one time say, "If you want to be successful in life, look what everybody else is doing and do the exact opposite," which is kind of true in most circumstances because most people aren't doing much. It's crazy to me. In fact, also on Friday, the same day, I was lucky enough to have Justin and Tara Williams from Eight Minute Millionaire the podcast. They did a bunch of other cool stuff.

They're in our Inner Circle mastermind and they've done some amazing things. They agreed to let us film their story. They came to my house and we filmed their story and it was amazing. They're intense real estate investors. I think they said last year they flipped a hundred and twenty houses, made over a million dollars in take home from that. They spent nine years doing the real estate business. They want to do the coaching business. Got into it and struggled and things like that.

They said that since they joined our Inner Circle six months ago, they made more money in the last six months than they did the first six years of their real estate business, which was awesome, so cool, so cool having them tell their whole story. On the way from my house, I drove them back over to the office in my really dirty car, which was embarrassing, and unbeknownst to me, Justin was apparently was recording this. I feel bad for his wife.

Apparently he records all their conversations so if later on, "No you said this," like, "No, no, no. You actually did say this. Let me pull out the recording. Here's the transcripts. Page thirteen, line six. This is where you said this thing," or whatever, right? He records all their conversations. Some of them show up on their podcasts. Anyway, apparently I didn't know this at the time, we were driving from my house over to the office and he was recording our whole conversation. I think it might show up on his podcast. If you guys go to and subscribe, you may hear a conversation I didn't know was going to be happening.

I knew it was happening, I didn't know it was going to be recorded. Anyway, I thought that was kind of funny. We were talking, and I thought it was interesting, it goes back to what I was saying earlier about looking at what everyone else is doing and doing the opposite. I was telling him how when I got started online, how hard it was for me because I did it and I was like, "Wow I want everyone I know to go. It wasn't that hard. I want to show everybody how this works."

I was showing my family, my friends, and everybody I could meet. I found out really quick that most people wouldn't do anything. I don't know if it was they were lazy, they didn't believe, or they didn't care, whatever, but it's weird. I tried to give this gift I felt like I've been given to everyone, and most people they didn't want it. Tara, in one of her podcasts a little while ago, she was really emotional telling the same thing, how hard it was for her.

She felt like she had this gift and she wanted to share it with people and either they wouldn't take it, or they whatever the reason was. I remember that was probably ten or eleven years ago that I remember going through that. Finally, I personally shut down where most people in my personal life have no idea what I do, which is why I think most of them think I'm unemployed or they're really confused and they come over and their like, "What do you do?"

I don't talk about it because of that. For years I did. I tried to talk and share and tried to help people and most of them won't. I don't know why. But that’s how the majority is and I think I said something in the recording. I'm trying to confess to these things now, in case you guys hear it later I guess. The drive here, I'm like, "Look at all these cars. All these people, most of them I don't understand what they're doing." You know what I mean? It's weird to me that the masses won't do stuff. They follow this path. They wake up, they eat their cereal, they go to work, they come home, they eat some ice cream, and they go to bed.

That's this path and there's so much more. There's so much happening. There's so much amazingness and things you can do, and serve people, and most of them miss it because they think it's going to be too hard. Justin, and Tara, and I were laughing about it. It's really not that hard.

When you look at the grand scheme of things, putting in a couple months of really hard, focused effort, and then pay you forever. It's not as hard as doing what you're doing now, as going to six or seven years of college, to be able to then go to more college, to be able to then get a job that what you make from that job doesn't actually even cover your payments.

It's this whole cycle that we're in. We were talking, that seems like a lot more work, a lot harder than this path, which is putting in a shorter period of time and trying to create something amazing. Anyway, I thought that was interesting. For those of you guys that are listening, that means you are on the right path. You are trying to create, and help, and serve. You know what? It's funny in this business because you're, I don't know about you guys, but typically not that you're alone, but you're kind of alone.

Right? You're here at your house or on your computer, wherever, you're doing these things, and you're creating and putting stuff out there and you don't always see the fruits of it. All last week was an amazing blessing that I got. Amazing gift. Part of it was because I went to the mastermind, I had my mastermind so we had probably sixty of our high end clients there and hear some of their transformational experiences were amazing.

I got a chance to hear Justin and Tara tell their story, which was amazing. Jason O'Neil who joined our Inner Circle about a year ago, Friday he passed a million dollars in sales. He sent me a screen shot of a million, like, "Oh so cool." Then hearing all of these people what they've done since the last meeting, and that we had a little piece in that, obviously it's them doing the work, but we had a little piece help facilitate that and hopefully inspire, and motivate, and point in the right direction. Cool. Then I went to Nick Unsworth’s event and I landed my flight at five and I think I spoke at seven. I had this little two hour gap.

I came and everyone was gone to lunch, but as soon as I walked in the room, one person came over to me and said, "Hey Russell, I need you to know how ClickFunnels and your book has changed my life." Then another person came in and for the entire two hours from five to seven before I finally had a chance to get up and speak, it was a line of people, and everyone said the same thing.

It was such an amazing gift, something that you don't get often, but when you do get it, it makes everything else worth it. It makes all the craziness and the hard nights, and the risking your money, your effort, and your things, and when ClickFunnels crashes and people are yelling at you, and it makes all that worth it. Anyway, I want to share with you guys because it was awesome for me and I know that we don't get that often.

For you guys, that's why it's important to do some of the live events and things like that because you have a chance to see what you're doing. It's not just a number or a stat. It's a person. That's really, really cool. That's what I got you guys.

I am at Natural ... I'm at Boise co-op, Natural Foods. I'm going to go check this place out, see what they got. See if this is going to be my new shopping center to keep me feeling good. Yeah, on that, I appreciate you guys. Have an amazing night and talk to you soon.


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