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187 - Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recap - Day 2

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recap - Day 2

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Episode Recap:

Funnels – Behind the scenes of what happened at day #2 at Funnel Hacking Live. All the cool presentations, and Russell in an ice bath… On today’s episode Russell recaps day two of Funnel Hacking Live 2019. Here are some of the amazing things you will hear in this episode::

-- Find out which presentation Russell didn’t feel great about and how Stu McLaren was able to save it.

-- Hear about who the speakers were on day two, and what they spoke about.

-- And find out why Russell took an ice bath at the end of the day, and was able to stay in the water for over 5 minutes.

So listen here to find out what you missed on day two of Funnel Hacking Live.

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Best Quote:

So she took the perfect webinar, tried to do it, did like a 90 minute one and it didn’t work. Then she did a 60 minute one, it didn’t work. She kept tweaking it, until eventually she created a version, it was a 5 minute perfect webinar, she launched it and boom it went from where she was at to two comma club in less than 6 months.


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome to day number two of our Funnel Hacking Live recap. I hope you guys are all doing amazing today. And hopefully you guys liked the recap of what happened on the first day of Funnel Hacking Live. Now we’re going to jump into number two after we kick off the theme song.

Alright everybody, welcome back. So as you saw, day number one was insane. Most people told me, “We could go home right now, and we got our money’s worth and a whole bunch more.” And I said, “I know, and it’s only the first half a day. Wait until you see what we got in store for all of you guys.”

So day number two was Thursday. And it’s funny because I was so tired. I stayed up so late the night before. So much work and effort goes into everything. So my very first presentation, I wanted to do the first presentation to get as many people in the door as possible, that seems to help a lot. So I did one, and it was supposed to be on Traffic Secrets, which is what the new book I’m writing right now. And I did a whole event on Traffic Secrets, as you guys know, and I was really excited for it. The only problem is I started, I think because I prepared so much for the event, in my head I’m like, “Oh this will be really easy to start teaching it.”

So I got onstage and the very first thing we did is we made Vince Palko and Ray Kay build a really cool comic book, that kind of joked about how Mark Zuckerberg is Zanos and how he’s going to snap his fingers and half the entrepreneurs traffic will disappear in the world, kind of modeling the Avengers. And we watched that, it was a comic book we gave everyone on their seat, and then we also watched the actual video that we made from it. It was so much fun.

So that was the first part of the day, and then I did my presentation on Traffic Secrets. And I gotta tell you, for those who were there, I’m so sorry. I was up for probably 30 minutes teaching this concept and I just got flustered and my notes were out of order and it wasn’t as clear in my head because I hadn’t thought about it. I thought, “Oh, I’ve already taught this, it’ll be really easy to teach.” And it was kind of, I don’t know, I was off my game. That was the one 30 minute window of the whole event where I was angry because I was like, I feel like I dropped the ball. I was like, dang it.

And then what was cool, we’re working on this really cool software program to go with Traffic Secrets. So Stu McLaren who is my partner in crime on this project, he came back out and literally saved me from this presentation. So he came and started talking, the energy was high, he just nailed it. He was so much fun.

We went through and showed this new software that basically helps you to find your dream 100 and collect their data and watch their ads, and just really get to understand and master the dream 100. And it was cool, we were going to give it to everybody. We were going to sell it, well we kind of played it like we were going to sell it. So we made an offer, I was like, “First you’re going to get this and this and this and this.’ And then I was like, “It’s going to cost you guys just $6000, yay!” And then I wrote, “$6000” on the white board.

And Stu’s like, ‘No, no, no. Let’s do it for cheaper.” He crosses it out and writes, “$1997” I’m like, “Dude, you’re making me look bad at my event.” So I come and cross it out and I’m like, “How about $997” and Stu’s like, “Wait a minute. I got the microphone. What if we do this for free?” And he starts doing like an Oprah moment, you know how she does like, “You get a car, you get a car!” and gives everyone free cars? He does this Oprah moment and he’s like, “You get it free, you get it free!” He runs in the audience and people were laughing and crying, it was so fun.

So we actually gave everyone the software, the beta version of the software for free, which if you’re listening to this and you want to get it, it may still be open. If you go to, you can go and create it. But it’s a really cool chrome plug in that lets you go and start doing, building out your dream 100 which is really fun.

So that was the first part of the day, which went really well. Then I got off stage, then we had Natasha Hazlett and Christy Nichol get up. And Natasha kind of pioneered this concept of a challenge funnel, which you guys have seen the one funnel away challenge, which is our main focus right now. I learned that initially from Natasha. So I wanted her to come speak and she was pregnant with twins. Now what’s crazy, is she was about to have the babies. So many fun stories here, but she actually lived in Boise, that’s how I’ve got to know them over the last few years, and then I asked her to speak at Funnel Hacking Live on challenge funnels, and she got all excited and said yes. Then she’s like, “oh, by the way Russell, I’m pregnant with twins.” I’m like, “What?” and I was like, she’s like, “I’m pretty much due the day I’m supposed to be speaking, but I’m going to go.” And she’s like, “I know that God’s hand is in this because I’m literally moving, and we’re moving to Nashville, where the event happens to be.” So she’s like, “I’m going to be in Nashville with my family, and I can come and do it.”

So she gets onstage with twins, almost ready to have babies. I kept teasing that she was going to have babies onstage, and it’s funny, last year Rachel Peterson was pregnant onstage and almost gave birth onstage. I don’t know what’s happening, I keep asking these amazing women to speak who I don’t know at the time are pregnant. So I find out later.

But what’s crazy is that Natasha actually had the babies like three days later. So it was literally like she was about to have babies. But she killed it, did an amazing job. And then one of her clients that she’s worked with is Christy Nichol, and her nickname is code red. Christy code red Nichol, and code red Nichol got up there and she showed how she did a challenge funnel. And she didn’t know about funnels or anything and she went from living on food stamps to getting the two comma club award by using one of Natasha’s challenge funnels.

And then Christy got onstage, and she is insanely motivational. She’s got a big old blue Mohawk, and she’s just so motivational. She got onstage and just told it how it was. Said things to everybody that I wish I could say to them, but I can’t. And it was amazing. And those two just killed it. And it got people so excited about challenge funnels. And then also got them pumped into realizing their excuses don’t matter. And that duo was, turned out, I was nervous having, it’s always hard having two people onstage. I was nervous about it. But man, they choreographed it and just did such a good job, it was amazing.

Then after that, then we had Bailey Richards. Bailey is the one who did our 30 Day summit. And she’s doing it for the Bootcamp summer right now. She did a whole presentation on virtual summits. And I’m not going to lie, I think Bailey is an amazing person, but I’d never seen her speak onstage. And she was probably the biggest unknown for me.

Everyone else I’d kind of seen present in some format except for her. So I was nervous. And she stepped onstage and she just owned it. And it was, she did such a good job. And it was cool because she’s showing virtual summits, but not only does she talk about what virtual summits were, she showed the numbers in great detail. So all of my analytical people in the audience were freaking out, because she was like, “here are the numbers. Here’s how much, here’s what the offer should be and the price point, the conversion rate…” Just all of the stuff of virtual summits, how they work. And it was amazing. So grateful to have her come and her share all of the behind the scenes of how she runs virtual summits.

Like I said, we’d done the 30 virtual summit. We’re doing Affiliate Boot camp right now, and so this, it’s funny because I actually built my business initially doing virtual summits. So it’s kind of a full circle now, having her come and teach these things now, and bringing in a new generation and teaching them how to do summits, which is still one of the ways to build a list quickly. So Bailey did awesome.

Then after that, Dean Graziosi came on. And Dean, if you guys know Dean, so when I was back, back in my junk mail days, when I was collecting junk mail, I used to also watch a lot of infomercials. And Dean was on infomercials way back like 20 years ago, and he’s been on TV every day for 20 years, until a couple of years ago. I think he stopped. But he was on TV every single day for decades selling, first it was his first info product that he sold on infomercials. It was called Motor Millions, how to buy cars and flip them. Then he started doing real estate after that.

Anyway, I studied him, I used to watch his infomercials like people watch movies and I’d take notes on them, I just loved it. And then I had a chance to meet him a few years ago, and I joined his 100k group, just to get to know him better. And he’s just been a super cool person, and great friend and just someone I have a ton of respect for.

So he came, and it’s amazing, all these speakers come for free. They all donate their own time and energy, but he came and it’s funny because he’s got his book, Millionaire Success Habits, and he was selling them not through infomercials. He was selling them through online. And he never had a social following at all. So he started this thing from scratch, but Dean’s just a pusher. He’s like, “I gotta figure this out. I gotta crack the code.”

So he eventually sold 100,000 books through Instagram and Facebook and he thought that he’d burned the market out and it was kind of tired. And he’s like, “No, we’ve got to sell more.” And he kept pushing and reinventing himself. Kept creating more videos, more creative, and he got to the point where he sold 200,000. Then 250,00, then 300,000, and right now they just passed 500,000 copies of their books, sold through social media. Which I think made everyone, just oh my gosh, if we just push harder and get better marketing stamina, which is something that Dean said. If you have more marketing stamina, you’ll be able to push through these plateaus and actually sell your stuff. I think most people get tired of their marketing message way before the market does. And Deans proved, 500,000 buyers. They just keep pushing. You can do it.

So he kind of showed his model and how he does it. And I remember we, Dean and I, swapped consulting days a little while ago. And the biggest takeaway I got from him when we were there was, he just puts out way more creative ads than we do. More ads than we do. We were doing like 2 new ads a week and he was like, “Oh no, I do 2 a day.” He’s like, “I have my phone and I’m making ads everywhere I go.” The more creative to be able to sell, more ads. So that was kind of cool.

Then after Dean got off, I came onstage with him to tell a story about a new project he’s working on. He’s working on a software product, him and Tony Robbins, called Mind Mint. And he’s explaining it to me, I’m like, “That’s really cool. You create masterminds with it.” And he’s like, “Yeah.” And I’m like, “You should buy” and he’s like, “It’s not for sale.” So I went to and whoever owned it was a two comma club winner. I was like, “Oh my gosh, Dean you have to have this.” So we talked to them initially and they wanted a million bucks for it. I told Dean and he’s like, “I’m not going to pay a million bucks for a domain name. He’s like Mind Mint is fine.” I’m like, “Ugh, but you need this. This should be your thing.”

So Dave Woodward on my team, he went over and negotiated with the guys and got it down to, still a lot, like $600,000. I think that’s where it ended up, somewhere in that window. And then I went to Tony and Dean and said, “hey, here’s a gift.” And I gave them as a gift, which was insane. And Dean was like, “This is too cool.” And then him and Tony talked and they ended up giving me, and giving us, Clickfunnels, equity in, which is launching in like a month from now, which is kind of exciting.

So is, we announced that from stage and told people what’s happening and told the story behind it, and it’s kind of fun. And how cool is that? I get to be partners with Dean and Tony on a business. I love it. So that was fun. There’s a secret dream 100 strategy for you guys. Buy domains for your dream 100 and give it to them. And depending on how big the dream 100 is, depends on how much you’re going to have to spend for that domain.

Anyway, alright so that happened and then everyone went to lunch. Then Ray Higden came up and spoke, and Ray serves the network marketing industry. I’ve known him for probably 7-8 year now, when I spoke with him at the very first network marketing event I ever spoke at. I met Ray and just fell in love with him. Every time I’ve ever heard him speak, there’s something about him. You hear him speak and you just love him, you just want to, he’s an amazing human.

And I invited him to come to this mastermind I did last year, called the Pirates Cove Mastermind, I just invited 6 or 7 people to it, and Ray was one of the people I invited to it. And it’s cool, he came to it. And on the flight over he’s like, “I should probably read Russell’s book, because I have never read it.” So he read Expert Secrets on the flight over, and then we started talking and he had this idea for a paid community called rank makers. And he kind of pitched that concept at the mastermind and then he went home and executed on it. And it’s like a $20 a month continuity program, and he talked about how he’s, because Kaelin Poulin spoke last year on how to build a culture, how to build tribe and community. And he wanted to come and speak on how to build a paid tribe, paid culture, paid community. And he showed what he’s done with rank makers. And it’s so fascinating.

He’s doing network marketing space, but the model of what he’s doing could work in any industry. And he shared how he did it and how it worked, and the numbers behind it. And it was just so cool to see that. So Ray just crushed it again.

Then after that I had Jaime Cross come up because it’s funny, everyone always tells me, “Russell, Expert Secrets is just for people selling physical products, excuse me, info products.” And I’m like, “No, it works for all businesses. You’re missing the point.” And Jaime was at Funnel Hacking Live two years ago, heard me talk about the perfect webinar. She sells soaps and oils and things like that. And instead of doing what most people did, and like, “This doesn’t work for my business.” She said, “how could this work for my business?”

So she took the perfect webinar, tried to do it, did like a 90 minute one and it didn’t work. Then she did a 60 minute one, it didn’t work. She kept tweaking it, until eventually she created a version, it was a 5 minute perfect webinar, she launched it and boom it went from where she was at to two comma club in less than 6 months.

So I wanted her to come and talk about ecommerce funnels and the perfect webinar. And she did and she killed it, and she crushed it. She shared this 5 minute perfect webinar that her and Jim Edwards built with everybody, and it was so fun to see her on stage. And prove once and for all that this stuff works for all types of businesses, it’s not just info products. You gotta take these principles and these concepts and tweak them for your business. And Jaime was willing to do that, put in the effort to tweak it and her business blew up because of that. And then having her come back and share that with everybody was just one of the coolest parts of the event for me. So cool.

Then after that, then my man and partner here at Clickfunnels, John Parkes came up and talked about Traffic. And he likened traffic to the Greek gods and all this kind of thing, it was really cool. And he made it, at first I was watching and I’m like, kind of confused. He’s sharing cats and dogs and all these things and it’s like ah. And he used all the foundation he did with all these stories to build out this really cool thing. Like, oh that’s how retargeting ads can work in a really simple and easy way. It was fun seeing him onstage, as always, which was awesome.

Then Ryan, Todd, and me came onstage and talked about Clickfunnels. Talked about Clickfunnels state of the union. We actually called the presentation Becoming a Die Hard Funnel Hacker. And we talked about all the new things we’re working on, the updates, talked about the team, and just kind of showed everybody behind the scenes of what’s happening at Clickfunnels.

And then we tried to get everyone to upgrade to Actionetics MD, which half the audience already was that, so they just had to run back and get a free tshirt. And the other half, we convinced most of them to upgrade to Actionetics MD as well, which then they got a really cool shirt that said, “Die Hard Funnel Hacker” on it. It had a bleeding heart on it. And on the back it said, “#Ibleedfunnels” which was really cool. So we got a whole bunch of people to upgrade to Actionetics MD, which is one of the missions of Funnel Hacking Live every year, to get people to understand what we’re doing, and then hopefully to also get them to upgrade to Actionetics MD, which is really cool.

Then after that, then we had a round table. So all the Two Comma Club X members, not all of them, but a whole bunch of people who won Two Comma Club got a table, I think we had 20 or 30 people out there, and then everyone had a chance to go and eat free food, hang out in the round tables and ask all the two comma club winners any question they wanted, which was really cool and people loved it, which is awesome.

And during that time I actually went to my hotel room and I took an ice bath, which was crazy. So Brendon Burchard, who Brendon spoke twice, and I’ll talk about his presentations here on the next episode, but he told me he’s friends with Usher, and he said Usher taught him this trick that’s like, he’s like, and Brendon does these big, huge, long 3-4 day events where he’s onstage all day everyday for 4 days. And he’s like, “I started doing ice baths at night. I have the hotel deliver a whole bunch of ice to me, and then what happens by day 4 my throat is thrashed, but my body feels the same as it does on day one.”

And so I, he told me about that a couple of years ago. So I keep joking with Melanie, my assistant, I’m like, “Hey, we should get ice in the rooms. We should get ice in them.” And then every year I wuss out and I don’t do it. But this time I told her that and she booked ice and I totally forgot about it. So we had done the Clickfunnels state of the union address and Melanie’s like, “Okay, they’re delivering ice to your room right now.” I’m like, “Oh no. I don’t know if I actually really want to do this. That sounds horrible.”

So it’s funny, Anthony DeClementi, who is my biohacking buddy, was in the audience. So I text Anthony, I’m like, “Dude, they just delivered ice to my room. I need to do an ice bath. Do you want to come help me? Coach me through it because I’m kind of scared.” And he’s like, “Yes, I’m on.” So we go to my room and fill me tub full of the coldest water possible. They dump in all this tons of ice, they said, I don’t know what the temperature was, it was less than 30 degrees, something crazy. They coached me through it and said, “Okay, you have to get in but the time doesn’t start until your head goes under.”

So I had to get in, put my head under and then they started timing. I was like, “Dude, I’m dying.” And Anthony was so funny, he rips his shirt off and he jumps in too. They coach me through it. So we’re both in the tub freezing, and we stayed in for over 5 minutes. And then I had to put my head back under again before the clock stops or something.

So I’m sitting there freezing to death, finally I put my head under and then jump out. And he’s like, “When you jump out you have to scream like, AHHH, as loud as you can.” So I jump out screaming as loud as I can. And I think it was close to 6 minutes in the ice, which is crazy. He said most people the first time only do about 2 minutes. So I did good there, but it was painful and it was horrible. But I actually did feel really good the next day. So did ice baths at night and then we passed out. And that was the end of Thursday.

So again, another amazing, I remember at the event I was like, “We’ve been here a day and a half at the event, and look what everyone’s gotten so far. It is literally insane.”

Anyway, if you don’t have your tickets for next year, every year it’s funny. People always tell me, “Every year I’m like, there’s no way Russell can make it better than last year. And then every year it’s like, how did you do that?” So I got a big plate to fill and a lot of big plans, but the plan is to make this thing better next year than last year.

So if you don’t have your tickets yet, go to because as good as this year was, next year hopefully, if I can do it, if I can deliver, if I can over deliver, will be even better. Thanks you guys so much and I will see you on tomorrow’s episode where I talk about day number three.


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