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188 - Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recap - Day 3

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recap - Day 3

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Episode Recap:

Sales And Belief – Behind the scenes of the two comma club awards, the two comma club presentation, and all the other cool things that happened on day #3. On today’s episode Russell recaps day three of Funnel Hacking Live 2019. Here are some of the amazing things you will hear in this episode:

-- Find out what all the speakers spoke about.

-- See what TV show everyone at the event was able to watch and how Clickfunnels is involved.

-- And find out why the event is choreographed the way it is, and why they try to keep the order of speakers a little secret.

So listen here to find out what happened on day 3 of Funnel Hacking Live 2019.

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Best Quote:

So Chris came and talked about forgiveness, that was the first thing. You have to forgive yourself if you are going to move forward. That was number one. Then James P Friel got up and talked about an identity shift. He talked about when he wanted to become a drummer he sucked at drumming, but he was like, “If I’m going to become a drummer, I have to act like a drummer. So I bought drumsticks and drum clothes, and bought this stuff and I got lessons. I had to become, I had to shift my identity to become a drummer if I was going to become a drummer.”


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to day number three of Funnel Hacking Live, the recap, the breakdown. I hope you enjoyed day number one and two. If you haven’t listened to those yet, go check out those, and then make sure you get your ticket at, we’ve sold out every year in a row. And now you’ve got some time to start planning and preparing.

So you might as well get your ticket now and then prepare your babysitting, get it on your calendar and all that kind of stuff. Because every single year people are like, “Oh if I would have known when it was happening, then I wouldn’t have missed it.” You know now, you have been warned. So get your ticket to Funnel Hacking Live. With that said, let’s queue up the theme song and I will see you guys in a second.

Alright, welcome back. So day number one was deep into the foundation, day number two we talked about funnels and traffic and stuff like that, day number three, which was Friday, this is when we start getting into selling and the Two Comma Club and the future, which is really fun.

So the way it started is the very first person up was Mr. Myron Golden and if you don’t know Myron, man, there are few people on this planet that, every time he talks it’s just like gold falls out of his mouth. I love him, I respect him, I’m so grateful for him. And he spoke about how to sell and he totally shifted people’s minds. And it’s interesting because a lot of people, he did this whole, I wish I could show you the whole presentation. Dang it, why weren’t you there? If you were there, thank you for being there.

But he talked about how money is measured more in time than in wealth. He said that if you make a million bucks, are you rich? It depends on how fast you make it. He said if you make a million bucks in the next four years, that’s $25,000 a year, are you rich? No. but if you make a million dollars in the next 12 months, are you rich? Yes. It’s the same amount of money, but it’s the time.

And it’s funny, he did this whole joke about, he’s like, that’s why when someone says, “Is this a get rich quick scheme?” He said, “It better be or I don’t want part of it, because I could make a million bucks in the next 40 years, or I can make it in the next year.” But it’s understanding that and just so many things breaking people’s mindset about what’s possible with money and wealth. Ugh, so cool. So Myron killed it as always.

After that, Jim Edwards came out in a huge blow up unicorn outfit. It was interesting because his presentation was on copy right. In fact, his title was make them thirsty and then sell them a drink. That was the title of his presentation and he came out there and did his thing, but what’s interesting is, it was so cool because it was probably the most emotional presentation of the whole thing. I’m not going to try and tell the stories because I don’t want to ruin them. But he was telling stories about what money has made possible and how he was literally able to save his son’s life. It was amazing and emotional.

And then afterwards he had me come back out onstage because, I can’t remember exactly, I’m probably going to mess up the story, and I apologize if Jim’s listening to this, but it was 8,700 something dollars of what he was making per year, back in the day. And then that’s how much he needed to help people. So he actually had me come out on stage and he gave me a check for the exact same amount to give to OUR, and it was just really symbolic of what’s possible when you do these things. Possible how money can change people’s lives, and it was really, really cool. So Jim killed it, people were crying and it was funny and fun and he’s just awesome. I love Jim.

After that, then we had Eyana Golden and talk about email story selling. I wanted to do an email session for years, and I never have because we just haven’t, I don’t know, it just hasn’t worked right yet. But Eyana’s been in my inner circle with her boyfriend James for the last couple of years and always paid attention. She had her own business and other things, and recently, over the last year and a half, 2 years, she started writing emails for herself, like doing story selling emails and getting good at them. Then she started doing it for other people, then she did a bunch for me as well. She became really, really good at this.

And I wanted people to hear for a couple of reasons. Number one, we need to become better story tellers, we need to become better at sending out emails, telling stories, and I think her presentation nailed that. The second part is, I think it’s interesting, and this is kind of like, she didn’t talk about this specifically, but I hope people kind of got this. There’s so many pieces in this business. There’s the traffic and funnels and design and email, and all these things. And she took just one piece of that, she took the piece of, “I’m going to become really good at email story selling.” And she geeked out on it and mastered it, studied it and became great at that one piece.

And then she started doing that for herself and made more money. Then she started doing it for other people, and again I don’t know how much money she’s making right now, but a year ago when I was talking to her about it she’s like, “Yeah, I just passed $30,000 a month writing emails for people.” And I’m like, $30,000 a month as a person who just writes emails. That’s insane. For anybody, as you’re going through, if you were to learn one skill inside of Funnel Hacking Live, you can take that skill and become a master at it, and then charge people to do it for them for their funnels. That’s what Eyana did and has this huge thriving business now, writing emails for other people.

Anyway, I wanted to share that for two reasons. Number one is the skill set to learn, number two is understanding, grasping that. Master one of these skills and become the expert at that, and it creates a whole new huge income streaming business for you.

After Eyana got done, then Brendon Burchard went up. And it’s funny because Brendon, the last day we had him doing his high performance presentation, which is fun and high energy. And here he’s teaching a more nerdy funnel one, how he does his 7 day launch funnel. And I was like, “Man, my people will love you and respect you more if you do this first because then they understand you’re one of us. You do funnels just like us.”

So he laid out the framework for his 7 day launch funnel, which was really cool. Same funnel that he taught this to me almost 2 years ago now. Actually it was 2 years from right now, this month. It was right when I was launching my Expert Secrets book. So we actually did the Expert Secrets book and then did the 7 day launch right afterwards. And we netted a quick million bucks from that. So he showed the whole funnel and walked it through, which was really cool as well.

And then after that, then Miss Julie Stoian got up, and she gave a really special presentation, I was really excited for it. We called it Freelancers Secrets to how to start your own agency. How to, if you don’t have a business or a product yet, how do you start this game? How do you get this thing all kicked off? And you do it by starting your own agency. And she came and gave this presentation on how she started when she was a single mom and all these things and bills and all these problems. And what does she do? And she’s like, “Well, I learned these skills and then I started being a freelancer, and then I did for it other people. Then I made someone in the Two Comma Club. Then I started using the skills for my own things. And now I’m doing it for Russell’s company.”

And she shared this whole journey. I think for most people they’re like, if you don’t know where to start, you start by being a freelancer. You start by doing that. That’s where you begin at. And she, the presentation was so good, I want to make everyone in our community watch it. It was so, so, so good. She just nailed it.

And I felt bad for her, she was so funny. She’s like, after Brendon got done she’s like, “Why do I have to speak after Brendon? That’s not fair.” But she held her own and just killed it, it was amazing.

So then after that, oh and she showed the trailer for a new TV show coming out called Freelancer Secrets, which is hilarious. So we showed that. Then everyone went to lunch and when they came back from lunch, we had two of the guys from JK studios, which if you ever watch Studio C, Studio C is like clean comedy. If you go to YouTube and just type in Studio C, it’s like the best comedy for your kids to watch. Every Sunday my kids are like, “I want to watch TV.” And we’re like, “You can only watch Studio C.” Because it’s like, I don’t know, 10 seasons of like clean sketch comedy. It’s amazing.

But they recently, all the founders of Studio C ended up leaving and starting their own company called JK Studios and we sponsored their very first show and it’s called Freelancers Secrets and it’s kind of fun. So part of the sponsor thing, we get to weave Clickfunnels into some of the things they’re doing.

They have one episode where they actually built a funnel inside of Clickfunnels. So they had the first episode done, so we actually got to show it. We had Matt Meese and Stacey Harkey actually come onstage and set up and tell about it, and we watched the episode. It was so funny, so awesome. So you’ll get to see 8 episodes this year of Freelancers, which is a TV show we’re sponsoring, an online TV show, and they weave Clickfunnels into it, which is so cool, so fun.<

Anyway, so that, we watched that with everybody. So that got done, then we did the presentations. And we started with the inner circle members, everyone who won inner circle member of the month came up onstage and we awarded inner circle member of the year, which was Dave Lindenbaum, which is awesome. Then after that we did our affiliate dream car winners, brought them onstage. And we did Two Comma Club award winners, and we had 200+ people come onstage and win a Two Comma Club. And then we did Two Comma Club X, which we had a new 25, I can’t remember the exact numbers, 25 people won Two Comma Club X, meaning they made over 10 million dollars in a funnel. And we did this huge award ceremony, which was amazing and fun, and pictures with everybody.

I always tell people, this is like the Oscars, the Emmy’s of entrepreneurship, and it’s just fun. And it’s crazy, every single year I’m always thinking, people are not going to come to this session, they’re going to stay out in the hallway or whatever. But it’s crazy, every year the entire year is filled and people sit there quiet for an hour and a half and we give awards. And I think for most people it’s this time to sit back and reflect like, yes, I hit the award or I didn’t. And what do I gotta do for next year to be able to get this. And it’s just like, I don’t know, it’s special. It’s one of my favorite parts about Funnel Hacking Live.

So we gave everyone the awards and then when it got done we did a quick break. Then we came back and I did a presentation called Secrets of the Two Comma Club, which is like, the people who have been getting the Two Comma Club, what do they know that you don’t know? If you’re not here yet, there’s something they know. So we have to understand what they know and believe what they believe if we’re going to do it.

So instead of me just doing a whole presentation, I brought some amazing people from the inner circle to come up and tell parts of the story, things that they believe that I think everyone has to believe if they’re actually going to do it right. So first I had Chris Warrick, he came up and he talked about forgiveness.&nbsp; A lot of people aren’t successful because they haven’t forgiven themselves, or they haven’t forgiven other people and they hold that resentment back, which keeps them from moving forward.

And Chris, you guys heard I did a podcast episode a little while ago, I shared him speaking at Inner Circle about forgiveness it was insanely amazing. So he did a whole presentation on that. And he had everyone do this forgiveness prayer, which was so cool. It was amazing, other than I got three people who complained that we prayed in an event. But you know, that’s what we do. It’s my event so I will, I didn’t know Chris was going to pray, but I’m grateful he did. We had other people, I had one guy message, “I’m an atheist. The first time I ever prayed in my life and it changed everything for me.” And other things, it was just a really special experience.

So Chris came and talked about forgiveness, that was the first thing. You have to forgive yourself if you are going to move forward. That was number one. Then James P Friell got up and talked about an identity shift. He talked about when he wanted to become a drummer he sucked at drumming, but he was like, “If I’m going to become a drummer, I have to act like a drummer. So I bought drumsticks and drum clothes, and bought this stuff and I got lessons. I had to become, I had to shift my identity to become a drummer if I was going to become a drummer.”

A lot of people want to lose weight, but they like, “Oh I’m going to lose weight, I’m going to lose weight.” But until they shift their identity to, “I’m someone who is fit, I’m someone who’s in shape.” It’s almost impossible to lose weight. So the next lesson was like, you have to actually shift your identity to like, “I’m a marketer. I’m a funnel builder. I’m a funnel hacker.” If you don’t shift your identity, you can come to these events all you want, but until you shift your identity, you’re never going to have the results and success you want.

So Chris talked about forgiveness and James talked about shifting your identity. Then number three, I have them out of order here, I think number three was Stacy Martino. I had her come up and talk about your seventh power of community. And she has this cool concept called right hand, left hand, which I may have her do a whole podcast on that in the future. But it’s really just a really cool thing. Like, here’s your family in one hand, who you love, but they’re not into personal development and marketing and these kind of things over here. And it doesn’t make them bad, it makes them great. And then in the left hand are the people who are in your tribe, your community who are like obsessed with you. If you’re like, ‘I’m going on a juice cleanse.” And they’re like, ‘Sweet, I’ll do it too.” And they’re all excited.

She said a lot of times, if you take your left hand and right hand and put them together, it crushes the people in the middle. You have to understand that it causes conflict. A lot of times we try to do that, we go home to our friends and family who we love, who are amazing, and we’re trying to be like, “Hey come juice cleanse with me. Read this book. You should go to this training course.” And we just kind of bombard our personal development stuff on people and they feel alienated and it causes separations.

We have to understand that the people in your left hand, those are the people who love that stuff, geek out with them. The people in your right hand, you don’t try to shove these things down their throat, you just try to be an example to them. And if you’re an example some will come and follow you and others won’t and that’s okay. But it’s just understanding which hand the people you’re dealing with are. So you can understand, these are my community who I focus on this stuff, these are the people I love over here.

It was just such a key, important part because a lot of people get those things mixed up, which causes the problems why they don’t succeed. So Stacy talked about that, then Myron Golden came up and talked about making a covenant. Like how do you actually make a commitment and covenant as opposed to a contract. And you have to covenant with yourself if you’re going to actually have success. He talked about that whole thing of like, you have to make a covenant and a commitment if you’re going to actually be successful. And it was amazing.

And Stephen Larsen came up and talked about Just In Time Learning. You don’t have to go and read 50 books to be successful, it’s like, understand the steps, what’s the next step, and then just geek out and learn exactly what you need to learn to do that next step and that’s it, because too many entrepreneurs are trying to read a book a week and trying to listen to 400 podcasts a week. And it’s like, no, no, no. When you’re a CEO and you’re running a business you can read a book a week. But when you’re an entrepreneur in the startup phase, you’re going to be focusing on what’s the next step and just put 100% of your effort, time and energy into that next step and just focus on that, which is amazing.

So he did that and then I kind of had them all go down and I did a presentation on the who not the how, which I was really, really proud of. And then the waffle, which I’m not going to get into that on this podcast, it might be confusing. But it was a whole concept of understanding it’s not about learning how to do all these things, it’s understanding who are the people you need to be able to get to your vision and how do you get there the fastest. And it was really fun. We did that whole presentation.

And then we sold, once a year we sell the Two Comma Club X coaching program. And what’s cool, everyone that renewed from last year, I gave them huge watches, which really symbolically meant a lot to me and we got them designed to be Clickfunnels watches. So we gave them to all of them. And then we said, “Everyone who’s got a Clickfunnels watch come up on stage.” And over 300 people from the audience came up onstage with me. And I said, “This is your tribe. If you decide to come with us, this is your tribe here.” And I said, “Who’s your mentor?” and I brought up the coaching staff, “These are your coaches and mentors and this is your tribe. These are the people who support you to get you to the Two Comma Club by next year.”

So it was super overwhelming. It was way more people than I thought as we brought them onstage, which was really cool. Then they all sat down and I did this presentation and made them an offer for Two Comma Club X, which turned out amazing. So that was awesome.

Then we broke for dinner, and after dinner we had another session where people who took the Two Comma Club last year and had success, they came back and shared their stories from stage, which was amazing. And then a lot of people signed up for Two Comma Club X coaching at that point. And that was Friday. So that was the third day, such a good day.

>So many cool things, from the belief, to selling, to stories, to all the pieces. It was amazing. I love how we choreograph these events. I hope you guys realize how much time, effort and energy goes into that for how all the pieces go together and how one thing breaks the belief in the next thing. It’s the reason why people don’t sit in the hall networking, because they would miss the whole storyline. People are like, “Why don’t you publish who all the speakers are going to be what time?” And I’m like, because I don’t want you guys to, “I’m going to go to this one. I don’t need that one. I don’t need Julie’s freelancer secrets because I have my own business.” No, you need it. There’s so many things that she taught that are so essential for you to understand the next piece of the puzzle.

So that’s why we’re kind of more secret about who’s speaking, when they’re speaking, because I want people there for every single session because they all build upon each other. They’re strategically placed in a way to get people the experience they need.

So that was the crazy day number three at Funnel Hacking Live. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about Day number four. There was some controversy at day number four, there was some crazy stuff, there’s up and downs, and I’m going to walk you guys through all that. And I will tell you how many people have joined Two Comma Club X coaching program if you’re interested. So with that said, if you haven’t got your tickets to Funnel Hacking Live yet, seriously what are you waiting for? It’s time to commit. Make a covenant to yourself that you’re going to come and you’re going to be part of this community because this tribe, this community they are here to support you. They love you and they care about you, but you’ve gotta make the leap of faith and come.

So with that said, go to and get your tickets. And I will see you guys tomorrow on day number four of four of Funnel Hacking Live. Thanks everybody.


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