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189 - Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recap - Day 4

Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Recap - Day 4

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Episode Recap:

Changing The World – Behind the scenes of the last day, the Lindsey Stirling concert, and so much more. On today’s episode Russell recaps day four of Funnel Hacking Live 2019. Here are some of the amazing things you will hear in this episode:

-- Find out why Garrett White bringing an audience member onstage and getting him to purchase the Two Comma Club coaching program caused some controversy.

-- Hear what Russell’s favorite part of having Lindsey Sterling at Funnel Hacking Live was.

-- And hear Russell gush over how appreciative he is of everyone involved in this year’s event.

So listen here to find out how the final day of Funnel Hacking Live 2019 went.

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Best Quote:

“You know, I went home after that. And I remember watching myself on TV and I had the realization that they were right. I wasn’t good enough. So I kind of went back and for the next 18 months I went back and I learned how to dance better, I learned how to play violin better, I learned how to engage with the audience better. I learned these things and I spent 18 months to get where I could be good enough. Then I went out and started doing these videos and these videos. And on YouTube, the first video, second, third, fourth it wasn’t until I had this one video for Crystalized and it was my best one so far, and I put it out there and for some reason that one blew up and it built my following, millions and millions of views in the first 24 hours. And at that point I was good enough. I had worked it and I had earned it and I was finally good enough for the success.”


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What’s up everybody? Alright, welcome to day number 4 of 4 of the Funnel Hacking Live recap. Man it’s like, as I’m going through these again and reliving all the moments, it’s just like I’m putting myself in the room and experiencing the feelings and the excitement and  the energy and I miss it, it’s crazy.

So for those of you guys who were there, you know that you experienced it and I hope you guys come back in next year so we can serve you again. It’s crazy, I had so many people come to me and tell me, “I’ve been to so many Funnel Hacking Lives and so many other events and this was by far, not just the best Funnel Hacking Live, but the best event. I’ve ever been to.” Which meant a lot.

And I even had, it’s interesting because one of the early, early, Brian Bowman, one of the early members in our community, he voxed me and said, ‘It’s interesting, I’ve been in your community a long time and we were coming to the events when there was 600 people, then a thousand, and a lot of times as things get bigger the people who have been around a long time get kind of pushed out. They miss that special thing. I don’t know how you did it, even with 4500 people there, we all still felt special.” Even for the people who have been around a long time, it was still amazing. It was the best one yet. So that meant a lot to me.

So we try to keep it cool. It’s interesting because my vision for Funnel Hacking Live before going to the 10x event was like we should have 35,000 people in the stadium, and now that I’ve done that and it was not as intimate, it was harder to connect and communicate, we decided to keep it smaller. So as I told you before, we’re returning, we’re going back to Nashville next year, in the same room, same ballroom, same stage. I want people to, I told people after the Two Comma Club presentation, “This is the same stage, the literal stage you’ll be standing on next year if you get your Two Comma Club award. Look at that, this is your spot.”

So that was kind of cool. But we’re in the same spot so that means, I think we get 5000, it’s like the Fire Marshall limit in the room. So we could have an extra 500 people from this year, but not much more. So we sold out every year in the past, we’ll sell out again this year. We are less than a year away from it already, so if you don’t have your tickets I’d highly recommend that you go. So go to and get them. Prices will be raising soon, other stuff will be happening. But I would get your tickets now, make that commitment right now while you’re remembering what it’s like to be there, or while you’re going through these recaps and realizing you missed it. Make that commitment now to go and do it, get your ticket at

Alright, with that said, we’re going to queue up the theme song and I’m going to talk you guys through what happened with day number four.

Alright, so day number 4. This is the day where my stress starts going down. My stress is the biggest because obviously I love giving the presentations, it’s so much fun, but the stressful one’s when I sell. And we only sell two things at Funnel Hacking Live, number one, well we sold the Traffic Secrets Software, but we sold it for free, so that was fun. And then we have the donation for charity, so there’s the charity then. We try to get people to upgrade to Actionetics MD, so just, half the room already has it, so they get the stuff for free anyway. Then the other one is the coaching program.

It’s interesting, I used to go to events back in the day and every speaker would sell something and you get 50 pitches. Same thing at 10x, every speaker sold something just like that. Where here it’s like, there really is only one sell, all the other ones are just like little. But the real sell is the coaching program and it’s something I believe so much in and I’ve spent so much time and energy and money to make it amazing. And it’s like, I think I get nervous because I know if people go through this they’re going to be successful, but how do I convince them of that?

So I try to do everything in my power to give a presentation and make an offer that’s so irresistible that people will take me up on it. And it’s interesting, I did this whole part of my presentation during the secrets of the two comma club presentation I did yesterday. I talked about the difference between being resourceful and having resources. I told the story of Kenneth Cole. And I may have told you guys the story before, but it’s worth repeating.

But Kenneth Cole, you guys know Kenneth Cole, the shoe company right. When he was starting this shoe company, I think he was in New York and there was a big shoe show happening, shoe show, is that how you say it? Shoe trade show was happening so he went to go get a booth and they told him the cost of the booth and he couldn’t afford it. And most people would have stopped right there, and this is the lesson I want you guys to understand, most people would have stopped right there. But Kenneth Cole said, “I don’t have the resources, I need to be resourceful.” So he said, “How about instead of buying a booth I rented a truck and put it out in front of the venue, and I have all my shoes in there and then everyone will see it as I’m coming through. That’s a good idea.”

So he goes to rent a truck, like a big, huge truck, and the truck people are like, “They’re not going to let you park it there.” and he’s like, “Well why not.” And they’re like, “Well you have to have a permit to be able to park a truck in front of a big building during a convention.” And he’s like, “Oh.”

And again, most people would have stopped there. Like, I don’t have the resources to get a permit. But instead he was like, “How do I do that.” And he ran over to the state, the government and said, “Hey I need to get a permit to park my van in front of this shoe show.” Shoe show is a tongue twister.

Anyway, they’re like, “Dude, we’re not giving you a permit.” He’s like, “Why not?” and they’re like, “Only two people get a permit. The first person is construction, if you’re building something you can get a permit. Or second is if you’re making a movie.” And again, most people would have been like, “okay, I guess I’m not building something, I’m not making a movie. I’m done.” But Kenneth Cole again, he didn’t have the resources so he had to be resourceful.

So he went back and went to the city, filed a business license and called his company name, Kenneth Cole Productions, went across to stores like Kinko’s or whatever, Fedex, Kinko’s and got business cards printed that said Kenneth Cole productions, walked back to the place where he gets a permit and said, “Hey, my name is Kenneth Cole, I’m filing a permit, I’m making a movie called the Making Of A Shoe, and I need this permit for my truck.”

And they granted him the permit, he got the truck, parked the truck in front of the shoe show, didn’t have money for an actual video camera, so he had a bunch of people with camera’s with no tape in it, walking around pretend filming him. And it had the big thing like, “We’re making a movie called the Birth of a Shoe Company.” And every single person that went to the shoe show that weekend, the trade show, walked past his truck out front and that’s how he built his huge company, which is a huge company to this day. And in fact, to this day his company is still called Kenneth Cole Productions and he said the reason why is because it’s a tribute in his ability to focus on being resourceful as opposed to having resources.

So I understand that signing up for a coaching program it’s, “I don’t have the resources, I don’t have the money.” Yet, I’ve tried to like, how do I break that belief? Because I didn’t have money when I joined my coaching programs, most people don’t. But that’s also the reason why I had success because I didn’t have the money. So I went into debt, and now I had this pressure, I had these things, I had to figure things out. It forced me to do things.

So I tell those stories in a way to break false beliefs. And a lot of people, that breaks false beliefs, but some people for some reason they don’t listen, they don’t hear with the right ears and they don’t sign up. In my mind I’m like, “Of the 4500 people we should have had 4000 that joined the program, it just makes logical sense. Why wouldn’t you at this point?” But obviously that doesn’t happen ever.

So that’s kind of why I stressed out over day three. So day number four I have less stress because I’ve done my sales pitch, it’s done, people that are in are in and I can kind of relax. So we moved into Saturday.

And what’s interesting, Saturday starts happening and the very first person to speak is Garrett White and the presentation was going to be called the Gap, right. There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to go and how you fill that up. And he started doing his presentation and in true Garrett White fashion, he is so intense. I love him, and he swears a lot and I don’t swear, I’m not a big fan of swearing, but I believe in him and I believe in his mission. I think he does it with a pure heart even if the words aren’t pure, if that makes sense.

Anyway, it’s funny because my mom was there and she like, I was like, “Mom, do not come to this session, whatever you do.” And I warned everyone, “If you’re offended by the f-word please don’t come.” In fact, I even tried to bribe Garrett. I told him I’d wear a custom suit to his next event if he didn’t drop the f-word. He lasted like a minute thirty. And then he’s like, “Ah, fine Russell. You can wear shorts if you want. I can’t not swear.”

But he did his presentation and halfway through the presentation this kid comes up named Andy. Andy comes up and just like, “I need to talk to everyone.” Or something, I don’t know the whole situation. And Garrett could have just had him sit back down, but instead he’s like, he took this moment and he’s like okay. And he brings this kid up. You can tell the kid’s in pain. You can tell he’s not happy where he’s at. He wants to grow and whatever. But in his mind he’s saying, “I don’t have the resources to do this thing.”

So Garrett brings him onstage and has him do burpee’s and push-ups and I don’t even know what he’s doing. Trying to break this guys steam I think and try to, I’m sure there’s a purpose behind it all. He basically asks him flat out, “Okay, what’s your goal?” and the guy’s goal, “Two Comma Club, I want to be onstage next year.” And he’s like, “Cool, did you sign up for the coaching program?” “No.” and he’s like, “Then that’s not your goal. It’s a fantasy. You’re dreaming about it but you’re not willing to put in the effort.”

The guy’s like, ‘Well I don’t have the resources. I don’t have the money to do it.” And Garrett laughed, he said, “You know 10 years ago I was in a room just like this and I couldn’t do it either. In fact, my wife was going to leave me if I did it. But I knew I had to because these guys had given me a window, I believed in myself, so I had to be resourceful and I figured it out, and it changed everything for me.”

And Garrett was kind of going through the story and kind of pushing him a little bit, you know, “If your honest kid, you need to make a commitment. If the commitment is no, I’m not going to do it, that’s fine. But if you say, my commitment is I’m going to commit to myself, I’m going to be onstage and get a Two Comma Club award, it means the next 12 months you’re going to make a million bucks. If you know you’re gonna make, if you are committing to yourself to make that your goal, you’re going to make a million bucks in the next 12 months, what’s 2,500 bucks a month for a coaching program. It’s nothing.

“So if you honestly, if you believe in yourself, that you committed to yourself this commitment, then you should go do it.” And it’s funny because I didn’t tell Garrett to sell for me. He wasn’t planning on selling for me. He doesn’t get a penny for it. But he’s helping this guy through this decision, which is in proxy of everyone else sitting here thinking, if you honestly believe in yourself, and you honestly believe, believe in it.

This doesn’t cost you any money ever right. It only costs you money if you don’t believe in yourself. “I’m not actually going to do it. I’m going to say I’m going to do it, but it’s a fantasy. I know I’m not going to put the work in, I know I’m not going to do what it takes to make it successful.”Then yeah, it’s a lot of money. But if you do, 2500 dollars out of a million is not a lot of money. But it is if you don’t believe in yourself, if you’re not actually committing and covenanting to do that thing.

So Garrett kind of just pushed him a little bit and finally the kid makes this commitment, and I say kid, he’s 25 years old. He said, “Alright, I’m going to do it.” And he marches to the back and he signs up. And anyway, it’s interesting. And Garrett does the rest of his presentation and he ends up getting 80 people come on stage and Garrett closes 80 more people on the coaching, based on the same concept. “Just look, you guys. If you honestly believe you’re going to do this, don’t make this a fantasy, make it a real thing.”

Then after, and I’m going to come back to, well, it’s interesting because there were a lot of people who were like freaking out for this guy, for Andy. And we got people on social media who were like blowing up like, “Oh, what’s happening at Funnel Hacking Live, they’re hard selling people.” And it was weird because I didn’t know what to believe. In fact, for the last week I’ve been contemplating this. It’s been interesting, and I watched in the last week, Andy, because he made that commitment, he launched his first funnel yesterday. Literally, within 7 days of Funnel Hacking Live he launched his first funnel. And I have no idea how it’s doing, it’s probably not going to be the biggest home run in the world, but he launched it.

When he didn’t have the resources, he called his dad who does have resources. His dad helped fund the thing and now he’s building a webinar for his dad’s business and he’s going to make money there. He shifted from, “I don’t have the resources, the thing that most people come back to. I need to be resourceful if I honestly believe in myself. If I’m not making a fantasy, but I’m making an actual goal and I believe I’m going to hit it, then I need to put my money where my mouth is.”

And I’m watching and I’m seeing Andy Facebook live everyday and do these things, and how grateful he is that Garrett pushed him, and how grateful he was. Then on the flip side I had other people, in the facebook group and other places who were so mad about it. Like “you shouldn’t be doing that to people. You shouldn’t be doing these things.” Yet, the person it happened to was so grateful for the experience because it got them off their butt. It got them to shift, it did the thing it needed to do.

And it’s just interesting and kind of in reflection for the last week, it’s interesting because I didn’t, you guys see how I sell, I don’t sell hard like that. I tell stories to break false beliefs, but what Garrett did was amazing and got so many people to shift. And I know, I guarantee, I guarantee, in fact, if I was a betting man I’d bet on this. I bet there will be at least a dozen if not more people, who come onstage next year and get Two Comma Club award because Garrett did, made that shift. I bet you money Andy’s going to hit it too.

Anyway, we will see. But I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen. Anyway, I’m putting that out there because it’s interesting. It made some people uncomfortable, and that’s why they were voicing their opinion, which is totally cool. I understand that. And it was, again, it wasn’t my plan to prepare it, or knew it was happening. Garrett wasn’t into it happening, it was just in the heat of the moment, when you’re coaching somebody through something, it comes out as just, it was interesting.

But I’m grateful that Garrett did it. I know Andy’s grateful that he did. And I think that so many people who took that leap of faith because of that presentation. It was fascinating.

Then after that, then Myron Golden got back up and Myron shared some cool stories like he always does. Just trying to give people one last push, like, “Okay, this is your last chance.” And we talked for 30 minutes and we said, “Okay, 30 minute countdown clock. This is your last chance to join Two Comma Club X and then it’s done. And then as soon as Brendon Burchard steps onstage this offer is gone, it’s off the table and it’s over.”

So we did that, had a 30 minute break, a whole bunch more people signed up and we launched year two of the Two Comma Club x coaching program, which I’m really excited for. We’ve got, I don’t know the exact numbers, 550 people signed up at the event, plus an additional about 300 from last year who are in for round two, which is going to be fun. So it’s going to be an amazing program, about 800 people or so in the program.

And this year, it’s funny because we’ve got a huge coaching infrastructure built in. I wish you guys could see behind the scenes of what’s happening, it’s amazing. So if we decide to ever open this up during the year, you guys should jump in. But right now we only sell it at events, so we’ll see what happens in the future. But that was awesome.

Then after the break we came back and Brendon Burchard came up and did his High Performance Academy presentation. Talked about six habits of high performers and it was amazing.  I love Brendon, I’ve known him for more than a decade, but I’ve never actually seen him speak like that. I was front row, and his keynote presentation, the one he loves. You could tell the energy of the room was amazing because he was jumping around like crazy. It was awesome. People laughed, they cried, it was so good. I appreciate Brendon for coming. And again, I didn’t pay him a penny. He flew on his own dime to come out here and to share with the group because he cares and he believes, which was awesome.

So when he was done, then we broke to lunch because we were way over time at this point. All these things we were supposed to do just way over time. We broke to lunch and all the Two Comma Club, we do a special waffle lunch for them and had a chance to go and say hi to them really quick, and then the coaching program began right there which is exciting.

And then during lunch Lindsey Sterling, this is so cool, Lindsey Sterling came and got everything setup for her speakers and her everything and her band showed up. Then we let inner circle in and we let Two Comma Club X come in, everyone came in and then I had a chance to meet Lindsey behind the stage really quickly and then she came out and gave this performance.

And I was excited, I thought it was going to be good, but it was so much better than I had hoped for. And I remember I came off after the performance was done and came back stage, and all of the people on the production company were like, “That was insane. We were not expecting that.” It was so good. The performance was good, the lights, the music, the everything was so good. And then she would go to the mic every once in a while and say things, and man, she related to our audience so well.

Because she’s a marketer like us, she grew up on YouTube and all these things. And she told these stories that were about, I wish, I don’t even know how to explain it, it was so, so amazing.

Then when she got done, she went up really quick and we took a quick break for her to kind of get reset and everything. Then I had a chance to bring her out onstage and I got to interview her. And I asked her some questions and it was crazy because I was leading questions because I wanted the answers, and the answers she gave were not what I was leading towards, but they were better.

For example, if you guys know, she was on America’s Got Talent, she made it three or four episodes in and then on the big national TV with like 30 million people watched, she got kicked off. And they told her she was no good. So I was asking her questions about that because I wanted her to say, “you know, but I realized, screw you, I am good. I came back and I built my own thing.” But then her response was o much different and so much better than what I had dreamt of.

She’s like, “You know, I went home after that. And I remember watching myself on TV and I had the realization that they were right. I wasn’t good enough. So I kind of went back and for the next 18 months I went back and I learned how to dance better, I learned how to play violin better, I learned how to engage with the audience better. I learned these things and I spent 18 months to get where I could be good enough. Then I went out and started doing these videos and these videos. And on YouTube, the first video, second, third, fourth it wasn’t until I had this one video for Crystalized and it was my best one so far, and I put it out there and for some reason that one blew up and it built my following, millions and millions of views in the first 24 hours.  And at that point I was good enough. I had worked it and I had earned it and I was finally good enough for the success.”

And I was getting chills. I just got chills again telling that story. I’m like, oh my gosh. Someone thinks, “No, screw you I am good enough” It’s like, no, no, no, if someone’s telling you you’re not good enough, don’t fight it like that. Do what Lindsey did and be like, “You know what, they’re right. I’m not good enough.” And then get back to work. And then you can become good enough. It was so powerful. That was like one of her messages. There were so many good things. She’s amazing.

Anyway, I can’t even thank her enough, it was so much better than I had hoped for. So that was awesome. And she works with OUR as well, she does a bunch of work with them. So we had her stay onstage and we brought up OUR and we gave them a check. And it was funny, I think we raised like, I can’t remember, it was something like 400 and something thousand dollars, which is amazing. Then we matched it, so we’re like at 850,000 dollars. And my mom sold a quilt for like 78,000. So we were like, I don’t know the exact number, but we’re like 100,000 dollars away from a million and I wanted a million so bad.

So we had a big, huge check at the back about to write the numbers on it. And it was like, 800 and whatever the number was. And then Todd’s like, “Do you want to just round it up?” I’m like, “What do you mean?” He’s like, “Let’s just round it up. We should give them at least a million bucks.” I’m like, “Are you serious.” He’s like, “Yup” I’m like, “Ah, I love you Todd.” So we rounded it up to a million bucks and we were able to give them a check for a million dollars onstage, which is so cool. Two years in a row, a million bucks each year, which that’s…. and in a side you can say, in the check, like what’s this for? It says “For the lives of 400 children”, because that million dollars will save 400 children from slavery, which is amazing.

I’m so grateful for everyone in the Clickfunnels community for donating money and putting it out there. And so many of you guys, I know after Funnel Hacking Live last year went and showed the documentary to people, and people raised money, people ran their own events. Millions of other dollars were produced because of what happened at Funnel Hacking Live, and I’m sure the same thing will happen this year as well.

And I just want to thank all, everyone who was there who participated and played full out. But that was Funnel Hacking Live and it ended and it was such an amazing experience. And I’m grateful for my team, for all the people. So many people put in so much effort, and time, and energy into it. I’m grateful for everyone who donated, who paid money to come and took time away from work and family to be there. I don’t take that lightly and I try to serve at the highest level possible and I feel like this event did that. I think it changed people’s lives and there was so much tactical amazing stuff. So much strategy and just aha’s. The networking, the entertainment, I don’t know what else I could do to make it better and I’m nervous for next year. But we will do our best to make it better for next year.

But if you didn’t come, I promise you it will be worth your time. Someone posted on Facebook the other day, I saw it in my newsfeed, it said, “Russell Brunson promised Funnel Hacking Live would change lives. Did it change yours? My answer in the comments.”

I’m like, oh crap. Someone who just like had a bad experience or something. And I read it and it starts saying, “Russell told me it was going to change my life. I wasn’t going to go, and I finally decided to go and I have to tell you it literally changed my life.” And they went and told the whole experience of what happened, who they met, and how it transformed stuff.

And I was like, oh my gosh. How cool is that? And everyone else started posting, “Yes, it changed my life.” “Yes it did.” “Yes it did.” It was just like, ah, that’s the feeling you want after all the work and effort goes into it.

So I appreciate all you guys who sacrificed your time and your money to come to the event. I’m grateful for those who signed up for Two Comma Club X coaching. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve you guys over the next 12 months. I will not let you down, our team will not let you down. We’re here for you, care for you, we love you. I want as many of you guys as possible onstage next year.

And for those who haven’t had a chance to come yet, or just listening in and hoping to someday be able to come and start being part of this game, keep working towards it. Go get your tickets right now. Commit to next year and start working towards it and be part of this community. This community is second to none. I’ve never seen something like this in our industry ever. It’s a whole bunch of people who care, a whole bunch of people who are trying to change the world their own little ways. And if you want to tap into that, Funnel Hacking Live is the place to do it.

So with that said, I’m going to bounce, I’m going to let you guys go for the day. Appreciate you all, thanks again for listening in. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to come to next year’s event. If you don’t have your tickets yet go to and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye everybody.


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