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192 - My Funnel Hacking Live Keynote Presentation - Part 2 of 4

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Episode Recap:

Listen to part 2 of 4 of my keynote presentation from FHL. During this part of the presentation, I start diving deeper into how to create your irresistible offers. On today’s episode you will hear part 2 of 4 of Russell’s first presentation at Funnel Hacking Live 2019. Here are some of the super awesome things you will hear in this part:

-- Hear Russell give ideas for a written offer, an audio offer, and a video offer, that are all super easy.

-- Find out why it’s so important to not be a commodity and how you can avoid it.

-- And see why Russell always has several things he can use to bulk up his offers.

So listen here to hear the second part of Russell’s keynote presentation at this year’s Funnel Hacking Live.

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Best Quote:

People always ask me, “How can I make money as an affiliate, Russell?” The first thing you do is you don’t sell the product that they’re already selling. That’s like, “Buy Russell’s thing.” That’s like number one on your list, then it’s like, “Now I need to make my own offer.” How many of you guys bought the one funnel away challenge from somebody and then bought it again from Stephen later because you wanted his bonus? Okay how many of you guys have bought twice from Stephen because you wanted the new bonus the second time? There’s a lesson in this.


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Hey everyone this is Russell. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope you enjoyed the first 25% of my keynote presentation at Funnel Hacking Live. During today’s episode I’m going to start diving deeper into actually how you create an offer. We talked about so far the fact that the offer increases the value, you have to have amazing offers because that’s how you decommoditize yourself and how you make people desire and lust and go crazy for the thing you’re trying to sell.

So the next thing is like, “Okay, that’s cool Russell, but you know I’m selling physical products, and I’m doing this or whatever and I don’t know how to bulk up my offer.” And the easiest way to bulk up offers is with information products. So the next section of my presentation, I started going deeper into exactly how to create information products. I walk through nine different ways that I think you’re going to enjoy. We’re going to kind of go through nine different ways, and then do a couple of potential exercises and things like that, and then we’re going to move into story.

So with that said, I’m queue up the theme song and jump into part two of my keynote presentation.

So the question is, how do you do that? Some of you guys are like, “I sell this thing, how do I make it sexier? How do I make an offer?” So the fastest way to increase an offer is to bulk it up by adding other types of information products. So I’m going to go through a couple of ways you guys can create quick information products to bulk up any offer without actually having to write a book. Does that sound like fun?

Alright cool. So I’m going through 3 different things you can do. Number one, there are written words, but I’m going to show you how to do that without actually writing any words. Number two is audio and number three is video. This will give you guys ideas so no one will be able to say, “I can’t create an offer, Russell.” With these things I’m going to show you, you can create millions and millions of offers. In fact, if you start looking at everything I do, you’ll notice there’s always one of these three things I’m using to bulk up my offers every single time.

So the first are written things. So the first thing I want to show you guys is, how many of you guys would love to have a book but you don’t want to write a book? Books are the most painful part of anything I’ve ever done, ever. By far. So this is a book that was a crowd source book called chicken soup for the soul. How many of you guys have read Chicken Soup for the Soul? How many of you guys have read one of the 8 million versions since then?

The most amazing thing about this book is that they authors who wrote this book didn’t actually write any of the words in the books. Isn’t that great? Yet, they still made millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars. The other day my son came into my little office, it was Bowen again, he came in and he saw this book and he said, “Dad, is that your new book?” and I said, “Yeah.” And he said, “You wrote another new book?” I was like, “Well, kind of.” And he’s like, “What do you mean kind of?” I’m like, ‘Well, I wrote the title and that was it.” He’s like, “Did you cheat?” I’m like, “No, I didn’t cheat. I have 30 people who’ve got Two Comma Club awards write how they would get a two comma club award if they could do it again.” He’s like, “And then they just wrote the chapter?” I said, “Yeah, then I put it in a book, then we sell the book.” And he’s like, “But you didn’t write anything.” I’m like, “I wrote the title. It’s a really good title.” And he’s like, “I don’t think that’s a real book dad.” I’m like, ‘No, it really is.”

How many of you guys inside whatever business you’re in could find a whole bunch of experts in whatever it is, and you could write a book like this? This book alone, we did the very first launch of the one funnel away challenge where we gave this away, and we closed it down for like four months, people were auctioning these things off. Someone sold one for over $500 on eBay. People were going crazy for this book.

Now when we’re launching one funnel away challenge again, we’re like, ‘you guys get this book.” And people flip out. People buy just because they want the book, and I didn’t write a word of it.

So think about this, how could you guys like, Chicken Soup for the Soul trailblazed it for us, I trailblazed it for you, how could you guys do that same thing in your market? Find people around you and be like, “Let me interview you,” do 30 of you, or 20  of you, or 10 of you and put together and make a book. There’s a million things you could do with that, but it’s a fast, easy way to create a book but you don’t actually have to do it.

Number two way to get written books really fast is to compile examples of stuff. How many of you guys have read my 108 Split Tests book? This is literally just screen shots of 108 of our split tests and people go crazy for it. How many of you guys are doing stuff in your business or whatever it is you do, where you have this byproduct? We weren’t planning on selling this, we were just doing split tests and it takes screen shots of the split tests and eventually two years later we’re like, we should just put these all in a book. We just compiled a whole bunch of examples and we sold it.

This right here, how many of you guys are members of Funnel University? Every month we find a couple of funnels, we compile them, talk about them, and show them to people. Not my funnels, other people’s funnels. We just find the cool ones and we show them and put them in a newsletter.

How many of you guys have seen this book, the 74 Funnel Swipe File? None of you guys have seen it yet. Another product coming out soon to a funnel near you. Same thing, we’re just compiling cool stuff. How many of you guys have seen cool stuff before? You should just compile it then, make a book, and then it’s amazing. More people have probably read this book than my other books that I spent years slaving on to write, and they’re like, ‘Oh, this is better.”

One of my favorite ones, this is kind of a tricky one. How many of you guys have heard of the public domain before? This is where Walt Disney got all his ideas by the way, he never wrote anything. He just went to the public domain and he’s like, “Oh sweet, someone wrote a story about a beauty and a beast, or about a snow princess, or about all these things.’ He found public domain stories and produced movies out of it. Anything that was written pre-1923 in the United States is in the public domain and you can republish it as your own.

One of my friends, Matt Furey, he took this old 1914 wrestling course, Farmer Burns, published the book and made over a million dollars selling that course. Have any of you guys read Think and Grow Rich? Master Key Systems? Tons of the books that you guys know and are aware of are all in the public domain, you can republish them.

There are two places I go for public domain stuff. Number one I go to, everything on is on the public domain. They just publish, there’s like 50,000 ebooks there, you could find one in your market, you can take it and republish it as your own. The second secret, I go to eBay and eBay in the non-fiction book section, you can search by year, so I search by year and I start typing keywords in my market. And you will be amazed at how many amazing books that have been written that people are selling on eBay for $1.50, that you can then republish and sell for whatever you want. Bundle inside of your offer to quickly get amazing books.

Okay, so there’s three fast ways to make books. Crowd source them, compile a bunch of examples, or go in the public domain.

Okay now here’s a concept I need you guys to understand as we move from the first three to the next three and beyond. This will make this whole process simpler for you. The concept is this, people will spend more money for the exact same content packaged in a different way. I’ll say it again. People will spend more money for the exact same content packaged in a different way.

When I first started this business, I remember going to events like this and the speaker, it seemed like every single time some speaker would say, “Who here has read Think and Grow Rich?” By the way, how many of you guys have read Think and Grow Rich? Which is in the public domain by the way, so you guys can all publish and make Think and Grow Rich for Dentists, Think and Grow Rich for Surfers, Think and Grow Rich for whatever, it’s ready for you.

But anyway, I kept hearing that so I went and bought the book and I was like, I’m so excited to read the book, and I put it next to my bed stand and it sat there for months and months and then years. And every time I’d go to an event, they’d be like, “Who read Think and Grow Rich?” I’d raise my hand, well I haven’t actually read it. I have it, someday I’ll read it.

And one day I remember feeling guilty and I went on eBay and I typed Think and Grow Rich Cd’s and someone was selling the CD course of it. So I bought the CDs, go it in my car and for the next 3 weeks, I started “reading” Think and Grow Rich in my car. What’s interesting about this, the book Think and Grow Rich cost me $9.97 on Amazon. The CDs cost me $97 on eBay. So I literally paid ten times more money for the exact same thing packaged in a different way. Was there any difference between the book and the audio? It was literally word for word. Some dude read the book and then it became CDs and I spent ten times as much.

This is the lesson for you guys. How many of you guys read the Dotcom Secrets book? How many of you guys read the Expert Secrets book? Why are you here then? Everything I know is in those books.  I got nothing else. Oh, because it’s packaged a different way. Does that make sense? I want you guys all to understand that what you have you can package in so many different ways, and because of the experience, how it’s being fulfilled, all those things, it shifts the value of it. This is way more valuable than a $10 book, this experience being here.

So I’m going to shift over to audio now. This is a book that we republished, this is in the public domain, it’s called the Life Work of Farmer Burns. I had my father in law get a microphone out, he read it, we turned it into a CD and started selling, this is ten years ago, started selling this book on CD. So you can find a book, you can read it, you can have somebody else read it, find the book in public domain, find something like that, and make an audio book.  A very simple, easy way to do it.

Number two is you can interview others. So this is a book, how many of you guys have read this book, by the way?  I know all our Two Comma Club X members, I sent you guys a copy of it. Everyone’s like, “This thing is bigger than the phone book.” It’s one of the best books ever. I remember when it first came out, David Frey, where’s David at? So David got it and he’s like, ‘This book’s amazing.” And he called up Vince James’ is the author, and he interviewed him for a whole bunch of stuff, and he made a whole audio course out of it, and Dave’s a genius, so I should just do what Dave did.

So then I called him up and I said, “Hey can I interview you too?” and he’s like, “Sure.” So I interviewed the guy who wrote this book. The guy made, he was a 20 year old kid and made a hundred million dollars through direct mail selling supplements. So I called him on the phone and I interviewed him and he let me interview him for six hours. When it was done he was like, “You can have the rights to the audios, I have the rights too. We can do whatever we want with them.” I’m like, “Sweet.”

So then like 2 years later I launched it and this actually became my very first ever Two Comma Club Funnel. I made a million dollars selling interviews of the interview I did with this guy who wrote the book. Is that amazing? So how many of you guys have ever read a book before? How many of you guys could call the author and be like, “Hey can I interview you?” And if someone’s like, “He’s too famous, he wrote all these big books. He’s never going to interview me.” I’m going to tell you the life of an author, if you guys really want to know how it works.

They geek out on a topic, they spend their whole life writing this book and they’re so proud of it and they’re so excited. And then they tell their spouse or their family and friends and they’re like, “Okay. That’s weird.” And they’re like, “Oh, nobody cares.” And then there’s an audience who gets the book and they love it and read it and they’re like, “My people did read it.” right. And then somebody calls and they’re like, “Hey, that book was amazing. Can I interview you?” The person is like, “Yes, you can.” Just so you know. They want you to talk to them. They want to share this stuff. It does not happen enough. If you went to Amazon and find the top ten authors of books in your market, I guarantee you 9 out of 10 will get you on the phone that fast.

Or you can actually, I don’t know if Jason Fladlien is here this year, but Jason gave me an idea that was brilliant. He was doing an offer and this kind of ties back to the story we’ll talk about here in a minute, but he was doing an offer where he was selling a funnel course and he was like, “I want to interview someone who did ecommerce funnels. Well, Trey Lewellen has got the highest grossing ecommerce funnel right now inside of Clickfunnels, I want to interview Trey.”

So he calls up Trey and he’s like, “Hey, can I interview you?” and they’re friends. And Trey’s like, “Sure man, you can interview me.” And Jason’s like, “Well, I need to wire you some money first.” And Trey’s like, “No, don’t worry about it. I’ll do the interview.” And he’s like, “No, no, I need to wire you the money because otherwise there’s no value in this interview. And Trey’s like, ‘What” so Trey’s like, “Whatever.”

So Jason wires him like $5000 and he does the interview and then when you see when Jason is selling his product, he does the stack and goes through the stack, “Number one, number two, number three….” He’s like, “Number three right here, do you see this right here? This is the guy, he’s the number one ecommerce seller in Clickfunnels. He had a funnel that did $20 million dollars in six weeks selling flashlights and I wired him $5000 to interview because I wanted to find out, he does interviews but I wanted to find out the real stuff, so I paid him $5000 to interview him. And that interview you guys could have.”

All the sudden that bullet point in this stack slide went from, “Oh it’s an interview.” to “that’s worth $5000 now.” The value instantly shoots up.

So interviewing people is huge. In fact, when I launched the 10x Secrets course I had my offer and it was good and I was like, “How do I make this sexier?” so the first thing I did is I interviewed a bunch of people. I interviewed this man right here, where’s Myron at? Everyone loves Myron. Anyway, I interviewed Myron, I wrote a bunch of people who I learned how to close from stage from. I interviewed all of them, plugged that into the course, increased the value of the course. So interviewing people is huge, for any product. I don’t think there’s a product I put out that I don’t interview people. I do it even if it’s my product. I’m like, “Who are the 10 other people I can interview who have done something similar?” because all those things increase the value of what it is I’m selling.

And then the last audio one is compiling hard to find podcasts, and audios and things like that. If I told you guys, I’m like, ‘Hey, my favorite podcast is Mixergy, you guys should go listen to it.” How much value is in that? Not much, right. But if I was like, “There’s this one interview that Andrew did and in the interview he started talking to the guy and he literally, the guy showed three different websites that were the key to ‘blah, blah, blah’ and I listened to those things and found the websites. I never knew they existed. I started doing the thing, and that’s how we got Clickfunnels to whatever.” If I tell you that, you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I want to hear that podcast.”

I’m like, “Cool, when you sign up for my thing right now, I’m going to give you a link directly to that podcast so you can find it.” You curating stuff for people there’s value in that. YouTube videos, I’ve done it tons of times with opt ins where we’re like, “Opt in here to get a free video from Robert Kiyosaki teaching the number one tax strategy for middle aged Americans.” And I just found a video on YouTube of Robert Kiyosaki teaching the number one thing on whatever, and that’s what I give people when they opt in. So you curating stuff you think is cool, can be bundled into offers as well.

Okay, so there’s the audio ones. Really quick, so audio books, interviewing other people and compiling hard to find audios is a big thing.

The last one I’m going to go through really quickly is video. There is a program, how many of you guys here use Windows? How many of you guys use Macs? Holy cow. Okay, there’s a program. If you are using Windows you should be using Camtasia, if you’re using Mac, use Screen Flow. This tool has made me and probably most people more money than anything else on earth. It just records whatever is happening on your screen. So you make a presentation or slides, or literally the very first version of Funnel Hacks training, the one that got us from zero to ten thousand customers, I had a word document opened on the screen with my notes, on the right hand side, I had a little picture. I just clicked record on Screen Flow and I talked for an hour as I read through my outline. We did like $10 million plus dollars in sales, and that was what the product looked like.

“But Russell, I have a professional video studio.” You don’t need one, just get a microphone, screen flow or camtasia, record your screen, have a presentation and just teach it. It’s super easy, it’s simple. It’s like the easiest thing in the world to do.

Number two video thing, just get your iphone out. Literally you can just get your phone out and just make videos. Where is Rachel at? Is she in the room right now? We were on, did you finish the course, by the way? Can I talk about that?

So Rachel, we were on this little cruise thing after the 10x event and she came up to me and she’s like, “I have an idea, it’s going to be a course called Selfie Secrets” Am I going to ruin this? “I’m going to record the whole thing on my iphone.” And then she the next day, recorded the entire course on her phone teaching the entire course, which is amazing. And it was all on her phone.

Okay, so how many of you guys have a phone. You have everything you need. You guys should all buy her course when it goes live.

And the last thing is you should throw a workshop, teaching people stuff. You don’t even have to speak, you can bring other speakers to teach for you. When I first got started, I didn’t have any product to sell. So the first thing I did, I threw a workshop. And it was really exciting to have a workshop, I was pumped about it, but I had nobody coming and so I emailed my tiny list at the time and said, “I’m doing a workshop, it’s $5000 a ticket.” And then the first day nobody bought, and the second day nobody bought. And the third day one guy bought.

And at first I was like, “Yeah!’ and then I was like, “Oh crap, now I have to do a workshop and there’s only one person coming. This is awkward.” Then luckily 2 other people bought. So I had three people buy. I was like, “Okay, now we have a workshop with three people.” So I called everybody I knew, my friends, my family, everybody. I was like, “Okay, I’m doing a workshop, people paid to be here. You have to come and just sit in the audience and don’t tell them you didn’t pay, because I need this to look good on video or it’s going to be super embarrassing.”

So we set it up, we had it all set, and it was like not like this, it was really bad. We literally had curtains, the windows behind me were too bright, so we got sheets from the bedrooms, and electrical taped sheets over the, it’s so bad. But we recorded and that became the very first course I ever sold, the videos from us at the holiday inn, with electrical tape over the sheets, literally behind me the entire video and it looked amazing.

So throw a workshop, even if nobody comes to it, or just invite your friends. Do something at your house, bring people in, just record yourself teaching your thing, and you can bundle that really, really quickly.

So for videos, we’ve got screen captures, iphones, and workshops. So here’s a quick recap of the nine ideas. Crowd sourcing books, compiling examples, public domain, audiobooks, interviewing, compile hard to find audios, screen captures, iphones, and workshops. Tons of easy ways to do that quickly.

So what I want to do right now, is I want to actually, I’m trying to think if we should do this or not. I’m going to let you guys do this on your own, but in your paper that I handed out, I have this little section here for you guys to figure out, what are potential products I could bundle inside of my offer? This is something we do all the time. Every time we have a new product that comes out, I talked about this last year, we have bat meetings. We literally send out a bat signal to voxer to everyone on our marketing team, we all come on zoom, from wherever they’re at around the world, and they get in front of a whiteboard and we’re like, “What could we create from this product? We could put this in it, and this…” and just start dumping out as many ideas as we can.

So now you guys have, let’s say I’m selling this product, “what else could we do?” “We could interview this guy, I could compile these things here, I could do this, I could make a video, I could do a workshop, we could do….” And all these things you can quickly create to turn this into an offer.

Now really quick, I guarantee I know the number one thing going through some of your heads right now is, “Russell, that’s cool for all the coaches and the consultants and the info product people, but not for me. I’m different. I sell real stuff. I sell physical products.” Or, “I have a local business.” Or whatever your excuse is right now. I want to shatter these excuses because the biggest thing that’s going to keep you guys from having success over this week, is the thought of, “Oh, this doesn’t apply to me.”

I’m excited, I think either tomorrow or the next day, we’re going to have Jaime Cross who’s going to be coming up here and speaking. Jaime is amazing because two years ago she came to Funnel Hacking Live, she was sitting in the audience, and she sells soap. And I was on the stage talking about webinars. I’m doing this huge thing about webinars and stories, this whole thing. And every other ecommerce person, I’m guessing, in the audience is like, “This is not for me because I sell physical products.” And Jaime said, “How could I make this work for me.” Twelve months later she’s on the stage getting a two comma club award. Twelve months later she’s onstage sharing her story with you.

She took this concept of the webinar and made an ecommerce webinar. She took it and didn’t say, ‘This isn’t going to work for me.” But “How can I make this work for me?” And shifted some things and made it work for her and blew up her company. I’m so excited for her to tell her whole story.

But I want you guys thinking the same thing. So I’m going to some examples right now. This is a product that I sell. This is a physical product called Viagon. How many of you guys have ever seen this before? The three people on my team. So back in the day when I launched 15 companies in a year, which is a horrible idea, don’t do that, one of them was this thing right here.

I had a friend who had this company and he was getting in trouble and this little machine here, if you start getting a cold sore, as you as you feel it, how many of you guys get cold sores? You feel it tingle, you pull this out, if I can open it. This is a new one so the seal hasn’t been cut yet. Alright, then you peel the seal off. Alright so when you open this thing up, when you feel the cold sore coming on, come on. There we go. Alright you open it up and there’s these two little electroids, and you take and push the button, and let’s say you have a cold sore, you put it on your cold sore, and somehow, I don’t know how, some scientists figured out something. It’s actually patented and everything. It goes in and zaps the cold sore, destroys it, kicks it in the face and destroys it and the cold sore never shows up.

Isn’t that awesome? How many of you guys want one of these right now? Really, I gotta get my funnel back up. So this is a physical product I sell, right. And you’re like, “Well Russell, I don’t sell information. This isn’t going to work for me.” But imagine if I did this, how do I turn this into an offer? This is a physical product, it does what it does. It’s just a thing. And the guy who I buy these from, he sells it to other people, so I’m not the only one. It’s a commodity. There’s like 30 other people who sell this same thing, only mine’s better.

So for me, how do I compete over everyone else, when everyone’s got the exact same thing, it does the exact same thing. So I have to turn this from a commodity into an offer, because if it’s a commodity, I gotta be like, “He’s selling it for $150, I’m going to sell it for $130.” Then the next guy says, “I’ll sell it for $120.” “Crap. $110.” “$109” “$105” Boom, boom, boom, soon this thing is like $90.95 right, retail. That’s the problem when products are commodities.

Or I could say, “Okay, this is amazing. This helps with cold sores, but what else could I do with cold sores? What else could I do? What else could I do?” I could go on Amazon and be like, “Cold sore cures and remedies.” And I guarantee there’s people on Amazon who have written books on how to do cold sores. I could message one and be like, “Hey man, you are the definitive expert on cold sores, can I interview you talking about all the tricks you know how to prevent cold sores from happening? I’m sure there’s stuff in your diet and exercise, right?” like, “Oh yes.’

So I get him on the phone and I interview him, now it’s like, “Okay, when you buy from anybody you get the same thing, but when you buy from me you get the cold sore inhibiter, plus you also get the interview with this dude over here who’s the number one highest stars on Amazon, writer of a cold sore book. You get his book as well, plus my interview where I actually interviewed him. And then number three, there are 7 supplements I’ve found that help get rid of cold sores. 7. There’s a whole bunch of people who claim the supplements, but there are actually 7 that work, and there’s two that work almost instantly. The second you feel a cold sore coming, you pop these two pills, gone instantly.

And I wrote a report about those, because I want to make sure you get the right ones, if you get the wrong one, you get the right product but you get the wrong brand, you are screwed. So I’m going to show you the 7 supplements as well. So you get this first, plus you’re going to get the interview with the number one expert in the world, plus you’re going to get the 7 supplements, the actual brand names, where to buy them, how to get the discounts to all the 7 supplements. And the next thing you’re going to get is, blah, blah, blah.”

I take a physical product and I’m bundling information around it to increase the value of the thing. So it doesn’t matter if you’re selling information or not, if you’re selling physical products, it’s the same thing. Information is the easiest way to bundle this. The problem though with infomercials, the only way they bundle is like, “If you call now, I’ll give you another one for free.” That’s what almost all ecommerce people do. It’s like, that’s good but its, “Now I got two of these things. So I have cold sores I can have one at my house and one at my office. That’s kind of weird.” But if I bundle with information products, it doesn’t increase the cost to you at all, but dramatically increases the value.

Now when I’m competing with the 30 other people selling this, I can sell it for higher and people will still buy from me versus everybody else because my offer is better than theirs.

Another good example of this is my friend Mr. Stephen Larsen. How many of you guys know Stephen? So this is a good example for any of you guys who are like, ‘I’m here Russell, but I don’t have a product yet.” So Stephen he has his own products, but he’s also an affiliate for Clickfunnels, he’s an affiliate for a bunch of other things. So we did the one funnel away launch, the 10x launch, a couple other things, he said, “Okay, Russell already created an amazing offer that he’s selling, but there’s a thousand other affiliates that are all selling this product as well. Everyone’s doing it, so how do I compete against this.” He said, “Okay, here’s Russell’s offer, how can I make my own offer to make it better?”

People always ask me, “How can I make money as an affiliate, Russell?” The first thing you do is you don’t sell the product that they’re already selling. That’s like, “Buy Russell’s thing.” That’s like number one on your list, then it’s like, “Now I need to make my own offer.” How many of you guys bought the one funnel away challenge from somebody and then bought it again from Stephen later because you wanted his bonus? Okay how many of you guys have bought twice from Stephen because you wanted the new bonus the second time? There’s a lesson in this.

So even if you don’t have a product yet, that’s okay. Find someone else with a product and then, “How can I now make an amazing offer? What could I bundle together to increase the value of this offer so people buy from me versus somebody else? Or if they did buy from somebody else, they’ll also buy from me because my offer is so valuable.”

Alright, so this is kind of the exercise for you guys to start doing. Going through here and listing out all the different ideas you can have. So tonight, this weekend with that paper I handed out, start writing out these things, start putting them out there, and start putting as many as you can think of, and make it, the biggest problem you can have is you’re kind of putting in your potential products that are going to make an offer, is to be like, “Oh, that’s not going to work. That’s not going to work.” When you start it, be creative.

When we first did this probably 12 years ago, we sat in front of a whiteboard and we were doing this and we were like, we were at a point where we needed a funnel to save us from everything. It was the bottom of everything. We were like, ‘We have to make the most irresistible offer ever or else we’re shutting the doors.” So we sat in front of a whiteboard and I’m like, ‘Okay, what can we give them? Okay, they can fly to my house and I will give them a massage and feed them food, and then we’re going to do this, and then we’re going to do this….” We made all this crazy stuff, we had it all on the whiteboard, and then we started saying, “What’s the offer actually going to be?” and we’re like, “Well, pretty sure my wife would be mad if I come to my house and had to give them massages. So let’s not do that one.” But it was there. And then it’s like, “Well, what if we did this and this…”

It gave us the time to brainstorm and then from there we start pulling things over to actually make an amazing offer. Anytime I create a new funnel, new thing, I’m always looking at creating an offer, with as many potential things as possible, then think, “What can I actually create?” pull them into my little stack slide and it’s like, “Now I know what I need to create to increase the software.”

Now, one thing I want to mention is well, the reason why I have a whole bunch of things as well is because there’s more than just one offer in every funnel. You guys understand that? So I need a lot of stuff that I can give away.

So if you look at this right here, there’s an offer on my ad. I’m trying to get someone to click on something. So I’m like, “Click on this thing and I’m going to give you your free report.” There’s an offer happening there. Luckily that was one of my ideas that I already created, because I can now pull that down and it becomes this. Then they land on my landing page and I’m like, “I need their email address, I’m trading them. What am I going to have? Well I have something up here I’ve already created, potential products. I’m going to give them my interview with so and so.” “Give me your email address and I’ll give you an interview with so and so.” Boom there’s the next product.

Then it’s like, “Now buy this product, I’m going to give you these 5 things.” Then my upsell is these three or four things. I think so many of us go into this thinking, “Okay, here’s the product I’m going to sell and I’m going to try and build a funnel around it.” And it’s like, no, no, no. Understand that it’s like, you’re looking at more of how do you serve your customers? What are all the things you could possibly give them to do that, and then you’re breaking down the different parts of the funnel.

Okay, alright, come back to the hook, story, offer. So that was the offer section of this part.


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