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192 - The Rebirth Of Continuity And The Video Sales Letter

The Rebirth Of Continuity And The Video Sales Letter

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A glimpse behind the scenes of our new offer that we’re rolling next week.

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So typically when we do a video sales letters, and if you’ve read the dotcom secrets book you know this too, we use the star story solutions script to write a video sales letter typically. The problem is star story solution script works but it’s kind of hard. It’s a lot of work, to be completely honest. I think of all the selling things to do it’s probably the hardest one which is why I think a lot of people have gravitated away from that, because it’s a lot of work. Which is why typically for good video sales letter, you pay a copywriter 15 or 20 grand to write a really good star story solution script. That’s just, in my experience, how it kind of goes.


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Good morning, everybody. Welcome to a foggy Marketing In Your Car. Alright, so I’m driving through the fog right now. It reminds me of, have you guys all seen, what’s it called, Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, the old clay-mation one.

Where Yukon Cornelius and them are running away from the abominable snowman and they’re going through the fog, and he’s like, “this fog is as thick as pea soup.” Anyway, this feels like today, we’re going through pea soup, I can barely see the stop lights in front of me. But it’ll be fun, so that’s kind of what’s happening. So today, I’m excited. I’ve been kind of on lock down.

I feel bad, I haven’t done a Periscope this whole week. At least I’ve been talking to you guys right. I’ve just been in work mode, it’s been awesome. I had, I think it was Monday I had a bunch of calls and meetings, and Tuesday same thing. I can’t remember, anyway. But Wednesday and Thursday, all I did all day was build a new funnel we’re launching called Funnel University. I’m so excited. I’m so proud of it. But, I want to call my shot so I’m going to pull a Babe Ruth on you all and I’m going to call my shot.

So, I look at what’s happened to our marketplace since we launched Clickfunnels a year and a half ago. And back then there were people doing a lot of things, and since then we kind of launched really hard and heavy with the Webinar Funnel and the High Ticket Funnel, that’s what people have seen. And it’s been interesting as I’ve watched my clients, my students, and even Clickfunnels members as a whole, everyone seems like they pretty much…not that they only have, but as a whole the masses have focused on…and also excuse me, Trip Wire funnels, the masses have focused on those.

There’s been Trip Wires, there’s been Webinars, High Tickets. And I would say 98% of pages I’ve seen in the last year has been one of those three things which is cool, which is awesome cause those are the ones we’ve been pushing hard. You know people are funnel hacking me and the process and then everyone else is doing it and funnel hacking each other. It’s been fun and interesting.

But what’s been weird for me, cause I’ve been doing this for a long, because I think this is year 12 or year 13 for me. I’ve been doing this a long time, and I see cycles of what people are focusing on, what they’re doing, how they’re selling and stuff like that. So the cycle’s been Trip Wires, Webinars, and High Ticket, which is cool because, I mean the new book we’re launching called Funnel Stacking focuses on Trip Wire, Webinar, and High Ticket, that’s the thing.

But there’s two pieces that I feel like are super valuable in this whole marketing game, that in times of my career have been the most important thing. Again, I watch the trends, and two trends that I feel like have been dead in the last two years, and I’m calling my shot and maybe this is just me, I don’t know and maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, maybe it’s me thinking I’m cooler than I am, but we’ll see.

So I’m calling my shot right now. Two things that I’m bringing back with the Funnel University launch that’s happening, it was supposed to happen yesterday, but we missed our deadlines. The lead or gold deadline was not hit, somebody’s going to be shot in the head. No, just kidding. But we’re going to be launching it, rolling out next week.

Two things that are going to be unique number one, is we’re launching a continuity program. And obviously that’s not a new concept, but I haven’t seen someone launch a continuity program in a long, long time. Have you? I’ve seen SAAS businesses, but I haven’t seen a traditional continuity program. It’s funny I remember when I joined the Dan Kennedy world way back in the day. Man, it’s probably ten years ago now, dang I’m getting old.

Anyway, they launched their entire continuity program based on the “free plus shipping” with the big huge package and their greatest free money making gift in the world and they put you on a continuity program which was a print news letter. And in the internet marketing space no one was doing it back then, so I saw and I was like, “Sweet!”

So we made a free dvd offer and put people on a forced continuity program and we launched and I think in month one we had 800 people within 6 months we had 6000 people on this continuity program with our print newsletter and we were just crushing it, and then guess what happened? Everybody and their freaking dog did it too, it was kind of crazy.

Soon it got to a point that there was 8000 print newsletter in the internet marketing industry, and all of them sucked except for mine. Well, no I’m going to say that they really did. I joined all of them cause I was thinking that they were going to be good, but no, they were all pretty bad. And maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think I am. And then, what happened, eventually they all died away.

And I’ve been the only one, we’ve been consistently doing a newsletter now for almost a decade, almost 10 years. Which is kind of cool. So, there you go people who’ve come and gone, we’re still going hard and strong. Alright, so that’s number one, is continuity program, and I’ve figured out a really cool way to do the pricing, the pitch, everything. That’s number one the new thing.

So watch, I’m calling my shot over the next six months you will see dozens if not hundreds, of continuity programs launched modeling this one. So that’s number one. Number two is the rebirth of the video sales letter. I was going to do a webinar to launch this, and I thought you know what I don’t want to do a webinar, I don’t want to do this. So I didn’t, so instead we did a video sales letter. We went back to the old Dotcom Secrets Labs book, and we went through all of our split-tests and there’s like, I don’t know, 50 split-tests are all based on video sales letters.

Because in the cycle when we were hot and heavy with that, with the testing for that, we put it into the book, everything was video sales letter driven. Every one of our products, everyone else’s products. That’s how products were sold back then. But I’ve seen very little of it in the last 12 to 18 months in our worlds, so I decided I’m going to come back and do a video sales letter, you’ll see the video spoiler box, you’ll see all the elements that were proven winners from back then I have built into this page, which is excited.

I’m excited for it, you should be excited as well. That is kind of what’s happening. So that’s two things we’re launching. A video sales letter version, a selling system to sell a continuity program. So I’m calling my shot, I will see that knocked off more times in the next 6 to 8 months than anything prior to that. It’s going to be the rebirth of continuity programs and the rebirth of video sales letters. So, I’m excited. Because I feel like my real goal in the Dotcom Secrets side of the business is to push the envelope and do cool things and everyone else can funnel hack me and model it for their business.

That’s kind of how I view my role right now. And hopefully I’ll make a bunch of money in the interim while I’m kind of going through that process. I really want to be a good example of ways to sell things and cool things to sell. That people can then model for their individual businesses. That’s really how I see my role right now. I think that there will be a time where Russell Brunson and Dotcom secrets brand will fade into the night and disappears.

But, until that happens my goal is to be a shining beacon and you guys can all copy me. Just kidding, but that’s kind of how I look at it, is I want to be a perfect model of cool stuff you can take and emulate. It’s been fun in my coaching program, people like, “Russell I want to sell Mash print, how should I do it?” Boom!

Go to, funnel hack that funnel, that’s how you should do it. “Everyone wants a webinar, what should I do?” Boom! Go to, and should do that. You know and I just, I can show them perfect examples. “Russell, I want to do a continuity program, what should I do?” Boom! Go to and kind of point people to our models of each different selling models. “How do I do an invisible funnel?” Go to Like exactly. That’s what I want me to be, is creating models that people can use as selling systems to reach each of their different things they’re selling. So there you go.

Hopefully that gets you guys excited a little bit. But that’s what’s happening. So I’m excited to roll south for nothing else, except it looks dang cool and I’m excited. Oh, there’s another thing that I did. So typically when we do a video sales letters, and if you’ve read the dotcom secrets book you know this too, we use the star story solutions script to write a video sales letter typically.

The problem is star story solution script works but it’s kind of hard. It’s a lot of work, to be completely honest. I think of all the selling things to do it’s probably the hardest one which is why I think a lot of people have gravitated away from that, because it’s a lot of work. Which is why typically for good video sales letter, you pay a copywriter 15 or 20 grand to write a really good star story solution script. That’s just, in my experience, how it kind of goes.

I didn’t want create a star story solution script and I was going to do a webinar, so I was like, “What if I just do a webinar for a video sales letter, and I just make it a really cool video. High production value, but I’m just doing my webinar pitch. So I’m doing the perfect webinar pitch for my video sales letter. So when you see it you’ll see that’s what it is. I recorded it at my house in a couple of different locations. I teach three secrets, I do the whole belief pattern.

I take the belief patterns, I crush them and rebuild them, do my stack. I basically I did the perfect webinar for the video sales letter, which I’ve never done either so I’m excited to see how that does, it could completely bomb, but I think it’s going to crush it. And the reason why, it’s funny it’d never even crossed my mind as an option until we did that Periscope, a little while a go, I did a podcast talking about how we did $150,000 through Periscope. That one I took perfect webinar script during a live Periscope, it took me 25 minutes to do it. We did $150,000 in sales, so I was like, “Man, this perfect webinar concept can work in other places.” And it was funny I was looking at a lot of weight loss video sales letters.

Cause still into weight loss industry people still sell things in a traditionally do video sales letter. There’s a lot more content and base stuff like, “Here are three foods that are going to make you die. Or the three foods you think make you skinny that actually make you fat.” So those still work. Those are structured a little more like a video sales letter, excuse me, more like the perfect webinar script. So that’s the reasoning behind testing it. We will see, but hopefully people will start transitioning their webinars into videos like this.

A couple of other cool things we did, again, it’s not just me, it’s me I’m teaching, I printed out a bunch of websites. I have them up on a easel and I’m showing cool stuff on them in the video. I got this cool graphic GUI animation guy to animate the graphics as well. We’re trying to make some cool stuff, so hopefully you guys can look at those and model with your offers and your videos. Hopefully you get some inspirations.

That’s what’s happening. I’m at the office right now, in this thick fog that’s as thick as pea soup is keeping me from getting there on time. Decade In A Day starts in 3 minutes, 2 minutes now. Hopefully I get there before it starts. And then I got that for 4 hours, I’m going through 4 new inner circle members. I’m doing intake calls from them. Which will be fun. We call it process Decade In A Day, if you wanted to be part of that just go apply for inner circle at

And then after that I’ll be focusing on getting in the rest of Funnel U live and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday next week you guys will see Funnel University. You have my permission to model it. Hope that helps, appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day and I will talk to you all again soon.


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