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193 - There Is A Law, Irrevocably Decreed.

There Is A Law, Irrevocably Decreed…

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The three steps to get any blessing in life that you want.

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If you know who you want to become, there’s got to be somebody else who’s already become that, which means that they followed some certain laws to get that blessing. So if I want that blessing in my life, the first thing I need to do is find someone who already has that blessing. Because they’ve done something right, they followed some law and God gave them that blessing. So step two in this is modeling, find somebody who already has what you want, what you want to become.


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Good morning everybody, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright guys, so I’m driving cautious today because I couldn’t find my wallet this morning, which happens more often than I’d like to ever admit. But that’s where we’re at today. So I don’t have my license with me.

Good thing it’s all back roads from my house to the office. So I hope you guys had an amazing weekend. For me it’s Monday morning right now, it could be any time for you. I mean some of you guys might be listening to this ten years from now, I could be dead, for all I know and iTunes just doesn’t shut it down and you guys listen to this 100 years in the future. It’s pretty sweet, that is the power of what we all do. As of today, I’m really happy.

I had an amazing Saturday, I remember sitting there looking around, and feeling like, this is one of the most amazing days in my life. If every day was like this it would just…..anyway, it was amazing. I was home with my kids. I was out in the wrestling room with the kids. We went hot-tubbing with the kids. Then I went on a date with my wife to go see The Piano Guys. It was amazing. Days like that make everything, kind of puts everything into perspective makes it all amazing. So that was really fun. Then yesterday, so I am a Sunday school teacher at my church.

Some of you guys may or may not know that. So I teach the 14 and 15 year old kids, which is a fun age, because about 15, 16 is when kids go insane. At least that’s when I did. So I’m hoping to have a chance in my own little way, to touch their little hearts before they get to the insane stage. So it’s a fun age to teach, and I have 21 kids in my class. Which is just way more than one teacher should ever have to teach, but it is what we got. So it’s kind of fun teaching them. The stuff I taught them yesterday, actually really applies to you, who is listening.

So today, I’m going to put on my church hat and I’m going to be Brother Brunson today. And I know some of you guys, you obviously didn’t come listen to this to hear a church sermon, but I promise this relates to you. Even if you don’t believe in anything, even if you don’t believe in God, it doesn’t really matter, I think this is still something that is valuable to you.

And I hope that you get some value out of it. So, there you go. Alright, there’s kind of three core pieces I taught them that I thought was really cool, and it’s kind of been like a guiding force in my life, so I wanted to share them. So the three core concepts you got to understand, so I’ll share all three and then I’ll kind of tie them together. So the first one actually, so in Mormon theology, we have a couple books of scripture, one is the Book of Mormon which I’m sure you’ve heard of, the other one is called the Doctrine and Covenants. And in the D&C there’s a really cool scripture.

It’s D&C section 130 verse 20 and 21, and this is what it says, “There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated. When we obtain any blessing from God, by obedience to that law upon which is predicated.” I don’t know about you, but that is amazing. So it basically said in heaven before we got here, there was a law irrevocably decreed, which means it cannot be taken away, it’s there forever, from the beginning of all time til forever.

Irrevocably decreed upon which all blessings are predicated, not some blessings, but all blessings are tied to these laws, right? And then if we get a blessing from God it’s because obedience to a law that is tied to that blessing. Is that pretty cool? So to the class there and said, “What blessing do you want?” So again, these are 14 year old kids, and I’m like, “What blessings do you guys want?”

Ones like, “I want a hot wife.” So I wrote it on the board. And one’s like, “I want a 4.0., I want to go to school.” Anyway, they had everything from wanting a hot wife, to I want to watch TV all day. So we had all these blessings on the board. I was like, “Cool, so these are the blessings you guys want,“ and I was like, “I don’t want you to think about worldly blessings, but who do you want to become?” That’s a blessing right? “Who in your life, bigger than just like, I want blah. Who do you want to become?”

We wrote down some of those things, like who they want to become. “I want to become a great father. I want to become someone who contributes to society. I want to become someone who changes the world.” So then we start having some of these blessings that were who they wanted to become. So that was kind of the first step and then I pointed, I said, “Each of these blessings you guys want right now, as we now know, they are irrevocably tied to a law. And If you follow that law, then guess what happens? You get the blessing.”

Again, irrevocably is a powerful word, God cannot take it away, it is irrevocable. If you follow that law you get that blessing. So I’m like, “ “Sweet, now we know that, all we got to do is figure out, what’s the law that God created that then gives us that blessing?” So that was step one in this process. Step two I started talking about Tony Robbins. Now, a bunch of 14 year old and 15 year old kids and none of them have ever heard of Tony Robbins. Like, “Dangit. Well he’s this big huge giant with big hands and big teeth.

But one thing that Tony taught me, he said, “If you want to be successful in this life, all you have to do is find people who are successful and then model them.” Step number two, I was like, “If you know who you want to become, there’s got to be somebody else who’s already become that, which means that they followed some certain laws to get that blessing.

So if I want that blessing in my life, the first thing I need to do is find someone who already has that blessing. Because they’ve done something right, they followed some law and God gave them that blessing. So step two in this is modeling, find somebody who already has what you want, what you want to become. So I was like, “Who do you guys have? Who’s a potential mentor, someone you like at like, ‘Man if I could be like that person, that’d be amazing.’ So that’s step number two, finding that person and modeling them.” I talked about how; when I started wrestling I was a really bad wrestler. I think I’ve shared this story before, but one of my first days of wrestling practice, I found a guy who was better than me, his name was Adam.

I was like Adam is better than me, I’m going to model him. We went out and were running the track, and he kept slowing down and taking short cuts and all these things. I’m like, oh well, he’s good, maybe if you’re good it doesn’t really matter. You can just take short cuts.” So I’m taking short cuts with him and I’m just following him as my mentor. And unfortunately, what I didn’t’ realize at the time is that he was doing things wrong. And the very first tournament I went to I remember watching Adam, and I’m like “this is my mentor, this is my guy.

He’s so good.” And I remember watching him get beat badly, just getting thrown around like a little girl. I was like,”I picked the wrong mentor. I picked someone who’s taking short cuts. Who’s not taking short cuts I can model.” I looked and there was this guy name Matt Wood, he was a three time state champ from my high school, he was about to be a three time….. I said, “You know what? Matt is the new guy I’m going to model.” I realized he had a blessing that I wanted. I wanted to be a state champ. So what are the laws he had to go through to get that?

And I looked and watched him work. I watched his work ethic, I watched the moves he would do, I would model him. And within 2 and a half years of making that decision I became a state champ, and it was all about finding someone who already had it and modeling them. Same thing happened in business. I was not a smart kid. I would say, I remember when I applied for college, they have you get a rank of where you fall in your class, my graduating class was 950 people, was a pretty big class, right? But I was on the lower half. More than half the class was smarter than me. It was a lot more; I was in the bottom third. I was like, “not only am I dumb, but I’m one of the dumbest kids in this school.”

And that’s what I thought about. I struggled through high school and struggled through college, but when I got in business I found people who were successful. People I remember modeling, guys like Armand Morin, I looked to him every day.” Man, he’s doing what I want to do. He’s making software and he’s selling it and people love him. I want to be like Armand.”

So I modeled him and guess what happened? In a very short period of time, I had a company similar to Armand’s. I found other mentors and I modeled them. So the second step is after you know what blessing you want, is finding a mentor that’s already gotten that blessing and then modeling them. Because they have, either consciously or unconsciously, they have followed that law to get that blessing. That’s step number two.

Then the third step, and this one is very important. And this is again, scriptural. It’s a concept we call the law of the harvest, I asked the kids, “who knows what the law of the harvest is?’ and one of them said something that was right on, he said, “ you reap what you sow” I said “yeah, a lot of us we look at what we want to become. I want to become whatever that thing is down in the distance where we’re going.” And we get started, say, I want to get in shape.

So we work out three days and like, “I’m not in shape, this sucks, I’m out.” And you just quit. That’s not how it works. Let’s say I own a farm, I bought this land, and I’m like, I want broccoli for dinner tonight. You can’t walk out there and throw broccoli seeds out there and then get upset that by dinner I don’t have any broccoli. That’s not how it works. It’s all about we have to sow first. You can’t reap until you sow, so you sow, you put the seeds out there and you water them, and you weed them and you do all these things. And you protect them from the elements.

You do all the things you have to do to sew seed. And then when the season comes ripe, then you can reap the benefits of that. It’s the same thing for you. Just because you find a mentor does not mean you’re suddenly going to start eating broccoli that night. You’ve got to go back and sow the seeds. You’ve got to put in the work and the effort and the trials. And there’s going to be a lot of them. It’s funny, I moved into my new ward, and I look like I’m eleven.

Some of you guys know that. We have a bigger sized house and I get people all the time who are confused, like, “What do you do?” and I think sometimes they think that I got lucky. But they haven’t seen the twelve years of sewing that I’ve had to put in to get to this point. It’s insane, if I could show you the battles that I’ve lost, and the scars that we have. I’d look a lot more than eleven if you could see that side of it. But I’ve sewing, sewing, sewing, and finally we’re in the season that we’re reaping it, and it’s exciting, but it’s not something that happened over night.

It’s the law of the harvest. So, that’s the third step, you know the blessing, you know who you want to become, you found a mentor, you found someone to model. So you can find out which laws they followed and then you have to put in the work. It’s the law of the harvest. You’ve got to go and plant the seeds, you gotta do the work. If you do the work, which by the way, you’ll notice from your mentors how they got there too, they sewed. That is how they got to where they are now. But if you look at that, that’s how you’re going to get to where you want to become.

So for you guys, I want to challenge you to start thinking about this, start thinking about who you want to become. Find a mentor to model, then start living the law of the harvest. Start planting the seeds and it may not today, may not be tomorrow, might not be a year from now, might not be three years from now, but if you sew, based on the law of the harvest, you will reap. And that’s something I also believe in as well. So there you go.

Hope you guys didn’t mind my church lesson for today. I hope you see how it’s applicable to you in your life, no matter what you believe, no matter what faith you’re in. It’s something that my faith has brought to me, it’s gotten me excited. I hope that it gives some value to you as well. So that’s it you guys. If you don’t have your tickets yet to funnel hacking live, you’re insane, go get them. is the place. The tickets are on sale now, but they are going quickly.

This event may be the last I ever do, because I have no idea how I’ll ever top this. We’ve got Marcus Lemonis from The Profit speaking. It’s going to be amazing. So be there or be square. Some people are like, “Russell, tickets are expensive.” Are you kidding me? I spent almost a hundred grand just to get Marcus there so he could talk to you. And other people, I have to fly out my whole staff, and get a hotel. I don’t make money on this event, just so you guys know. I’m risking hundreds, not one hundred, but hundreds of thousands of dollars to entertain you for three days.

And if you’re not willing to spend you know, whatever tickets are, 5, 6 or 700 bucks for flights and hotels to come out here and do it, you’re insane. I remember Tony Robbins talking about one time, he’s like, “You know what drives me crazy? People will go to this movie, and people have risked hundreds of millions of dollars to make this movie, and you come in and pay ten dollars and sit there for three hours and come out and say, that movie sucked. Are you serious, someone risked hundreds of millions of dollars to try to entertain you for 180 minutes and you’re complaining because you didn’t think it was good.

You think about kings back in the day. The most wealthy, powerful people on earth, they’d have a court jester to entertain them and you have people spending hundreds of millions of dollars and you pay ten dollars for that experience.” It just makes me laugh. I’ve never said I hated another movie since then, when I kind of realized, wow, people are putting in their time and effort to entertain us and the cost is ten bucks, fifteen bucks.

Insane, be grateful for what is out there, it’s pretty amazing what’s happening now days. Anyway, that’s it guys. I’m here at the office. I got a fun filled week of work, while the rest of my community is at Traffic and Conversion Summit. So I’m going to be working while they’re playing. One last story, some of you guys know Dan Gable. He’s like the Michael Jordan of wrestling. Dan was undefeated all through high school, all through college. His last match in college, he lost to Larry Owens from Washington. Only match he ever lost.

He went on, three years later to be an Olympic champ, nobody scored on him in the Olympics. Not a single person scored on him, that’s amazing. But, while he was training for the Olympics, he would put in 7 hours a day at the gym, because he was so obsessed and wanted to beat the Russians.

The Russians were the powerhouse at the time. And he’d go to bed at night and couldn’t sleep because he knew the Russians were awake, training, and it made him sick to his stomach. So in the middle of the night he’d wake up and be like, “the Russians are training, I can’t let them beat me.” So he’d get up and go running at two or three in the morning, because he knew that he didn’t want to be sleeping when they were training.

I thought it was pretty powerful and that’s kind of where I’m at right now. This week is kind of about, while everyone else is asleep, I’m training. That’s what’s happening. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day and I will talk to you all again very, very soon. Bye.


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