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Today we had a little bit of a rant…

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So I was laughing, a year ago, pre-Clickfunnels, for you to create what you just created, worst case scenario it would have cost you $1000 to get a designer, a programmer, an analytical. Worst case $1000. Here you get all that times a million times more, for $100 a month, and all you got….and one little hiccup makes you freak out. I want to tell you about my experience prior to Clickfunnels when we were paying a designer $50,000 a year and a programmer $`100,000 a year and 8 other people involved to just get one funnel live, and guess what? 90% of the time the shopping cart would break and the auto-responder would break and the sites would go down and on and on and on and on.


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Hey everybody! Good morning and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright guys and gals and everybody else who’s hanging out with us today. Today it’s a beautiful day in Boise, Idaho so I broke out the corvette. I think so far in Clickfunnel’s we’ve given away 9 or 10 of these things this year.

If you haven’t won yours yet, it’s time to join the Clickfunnels affiliate program. I just want to give you a car, that’s all I want in life. I hope things are going amazing for you wherever you are today in your business. If you’re not smiling yet, please smile. It’s amazing how much more goodness will come to you when you smile. Alright, I wanted to talk about something that made me laugh.

I kind of hate Facebook for a lot of reasons but the main one is there’s like a million people who have unlimited access to talk about you and tag you and it’s so annoying. And then message you. Facebook blocks out a lot of people, but every once in a while someone gets through and I’m like, “How did that person get the ability to get in my inbox and annoy me.”

Anywho, there was this dude that comes in, and this is a lesson for everybody, so he’s stressing out like, “Russell, I want to use Clickfunnels, but I can’t because your integration with Infusionsoft doesn’t pass all the data it only passes part of the data. And your integration with Ontraport doesn’t do something specialized that I need for my thing, and I was talking to these people over at Leadpages and they were making fun of me for using Clickfunnels because Leadpages does integrate with them better and blah blah blah.”

All this crap. At first I was just going to delete it, but then a part of me was like, this guy is complaining about a bunch of things that don’t matter at all. I was like, “Hey why are using Infusionsoft?” he’s like, “because I need to do tagging.” “Why don’t you do tagging inside of Clickfunnels?” “Clickfunnels can’t do tagging.” “Yes, it can. Why do you even need tagging? I don’t know anything about you or your business, but my guess is if you’re not making at least ten million dollars a year right now, there’s no purpose, no need, no reason that you need to be doing tagging.

The only thing you need to be doing is selling a product. I’m curious, what are your revenues? Are you selling a lot or are you not?” Guess what he came back at, “No I haven’t launched my business yet or one of my funnels, I just got Clickfunnels, I like it and I’m trying to figure it out. So I was researching people who are talking about this and that. How this doesn’t work and how that doesn’t work and all these kinds of things.”

I was like, “Dude, right now our average, our members are making on average $600,000 a day through stripe. Inside of Clickfunnels, right now we’re making anywhere from $40 to $50,000 a day through clickfunnels through stripe. For you who has no business yet, is stressing how our integrations with other companies. Dude, first off don’t integrate it. Do not worry about our integrations, you don’t need integrations.

That’s why we have Clickfunnels so you don’t have to do integrations. I run my entire business through Clickfunnels.” “Yeah, but right now you don’t have advanced tagging like Infusionsoft.” “Why do you need advance tagging. You don’t even have a business yet. You’re not even selling a product yet. I don’t even use advance tagging yet. You have my permission as soon as you pass $10 million a year in sales. Then you can start stressing out about advance tagging. Until then the only thing you should worry about it selling your product.

You set up a Clickfunnels page. On the first page you just have an opt-in, on the second page you just have a sales button that goes through stripe, third page you should deliver the product you just sold. And you should focus on driving traffic, that’s it. He came back and he’s like, “Wow, thank you. You’re right, all this time I’ve been stressing on these things that don’t actually matter. I was in analysis paralysis or whatever. Right now I not even making a quarter of a million a year, I’m not making ever $100,000 a year. I’ll be honest, I’m not making any money right now.”

And I said, “Well, therein lies the problem. You’re worrying about all this stupid crap that doesn’t matter. Clickfunnels does everything you need to do. Don’t look outside, Don’t look for Infusionsoft, you don’t need it, don’t look for Ontraport you don’t need it. Everything you need is right here. Just use Clickfunnels.” And he’s like, “Oh man, this is awesome.” So I thought I solved this big problem right, so I thought. So then yesterday, two days later, he comes back to me and this is why you should never respond to people on Facebook because it never ends.

So he came back to me and he had screenshots from all around the inter-webs, different Facebook groups and things and he had blackened out all the people’s names to protect their innocence from me. All these kinds of things, all these posts of people who supposedly were upset at Clickfunnels, were canceling Clickfunnels or didn’t like the way that the integration with Aweber, or whatever those things were. He went and scoured the internet. You could tell he spent days looking for all these different possible things, issues that might possibly happen that he didn’t want to mess up, and didn’t want to not make money so he was just finding any way possible to not use Clickfunnels.

And he came back, “Russell, there are all these people who are friends of yours, and there are people who are insiders, and one of them used to be an employee and you fired him and you should let him back because he was so good….” All these things and he showed me pages of screenshots from all these people. And then he started talking about how, If only we had a Zapier integration, then he could do everything, you just need to Zapier…If we could just have all the tech guys focus on Zapier for him then all of his problems would go away.

And I wrote back and I said, “Hey, how many products have you sold this week? Dude, you’re stuck in your same problem. This is why you’ll never be successful. You’re searching so hard for a reason to not make money, and you’re going to find it if you keep looking. Right now we eleven thousand members and its growing rapidly, most those eleven thousand members, guess what they do?

They just make money. They use Clickfunnels and they make a crap-ton of money and they’re fine. But guess what, there is a fraction of a fraction of a percent who are frustrated. And guess what that fraction of a fraction, those are the ones the go to Facebook and complain about, “This didn’t work, my aweber integration didn’t work. I’m pissed at Clickfunnels and I’m canceling.” Let’s say 1 percent of our customers vocally complain, that’s 1000 people a day vocally complaining on Facebook and it’s not that.

So you take 1 percent of 1 percent. That’d be 100 vocal people on Facebook a day, and it’s not that. It’s like five, five or six. You take 1 percent of 1 percent of 1 percent and a half of that, you’re looking at how many people are actively mad on Clickfunnels and they’re the ones posting and those are the people whose opinions you’re freaking out about.

Look at the other 10,997,000 or whatever the number is, who are happily just using Clickfunnels and making a crap-ton of money with it. That’s who you should be looking at and focusing, not the complainers, not the people who have some issue. I was looking at one of the complaints he sent me over, and again the name was blurred out to protect the innocent, and in this thing this lady was all upset because the Aweber integration didn’t work the way she wanted it to work, and I understand that. That’s frustrating.

But there’s a work around, so the support person gave her a work around and she was so mad. “Support didn’t get back to me for 24 hours and I’m upset. I’m cancelling, I’m refunding my money. I’m getting my $100 back.” I started laughing. “You’re upset over $100. Look at what we gave you, the ability to create amazing sales funnels. The ability to have upsells and downsells and membership sites and affiliate programs and all this stuff for $100. It reminded me of a dude I heard at a standup comedy thing, and this guy is sitting on a plane, and they’re flying over the Atlantic Ocean somewhere.

And the guy sitting next to him is upset because it’s too hot, or it’s too cold, the food didn’t taste that good. All these things he’s complaining about thing after thing after thing. And the guy looks at him like, “You’re flying. You’re in a airplane over the Atlantic ocean flying. It cost you $100 or $500 for this ticket. 300 years ago, 1000 years ago kings would have given everything they owned for this experience and you’re complaining because the food doesn’t taste good, because your seats not big enough. You’re flying.” Oh my gosh, quit freaking complaining.

So I was laughing, a year ago, pre-Clickfunnels, for you to create what you just created, worst case scenario it would have cost you $1000 to get a designer, a programmer, an analytical. Worst case $1000. Here you get all that times a million times more, for $100 a month, and all you got….and one little hiccup makes you freak out. I want to tell you about my experience prior to Clickfunnels when we were paying a designer $50,000 a year and a programmer $`100,000 a year and 8 other people involved to just get one funnel live, and guess what?

90% of the time the shopping cart would break and the auto-responder would break and the sites would go down and on and on and on and on. And now those things are almost zero. I don’t say zero because there are little issues here and there that happen, but it’s almost zero and guess what you’re paying for that? $100 a month. You’re flying, quit complaining. Look at the positive. Look at what we’re giving you for $100 a month. It’s insane to me. What is the moral of this story?

The moral of the story is you’re freaking flying. Quit complaining about the bumps and the air, and the fact tha you don’t like the food. You wish the food did something different. And you wish you could eat steak or sushi, or you wish you could have a shower on your plane, or whatever it is. Quit complaining, you’re flying. With Clickfunnels you are flying. I understand there will be hiccups or things don’t work the way you want them to work, or whatever it might be, but you’re flying. Don’t forget that.

Alright, that’s it for today guys. I’m going to go and help some more people fly and if you’re the one looking for 1000 excuses about why you can’t be successful, I promise you, you will find them. But if you’re like the rest of us who are just doing our business and making money and realize there are going to be hiccups and bumps. Just work around them.

If that’s you, then welcome to my world. You’re the people I want to serve, you’re the people I care about. And you are the people who are benefiting from Clickfunnels and the training, and everything else that we’re providing for you guys at an insane rate. Its still is insane to me, what you’re able to accomplish today for $100 a month.

If you were to rewind and look back 12 months ago, 18 months ago, 24 months ago it was a different story, a whole different world and the world you live in is amazing. Be grateful because you guys are flying now. I’m out of here, appreciate you. Have an amazing day. I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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