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197 - The Seven Minute Lunch Consultation

The Seven Minute Lunch Consultation

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The Seven Minute Lunch Consultation

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I gotta create desire and belief that what I have is gonna actually help somebody.” And I showed them that the reason that your Facebook ads not working is because you’re not creating desire or belief. That’s another goal of funnel, it could be through a sales video, it could be through a webinar, it could be through whatever, but you gotta create desire and belief, those are the two core things you’ve got to create through your funnel.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals, this is actually the second Marketing In Your Car I’ve done today. Do you wanna know why? Because I’m in my car again and I’m driving, so because of that you get to get me again, because I had nothing else to do. I just wanted to share with you guys. I had a really cool lunch today with, there’s a company called Kount K O U N T, which is a really cool fraud protection company, and the CEO is one of my close friends, he used to be the CEO of Clickbank, in fact, Clickbank and Kount are owned by the same company.

Anyway, I had a chance to go eat lunch with them today, which was really fun to get to know the guys and their sales team and marketing team and stuff. I enjoyed it, and I learned some cool things, not things that I learned, but I shared some cool things with them that I think would be good for everyone so I just wanted to share some of the thoughts and ideas that came from it. Hopefully it’ll give you guys some value.

The first question they asked me, “Clickfunnels sounds cool, but we’re selling BDB. With BDB, do funnels work, is that just a BDC type thing?” and it made me laugh because first thing I said, “Cool, how do you guys get clients in the door right now?” He actually used the word funnel, “Well the first step of our funnel is…” Then I kind of smiled and then he explained the whole thing, “We go to trade shows and we get leads, and we put the leads, and these guys call the leads, and leads forum, and then leads score guys, and if they’re good they go to these guys and then sell to them.” I kind of smiled, I’m like, “Okay well that was a funnel right there. All we’re trying online is replicate that. How do we make it so that instead of you having to have a guy or a gal or somebody do each of those steps, a lot of those things happen online.” I told him about how back in the day, some of you guys know my story, we had a call center that had 60 full time sales people who were outbound calling every one of our leads find people qualify them and all those kinds of things. And while that worked, it was expensive. That’s a lot of people. Everybody had to dial 100 dials a day and all that jazz. It was just super inefficient, expensive and honestly, wasn’t a great experience for people. People don’t want to get phone calls all day long. So when we shut down the call center, we reinvented the model and kind of changed it around. We started driving traffic into a funnel, the funnel sifted and sorted and qualified people and just gave us leads and customers who were ready to sign up today. And that was the transition, that’s how it kind of moved.

We went from having 60 full time sales guys to now we have two. While they don’t do quite the same top line revenue, they definitely do more profit. Considering two guys versus 60 its pretty dang close to the top line, which is exciting. Anyway, I think that was cool illustration of a funnel. So the next question was, “How do you guys get leads into your funnel?” So we kind of talked about that a little bit, I was like, “We’re doing a little bit of everything. We’re trying a lot of things. We have a Facebook ads that run.” And they're like, “Facebook ads don’t run for us.” I’ m like, “Really? Why not?” they kind of talked about their messaging on it, and their messaging was very specific li,e, “Hey you can increase your transaction value for this.” I was like, that’s not what people are looking for. Your product is fraud protection you’ve got to create a desire in their minds. When we launched Clickfunnels initially we started selling like, here’s funnel software. And nobody bought it no matter how excited I was. We had to change it. How to get people excited about funnel software. We had to explain what a funnel was and get them excited and show examples of your funnels and what’s actually possible.

And that’s why I built the funnel hacks webinar. To show them, here’s what a funnel is. Here’s how it works. Here’s how you funnel hack somebody else. Here’s how you go to Clickfunnels and actually build it, and here’s how you get traffic. I gotta create desire and belief that what I have is gonna actually help somebody.” And I showed them that the reason that your Facebook ads not working is because you’re not creating desire or belief. That’s another goal of funnel, it could be through a sales video, it could be through a webinar, it could be through whatever, but you gotta create desire and belief, those are the two core things you’ve got to create through your funnel. That’s the goal, if your funnel can create desire in the thing that you sell, and belief that it will work for them. Notice that I didn’t say, not that it’ll work, but it’ll work for them, that’s how you get ads to convert. So that was the next thing.

Then we talked about other ways to get leads, and all the things we were doing. I asked them, “One of the things we’re doing, we’re building out kind of a front end call center, who are going to call leads and start selling our programs. Have you guys ever heard of” they said, “Yes, we used but it didn’t really work.” I’m like, “How did it not work?” they said, “we had guys exporting lists of hundreds of thousands of leads and they were calling them all day and getting 1800 numbers and dead calls and things like that.

So if you guys know builtwith. is this site where you can say, hey show me all the sites that were built with Leadpages, show me all the sites that were built Unbound, show me all the pages that were built with Infusionsoft. It shows you all the pages and then gives you full the contact info of those people. I said, “That’s the problem. You’ve got these sales guys that are cold calling all these unqualified, cold, freezing cold leads. I don’t want my sales guys talking to anybody unless they’ve raised their hand. There’s a really cool business model that we’re implementing right now that you guys should look at. It’s a book called Predictable Revenue. I think I’ve mentioned it to you guys before in the past, but if not go to, I believe, and go buy the book, it’s like a $10 book. The books not really well written but the concept is awesome.

So what they do in this book, it kind of documents the case study of how sales went from 0 to $100 million in sales and they did it basically, getting lists that they knew had conceptually the same thing. You get this cold call list and instead of just having your sales dudes just call and burn sales out, you have the sales guy take 100 leads and then email 100 people and say, “Hey are the person in charge of marketing at this company?” and typically the person is like, “No I am not. So and so’s in charge of marketing.” Then they introduce them to so and so. Now the person’s got a warm introduction to the person who’s in charge of that aspect of the business and that opens up a great call.

Then you’re only calling people who’ve raised their hands and said, “Hey, I’m Joe and I’m the marketing guy you’re looking for. Let’s get on a phone call and talk.” So your sales guys are only talking to people that are warm. So that book, I think the model and I don’t know exactly the numbers, each sales guy emails 100 people a day, from that they should get 11 responses and from that they should have 6 calls or whatever. And they just kind of….that’s the model. Now your sales guys aren’t trying to make 100 dials a day. Your sales guys are sending 100 emails and talking to 11 people who actually raised their hands. It makes for a better experience and way more profitability and less headaches and costs, and all the things that are associated with the other model.

That was kind of another little tidbit and idea. There you go guys. There is the end product of our lunch consult for today, I did with the Kount guys. I hope it gives you guys some ideas for your business on the funnel process, converting ads, different places, different way outside of just Facebook to get leads. A cool conversion process to convert those leads and a bunch of other things. So there you go. Seven minutes and fifteen seconds of gold I hope I dropped on you guys. If you get some value out of that, let me know. Share this episode on Facebook or whatever that would be sweet. If you want to see any back episodes go to, You can find all the old episodes. Get the transcripts to the old shows and a bunch of other amazing things. Again, I appreciate you guys, Hope you enjoyed our seven minute lunch consult. Talk soon.


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