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198 - It's Time To Turn Up Your Sexy

It’s Time To Turn Up Your Sexy

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There’s a reason why no one is buying your stuff…

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The sexier your stuff the better. So watch over the next 60 days, some of the offers and things we’re rolling out and one common thread I want you to notice is, Has Russell turned up the sexy. I think he has, I think he’s going to a whole other level. That’s what we’re doing here, and that’s what you need to be doing on your side as well. Because your market, they’re bored. That’s why people buy from you, just in case you’re wondering. It’s not because they necessarily want your stuff, it’s because they’re bored out of their mind.


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Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson, and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everybody it’s a beautiful Monday morning after an amazing weekend. Right now it’s sunny outside, I’m wearing shorts. What more could you want in life? Seriously.

I did ten rope climbs this morning, trying to get back to the time when I used to be tough. My dad growing up he built a big huge rope climb in our backyard, he spent a whole ton of money buying playground equipment and stacking it up and we had to climb the rope ten times each night before we could have dinner, and I became the best rope climber in the world pretty much.

Because for wrestling rope climbing is the most important exercise on earth, so we got really, really good at it. Since then I became weak sauce, so we hung ropes in our wrestling room and I’ve been trying to get back into it. So right now I’m not doing ten times a day, I’m trying to do ten times once a week. This is my third week in a row. I did ten this morning and it was hard and my hands hurt.

But I did it and I’m proud of myself. So there you go. So today, oh crap, driving a stick shift again, I gotta remember how it all works. I just killed it. My kids preschool, so all the preschool moms are laughing at me, but it doesn’t matter because nothing can make today not amazing. Alright, so today’s message, is turn up the sexy. Now let me give you some back-story before you just think that’s a weird thing. It’s interesting to me, that people come into my programs, they ask me questions like, Why isn’t my funnel working, or why isn’t anyone buying my thing, or whatever it is.

There’s a lot of reasons right, sometimes the sales pitch sucks, sometimes whatever, but the core issue behind why people don’t buy your stuff, is because it’s not sexy enough. That’s it. So you gotta look at everything you’re selling and figure out how can I turn up the sexy. How can I make this sexier? Because most of the stuff that people are selling, if it’s not selling well, it’s because it’s not sexy. Nobody cares, nobody wants it. You’ve gotta figure out how to turn up the sexy.

So I bring this back to a real world example. Obviously I’ve been off the dating market now for, man, thirteen or fourteen years. Quite a while, so I don’t really remember this 100%, but I do remember enough to know that when I was in dating, prior to falling in love with my beautiful wife, when I went out on the market. When I just went out normal, guess what happened? Nothing, because I wasn’t sexy, so guess what I had to do? I had, well, I shaved my head back then, but if I had hair I would have combed my hair. If I was going out on the market trying to find a date or a woman, or a wife, I would turn up the sexy.

I would comb my hair, I would put on some nice clothes, I would try to shower before I went out, so I didn’t stink. I would try to have some interesting things to talk about when we went out to dinner. I would try to be a cool person. I would try to help other people. I would try to be the best me possible. I would turn up that sexy as much as possible. Because, guess what women want?

They want some sexy. Same thing the other way. If you see a woman, and she’s all frumpy and angry and frowning, guess what you’re not going to do? You’re not going to ask her out on a date. But if she looks good, she’s put together, she smiles. She can carry on a conversation. She’s turned up the sexy in her life, then guess what? That’s the kind of person you’re going to be attracted to.

Now one thing I found out about marriage goes on, you still gotta turn up the sexy every single day for your spouse. Because otherwise they’re going to get bored with you and they’re going to leave you. It just happens; I see it happen to too many of my friends. So a big part of that is you gotta learn how to turn up the sexy in your relationships, all the time. Otherwise people aren’t going to be interested. Your spouse is not going to care about you if you don’t do that.

So there’s little things we have to do to keep the other person in our relationship attracted to us. So there you go, there’s my dating advice for today, and my marriage advice. Throughout your life you have to figure out how to turn up the sexy. The exact same thing is true for your offers. My guess is that most of you guys, if nobody’s buying your stuff it’s cause it’s boring. I can’t tell you how many opt-in pages I’ve seen in Clickfunnels, where people are like, “Give me your name and email address and I’ll give you a three week e-course on how to do something better.” Are you kidding me? That is so boring, there’s no sexy in that.

Give me your email and I’ll give you my free report how to do things better. That’s the pitch for the most part. That’s not exciting. I don’t want a free report. Maybe back in the 1980’s that was cool, but today there’s 18 bagillion reports, we’re in the information age. The last thing on earth I want is more information. Unless it’s packaged in a really what? Sexy way. We’ve got to turn up the sexy. If I had given away a free report called Dotcom Secrets, guess what?

It would have been hard for people to opt-in. But because I made it into a physical book, I turned up the sexy, I made it interesting I made it intriguing. I made a video that was interesting. I turned up the sexy. I made it seem mysterious and cool, and I made it as sexy as possible. Guess what happened? A Lot of people bought my book. We have a new offer coming out in the very near future called Funnel Graffiti. It’s stickers that you can put on to build out funnels on your mirrors or windows, or anywhere you want. That’s a sexy offer.

Most of the reason why people aren’t buying your stuff you guys, is it’s not sexy enough. So look at every single step in the process, look at your ad, is it sexy? The pictures aren’t sexy, and I don’t mean sexual, because that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about having ads with girls with big boobs on it. That may help some markets, but in most markets it doesn’t. I’m talking about being sexy. What does your market want, What do they desire, what gets them excited? What’s going to be fun for them to click on.

They’re in Facebook bored out of their mind trying to find something. What picture is going to be sexy enough that they’re going to click on. It’s probably a picture of you doing something stupid. When I’m in Facebook I’m looking for my friends and people who do stupid things. Most of our best converting ads are pictures of me doing stupid thing. That’s the first step, the second step was in my opt-in page, sometimes into the landing page.

Why is it sexy? Why would someone give me their name and email address on that page? If it’s not something sexy they’re not going to do. “No one’s opting-in my page, my conversion on my page sucks. I did what you said Russell.” No you didn’t, you did the least that I said. I said make a sexy, exciting, interesting, intriguing offer that’s going to get somebody to give you their email address. Curiosity based.

On the landing page, my video sales letter, my webinar whatever it is, if the thing is not sexy, they’re not going to want it. So that’s my message for today you guys. Time for us all to turn up our sexy because that, my friends, will get some people to take action. It gets them to ask you on a date, it gets them to ask you to marry them, it gets them to click on an ad, it gets them to opt-in, it gets them to buy, gets them to buy again, it gets them to a send up.

The sexier your stuff the better. So watch over the next 60 days, some of the offers and things we’re rolling out and one common thread I want you to notice is, Has Russell turned up the sexy. I think he has, I think he’s going to a whole other level. That’s what we’re doing here, and that’s what you need to be doing on your side as well. Because your market, they’re bored. That’s why people buy from you, just in case you’re wondering. It’s not because they necessarily want your stuff, it’s because they’re bored out of their mind.

They’re on Facebook goofing around all day, stealing time from their boss, looking for something to entertain them. I mean it’s sad, but that’s true. That’s how most of our buying decisions are made. It’s in a state of complete and absolute boredom. That’s when they’re going to see your ad, that’s when they’re going to click. If you are engaging and entertaining and if you turn that sexy up, it’ll get involved, get engaged, they’ll buy and continue to buy.

Because that is how the world works today. It’s funny we’re on Facebook and we’re all connected, but we’re bored out of our minds. I removed the Facebook ap from my phone a while ago, I think I told you guys about that, because I found at night I would try to go to bed, and I’d be like, “Let me see if there’s anything cool happening in the world.” And I’d sit there and scroll through Facebook for 20, 30, 40, 50 minutes sometimes, trying to find something exciting and I wouldn’t. I’d go to bed bored out of my mind. I was like, I can’t keep doing this.

This Facebook thing is sucking the life out of me. So I deleted the ap, got rid of it, and guess what? The quality of my life is up. I’m going to keep preaching to everyone that you should do that, but most people aren’t. So you’ve got to realize that’s the state you’re getting them in. You’ve got to be exciting and sexy and fun. Again, I’m not saying sexual, I’m saying sexy.

Making it intriguing and exciting and engaging. Because that’s what’s going to get them out of that state and into the state you need them to be in to buy. I hope that helps. Turn up the sexy you guys.

I’m going to go inside to the office and turn up my sexy. I encourage you guys to do the same, not only in your business but in all your relationships. I’m going to be called the love coach now too, I guess. No, just kidding. I just wanted to illustrate that. Hope that helps. Peace you guys. Have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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