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2 Ways To Sell Tickets For Any Event…


Let me be totally honest…

I’ve sold a lot of different things online — books, courses, software, coaching, t-shirts, supplements, potato guns…

You name it, I’ve sold it.

But of everything I’ve sold… events are the hardest.

Which makes sense when you think about it.

Because people can't easily “impulse buy” — they have to think about the dates, talk with their spouse, maybe request time off work…

It requires them to make a pretty big commitment.

But if you get it right… it can also be extremely profitable… AND it’s one of the best ways I know of to really build a loyal audience and following.

Because spending time together in-person is REALLY powerful.

So for those of you who’ve hosted events before and plan to host events in the future, I wanted to pull back the curtain a bit.

Here’s what you have to remember when selling events online.

Thing #1. You’ll need to use urgency or scarcity. You can either raise the price… or take something away (like a bonus). Set the date for when you’re going to do it and stick to it.

Thing #2. Dedicate 90% of your marketing efforts to the last three days before that expiration (the price raises or the bonus gets removed)… because 90% of ticket sales will come in during those last few days. We often sell 500+ tickets during that time.

Events are the hardest thing we sell…

But they’re also one of the most powerful things we sell.

Remember those two things when you’re trying to sell tickets to an event… and you’ll have a much easier time. 🙂

- Russell Brunson

P.S. Here’s a great article my team did about event marketing. And if you want some of my top tips around building any kind of funnel that sells, then check out my book, DotCom Secrets.


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