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200 - Phase 2 Of Our World Domination Plan

Phase 2 Of Our World Domination Plan

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After you’ve mastered consistent new customer flow, then you’re allowed to do this…

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I’ve seen it hundreds of times in people who were ten times more successful than me who are no longer relevant, who’ve disappeared because their entire existence, their income became on just completely selling new things to their existing audience and they stopped focusing on front end traffic. So this is the lesson and this is the warning. The lesson is, you’ve got to have two things. One is a front end funnel that’s bringing in new blood into your ecosystem, your world. That’s number one, and number two, then when you have that, if and only if you have that first, then I will allow you to go and start creating new offers for this existing audience.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing….oh crap….In Your Car. I just ran a red light. Oh man today is already starting out amazing. Welcome everybody I hope everyone is doing awesome.

I think this is episode 200, if not then tomorrow will be, but I think it’s today. I think today is the day that we crossed 200 episodes. That means you guys who have been my faithful followers, have been listening to me for 10 minutes a day for 200 days-ish. I think we’ve been recording it now for 3 years and I love it.

So thank you for listening and subscribing. I always hear people I meet at an event and who are like, “Russell, I ran into one of your podcasts, then I binged and I went through all of them in the next week. And I’m like, “holy cow, that’s a lot of intense listening.” So I appreciate all of you guys, glad to have you and hopefully these have been valuable and have served you for a long time.

What to talk about today…….Well, today on our, hopefully…I should’ve known this before I jumped on, but I’m already driving and I don’t want to search. Anyway, I think this is the 200th episode and if it is, we have a special episode for today. I wanted to talk about something important, some of you guys know yesterday I did a webinar for a new product we created called Funnel Scripts, and we had 5,038 people register for the webinar, which is crazy.

Goto Webinar only let 1,000 people on, we had all sorts of technical issues. I can’t even tell you all the problems that came with it, but even with those things in place, we closed 45% of those who were on. Like 450 sales which was nuts. It was not what I was planning, I was thinking 100 would be awesome, 200 if I did well, so yeah it was insane. And I was thinking about that and it reminds me of when I started working with Drew Canole at Fitlife TV.

He had one product he’d been selling for 5 or 6 years and they sold an insane amounts of them, but pretty much the market had bought his product and they were struggling financially, they couldn’t do anything else. Outside of trying to fix and tweak their existing funnel, which we did. Next thing, I was like, “These people want to buy from you. I bet if you offered something else, they would buy.” In fact, I knew because I bought Drew’s stuff and then he had nothing else to buy.

He had one thing, a 100 dollar kit, it came with a vegetable scrubbing brush, a water bottle. Anyway, I bought that, and he told me I was one of three people that ever bought that. I was like, “I want to buy more stuff from you, I assume everybody else wants to buy from you as well.” And I think that us, as marketers, we have this thing where we feel guilty, even if we don’t think we do, we feel guilty selling more stuff, because we’re like, Man, they already bought this thing, I don’t want to sell them more things.”

But the reality is people like to buy things. One of my friends and mentors, David Fry, I few years back he told me, “The reason why I don’t make more money, is I don’t make more offers. Russell, you make more money than me because you make more offers. You put more offers out there and people continue to buy because you give them stuff to buy.” It’s been interesting the last year of my business. We pretty much stopped promoting affiliate offers, we don’t really sell other people’s products anymore, which has been a good thing.

Except for obviously I miss the revenue that came from that, but we’re trying to keep everything more internal. We’ve sold Clickfunnels a lot, in fact I’ve talked about it probably everyday for the last 18 months. Because I’m in love with it. And we’ve sold a lot of it, we’ve got 11,000+ active members now. It’s growing rapidly, it’s been amazing. But I haven’t really sold anything else, we haven’t really come up with another product. We’ve had some little things here and there, but nothing…We have little free+ shipping offers to get people into Clickfunnels, but nothing big and new and exciting.

So This is the first thing. So similar to what happened with Drew Canole, they launched their new supplement called Organifi and now they sell a million dollars a month selling Organifi to an existing audience who was just waiting. They were bursting at the seams just waiting to give him more money. It kind of happened to us yesterday, I think. We had a 45% close rate which is crazy. But people are looking for more stuff, they want to continue to buy and consume.

What I wanted to talk about, is that, but I wanted to also give a huge warning sign because I’ve been doing this a long time. 12+ years now, and one of the, I’d say the cardinal sins of why people’s businesses shrink and eventually disappear, I’ve seen it, I can’t tell you how many friends and partners and guru’s and things that I’ve seen in the last 12 years go through the cycle. I’ve got a lady literally going 3 miles an hour in front of me right now.

Are you kidding me? You’re not even above 5. Alright, she’s gone. Oh and now she’s about to turn into me, holy moly. Anyway, that was weird. I’ve seen these people who’ve had business who have shrunk and just disappeared and they’ve lost relevancy and I think the reason why is because they just start selling their existing audience more stuff, and so while I think that there is a spot when you can sell your audience more stuff, this is the big warning and the big caveat, is that you should only start selling your existing audience more stuff is if you have a front end funnel that’s bringing in new traffic, new leads, new blood into your business.

If you don’t have that, this is what happens. This is the pattern, I’ve seen it hundreds of times to people who, I’ve seen them at the top of the world. They come in and they’ve spent a some amount of time building up a list. Sometimes it’s through a product launch, sometimes it’s through whatever, and they get this audience. Let’s say the audience is 30,000 people and then they stop doing things that get new blood in. They have this 30,000 person list, then realize the way I make money, I sell something new to this audience, and they make a new thing.

And they make a new thing. And they make a new thing. And they make a new thing. And they keep doing that and every time they do that the list goes from 30,000 to 29,000 to 28,000 to 27,000 to 26,000 and it keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. Because their entire business consists of creating new things to sell to their existing audience, and you can do that for a while, but you have to be very, very careful because that will eventually disappear.

And I’m not saying that in theory, I’m saying that, in I’ve seen it hundreds of times in people who were ten times more successful than me who are no longer relevant, who’ve disappeared because their entire existence, their income became on just completely selling new things to their existing audience and they stopped focusing on front end traffic. So this is the lesson and this is the warning.

The lesson is, you’ve got to have two things. One is a front end funnel that’s bringing in new blood into your ecosystem, your world. That’s number one, and number two, then when you have that, if and only if you have that first, then I will allow you to go and start creating new offers for this existing audience. One really good example, if you look at Agora publishing. So Agora spends insane amounts trying to create new front end offers so they can bring new traffic into their whole world.

They set up a whole team that’s what they’re doing and that’s what they’re best at in the whole world. So they’re bringing all these people on their $50 a year newsletter, they upsell them on lifetime access for $500 and that’s their break even funnel, then after people are in, they do once a month webinar selling their new training course, and that’s where they’re actually making money.

But they have insane amounts of time and effort all focused on bringing new blood into their world. And then once a month they do a big internal promotion to those existing customers selling them the next thing. They’re doing, I think on average, 12 new webinars a month to now monetize this audience. Not a month, year. 12 new webinars a year to monetize this audience. So that’s a really good strategy, but it works for them because they continue to be adding new blood, new leads, new people into their world.

So I want to make sure that you understand a couple things. First off, you can’t turn off the spigot that fuels your company. Because that’s going to be a temptation because you’ll be like, “Wow, I made more money selling my existing audience.” Yeah, you will but that happens and that works because you had the faucet filling up the audience bucket and you cannot turn that off. That’s the first thing. Keep an ey on that, keep that up, keep that happening.

Keep doing your weekly webinar. Go back to the archives of Marketing In Your Car you should listen to the one that’s called, “The Model for the Next 12 Years” That episode is one of the best episodes we’ve ever done in all the 200 episodes of ours. Where I walk through the webinar model. That should be the fuel you’re never turning off. That should be happening every single week. Every single Thursday you should be doing that. That has to stay, now while that’s happening, now on the other side, now you can start focusing on what are cool things I can create to monetize this audience. What are other products and services and things they will want?

Now when you start thinking through that its exciting because there’s a million things you can do, there’s a million partnerships, there’s a bunch of stuff. I would steer you heavily away from doing traditional affiliate things. Because that’s another way people burn their lists out really quick, they start promoting other people’s offers, they’re like, “I don’t’ want to create something else, I’m going to create, promote this person’s offer.”

And you do that but the problem is as soon as you promote that person’s offer, those people are on that person’s list and you lose them. You lose you brand you lose your credibility. So if you look at the webinar I did yesterday with Jim Edwards, he had a bunch of software that wrote sales letters, so if he would have come up to me initially and said, “Hey Russell, would you promote my sales letter course to your audience?” I would have told him no, because it didn’t make sense for me. I would have been diluting my audience, I would have been pushing them over to somebody else’s business. It didn’t make sense for me, but he was very strategic and very smart.

He said, “Hey let’s partner on this thing. Let’s build it together, I will customize it to your script, to your brand, to your thing.” So we created this thing called Funnel Scripts. And now this is a new product I get to add to my arsenal, it’s a new thing under my brand, under my umbrella. It helps build my company, helps build my business, but it was a partnership.

So the joint ventures I look for now are ones that are more strategic like that; where it’s building my company, my business, our brand, all those kind of things. And so it gives very smart, very strategic for him. So look for that in your side, either create your own thing or find people you can partner with, but you can bring it under your own brand. That’ll help your existing audience stay within your world and continue to buy, to send up, and to keep buying your cool things.

So that’s my suggestion. Anyway, I hope that was helpful for you guys. Again, create new stuff to sell to your existing audience, that’s important, but only if you have dialed in the front end faucet to drive new leads into your business. That’s more important. More important is getting new customers into your business and making sure that is consistently running. If that‘s doing it, if that‘s running, if it’s working, then I recommend now creating new offers and new things to sell that existing audience.

And that’s what I got for you guys. Hope that gets you excited. We’ve got a bunch of cool things coming out. Funnel Scripts is obviously doing well. We’re gonna do a bunch a replays the next few days and see how many more people we can get into that program before we shut down the initial beta, and then with Funnel University coming out next. We rebuilt from the ground up our whole survey software, which is part of what’s going to be inside Funnel University which is exciting.

That should be happening. My birthday is March 8th, so if you guys want to pre-plan presents, send them to me. Just kidding. I’m totally kidding don’t give me presents, unless they’re Gold or Silver. Those are exciting. I’m just kidding again. But my goal is to launch that either on my birthday, or the day before, day after.

Somewhere in there. So look for that, because that’ll be our next big, cool, exciting, fun, amazing thing we have rolling out. After that it’s just focusing on filling the event. Oh, and we have this really cool thing called Funnel Graffiti coming out too. Dang, we got too many cool things happening. It’s fun, right? Alright, guys that’s what I got. Happy 200th episode, or maybe 199, but I think it’s 200.

If not, we’ll celebrate again tomorrow, which would be awesome. We can celebrate our birthday twice in a row? Why not? Alright, guys, appreciate you, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you again soon.


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