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201 - Hanging Out With Alex Mandossian

Hanging Out With Alex Mandossian

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A meeting I’m excited for, as well as some random things I did not learn from my friends.

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One of the shampoo companies used to have on the back of their bottle, the instructions, maybe they didn’t even have instructions, and then some smart dude added instructions that said, “Wash, rinse, repeat” and it went from people who used to shampoo their hair once a week to get the oils out, now it’s like wash them every day, to hey you should wash them multiple times per showers. Consumption.


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Hey everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals and anybody else who’s listening to this. Hope you guys are doing awesome. We’re officially past200, we are 201. We’re like a legit podcast now. I don’t know, now that we have 220 + episodes, there’s not a lot of podcasts that can say. Even though my podcast is not like a normal podcast. It’s more like, me hanging out in my car, hopefully some people like what I got to say. Appreciate you guys for being faithful fans and followers. And we could have never have kept doing it without you guys here. I finally after 200 episodes, I finally have a call to action at the end of the podcast as well. As you will see when this is over, there’s a call to action. I’m totally a legit podcaster now. I went from being this dude in his car driving around talking to himself, to being a legitimate podcaster all within 200 episodes. It only took 3 years. Appreciate you guys all.

I’m excited for today, I’m actually going into my office right now to meet with a legend. When I got started in this business, there were a few people that were my mentors, that I looked up to. I’d say, some of the initial ones, it’s crazy it’s back 10 to 12 years ago now, guys like Armand Morin, and Alex Mandossian, and Steven Pierce, all the people that were at Armand’s old big seminars. They were my people, that’s where I learned a lot of stuff initially from. I’m excited because today, Alex Mandossian is flying into Boise, I think he flew in last night, technically, but he’s here today. We’re going to hang out, its’ going to be really fun. I look back at the stuff I learned from Alex, impactful stuff that had a huge directional changes in my business. One of the first higher ticket products that I bought was Teleseminar Secrets, which is his product teaching how to do teleseminars. I remember debating, it’s funny because now I’m always trying to convince people to buy stuff, I remember back in the day, I was making money. I think I was making 10 grand a month or so when he came out with Teleseminar Secrets, and most of my money was coming from teleseminars. I’m like, “I already know teleseminars, Do I buy this thing or do I not. It’s $1,000.” You know all the drama that we go through in our heads when we’re trying to make investments. It seems like a big deal at the time, but later you’re like, it’s $1,000, come on now.

I remember Tellman Knudson was like, “Hey do you think you could learn one thing from that course to help you make an extra $1000 on one of your teleseminars?” I was like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “Then why wouldn’t you buy it.” I’m like, “that’s a good point.” I stood up from the dinner table, walked over and I bought it. That course made me a heck of a lot more than $1000. That was amazing when he had another one called Stick Strategies, which were all these ways that you could get customers to stick longer, which was amazing. He had a report I read one time on a flight and I remember I was flying somewhere and I had this report called Consumption Theory I believe. And it was talking about the importance of consumption and I think one of the stories he talked about, I think I shared this a little while ago with you guys, it was talking about shampoo companies, PertPlus or I don’t know one of the shampoo companies and they used to have on the back of their bottle, the instructions, maybe they didn’t even have instructions, and then some smart dude added instructions that said, “Wash, rinse, repeat” and it went from people who used to shampoo their hair once a week to get the oils out, now it’s like wash them every day, to hey you should wash them multiple times per showers. Consumption.

Shampoo went through the roof, and it was all about consumption theory. Getting your customers to consume that product and how important that is and how that is what can fuel everything. It’s funny because recently that’s been a big topic in our company is consumption. How do we get our customers to consume Clickfunnels. The more people who consume Clickfunnels the better, more they’re going to stick longer the more they’re going to be all these kinds of things. My initial thoughts around consumption, what we can do and how we can do it, all came from ten years ago from a report I read on a plane from Alex Mandossian. It’s just kind of crazy, and he is actually here in the office today! I’m exciting. We’re going to be making some promo video for Clickfunnels, he’s doing a big roll out for one of his newproducts and on the back end we’re going to plug in Clickfunnels, it’s going to be really, really cool. I’m excited because I’m totally geeking out. When one of your mentors come into your office, you’re just excited no matter what. But he keeps telling me, “This time the teacher’s coming as the student. I’m coming to learn from you.” I’m like, “Dude, everything I learned I learned from you guys.” Anyway, I’m just excited. It’s going to be really fun. Hopefully some gold can come out of it. If I get some cool things I’ll share it with you guys tomorrow or tonight or some time.

So that’s kind of one thing that’s happening today that will be really, really fun. I’m excited for it. A couple of other fun things, we did the Funnel Scripts webinar last week. I told you guys about that. It completely crushed it, we closed 45% people online, and it’s been selling like crazy all throughout the weekend, so today’s the last day. I’m pulling down the page today. So we’re doing a big urgency scarcity push and hopefully in the next 18 hours or so we’ll sell a lot more. That’s kind of the goal. For those of you guys whoever follow product launch stuff, there’s Jeff Walker is like the father or product launches, but he had they call it, the Walker W, if you look at the typical product launch. You look at the graph of sales, at first there’s like a spike on launch day, and it goes down a little, usually in the middle it peaks up again, then it drops down, and the last day it peaks up again close to the first day. It looks like a big W, so it’s always called the launch w or the Walker W. Hoping to get the W, otherwise it’s just going to look like an E that tipped over or something like that. Something weird. So hopefully today sales will be close to what we did on day number one, which would be awesome.

We have a bunch of other….anyway, it’s kind of funny, a lot of you guys, I talk about stuff that’s always happening, and I’ve had 5 or 6 people message me, “Dude, why didn’t we know about Funnel Scripts before it happened?” I was like, “I guess I haven’t really talked about it on the podcast.” Mostly cause Jim Edwards was doing most of the work behind the scenes on the script and everything, and I just started this week on the webinar pitch, I started on Monday. I mapped out the one thing and the three secrets, Tuesday I ran out of time, and Wednesday I put together the presentation following The Perfect Webinar Script. Which, guess what guys? It still works, in case you’re wondering. I’ve had people tell me this week, “If everyone is using it, it won’t work anymore”. I was like, “Dude, if everyone just copies my slides it won’t work anymore, but if you listen to what I’m saying, you understand the one thing and the three secrets and how to do the stack and how to create an amazing offer, it will always work.”

It’s kind of funny, when I was speaking at a Tony Robbins event in Fiji, this is probably, how many years ago now? It’s before Aiden was born, he’s five, so probably six or seven years ago. I was in Fiji speaking at a Tony Robbins event. You know he’s friends with Frank Kern and all these guys like that and they must have said something about squeeze pages and they weren’t working anymore. I remember at the event I talked about landing pages and how to get opt-in’s and how to follow up and that kind of stuff that was ground breaking for people especially seven years ago. And after I got offstage, tony came up, “Thanks, by the way, is it true that squeeze pages don’t work anymore and that soon they’re going to be non-existent?” I was like, “No.” I kind of laughed, “I don’t know which of your guru buddies told you that, but that is definitely not true. Yeah, crappy squeeze pages will always get crappy opt-ins. But great squeeze pages and great hooks and curiosity based headlines will always work, until people stop being curious they will continue to work for forever.” It kind of made me laugh. It’s kind of like when videos first came out, I’m going to get in trouble for teasing all my friends now, this is when video first kind of came out and people putting videos on landing pages and everyone was talking about it. I was at a Mastermind Meeting with Bill Glazer, and Bill gets up and shows conclusive stats that video does not out perform text copy on a landing page. He showed this stuff, and everyone in the Mastermind group was taking notes, “No videos on landing pages”, taking all these notes and stuff. And I’m like the only one looking there, from somebody who’s actually ran split tests. Looking around like, so I raised my hand, “Hey Bill, first off, no offense man, you’re not that good on video. Have you tested someone’s who’s good on video, versus copy, versus someone who’s bad on video? Cause my guess is it’s not the video doesn’t convert on landing pages, it’s your video that doesn’t convert on landing pages.” It was kind of a joke, but at the same time I was like that is the truth, my friends.

Anywho, that’s what I got. I’m at the office, I got a busy day, I gotta go. I don’t what I’m going to keep rambling. I’m going to get in trouble if I keep teasing my friends. Anyway, I would not be where I am now, so as much as I tease you guys I love you all. Hope you guys got some fun today, I will report back in on what I learn from Alex over the next few hours. Appreciate you guys, have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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