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202 - Today...I Didn't Want To Wake Up

Today…I Didn’t Want To Wake Up

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Dang that rainbow is cool.

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You know we only have so many hours in a day and none of us spend enough time at home with our families and things like that. And I think that part of it is cause we’re too busy at work not working and doing whatever. So I think if all of us can start focusing more and getting more done during the day, we can work half days and get twice as much stuff done. At least I think so. That’s my theory after today.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey everyone so I am actually driving home today instead of to work and I’m stuck in traffic and I thought, you know it’s been a couple days let’s hang out.

Today was an interesting day, and I think it’s probably how…..I don’t know, I feel like I had a glimpse today of how probably the real world works, I think. I don’t know though. I’m going to describe it and then let me know if that’s how the real world works. I hope it’s not, if it is, it kind of sucks. I kind of had a glimpse today, so I hope it’s not. So usually I wake up and I’m just like super fired up and excited and all sorts of stuff.

I just…anyway, the last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy. A lot of stuff happening, in the next 3 weeks, 4 weeks for our live event. Which if you haven’t got your tickets yet, go to Play and pitch play and pitch. Same thing, just a lot of pressure, it’s just been kind of tough. I’m usually fine, I can balance it. I get in this state, I go, I move, I work and its fun.

Just had some kind of annoying things happen on my side, just things that I don’t know. I’m kind of just disappointed by or whatever. So this morning I woke up, and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I don’t normally feel that, but I assume that’s how a lot of people feel. You always hear, “I hate Mondays.”

Or whatever and I’m assuming that’s how it is. But I did, I got out of bed, got ready, helped the kids get ready, everything. And then fed them breakfast and said prayers, got them out of the door. And then I walked back in the house, normally I go and jump in the shower, get ready and head out. So I start walking back to my room, and I walked and I saw my bed and I walked past and I stopped and then I went over and I got in bed. I was like, “Screw it. I’m just going back to bed.” And I went back to bed and I laid there for probably like….and I couldn’t sleep.

I wasn’t tired; I just didn’t want to do today. So I just laid there in bed for almost an hour. And then my wife came in that was really good. It was awesome. We just hung out and talked and made me feel better. And I had some big things happening today that I needed to be at the office for. So we had a big Blab hang out, and we ended up having 3,000 people on it. We interviewed Garret White and Liz Benny and Ryan Stewman and it was really, really cool.

But then typically when i get to the office, and it’s like go time, boom and I just go go go. And I remember one time reading something and it didn’t make sense to me at the time, but I think I kind of get it now. I think it was actually a TED talk from Jason Freid, the dude that owns 57 Signals and Base Camp. He was talking about the concept of Remote. He wrote a book called Remote as well, which is an awesome book by the way. But he was talking about how if you want to get work done…..if you ask someone, if you get some work done, what do you do.

They’re like “I come to the office earlier, or I stay late, or I work from home.” But they never said they get work done at work. Work is not typically a place people get work done, I guess apparently. And then, I can’t remember if it was there or something else, but someone said, the average person works 8 hours a day, but they only actually work 2 hours a day or something like that. I remember it didn’t make sense to me. Really? That’s weird. Today was kind of like the extension of after I got out of bed and I finally got to the office. I had two big things.

I had a recording I was doing for a webinar and I had the Blab. And normally I sit at my desk and it’s just Boom! Go time and I just go, go, go until it’s next thing I know it’s the end of the day and I got to go home and play with my kids. And today was more like, what I assume most people deal with. You just don’t want to deal with the thing, you should but it’s going to take all this effort to start it, and I don’t really want to start it, and then I look at the clock and it’s like 45 minutes til the next thing.

I can start this thing, but I’m not going to be able to get much done on it, so instead I’ll just go to Facebook, and I was totally…..It was amazing. And today sucked from a productivity standpoint. I did the two things that I had to do and that was about it. I got a couple little things done but, not very much. Now I’m heading home, and I’m going to get, actually I decided I’m going to go home, we’re going to have junk food, I’m going to sit and watch a movie with the kids tonight, we’re going to keep them up even though it’s a school night, we’re going to jump in the hot tub. I’m not doing a normal night tonight, I just don’t want to.

I want to do a night that I would want to do when I was a teenager. I’m doing that tonight because I want to, I’m going to. So there you go, you can’t stop me. But anyway, it’s just kind of interesting. I’m allowing myself today to feel that way, and tomorrow I won’t ever again. Well, maybe someday I will but not for a long, long time because I didn’t really like it, I felt kind of crappy the whole time and uninspired and I didn’t feel like I was really moving things forward.

But I did get on the Blab. That was really fun actually, that was cool. Those guys are all awesome, they really inspired me. That was cool. But I felt that way so I just wanted to record this message for a couple of reasons. One to document it for myself. Like, Wow, if you enter the day in a bad state that can kind of destroy your whole day. And literally I probably got 2 hours of work done today. Where on a typical day I would say, some people are like, how any hours a day do you work? I’m like 8. And how much work do you actually get done? I’m like, 8 hours worth.

Typically I get 8 hours of stuff done in an 8 hour day and today was closer to the 2 that most people get. Anyway it was kind of interesting, so I’m documenting it for myself, and then for you guys too, to start thinking about that for yourselves. How many hours a day are you actually working? When you’re working are you working or doing what I was doing today which is not necessarily working.

Anyway, it’s kind of interesting. You know we only have so many hours in a day and none of us spend enough time at home with our families and things like that. And I think that part of it is cause we’re too busy at work not working and doing whatever. So I think if all of us can start focusing more and getting more done during the day, we can work half days and get twice as much stuff done.

At least I think so. That’s my theory after today. So you’re allowed one per year that was my one. Tomorrow I’m going to kick my own butt, get back and stay. We’re going to go hard and fast cause we got a lot to do. But just wanted to kind of document that and let you guys know that every once in a while, even I crash and just can’t even function, and it does kind of feel good. I’m not going to lie, I’m really excited to just veg out and eat junk.

So I’m going to do it and nobody can stop me. So there you go. This is probably the anti….the opposite of an inspiring podcast. It’s the truth for today. There you go. I got nothing else. I’m almost home and I’m excited, it’s kind of rainy and sunny, so I think we’re going to get a rainbow, which is cool.

A cool way to end out the day. Oh there it is. Holy cow there’s a rainbow. Well look at that. Alright, there you go guys, we got a rainbow shining down on us, what can go wrong when there’s a rainbow. Alright I appreciate you all. Have an amazing time and I’ll talk to you guys on the next episode of marketing in your car.


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