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203 - What It Feels Like To Get Choked Out

What It Feels Like To Get Choked Out

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Late night ramblings about business and Jiu Jitsu.

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I just remember that was a horrible, horrible experience. I would much rather have a referee pin me, than me tap out, because it’s basically when you tap out, it’s you saying, “I’m a wuss, this dude’s tougher than me, I give up.” And it’s literally the worst feeling on planet earth.


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Well, well, well, this is Russell Brunson, and we haven’t done this in a while. Welcome to a very, very late night Marketing In Your Car. Alright everybody, how are you doing tonight? It’s probably not tonight for you right now, but for me it is 4:20am, and I’m just leaving the office. It’s raining and cold out here. Dang. Anyway, I’ve had a great night; I’ve gotten so much stuff done. This doesn’t happen very often and it’s not something I want to happen very often, but every once in a while, it’s kind of nice. My kids had school off on Friday, but I had a coaching call on today so I couldn’t go and play with them, and my wife wanted to go down to her family’s house a couple of hours south from here, so she packed up the kids this morning, and she went down there. And she’s going to be down there today and tomorrow, and then she’ll get back on Sunday. So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So Friday was today and I worked a normal day, and then she booked a massage for me. What a great wife, she knows my birthday is coming up and she knows I love massages. So basically they were gone, I got done working the day, I went and got massaged and the lady who gave me the massage was amazing. One of the best massages I’ve ever had ever, and I’m a pretty picky, high maintenance massage dude, so that says a lot. And then I got done and then I slammed a big old thing of Ignite, which is one of our supplements that makes it so that you don’t have to sleep.

Oh man, I’m seeing Jack In The Box and I’m craving Jack In The Box. I can’t believe they are open at 4 in the morning. Do I go or do I not go? The voices in my head want jack in the box. Anyway, I passed it, I didn’t do it. There we got, we’re going home. So anyway, oh yeah, so I drank my Ignite, got back in the office and boom, put in another 8 hour shift. That’s awesome. So that was cool so I was working on finishing the new Clickfunnels sales letter, which is I’m so proud of. It’s amazing, I think, I think, I think. So I’m excited for that, it’s going to be going live next week. And then worked on the Clickfunnels affiliate program, redesigning all the pages, the affiliate platform the whole thing there. Then I worked on the Funnel Script affiliate program because everyone’s been begging us. And then got a whole bunch of pre-stuff done for copywriters, got 20 banner ads designed, a whole bunch of really, really exciting, amazing things.

So yesterday, I think I told you guys, I had the laziest day where I did nothing, today I’ve already worked two 8 hour shifts and both days crushed it so that was nice. 4:23 right now, heading home, going to pass out. I have a call with Jim, my partner in Funnel Script, Jim Edwards, at 8am, so we’re at like 3 and ½ hours from now. Gonna pass out for a couple of hours, wake up talk to him, pass out again, and wake up. And then tomorrow, I’ve got a really exciting project, well I’ve got to finish a couple of things first. The Funnel University affiliate platform, and what else is happening? Funnel University affiliate platform, oh, and then a couple of front end offers for Clickfunnels, gotta get those all keyed up and working better again. Getting ready for affiliates. We’re trying to, I think I told you guys before, but we’re trying to get a whole bunch of ways affiliates can promote Clickfunnels, that aren’t Russell doing a live webinar. So that’s what’s happening.

Anyway, so that’s kind of what we’re working on, and then tomorrow, some of you guys know Expert Secrets first draft has been done, it’s been done about a month, and I’ve been slacking because there’s so many things happening, and I have not had a chance to go through it. But tomorrow I’m going to try to go through the whole thing for a couple of reasons, one of the big one’s is, I was trying to get the book done before the live event, but it’s physically impossible now, but at the live event I’m going to be teaching most of the core concepts that are in the book. I’m going to be showing the 7 different expert funnels, the progression between them and how it all works. So by getting the book done, it’ll also, in return help me get all my slides done, because I got to get all the sketches and all the doodles done, just like the Dotcom Secrets book to match all the chapters. So I’ll get all those done which will be the majority of my slides. Then I just got to get tons of examples and case studies for my presentation. So It’s going to get me propelling forward, which will be really, really good.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening over here. I don’t know about you guys, but I love it when I can just work hard like that. It’s so fun. I was going to try to go all the way until my call at 8am, but then about 4 o’clock, things started getting a little hazy, a little blurry. I was like, okay, it’s time to tap out. It’s kind of like, for those of you guys who have ever done Jiu Jitsu, and you get choked out. I remember the very first Jiu Jitsu tournament I’d ever been to, I didn’t even know what Jiu Jitsu was. I was literally flying home from a speaking gig in Las Vegas, and on the plane was one of my wrestling buddies from Boise State, and I was like, “Hey man, what’s going on.” It was Southwest, so we got to sit by each other, so we’re sitting by each other.

We’re flying and I’m like, “so what are you up to?” and he’s like, “I live in Vegas now, I do Jiu Jitsu and I fight,” I don’t remember if it was UFC, he was one of my JV wrestlers at Boise state, he wrestled behind me. I was like, “Really? That sounds crazy, I can’t believe you do fights and stuff, a lot of it’s just Jiu Jitsu.” And I’d heard the word Jiu Jitsu, but I didn’t know what it was, I assumed it meant kicking and boxing and stuff and I was like, “I could never do it man, I can’t take a punch to the face, I’m kind of a girl.” And he’s like, “No man, Jiu Jitsu is like wrestling for old fat guys.” I’m like, “What?” and he’s like, “Yeah, it’s really laid back and slow. It’s really, really easy to do, doesn’t take a lot of energy.” And I was like, “Are you kidding me, I’m in.” I got home and one of my friends I knew who did Jiu Jitsu, I’m like, “Hey, I want to Jiu Jitsu, because I heard it’s like wrestling for old, fat guys.” And he was like, “Oh, well there’s actually a tournament this weekend, you should come to it.” I was like, “alright, I’ll go wrestle a bunch o fold, fat guys. I have no idea what Jiu Jitsu even is. So the night before the tournament, I went to one practice, where I learned that Jiu Jitsu is not wrestling, it’s similar, but it’s definitely not wrestling. And that was my experience before I did my first Jiu Jitsu tournament, was like one 2 hour practice.

And the guy that was coaching me, during that practice had learned Jiu Jitsu from watching Youtube, he’d never actually practiced it or done it either. Looking back, it was a really bad idea, but I had no idea. I don’t know if this is actually really funny, or if I’m just so tired, I’m delirious. So my Jiu Jitsu coach/youtube expert teaches me some Jiu Jitsu that he learned, we go the next day to the thing and they’re like, “you need a gi.”, and I’m like, “I don’t even know what a gi is.”, and they’re like, “It’s those white things that look like pajamas.” I’m like, “Oh cool.” So I didn’t have a gi so I went and I found some dude, I’m like, “Hey can I borrow your gi.” And he’s like, “Sure.” So he gives me this gi and I put it on. I can’t figure out how to tie the belt, which becomes a big nuisance later, when they won’t raise your hand until your belts been tied, which I didn’t realize at the time, another long story. So I go out there, all I know is its like wrestling, but I got to try to choke the dude afterwards. So I go in there, I double leg this guy, pick him up, boom slam him down. Then I pick him up again, and boom, and I’m just thrashing him. I also learned a knee on belly, so if I put my knee on their belly, I get three points.

So I’m doing knee on belly, let him go, pick him up slam him down, over and over. So I’m destroying this dude, I think it’s 9 or 10 points to nothing. And then all the sudden he grabs my gi and folds it across my neck and everything starts going blurry. In wrestling when you get pinned it’s frustrating, but the ref looks at your shoulder blades and says, “Oh you’re pinned.” and he slaps the mat. And you’re like, “No way, you screwed me.” Or whatever, you get all mad. And that’s kind of what we do in wrestling. In Jiu Jitsu, there’s no ref that slaps the mat, the ref sits there and looks at you and watches as your face turns purple and your eyes starts bulging, and the ref thinking, “You moron, it’s time to tap or you’re going to die.” Now for me, I’d never experienced being choked out before, so I didn’t know what it was like. All I knew is that all the sudden the lights start going dim, everything is getting confusing, and I’m getting….everything is kind of blurring out, and it’s just like….it’s not pleasurable. I’m like, you know what, I can fight this. And I remember thinking that and then things started getting blurrier and darker, and I was like, I don’t know if I can fight this. And then It got to the point where in my head I’m like, I would rather die than tap out. And then about one second later, I thought I’m about to die, so I tapped out.

I just remember that was a horrible, horrible experience. I would much rather have a referee pin me, than me tap out, because it’s basically when you tap out, it’s you saying, “I’m a wuss, this dude’s tougher than me, I give up.” And it’s literally the worst feeling on planet earth. So that was my first match. So afterwards, my youtube Jiu Jitsu buddy is like, “Hey when they grab your collar, you gotta do this thing.” So I try to learn this thing, go to the next match and I think I beat the next two or three guys, and I end up taking third and I got a big old medal. Then they had no gi and so I call me wife, I’m like, “Hey, I won a couple of matches.” And at this point I think I’m invincible right, because I learned how to not get choked in the gi.

So round 2 now, is no gi. I call my wife, “You should come check it out. I’m really good at Jiu Jitsu, it turns out.” So she comes and watches me, first match I wrestle this guy. Same thing, I go out there, beating him, doing really good. Then I pick him up, double leg and I slam him down in the ground. In wrestling, we take someone and we cover their body with your head and neck and everything. In Jiu Jitsu you don’t, that’s how you set up a triangle lock. So I do this amazing take down and it ends up with me and no oxygen to my brain, tapping out once again. I tried to fight it as long as I could because once again my pride is saying I’d rather die than getting tapped out, until you realize you will die unless you tap out. It was pretty awesome. So I tap out then, and then the second match same thing. Beating the guy, beating the guys, Boom double leg him, sets up a triangle, locks me out and I tap out. So that was my very first Jiu Jitsu experience.

Prior to that point in my life, I assumed that I could hang with most people, from my wrestling background and career. And at that point I realized there are people that know things that I don’t know and they can kill me. So that’s when I started to learn Jiu Jitsu and spent the next couple of years learning that. Anyway, that is my Jiu Jitsu story. I don’t even know why I told you that. Oh, I remember why, because I felt like I lost oxygen to my brain when I working tonight. Just like I did in Jiu Jitsu. That’s how all these stories come together. Anyway guys, I’m home. I’m tired, I’m going to go to bed. I hope you guys have an amazing day. Work hard, have some fun, remember this is a game. It’s not that important when all is said and done, it’s just a lot of fun. But what really matters is your family. So I’m excited for my family to get back here in a day or so. Next week’s my birthday, so I’m taking a day off to just play with them. It’s going to be awesome; I’m really excited for it. Alright guys, peace out, have a nice night and we’ll talk to you soon.


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