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207 - Today We're Pushing Some Cool Stuff Live

Today We’re Pushing Some Cool Stuff Live

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Now that we’re a legitimate company, this is the actual process.

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Fast forward now a couple of months we found an amazing developer and now partner who came in and basically said, “Hey, this is the way that legitimate software companies are run.” And we’re like, “Cool we didn’t even know any of that.” So build out so that basically around every… you know we spent the last 6, 8 months or so, and we’re actually hiring a team now to help increase this.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Hey guys and gals and everybody else who’s hanging out with us today. It’s a rainy day in Boise Idaho, but guess what today, we have stuff going live, so I am excited and pumped up.

I want to tell you a story about my life pre-Clickfunnels. Pre-Clickfunnels we would, even not just pre-Clickfunnels, even like, the first year of Clickfunnels, we would have an idea, we’d do it, and then it would go live and it was amazing. Stuff would just get done so so fast. I used to totally make fun of corporate companies, for example ClickBank, we’re really good friends with those guys, but we needed some tech stuff done and we’re like, “hey you need to do this.” And they’re like “Okay we’ll do that in Q 3 of 2092.” It would be like on their desk schedules so far out that nothing could get done. It was just so much it was ridiculous. We could never get anything done. I was like, I’m so grateful we can move fast and be nimble and things like that.

At least we used to be able to. We used to could. Now we struggle. So what happened is, as Clickfunnels started growing both from a members standpoint and also from a code standpoint, what would happen is, we would have an idea and be like, “hey let’s change this really quick.” So Todd or Dylan would go and edit something and push it live and we’re like “Sweet that feature is done, everyone is going to be happy and we’re so excited.” But we didn’t know that by doing this thing over here it would go and affect something out way over here. It’s like the butterfly effect. The butterfly flaps it’s wings in the San Francisco and it goes and causes a Tsunami across the ocean in Hong Kong or whatever. That’s what would happen. We’d fix something and something else huge over here would break. We’d fix that thing over here, then three other things over here….It was just this weird thing. And I’m not a code guy so I don’t know exactly how it all works, I just know that it was frustrating. Our users got frustrated. I’m sure you guys remember this in the early days of Clickfunnels. You guys are like, “ Hey we need this thing fixed.” So we’d fix it and then something else would break. You’re like, “This has always worked. Why has it stopped working?” and we’re like, “Because we fixed this, it caused this.” It was really frustrating.

Fast forward now a couple of months we found an amazing developer and now partner who came in and basically said, “Hey, this is the way that legitimate software companies are run.” And we’re like, “Cool we didn’t even know any of that.” So build out so that basically around every… you know we spent the last 6, 8 months or so, and we’re actually hiring a team now to help increase this. But going back through all the code they’ve ever written and writing tests around this code, which is super supposedly really monotonous and boring. And it’s slowed our progression down dramatically because it’s no longer we can just keep doing new things and fixing bugs and moving stuff forward. Every line of code we write they write tests around it. And the way that works is there’s all these tests around all this code, this is my limited understanding, I’m not someone who really gets it, but supposedly that way when we do a new bug fix or add a feature or whatever, we add the feature and click a button and it goes and tests what does doing this line of code, how does that effect everything else in the system. It’ll go and it’ll run against all these tests. And we’re like, “Sweet, this line of code didn’t break anything else, push it live.” Or “Hey, if we do push this live these two things will break.” So we gotta go figure out how to do this so it doesn’t break those things.

So because of that, we’ve had to slow down our process to be able to get all these tests in place. and now when we roll any new code, same thing it’s slower because we got to put all these tests in place and we got to test it. But what it does long term, is it gives you guys, the users, the ability where every time we fix or add something cool it doesn’t break ten other things. So this has been in place for the last 8 months or so. So on my side it’s frustrating because it’s like, I want things to get done so much faster, and it’s just a slower process now. But it’s how legitimate software companies do it so that when we decide to add new fonts, the entire editor doesn’t break or whatever. So it’s a good thing, it just slows things down.

So that’s been my frustration and I know that some users who are like, “We want things faster.” We’re like, “We’re trying as hard as we can, but you don’t understand what we’ve built, it’s huge, it’s insane.” So the reason why I’m excited about today, is today we’ve got a bunch of amazing things going live, which I’m excited for. Things I’ve been begging for and waiting for. Especially things…..(sneezing), Whoa! Excuse me, there is a sneeze, proving once again that we don’t edit these podcasts. You’re getting it as live and as real as possible. Whoa that was a big one. I can barely see right now.

Anyway, so today I’m excited because a bunch of stuff I’ve been waiting for regarding the affiliate program and tracking ideas and things like that are going live. As well as hopefully the new sales letter, as well as the 21 Day Ignite Your Funnel program, and a bunch of other cool things we have in place. To hopefully get more people excited for Clickfunnels, get people to stick longer, reactive old members and then make our affiliate programs way more amazing. You can do tracking ID’s you can search by tracking ID’s. you can see commissions. Not only for Clickfunnels but wer’e basically moving all of the Russell Brunson Dotcom Secrets brand products into Clickfunnels over the next 30 days. So if you promote my book, we’ll we push people to Clickfunnels you’ll be paid a commission. You promote The Perfect Webinar Script you get commission on Clickfunnels. If you promote anything, it’ll all be going back and be Clickfunnels. Anyway a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to make this happen and now it’s pretty much happening, which is exciting.

So that’s what’s happening today. I’m excited. So hopefully you’ll see some new stuff from me and Clickfunnels. From everything happening for the next couple of days, actually couple of weeks. We have a bunch of big editor updates going live before the event and just even more amazingness happening. So that’s what’s happening, I’m at the office. I’m going to go in there and play. I’m excited to show you guys the new stuff that’s coming out. In future podcasts, I’ll explain some of what we’re doing with the 21 Day Ignite Your Funnel program to increase your retention and stick the desire of members as well as a bunch of other stuff. Anyway, fun things happening here at the labs, and I’ll be sharing with you guys here on the Marketing In Your Car podcast.

That's it for today. Appreciate you guys. Have an amazing day and we’ll talk to you all again soon.


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