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208 - Conversation Domination - Part 1 of 3

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Part 1 of 3 from my presentation from Funnel Hacking Live 2018 where I talked about this new concept called “Conversation Domination”. On today’s episode Russell shares a presentation he did at Funnel Hacking Live 2018 about conversation domination. Here are some of the incredible things you’ll hear in this episode:

-- Why platforms like Facebook and Instagram are similar to TV channels in the 1960s.

-- How Russell has been able to dominate on multiple social media platforms.

-- And what the three types of traffic are, and how they work.

So listen here to find out how Russell dominates the conversation, and how you can too.

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We can do the same thing today, that’s the whole goal. So I’m going to walk you through my model, because this is what we’re doing. We’re trying to dominate the entire conversation in our marketplace, and I’m going to kind of walk you guys through what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. And hopefully with some of the presentations you heard earlier about vulnerability and building your tribe, if you weave those types of things into this, and getting your message out to people, it’s going to change the game for you.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Alright I got a special treat for you guys over the next three episodes. So at not the most recent Funnel Hacking Live, but two Funnel Hacking Lives ago, I did a presentation I was really excited about. It was called conversation Domination.

And where kind of the back story behind this, one of my friends had a course about a decade ago called conversation domination. His name is Howie Schwartz, and it was all about Google SEO and the concept back then was basically you’d got to Google and type in your, you know, “Boise Dentist’ and all the listings, all ten would be you, all paid ads would be you, you would dominate the conversation. You’d be everything all over Google.

And it was awesome, he had a big company and a brand teaching that for a long time. Then he went off and you know, he’s got a ton of other companies and he kind of shut down his training company. But I always loved that concept of conversation domination. I want to dominate the conversation.

And a lot of you guys know I’m not a huge SEO dude anymore. I dabbled in the dark arts of SEO for a long time, we still do it. But conversation domination for me became bigger, especially as social movements started happening and we have all these amazing channels. We have Facebook, we have Instagram, we have YouTube, we have Pinterest, we have all these things that are popping up. And it’s funny because I always used to hear, back a decade ago, Howie talking about conversation domination. You want to make sure you’re every, omnipresent, everywhere you look you are there and you’re entertaining and educating, you’re there.

And he was talking about from a Google standpoint, but as I was building Clickfunnels, I’m like, I want to be omnipresent everywhere, on socials. So when you pull out your cell phone, if you open it up, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to the Facebook app, the Instagram app, or the YouTube app, you are seeing me and my message and all that kind of stuff.

So I did this initial presentation kind of going through the initial principles of that. Now I’m sharing this with you because I’m working secretly behind the scenes, nobody knows about this yet on my team, so don’t tell them. But I’m actually working on more of a training, not a training course, that’s not the right word. But kind of a training course going deeper into these concepts, and actually showing you, if you want to dominate the conversations, here’s how you do it specifically, and going deep dive on how to dominate the podcast channel. How to dominate Instagram, and Facebook and all that kind of stuff.

So I’m working on that right now, so as I’m working on that project, I just want to kind of bring this up into your minds and get you guys to start thinking about it again, because I’m sure sometime in the next couple of months we’ll come out with that project, and you guys will have a chance to kind of tap into that, and see it all.

So I just wanted to re-bring this up. So what I’m going to do over the next three episodes, I’m going to let you guys listen to that presentation from Funnel Hacking Live, so that’s kind of the game plan. So with that said, I’m going to queue up the theme song and we’re going to dive into the first part of this presentation. I hope you enjoy it. If you’re liking, if you like this episode and this little series we’re giving you right now, please go and take a screen shot of it, and post it on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, any of the social channels you’re in, tag me and use #marketingsecrets, that way I’ll be able to see it. It means a ton to me.

Also at the same time, if you are liking this podcast please go to iTunes, rate and review me, that means the world to me as well. And with that said, let’s queue up the theme song and then we will jump right into session one of the conversation domination presentation.

Alright, so I want to share a presentation with you guys. This is, I have so many fun presentations at this event, this is one I’m really excited for. So the title of this presentation is called Conversation Domination: How to get your dream clients addictively binge watching you on every platform that they live on. There’s one kind of caveat here. This isn’t for people who are just dabbling. This is for people who believe so much in their message, (hopefully you can read my handwriting) it’s only for people who are so passionate about their message, they’re willing to go out there and try to be everywhere to all people.

That’s what we’re going to be talking about today. Now, a couple of things as, with most of my presentations, most of what I’m going to talk about today, there’s going to be different levels of this. So those who are beginning, there’s going to be pieces where you’re like, “Sweet, I can go and start this, implementing it immediately.” And for some of you guys who are further along, there’s going to be more and more of it. But the end picture, the end goal of this entire thing is to get to the point where you are dominating the conversation in your market.

Right now, since we’ve launched Clickfunnels, that I’m aware of, there have been 37 Clickfunnels killers that have come out. 37! Guess how I know that? Every time one comes out I get every person on planet earth messaging me, forwarding me all the emails, everything. 37 people have come to try to take down Clickfunnels since we started.

But I’ve done something strategically in the middle of it. I’ve tried to make so much noise constantly and consistently that nobody can hear anything else besides us, and it’s done pretty well so far, right? There will be more competitors and we’ll continue to have fun with this process, but this is the big part for all of you guys. You want your message everywhere so that people are seeing you all the time, everywhere you’re going. So that’s what we’re going to talk about.

Now to begin the, to kick this presentation off, I want you to show you a really quick video clip from Gary Vaynerchuk, this is going to kind of set up this whole presentation.

“I think this is the television in 1965. If you, I’d actually like, I know a lot of you are like, ‘whatever’ just really pay attention to this because this might be one of the better things I say. This is the television in 1965, and the TVs, they’re the radio. So people, and if you go and, so what I do well for somebody who’s a {Expletive} student, the one thing I do study is history because history loves to repeat it’s {Expletive} self.

“So if you go look at the brands, the beer brands, that were romantic about staying on the radio because that’s how they did it, and didn’t shift to television while things like Miller Lite, that nobody’s ever heard of, went TV only and became the brands. If you look at TV 1965, that’s what I think this is. And I think YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are ABC, NBC, and CBS.

“So do I think, then I think I within it, is Mash and Happy Days. Got it? So that’s the system. So do I think over time ESPN comes around and HBO comes? I do. There will be more channels built on this platform, and there’ll be more competition.

“That’s what’s happening. So what you need to do is for your business, figure out the channels where you could be the star of that network.”

There’s the context for what we’re talking about for the next hour. Now, ten years ago when I first had the chance to meet Tony Robbins for the very first time, he invited me out to his event, I had a chance to sit with him, and he told me, he said, “Look Russell, I’m looking for help.” I’m like, “You’re Tony Robbins, what do you need help with?” And he told me a really interesting story. He said, “If you look back, the way I got my start, I was on TV and we ran infomercials. When I got started though, there were three channels, CBS, ABC, and NBC. I was everywhere on every single channel because there were three. You couldn’t get away from me no matter how hard you tried.”

How many of you guys remember that? This was before my time, but how many of you guys remember on every channel all you saw was Tony all the day long. Because there were three channels and he dominated all of them. I actually found an infomercial from him, back in the 80s.

“The Anthony Robbins Live! Author of the international bestsellers Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. You’ve seen him on national television, now is your chance to see him live, Monday January 11th at the Auto Conference Center. During this full day seminar, you’ll learn techniques used by top business leaders, fortune 500 companies and Olympic athletes alike. Thousands have enjoyed and benefitted from the dynamic and powerful presentation style of Anthony Robbins. Take action now, call 224-3037, this event will sell out. Call 224-3037 now.”

Alright. Is that amazing? Look at his hair! I’m going to tease him about that on Saturday. Just kidding, I won’t. It’s Tony Robbins, whatever he wants. No, but it was interesting, when I met Tony though, I was in a hotel with him eating dinner and we’re talking and he said, h e told me this, he said, “Look, when I got started three channels, we dominated, and I built the biggest brand on earth. What happen though, is then cable came out. All the sudden there was this splintering where all the sudden there was ten, twenty, thirty, fifty channels. I’ve been trying to buy ads on all these channels and now I can no longer do it profitably.”

And Tony’s business was in trouble at the time. And that’s why he reached out to a bunch of us internet nerds and he was like, “What should I be doing you guys.” And we gave him some strategies and over the next ten years Tony has blown up. His empire now is bigger than it was ever. But he was intelligent enough to know, “Look, channels, the media is splitting, I gotta figure out how to play this game.”

So when I saw this clip from Gary Vaynerchuk I was like, that’s amazing. We have this really rare, really unique opportunity where literally these phones right here, that Gary said, these are the TVs from the 1960s. So all of know better, if I was to go back to the 1960s and go on TV, I would be on every channel like Tony. I’d build the biggest brand possible.

We can do the same thing today, that’s the whole goal. So I’m going to walk you through my model, because this is what we’re doing. We’re trying to dominate the entire conversation in our marketplace, and I’m going to kind of walk you guys through what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. And hopefully with some of the presentations you heard earlier about vulnerability and building your tribe, if you weave those types of things into this, and getting your message out to people, it’s going to change the game for you.

Alright so I want to kind of go over a brief history of TV. So step number one with TV is we had to get distribution into people’s homes. People had to build TVs and actually get them into people’s houses. That must have been a horrible process. But eventually there was TVs in everybody’s houses. Then the next step is there was channels. So on each TV there was ABC, CBS, and NBC, three channels was all there was. And then each channel had individual shows, and that’s how TV worked.

So distribution, channels, and then shows within channels. Today the game’s a little bit different. But it’s similar. So how we play today, number one, people already have the TVs. Everyone already has a phone in their pocket. Is there anyone in this room right now that doesn’t have a phone in their pocket? Not one hand. Okay, distribution is done. That’s nice. That’s taken care of for you guys.

Step number two then, they already have a channel. How many of you guys have the Facebook app on your phone? YouTube app? Instagram? The channels are already there as well. So our step now is we need to create shows on their channels, and then promote those shows. That’s it. That’s the game, it’s really, really fun.

So here’s how we played it. This is the framework on the right hand side that we’re going to be walking through for the next 45 minutes or so of this presentation, so I’ll kind of go through every step. But that’s the framework of what we’re going to be talking about during this presentation.

So step number one in this framework is we have to get distribution for our shows. How do we get an audience that’s actually going to watch our show? Step number two then, we need to grow our channels. A lot of people that are on the channels. And Step number three, we’re going to promote the actual shows that are happening, and if you do that (went too far), if you do that you can literally become the Tony Robbins of your market. So that’s what we’re going to be going through over here right now. Does that sound like fun? How many of you guys want to be the Tony Robbins in your market? Me too. That’d be so fun.

Alright, step number one, this is the secret I need everyone to understand about business as a whole. I wish somebody would have explained, grabbed me by the ears and explained this to me ten years ago. It took me a while to figure this out. The secret to winning in this business and any business at all is distribution. The person who will win, is always the person with the best distribution. The ability to get their message to people, distribution is the key.

How many of you guys watch Shark Tank? I want you to understand as you watch Shark Tank, you’ll see something interesting. Each of the people on the Shark Tank have a different distribution channel. Have you noticed this? Damon John hasn’t gotten really good at distribution in retail. So he sits back and all the different people in there and he’s like, “I’m out. I’m out. I’m out.” And someone’s like, “The clothing line.” And he’s like, “I know distribution. I’m in.” Gives them some money, connects them in the distribution channel and he makes money. That’s it.

Laurie Graneer, she’s on there and all these things come back and she’s like, ‘Ah, I can’t do an infomercial. Can’t do an infomercial. Can’t do an infomercial. That’s an infomercial product.” She bids on it, plugs it into the distribution channel, boom it explodes. That’s the key.

Every shark on Shark Tank has a distribution channel they understand. That’s it. So they sit and wait for an offer they know they can plug into a distribution channel and then they win.

So the big secret in this whole game is building your own distribution channels. When you have it you can sell whatever it is you want. You can sell seminars, you can sell events, you can sell supplements, you can sell, whatever you want to sell you can sell. But you have to have distribution channel.

Now the internet, most distributions happen a couple ways. One is our email lists. How many of you guys have an email list right now? Good, that’s your distribution channel. My email list has saved me over a decade of stupid choices. How many of you guys have been saved by your email list at least once? It’s a distribution channel. You create a product, create a service, send the email out to that list, and then make you some money.

I remember when I first got this, this was probably 13-14 years ago now. Someone was explaining to me this concept of the email list and they said, “Look, if you have an email list of 100,000 people and you send an email out selling a $30 or $40 product, .001% buy, that’s like $8,000.” And I was like, “Holy crap. I need one of those list things. That sounds awesome.” And that was kind of the key.

Now if you look at the metrics and math, this is a number people would say, and I think it’s low, but if you have an email list you should average, on average at least one dollar per name, per month, on your email list. And that’s on the low, low end, if you’re really bad at this.

If you understand that, what’s my goal? My goal is to make a hundred thousand dollars a year. My goal is to make a million dollars a year, whatever that is, you just have to reverse engineer it. “Okay I need, if I have 10,000 people on my list, that’s $10 grand a month, that’s $120,000 a year.’  Boom, that’s where you focus, how do I build that distribution?

If you want a million dollars a year you say, “Okay I need 100,000 people on my list, that’s $100,000 a month, times 12 months, 1.2 million.” That’s the key to the distribution channel. You’re building a list. Again, this is, one dollar per name, per month, is on the lower end. Especially now days when all the stuff we’re tying in with social media and connection and vulnerability, I’ve seen those numbers go up. I’ve seen people 10, 15, 20 dollars per month, per name. So this is like the low end, if you’re really, really bad at it. Is that exciting? It should get you guys pumped.

Number two now, which is growing rapidly and almost probably bigger is social lists. Messenger is one of the biggest. How many of you guys have been using messengers in your business? Yes, this is a gift from the marketing gods. I’m grateful for messenger lists. So the question is, should I build an email list? Or should I build a messenger list? Which one’s better? And the answer is you need both. Do not rely on one distribution channel in anything.

I promise you guys, Mark Zuckerberg does not like your business and someday he will screw you over, promise. How many of you guys has Zuckerberg already kicked you once or twice? I learned this the hard way back, 15 years ago when Larry and Sergei at Google, I thought they were my friends, and I found out they don’t actually need my money, no matter how much I give them. They kicked us.

One is like the scariest number. If you build nothing but a social list, you can be in trouble. If you build nothing but an email list you can be in trouble. So I like to have a blend of both. I’m going to show you guys the strategy we’re using now, where everyone who joins our list is being put on both instead of just one. I’m going to show you some really cool stuff.

So step one is how do you build your distribution? If you’ve read the Dotcom Secrets book, I talk about a concept that’s very important. Did my mike just go out? I’m close and my mike dies. Alright, there are basically three types of traffic online. Who remembers this from Dotcom Secrets 101? Three people? We’re in study hall.

Three types of traffic. The first type of traffic is traffic you control. I don’t own this traffic, but I control it. Zuckerberg owns traffic, so I can go to him and be like, “Hey man, can I write you a check for some of your traffic?” and he’s like, ‘Sure. Where do you want to send it to?” and I’m like, okay, I control this traffic. I’m going to send it over here. And I can send it somewhere. That’s traffic I control. Any kind of ad you are paying for, you are controlling traffic. You do not own that, but you are controlling it.

The second type of traffic is traffic that you don’t control. The traffic you don’t control is like people just show up on your site. How many of you guys have a blog and somehow people show up? You don’t really know how, but they’re there. You guys have some of that? That stuff is really nice, but I don’t control it so it’s like, they show up and they’re there and that’s awesome. But I don’t control it. A lot of times SEO, or PR or things like that, people are just showing up because of stuff you’re doing, and it shows up.

I see a lot of people talk about, “This is your business, buying ads.” Or people are like, “This is your business, free search and PR.” For me it’s like, neither of these. These are two really bad distribution channels. I want to build my own distribution channel. So all the traffic I control and all the traffic I don’t control, all gets pushed into one thing, that becomes traffic that I own.

The only reason I give Zuckerberg money is so I can take clients off his platform and turn them into something that I own, so now I can own that distribution. Does that make sense? When I own the list, it’s really cool, I can wake up one morning and be like, “Hey I think we should do an event. Let’s call it Funnel Hacking Live. Do you think anyone will show up? I don’t know, I own some traffic. Let’s throw some traffic.” We throw some traffic and all the sudden we find out if people want it or not. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. If I did a good what and how then they buy it and they’re like, “Sweet, let’s do more of this.”

But when you own traffic, you can make them offers, you can make up ideas, it becomes, this game becomes really, really easy.

So if you shift your mindset from, “I’m going to buy ads. I’m going to do research or whatever.” All the traffic that I can, I’m going to try to get traffic I control and traffic I don’t control and turn it into traffic that I own. Because after you own it, you can do anything you want with it. So that’s my goal every time we’re building up our companies. That’s my goal. Converting traffic you control and don’t control into traffic that you own.

Okay, so a couple of ways. Number one, traffic you control, traffic you don’t control, and traffic you own. So I’m going to show you guys how we do this. So the first is traffic you control. So I control this, I’m buying it from wherever I’m buying ads from, I’m sending it somewhere. Typically I’m sending that to some type of a funnel.

They come to the funnel, they fill out a form, and usually when they fill out the form I get their email address. We’ve got a new feature coming out in Clickfunnels, that I will be showing you guys off tomorrow, called opt in bumps, where no longer do we just get their email, we get their email and their messenger. This is one we’re doing on our two step order forms, and this is one we’re doing on all of our opt ins now. It’s really exciting.

So all the traffic I control, if I’m buying any kind of ad, I’m not sending it random, I’m sending it to a funnel and on that funnel I’m trying to get email and messenger. Now I’ve got two distribution channels. So if one of them breaks off, I still have a business, I’ve got both. So for us, now everything we’re pushing through, we’re trying to get both of those things at the exact same time.

Like I said, tomorrow we’ll show you guys all the new, I think are 25 new things to show you in Clickfunnels, and that’s one of them you’re going to love.

Traffic I don’t control now, is some of these other ads and stuff I’m running. So this is, I want to show you guys something cool that we learned recently that is like a big aha for us. So this is an ad we created, I’m just going to show you like 5 seconds of it, because I don’t want to show you the whole thing.

“Hey my name is Russell Brunson and this book, my new book is literally on fire….”

So I lit another book on fire, it was awesome. Then I pushed people to like, “Go to to buy the book.” And that was working but I was like, is there a better way? And I was listening to the radio and my man Brendon Burchard, I heard a radio ad and all the sudden I had this light bulb moment that was insane. How many of you guys have heard Brendon’s radio ad? How many of you guys, when you heard that, you started freaking out and jumping like a little girl like I did? Only you, and you. A couple of you guys were excited like me.

So listen to this ad, this is the older one, so the 1800 number doesn’t work anymore, but listen to the concept. When you listen to it, I’m going to explain why this is such a huge break through for me. Listen to this.

“Hi, I’m Brendon Burchard, some people call me the world’s highest paid motivational trainer. And some people call me crazy because I’ve just authorized a nationwide giveaway of my recent New York Times bestseller, The Motivation Manifesto. In the next 24 hours I want to give away as many free books as possible. To get your hardcover copy, text book10 to 99000 or go to If you want to reach your true potential personally, professionally, or financially you need this book.

“You’ll discover how to stop feeling tired and overwhelmed, identify the major enemies keeping your from living your dreams, and learn the secrets to defeating them. I’ll teach you my proven strategies to start obtaining the levels of drive and personal success you’re craving, financial freedom, emotional freedom, time freedom.

“Due to high demand, I can only offer one free book per household. To get your free book, while supplies last, text book10 to 99000. That’s book, the number 10, to 99000, or go to Message and data rates may apply.”

Alright, so check this out, when you text that to the number, and again, I think this phone number is dead, this is an older ad, but you text it to it, all it did was it took and shot you a link to this funnel. Now the reason why this is exciting, prior to Brendon doing this, guess how radio ads ran? You’d have a radio ad run, then you had a whole team of sales people, hundreds of people who have to answer the calls as fast as you can, trying to do orders, trying to do sales like crazy.

Literally he let go of a hundred plus people, you text them a link to the funnel. The next night after I saw this, I was online watching infomercials because that’s what nerds do, and I’m watching infomercials and I see this supplement offer. The guy does a little supplement offer and instead of saying, “call this number to talk to a sales rep to buy a supplement.” It says, “Text this number to whatever.” I’m like, I texted it, boom, shoots me a link to his funnel.

I was like, “We just took humans out of this whole sales process all together.” How magic is that? I’m like, “How can we use that with what we’re doing?” So we started shifting our ads to this same concept where basically, instead of me saying, “Here’s my free book, go to to get a free copy.” I say, if it’s Facebook, “Here’s my free book, if you want a free copy of it, message me on Facebook and I’ll send you a link to it.”

So they message me on Facebook and now this new feature, you’ll see inside of Clickfunnels tomorrow, it comes back and says, “Sweet, you won a free copy of the book, what address should I send it to?” I type in my email address, and then boom now I’m on Facebook, and my email list.  I got them both.

So now all my ads turn into something that is building both of my things as opposed to just one. So these are some of the things that we’re doing that are insane.


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