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209 - Conversation Domination - Part 2 of 3

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Episode Recap:

Part 2 of 3 from my presentation from Funnel Hacking Live 2018 where I talked about this new concept called "Conversation Domination". On this second part of Russell’s Conversation Domination Presentation at Funnel Hacking Live 2018 he talks about the different “channels” on your phone that you can use to gain a following. Here are some of the awesome things you’ll hear in this episode:

-- Find out what channels would be considered a reality show, a talk show, a sitcom, and radio show.

-- See why Russell is so obsessed with Instagram, and why he thinks it is the most powerful platform.

-- And find out how you can get 10,000 followers quickly in order to use the “Swipe up” capabilities on Instagram.

So listen here to the second exciting part of the Conversation Domination Presentation from Funnel Hacking Live.

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Best Quote:

Now, this is the big benefit of Instagram. When I’m using email and messenger I’m focusing on that to build my channels. But the problem is inside your channels you have all sorts of episodes. If you’re like me, you’re putting out a whole bunch of content, you’re blogging, you’re YouTube, your Facebook, all these things are happening and if I went and emailed my email list every time I had a new piece of content going live, I’d be getting like 30 emails a day, and they’d hate me, and they’d unsubscribe and be angry.


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Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope you guys enjoyed the first of the three episodes of the conversation domination presentation. Today I’m going to release the second part of this presentation, which will be diving deeper and deeper into it. I hope you guys are enjoying this concept, and you’re starting thinking in your minds, how do I dominate this conversation so when my potential customers are on any platform all they see is me telling my stories and making my offers, all that kind of stuff.

So I’m going to queue up the second part of this presentation right after we get back from the theme song.

So right now, the first step in this process is shifting your mindset from buying ads to sell products, to buying ads to build your distribution channel. Does that make sense? So all these things that are all pushing ads, I want to build distribution. I’m building email distribution, messenger distribution, and the last thing at the very end there that says, “MD” that’s the cool stuff we’re going to show you tomorrow night. That’s the new update inside of actionetics, called actionetics multi-dimensional. So MD, that’s what we’re talking about here that’s coming up soon.

Alright so all the ads goal is to build distribution. So what’s the goal of my distribution? The goal of distribution, of having this distribution channel is to sell stuff. That’s it. Some of you guys are all trying to be romantic about it, “Oh no, to build a relationship.” Yeah, that’s all nice, but I want you to  understand, the reason why people built TVs and they hired the cast of Happy Days to learn roles and get scripts and build the entire show was for one reason and one reason only-so they can sell stuff during the commercial.

This is the Sham Wow guy, I actually met him one time, so funny. I don’t think he was advertizing during Happy Days, but that’s the key. So what we’re doing is we’re getting all the distribution so we can build these lists and we can sell them products and services, that’s the secret, that’s the key.

Now what if the typical, there’s a couple of problems with traditional online distribution like email and messenger. First thing, email there’s kind of a feeling like if you email someone more than once a day, how many of you guys get annoyed, “Why is this person emailing 5 or 6 times a day?” There’s kind of like these unset rules of just, once a day is max, and some of you guys are less, like once a week or twice a week, or three times a week. There’s just kind of like these weird rules where that’s kind of as much as you can possibly do. If you get more than once a day, it gets kind of weird.

Messenger is even more intimate. I remember, I’m a huge Tim Ferris fan and he launched his messenger bot and I opted in and the first 48 hours I got like 14 messages. And I don’t unsubscribe from almost anything because I’m a marketing guy who loves stuff, and I remember being so annoyed. He keeps sending these, messenger is so intimate, so I feel like me personally, once to maybe twice a week is the most I can message within messenger before you cause weirdness and disconnect. So that’s a limit that we have here. If you look at other things like text messaging it’s even less. If you text someone once a day, you’re going to jail. It’s crazy.

So they have these limits. So they’re good limits, but they’re definitely limits. So when I understand, to have this distribution channel, what should I do with it? How can I increase how I can connect with people? So what I do is my distribution, my email and my messenger, the goal outside of selling stuff, which is my number one goal, my second goal is to build the shows on my channel. I’ll show you that here in a second. That way we can sell more stuff to more people.

So I’m using this distribution now to build my channels, to build my instagram following, to build my Facebook following, to build my YouTube following, to build my podcast. So I’m using my once a day, maybe twice a week, whatever those things are, outside of selling products and services I have, I’m using it to build these channels. Because if I build a channel of a thousand, 5 thousand, a hundred thousand people, then on that channel I can do a whole bunch of stuff more often.

So we’re going to be building our individual shows on the platform, on our phone. This is coming back to what Gary V. talked about earlier. There’s Facebook app, there’s Instagram, all these apps are here on people’s phones, we’re building our personal show on each of these.

Some of you guys are probably wondering, “Why do I need a show? I’m selling soap.” Or I’m selling “this”, whatever it is you’re selling. And this is why. How many of you guys remember Arsenio Hall? That’s it? How many of you guys remember Arsenio Hall? Arsenio Hall was a talk show host, big famous dude back in the whenever, back when I was a little kid. How many of you guys saw him on celebrity apprentice, 2 or 3 years ago before Trump ran for president and the whole thing disappeared? Do you guys remember this?

So there’s a really important lesson here. So Arsenio Hall is on celebrity apprentice, he’s trying to win this huge thing and all sorts of stuff. And they’re doing a fundraising activity. So everyone’s out there and calling all their famous friends trying to raise money for some charity. And all these people out there are calling these people and making a bunch of money, and Arsenio Hall is sitting there and he calls every single person he’s calling, and nobody answers his thing, nobody’s picking up. And when the entire thing was over, he raised zero dollars for the charity by calling his network of contacts.

And he’s sitting there on this couch this one time, and he says this thing that was just so powerful to me. He said, “When I had my own show, everybody returned my calls.” He lost his platform, he lost his show. When you build a platform like this you guys, everybody will return your call. The reason why I can get into networks and people that most people can’t is because I have a platform. Do you understand that?

When Tony Robbins was launching his book last year, he lets me interview, lets me talk to him, all sorts because I have a platform. In the markets you’re in, if you have a platform, all sorts of doors will open for you. Just like Arsenio Hall. If you don’t have a platform it’s going to be harder and harder and harder. So that’s why there’s value in building up these channels, because it opens up insane amounts of doors, plus your followers are there.

Alright, so if you look at the different platforms, they all work on different premises. One of the biggest mistakes people make a lot of times is that they think all the channels are the same, so they make one message and they spam it out to all the things. It’s like, ugh. There’s things you have to understand about each platform. If you understand the differences and how to actually publish on them, it becomes really, really fun.

So I look at instagram as my reality show. So if you think about reality shows, think about the Bachelor, think about the Apprentice, think about Survivor, think about American Idol, think of all these different reality shows. It’s reality, how you’re interacting with somebody is like that. So I’ll go deep on that here in a second. But instagram is my reality show. Facebook is my talk show. So think Tonight Show, think Ellen, think The View. It’s a talk show, that’s how that platform is used. Number three platform that I talk about is YouTube, which I position YouTube like a sitcom, like Seinfeld or Friends.  And the number four platform we talk about is podcasts, which like a radio show, like Howard Stern, Glenn Beck.

And then there’s other channels that are coming. Gary V. talked about other channels are coming and we need to be aware of those. Because if a channel comes you can jump in it quick before it gets too big, and you can build out your channel quickly, big things are happening. So I’m always looking for the new channels. The one I’ve been looking at recently is Twitch. How many of you guys have ever seen Twitch before. This is the ESPN of our little phone, except for instead of people sitting there and watching soccer or football or wrestling or whatever sport, they watch each other play video games. It’s insane.

But if you go to Twitch and watch those channels, 100,000 people watching someone play a video game. It is the Sport Center of our phone, it’s crazy. So in your business could you start a game of business or a game of whatever you do and make it into a thing? Maybe. We’re probably going to be launching a Twitch channel where we all just build funnels all day long, and we let everyone….anyway, who knows? It’s going to be fun.

But I’m looking for channels coming, this is one. But as the phone keeps growing more things are going to be happening. Right now, it’s still very few that get all the eyeballs. If you look at the social networks, the ones that have the majority of the eyeballs are the four we talked about earlier.

So Instagram is your reality show, Facebook is your talk show, YouTube is your sitcom, podcasts are your radio show. And there’s other ones, your blog, pictures, there’s a whole bunch of other ones as well. And every business is going to be different. Some of you guys, pictures might be really big for your business, other people that might be the worst thing in the world. Some of you guys like to Tweet and that makes a lot of sense. So it’s kind of like, what platform works for your business?

Alright, so the question is why do we build multiple shows? And I want you guys to understand, I had this big epiphany a little while ago. How many of you guys like to read blog posts? The weird thing about people who like to read blog posts, this is deep, they like to read blog posts.  Is that weird? How many of you guys like to watch YouTube videos? People who like to watch YouTube videos, it’s really weird, they like to watch YouTube videos. How many of you guys listen to podcasts? People who listen to podcasts, they like listening to podcasts. It’s really weird.

So I was thinking about this, Steven Larsen, is Steven Larsen here? Yeah, that’s what I was hoping for. So I love Steven, he’s one of my favorite human beings on earth, and what’s funny about Steven, I know that Steven’s not on Instagram, so if I post anything on Instagram he’s like, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” But if I mention it on my podcast he’s like, ‘Dude, I heard your podcast.” He listens to podcasts, he’s not on Instagram. There are people who are only on YouTube and they’re not on Facebook. People have the platforms that they love, that they love to be at, so if I’m only on Faccebook, a lot of people don’t like Facebook and I’m missing out on huge audiences who are listening to podcasts. Listening at different places.

So I can be everywhere because there’s crossover, but people have favorite platforms. Not everyone likes all the channels. I guarantee everyone likes one channel, that’s where they go to for their news, their entertainment, so it’s there. So I like to be in all the places so I can get to all the different people and all the different channels.

So my question for you guys, out of all these channels right here, which one do you guys think is the most important to grow for your own conversation domination? All of them, no, you’re wrong. Any ideas? Which do you think is the most important? You guys are all over the place. So I’m going to make an argument because this is probably a little controversial, but I think I’m right.

I think the most important channel to build first is actually Instagram. What? Three people are freaking out, everyone’s like, “No!” And this is why, this is my framework for this presentation. The cool thing about Instagram is that on email I can send like one email a week or day, Facebook messenger, one or two a week maybe. On Instagram, I can literally with my own reality show carry this phone around with me and I can do 20, 30, 40, 50 little mini episodes a day, nobody cares. The look forward to it, it’s crazy.  So I promote Instagram because Instagram gives me the ability to promote all the different things that I’m doing all the time, and to actually promote the episodes.

So a couple of things, number one, Instagram is your own personal reality show. I promise you when you first start doing this, the people who you love around you will think you’re insane. It will drive them crazy because you’ll be like, ‘Hey, blah, blah.” You’re like, always on video. It’s really weird for my wife at first, I think, she’s used to it now though, right? It’s tough because you’re like, you’re documenting this whole process. How many of you guys have been watching my Instagram stories behind the scenes of the last three days?

If not you’re missing, I’m showing you guys everything, the secrets behind it, it’s all in there. I’m documenting my, it’s like a reality, I’m documenting every single day, all the cool stuff I’m doing, and because of that I get all sorts of people who are watching those things every single day. That’s number one.

Number two is that intimacy is one of the best platforms I’ve seen to build a relationship with the attractive character. This comes back to what Natalie was talking about with vulnerability. When I’m on a Facebook live, usually I’m kind of postured because I’m doing my show or whatever. When I’m on Instagram, I’m at home with my kids. I’m at the pool. It’s like a different level of intimacy, where people get to know you at a different level. I promise you those who watch my instagram stories, I bet you most of you guys feel like you know me a lot better than those who don’t, because it’s a different level of intimacy that happens there.

It also gives you the ability to document the journey. I’m documenting this entire journey of this event. I guarantee you all of the 10,000+ people today who are watching my shows who aren’t here; they’re going to get tickets before this event is over. They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to. I’m giving them some fear FOMO. I learned this from Julie, FOMO stands for fear of missing out. So what I’m doing is talking about this journey and they’re freaking out because they’re not here and they’re missing all the pieces and they’re going to see Tony Robbins backstage and be like, ‘Ah, I’m missing out on this stuff.” right. So I’m documenting the whole journey along this process.<

Now again, the cool things I like about this channel. You can publish to people 20 or 30 times a day and they don’t care. The way it works is I make a little video and at the end of it I say, “Swipe up” and if they swipe up on the screen it takes them to any website that I want. Before you have ten thousand followers you can’t do that. You have to say, “Go to the link in my bio and you can go see this special thing.” But as soon as you get 10,000 customers, then you can start doing swipe ups, which are the coolest things in the world. And I’ll talk about swipe ups, or how to get 10,000 people here in a minute.

But that’s kindof the goal. So what’s cool about this, I’ll show the next slide, what’s cool about this is that I’m doing these stories and I’m documenting my journey and taking people throughout my life, a bunch of really cool things happen. Number one is I can do all sorts of product placement. It’s not really like I’m selling stuff, but people buy stuff like crazy. For example, my wife bought these really cool feet things, I can’t remember what they’re called, we put our feet in them and you put some salt in, you put this thing, with 15 minutes all this black green stuff starts oozing out of your feet.

So we did it with our kids, it was really, really fun. I instagrammed, “Look at our feet, this is disgusting.” I’ve gotten, I can’t tell you how many people messaged me, “Where do I buy that, I need one.” “What’s the link, I need that.” They want stuff because they’re seeing you interact every single day.

Do you guys remember American Idol, back when you watched American Idol, every single host has a big old coke on their desk. Coke is paying for them to have that coke there. That’s not a real thing, it’s product placement. So when we’re filming in my office I’m like, ‘Oh hey guys, we’re in the bathroom, here’s the Two Comma Club awards.” And I’m talking about these things and people are like, “I want to be in two comma club.” “We got the new t-shirts today. These are great.” “I want the new t-shirt.”

You’re sharing all these things you’re doing anyway and people start seeing it, and the product placement is amazing. Number two is you can presell your content. The goal of my Instagram reality show outside of having all these cool things where I’m building connection, is to push people to all the other different things that I’m doing. So I might be like, “Hey guys, I’m working on a blog post, I’m talking about this. It’s going to be amazing.” Then like an hour later, “Hey, the blog post is almost done, I’m going it, it’s going to be awesome. How many of you guys want to see it?” and the next thing will be like, “Okay, it’s going live right now, I’m pushing it. Here it goes. I pushed it.”

Then all the sudden they’ve watched these three or four stories and they’re like, “I need to read that post, this looks amazing.” And you’re like, “Get the next post. Swipe up to check out the post.” And all the sudden they’re like boom, they’re going and they’re checking out the post, because they’re part of this thing with you, the creation of the content.

If I’m creating a YouTube video, I’m creating a podcast, I’m creating whatever, I’m talking about and they’re getting it and I’m like, ‘It’s live now guys, check it out, swipe up.” Insane amounts of people start going and start looking instantly. So I’m preselling my content, I’m pushing people to my content, I can also promote offers and products through it and a whole bunch of other things. So I love this.

Now, this is the big benefit of Instagram. When I’m using email and messenger I’m focusing on that to build my channels. But the problem is inside your channels you have all sorts of episodes. If you’re like me, you’re putting out a whole bunch of content, you’re blogging, you’re YouTube, your Facebook, all these things are happening and if I went and emailed my email list every time I had a new piece of content going live, I’d be getting like 30 emails a day, and they’d hate me, and they’d unsubscribe and be angry.

So I use my email and my messenger to build these channels up and then when something goes live on my podcast, those who are already on my channel will hear it, and if they aren’t, they’re following my instagram, I’m going to push them back into these individual episodes. Does that make sense? So Instagram gives me the ability to push to all the different episodes, all the content, all the things that I’m pushing out there, that’s why I love instagram so much.

If you guys want to see this happening, this is my instagram thing. If you’re not following me yet, go to russellbrunson and you’ll see it, you’ll see behind the scenes of what we’re doing. We’re talking, we’re sharing, I’m taking this journey in my life, and then when I have new content I’m like, ‘Check this out, check this out, check this out.”

This is powerful because imagine, a lot of people post a YouTube video, I’m going to get into this a little, but I got excited. I’m jumping ahead. You post a YouTube video or a podcast, all the algorithms are based on the viewership you get and how fast. So if I’m talking about my thing, talking about it and all the sudden I post a video and I tell my entire instagram, “Swipe up right now.” And I get 3000 people to actually swipe up and actually go and watch the video, I get 3000 views within the first 5 or 6 minutes of this thing, it spikes everything else and it amplifies everything else you’re doing on every single one of your channels. Does that make sense? So it’s really, really fun.

So if {inaudible} in instagram before, this is the little block right here. You click on Instagram, then you click over there at the very top. The very top across the top are my little reality show. So this is my reality show, who else is on that, I think Natalie’s up there. There’s Natalie’s reality show, Kaelin’s reality show, Alex CHarfen’s reality show, Rachel Peterson, holy cow, four of our speaker’s reality shows are all at the top across there, and mine.

So you click on the one you want to watch and then you pop up and you’re like, ‘Oh there’s Russell and Norah, what are they doing today? She’s so cute. Oh she doesn’t want to go to school today. She’s angry. Oh Russell got a new blog post. I should check it out.” Boom. I got you. Right? Connection, now you actually care.

Most of the time you write a blog post and you email your list or whatever, nobody cares. Here they care because they’re part of that journey of “I’m writing this thing, doing research, this is why I’m talking about this. OH you guys are going to love it, check out this picture I just posted right here. I can’t wait for this thing to go live.” And then it goes live, and they’re part of it with you.

If they’ve been part of the creation process, they’re going to be more engaged as you actually do it. They’re actually going to care. And that’s what instagram stories give you.

I’m not going to have too much time to go into this, but there’s an amazing article by Kevin Kelley, I talked about this at last year’s event too, called A Thousand True Fans. His argument is basically like, if you have a thousand true fans that are following you, that’s enough for any type of creator to have an entire business to run their whole life off of. So I look at who are my true fans? My true fans are people who are following me throughout the day, watching me. My definition of true fans is someone who’s on Instagram, who every single time I publish something, they’re there.

I know who you are because you can click on the button and see all the people. I’m like, “Oh, I know exactly..”I can see exactly who those people are, they’re your true fans. So I love instagram and that’s kind of the key.

So to show you guys how this all works. So I wake up in the morning and I’m like, “Hey I’m in bed you guys, what’s going on?” and I’m like, “Hey, I’m here with Norah, she’s so awesome. Norah, say hi to everybody.” And then I’m like, ‘Hey guys, Funnel Hacking Live is 6 days away, swipe up right now if you haven’t got your tickets yet, It’s going to be awesome. Swipe up and just go for it.” And I’m like, “Oh my gosh you guys, I’m in the bathroom right now at Clickfunnels, and we actually have this, the new squirrel painting somebody just hung them in the bathroom. Check this out.” And I show the new squirrel paintings in our bathroom.

And then the next one I’m like, “You probably don’t know what the new squirrel joke is, it’s probably really awkward that I just showed you this, so if you swipe up right now you can see this really cool new video about the nude squirrels and my joke will make total sense at that point. Swipe up.” Boom, it sends them to to watch the new squirrel video.

Then I’m like, “Hey guys, we’re in the hall right now. Check out all these two comma club winners, how many of you guys…we have 258 people that have gotten two comma, that means they did a million dollars in a funnel, it’s exciting.” “Hey guys check this out over here.” “Hey guys, I just posted a new podcast called Marketing Secrets, you guys should check it out. I’m talking about blah, blah, blah.” And all the sudden, boom, now they listen to my podcast.

So throughout the day I can get someone to visit my blog post, or they watch my video, they can listen to my podcast, and they’re connecting and they’re watching. I watch you guys who are watching me. All day long I’m doing it. I can tell that every time you get a break you’re checking your phone and you’re watching. I’m the same way. When I take a break from something I’m like, the people I actually care about that have reality shows, I’m interested in their life, who can I watch. Then I’ll watch one of them, two of them, three of them, four of them. Then I got back to work. I’ll work for a while, come back and like, ‘Okay, what’s happening in the world?” I will listen and start following the people I actually care about.

The same thing will happen for you. People will listen to you all throughout the day. They’ll be connected to you 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 times a day. It’s crazy, and they’ll actually care about what you’re doing and they will connect with you.

This is Gary Vaynerchuk, if you watch his. Here’s Gary at a book signing. Here’s him signing more books, then he’s like, ‘Oh if you want my book, swipe up to get my book.” And he’s like, “Swipe up to get my book.” And then he’s like, ‘Hey I made a video about me, swipe up and watch it.” Then he’s like, “Hey swipe up to watch my book again, or my video.” Same thing he’s doing as well. Building a connection, taking people on a journey, pushing to the individual content that you’re pushing.

This next one, this is Sarah Wells, she didn’t know I was going to be posting videos of her, she’s here somewhere in the audience. She runs our Best Bites blog, which is a cooking blog and they’ve got a whole bunch of other things as well. So I was watching, as I was doing this presentation I was watching her, she’s one of the channels I watch. So here’s her right now. Then she’s talking about, I can see the pictures here, one of their products, “Swipe up for the product.” Then “Here’s the whisk that we sell.” Then they’re back to her family talking about stuff, sharing messages with her kids, bringing people on the journey, showing her fingernails, then “Swipe up to get the finger nail polish.” Product placement, boom, here’s the next thing.

So she’s taking people on the same journey, then pushing them to the different content and the things that she’s selling. That’s why I love instagram. So this is literally going to be your reality show.&nbsp; A couple of things, the goal of your reality show is to get people to, you’re going live, you’re getting comments, you’re giving people engagement, you’re building a rapport and a couple of other cool things.

Alright, a couple of things, how do you get to ten thousand people quick, that’s the goal. When you get to ten thousand people it unlocks the swipe up. Prior to that you can’t do swipe ups, so it’s like how do you get ten thousand people as quick as possible. So I’m going to walk you guys through what I would do. Number one is use your distribution channels you’re building up. You have email, you have messenger from the stuff we were talking about before, use that to push people to go and subscribe to your instagram. Build the channel through the distribution you already built

If you’re already big on Facebook or YouTube or other places, use that to push people in. If you notice when I came to this event, did you notice I posted it on Facebook, I posted it on three or four different places. I’m like, “I’m going to Funnel Hacking Live, it’s going to be amazing. If you want to see behind the scenes go to and follow me, it’s going to be amazing.” Got 4 or 5 thousand followers just me telling other platforms that I’m coming here, to come follow me.

So everything else you’re doing, push people back. “If you want to see behind the scenes, come to my reality show, it’s on every single day, it’s so exciting. Come check it out.”

Number two are paid swipe up ads. So you can actually target people who are most likely to buy your products and run swipe up ads. So here’s a swipe up ad that…”Hey, my name’s Russell Brunson and in the last 12 months I’ve helped 93 entrepreneurs make at least a million dollars inside of a sales funnel. If you want to learn how then click on my profile and follow me on the journey and I’ll show you how you can do the same thing as well.”

That’s it. How many of you guys saw that ad and that’s why you follow me on instagram? Somewhere you saw it and you’re like, click on it, now you’re mine. Now you’re part of the reality show.


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